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    • RTX 2018

      1 year ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      By no exaggeration, this has been the best RTX yet.

      This was my second year as a Guardian on the Tech Team and third year going to RTX in general. I was having so much fun day in and day out, whether we were working or just hanging out. Helping set up RT Games, running the Ballroom D streams, discovering Austin's bars now that I'm 21 and more of the was all fantastic. 

      It was just so fantastic reconnecting with old friends and making new ones and I just loved it so much. I love that coming to Austin and RTX feels like coming home and you're picking up right where you left off with your friends even if you haven't seen them all year. I love that when we went out, we could just talk to other attendees or guardians, you'd see someone in RT Merch and it was like "Hey! What's up!" instead of what I'm used to normally, which is pretty much avoiding conversation with people when I'm out. 

      I'm at a loss because I feel like there's so much I want to say but I can't seem to find the right words to say them. It was just incredible. I'm so grateful for this community. I'm so grateful for my friends. I'm so grateful for our Tech Team. I'm so grateful for our Lead Guardians. I'm so grateful that I had this opportunity to have so much fun while contributing to a mind blowing event. 

      Now that I'm home, I'm missing it all terribly, my friends, the experience...

      Words don't do my thoughts and feelings justice. But I will say this:

      I can't wait for RTX 2019. 

    • 21 and Rambling

      1 year ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      Well, June 6th has come and gone, and now I'm 21! I don't feel 21 but I'm told that's normal. 

      Unfortunately, I was terribly, unbearably sick on my actual birthday, so I spent most of it throwing up and sleeping. I was however able to eat a piece of key lime cake that night and my parents gifted me some very nice red boots so there's that.

      This past weekend is when we really celebrated. Saturday we invited a bunch of family to Dave and Buster's to play game and just hang out in general. It was really, really fun, I ordered a Mojito that I sipped on over 3 hours and got to spend time with my little cousins which was great. I was a little sad because my best friends are both not currently in state and couldn't attend, but we'll make up for it soon enough. Then Sunday, as a combined Birthday/Father's Day thing, we went to Disneyland which is always super great. I was planning on taking pictures with a bunch of the Marvel face characters but my anxiety got the best of me and I ended up not. We did have dinner at the Carthay Circle which was really, really good and I tried a Daquiri. I'm realizing I'm a rum person, though that might mostly be from the fact I'm only really had beer, wine, and rum stuffs with my parents and friends in the past so. 

      All in all, it was a great time. Weekends like this spent with my family are always the best. I'm so grateful I have a family that I love hanging out with. I used to be sad my little cousins are so much younger than me, I still am, but I'm so happy to get to watch them grow up. It was a great weekend.

      And then this week, I've just been focusing on a project long in the making, turning my bedroom into an office/gaming/streaming room and setting up the smaller former guest room to be my bedroom. So far, step one is done, I'm set up in my new bedroom. And now the office is...very messy. Mostly because all of our collectibles and things to be put on display are in boxes...everywhere. I got lost in nostalgia for a little while too but that's what happens when you go through old shit. But I'll be working on all that slowly. I wanna put my $800 PC Build to good use finally in a good clean room where I don't have to be like 'ignore the mess behind me'. 

      Oh and RTX is coming up soon. And that's exciting as always. Honest to god, I feel so much better when I'm working and doing things. School is one thing, but like actually working is just. Idk, makes me feel better mentally, like I'm contributing and doing things. As always, there's anxiety creeping up, but I'm feeling a little better than last year at least knowing some of the group already and some friends that will be there. This might be the last time I do RTX for a while though, depending. I'm graduating next May hopefully, which is another kind of crazy, and I'll have to see how things will be (money, work?). But yeah. I'm looking forward to this.

      Time's moving quickly.

    • Here we go again!

      1 year ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      Looks like I'll be joining the Tech Team a second time round! Very excited to see everyone again, very excited to meet our new faces!

      Not to mention, my birthday's in a week's time so I'll be 21 right in time for RTX! Whoo! 

      Friends please let me know if y'all want lollies or other candies from disneyland okay? Okay :)

    • Guardian Take Two

      1 year ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      Looks like I'm heading to Austin in August for RTX18! My flight and hotel are booked, so looking forward to seeing everyone again!

    • RTX Austin 2017

      2 years ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      Guuuuuuuys RTX17 is already over!!! 

      This has literally been the best experience of my life, it has been such an amazing privilege and honor to be on the Guardian Tech Team this year. I've met so many incredibly, wonderful people that I've loved getting to know and work with and I honestly can't wait to do it again next year. 

