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    • I haven't been back here for ages.

      11 years ago


      And now I'm back! Back with a vengence!

      Did I miss anything?

    • Historical figures in online games

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      I was just thinking about what would happen if various people from history suddenly came back from the dead and started spending all their time on CT, WoW and the like. Here's what I came up with;

      Jesus: He takes ages to respawn, but his guild is huge

      Sir Francis Drake: Plays to loot monsters

      Attila the Hun: Booted from the server for spawn camping

      Charles Babbage: Crafts items but only ever gets half way

      Shakespeare: He invents 1337 mk II

      Ghandi: Only plays PvE

      Florence Nightingale: Only ever uses res spells

      Hitler: He cancels his account after his whole guild succumbs to ice spells

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    • A Psychological analysis of RvB

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      I know there isn't much point to trying to psychoanalyse fictional characters, but I'm bored. Remember you shouldn't really take this topic seriously;

      Sarge: He shows clear signs of violence and inability to plan. In addition ot it being implied he was abused as a child (the story about his "uncle") he may suffer from Antisocial personality disorder. On the other hand this behaviour may well be limited to outbursts caused by another disorder.

      Simmons: He demonstrates a reverence for rules and superiors and the need to follow orders. This would imply a personality with a high F score (a "fascist" personality, usually the result of growing up in a strict family). He apparently has "father issues" which may be the result of this upbringing.

      Grif: He's lazy but doesn't seem to have any form of pathological disorder. His behaviour seems cynical so its possible that he comes from a middle class background.

      Donut: He seems a bit foolish at times but not necessarily to the point where it would be considered an illness. He is also clearly effeminate but that's not been in the DSM (that's the book of psychological disorders BTW) for decades.

      Church: He seems anti social and irritable but not in such a way which would indicate mental illness. See Grif.

      Tucker: Again, see Grif

      Caboose: He seems to lack intelligence which would be grounds for diagnosing retardation or a similar disorder if his IQ was formally tested. On the other hand he may simply have a distorted perception of the world which would fall under a communication disorder.

      Tex: She seems violent, manipulative and apparently steals from Church. She shows no remorse for violent behaviour and makes excuses for it ("I just get payed to do mean things"). This may indicate Antisocial personality disorder.

      Lopez: He's a robot and thus cannot logically suffer from a psychological illness. However he doesn't seem to be a fan of Asimov in any case.

      O'Malley: He may be an AI but he seems to emulate (or maybe be a copy of) a human mind. He exhibits poor planning and delusions of grandeur. This would be a case of megalomania. Though this may be contradicted by the fact he is trying to take over the universe, as megalomania is defined as the belief of already having power rather than trying to obtain it. Of course the belief that he can take over the universe could be defined as such.

      Doc: He seems to have trouble with communication and forming social relationships. This may be a sign of autism or social anxiety.

      Wyoming: He hasn't really shown any psychological disorder, unless you count being some sort of evil version of James Bond.

      Crunchbite: He seemed a bit obsessed with his quest. This could be a sign of some sort of disorder but is not enough to diagnose anything on its own.

      Vic: He's annoying but that's not a sign of insanity, yet.

      Gary: As sane as a knock knock joke obsessed computer can be.

      Grunts: Strong social bonding. Possibly a sign of mass hysteria as both sides seem to want ot kill each other for no real reason.

      Vic Jr.: No less sane than Vic it would seem

      Jimmy: I don't trust the way that skull looks at me....

      York: He seemed pretty rational (this may be due to the influence of Delta) despite the desire for revenge.

      Alien Baby: Most diagnoses of a psychological disorder require the subject to be an adult.

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    • I have found the answer to everything

      12 years ago


      We may now rejoice in the fact that;


      Sorry about the poor joke, I just made that GIF and wanted to post it somewhere.

    • Yay, season 5

      12 years ago


      Now all I have to do is wait to Monday....

      I wonder how many journal entries are identical to this....

      Trailing off is fun....

    • Steve Irwin! Your dead!!

      13 years ago


      He was so middle aged and he had some much crocodile hunting to do!

    • Thief, is it really that good?

      13 years ago


      After a lot of recommendations I decided to buy the Thief series. The thing is though, I found all 3 games for a total of £9.98 (4.99 for a 1+2 double pack and 4.99 for Dark Shadows). But if the games are so good why are they so cheap?

      Niche games FTW I guess.

    • I hate Datel

      13 years ago


      I got a media dock for my DS and the thing won't work. Furthermore they expect me to either pay £1 a minute for technical support or wait about three days to get a reply from email. Bastards.

    • Finally got around to completing Halo

      13 years ago


      The PC version. Now to finish Half Life and Half life 2 before finding out if there's going to be Halo 2 for the PC ever.

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      nice vid!

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      Oh that is great.. I love the vid of your brother playing.. that was insane.. I feel bad for him.. I am sure he has gotten better since then.

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      An award, ay?

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      Here's the idea guy award, for coming up with the Flowers wallpaper, that was a good idea.


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      hey, welcome to RvB smiley0.gif

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