      When I first applied to be a Guardian and got our team assignments, I was incredibly intimidated. The team looked very established, and so many community members knew each other in general,  that I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in or if I was gonna have fun. But I was overwhelmed by how friendly and welcoming everyone on the team and in the community was, and I hope I'm not inaccurate when I say I think I've made some fantastic new friends (at the very least, acquaintances). 

      From Day 0 setting up RT Games (and the sexist PS4) to the awesome escape room (Team Vag Pop for the win) and of course the ficus/fakus shenanigans the rest of the weekend (Honestly never thought I'd be invested in the secrecy and security of a plant), there was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. And honestly, it never feels like work when you're doing something you enjoy.

      It was also so cool to see so much of the RT Staff (even if it was all mainly in passing) and to really see the inner workings of a huge event like RTX. Massive respect to seeing how it all goes down and what it takes to make this show run. The RTX Event Staff absolutely killed it, and took the whole Day 1 situation and turned it around beautifully by Day 2. 

      And it was so great getting to have dinner with new friends each night and seeing my family from Texas (who asked if I would consider moving to Austin, and the honest answer is absolutely). I think as an overall experience, this I will never forget. I think it was good for me, mentally and socially, to try out this slice of independence and get to know people and push myself past my comfort zone.

      I've said my thank yous a thousand times on twitter, but I thank all of my team, my leads, our head guardians, the RTX Event Staff, and the RT staff for allowing me to have such a positive experience. I honestly had so much more to say but I don't think words can really encapsulate everything. 

      To my new team and my new friends, feel free to add me on other social media sites as you please. I'm Birdork literally everywhere; Twitter, Tumblr, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram...aside from snapchat. In which case I'm aradiamegidork. Which I should really change at some point but ya know...

      I can't wait for next year. 

    • Officially 20

      2 years ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      Dawn a new day, I feel like I've been twenty for over a week now because of Disneyland and all the past celebration, but today it's official!

      I don't feel much different, but honestly who does on their birthday? But man, I've left the teens, I'm entering the twenties and that's just an insane thought on it's own. I've been alive for twenty years and that's a pretty big accomplishment. 

      And let's look at it this way, only a year more until 21, as my family enthusiastically reminds me. I'm feeling happy. 

    • Memorial Day Weekend

      2 years ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      Happy Memorial Day everyone!

      I had such a great weekend. Well, Friday and Saturday mostly, but it was still really great. Got to hang out with Sam and Ocean both days, we played the ARMS testpunch, a bunch of Overwatch, some Mariokart, and was really, really fun. We also went for some late night walks and had some good talks, chilled in the empty park by the freeway. 

      Then Saturday I had a bunch of family over, and I haven't seen a lot of them in a while, so that was really cool. I divided my time between being downstairs talking to everyone and taking breathers upstairs with the buds. There was a lot of good food, I got to make guacamole. And my parents totally surprised me by making the ube overload cake we got for the party, and early birthday cake for me. And everyone sang and while I told them I didn't want to make the party about me, it was really nice of them and I love purple cake of course. And all my aunts and uncles were telling me how strange it was to them that I'm turning 20, when they knew me as a baby when they were in high school/college. 

      There's not really a point to this post, I just felt like sharing how nice this all was. Life's been busy and shit, but I needed this. I'm super excited for my birthday trip to Disneyland this Saturday with my parents, Ocean, and Sam, and Sunday I might get to go to San Diego for the safari park. Totally makes up for the fact that I won't get to do much on my actual birthday day. 

      I hope you all had/are having a good weekend too.

    • I am so fucking bad at doing weekly stuff

      2 years ago

      Birdork RTX17-18 Tech Team

      LMAO so doing weekly journals did not work out at all. But I mean at least I tried? Not very well but lol

      Anyways I'm on spring break now and it's FIRST week and it took nothing at all to convince me to sign up for a First membership lol but it's cool! I'm very excited to be a First member.

      And I might be posting some cosplay progress soon! I've got Wondercon coming up in Anaheim soon and I'll be cosplaying as fem Gladiolus Amicitia from FFXV! I've got most of the outfit done but now I need the tattoo sleeves and the necklace.

      And then today, I bought everything to make the sword so! That's my project for the next two weeks and I'm very much looking forward to it. 

      So yeah checking in and shit lol hope you all have a good week/spring break etc. and enjoy FIRST week!

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