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    • RTX 2016

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      So who's going to RTX 2016?

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    • My Tale of D&D

      3 years ago


      So here is my story for @OboeCrazy D&D contest.

      In the year of our Lord 2012, I was the recipient of an invitation to attend the grand festival of RTX. So I accepted, with great anticipation hoping to also possibly be among the select few to join the great calling for warriors to aid the festival. Out of the many warriors that answered the call, I was chosen. The task ahead would now be difficult, as I would have to find multiple activities to fill my days to make the seemingly endless time pass quickly, as I awaited with great anticipation the time of the festival. Indeed, several months later, the time of the festival arrived, and I traversed to the great land of Austin, arriving a single day before the festival was to begin. As a Guardian warrior, I was charged with aiding in pre-celebratory festivities. As we were concluding our duties in setting up wares for the shop keeper, The wonderful Lady Kathleen(@kzuelch) chose me to aid her in the proprietary duties of her shop for the festival. To me this was a great honor, “I shall not let you down Lady Kathleen” I told her.

      Later that evening, I made my way to the grand gala hosted by the Sidequest Clan. It was a spectacular event, full of people and merry making. At the gala,there was an auction for treasures and art from other lands. I marveled over the many treasures, for there were many to behold, but one in particular, caught my eye. I had little gold to spend on any treasure, but this was such a grand find, and too precious of an opportunity, so I tossed some nuggets in the pot and took my chance. As the night went on I went back to check to see if anyone else had put down gold for the quest. To my great astonishment, someone had. So I placed more gold down to out do the other gentleman. At the last few moments of the gala, I came face to face with the other gentleman who had put down gold for this quest. We went back and fourth placing down more gold to out bid the other. The other gentleman fought bravely, but in the end I was victorious. After my victory, the Lady Lauren(@OboeCrazy) came to congratulate me on my victory and told me when the quest was to take place.

      A little less than a fort night passed, and it was the day of the quest. I entered the inn where the quest was to be held. I came across a crowd of people circling a table with 5 great warriors and the Lady Lauren at the front. She saw me and called to me. She explained my role and how to be a Dungeon Master. So I summoned my powerful pizza monster to attack the great warriors. I rolled my die to see my monster’s power. I rolled a tweet and zero, which was the highest I could roll. The room grew silent. The warriors and Lauren turned to me in shock, that my first roll was such a number of great strength and stature. Then a great cheer rose from the crowd at my wonderful feat. My monster valiantly began an attack on the warriors, and although my monster fought well, it was defeated. Once the quest was over I thanked Lady Lauren for the honor of being Dungeon Master. As another reward for being Dungeon Master she gave me a set of dice and specs of the pizza monster. She then thanked me for giving gold to help the charity for the Sidequest Clan and for a memorable evening.

      All to soon, The Festival of RTX was over and I with some sadness began my great journey back to the land of Birmingham. Now every time I return to the land of Austin, songs can still be heard of that great evening, and my first great roll of twenty and zero, and of my valiant efforts as a young Dungeon Master on his first quest.

      And that is my tale of my D&D experience.

    • Being more sociable

      3 years ago


      So, for those who know me. I don't use Facebook or social media all that much. After thinking about my friends and social life I've realized that I want to use social media more. I think that social media is a great way for me to keep up with my friends that I don't get to see. So in the next couple of day I'm going to share some of the things I've been doing the past several months. Also I'm going to post all my film projects that I have been working on.

    • How I got to know Rooster Teeth

      4 years ago


      Well my story is of an epic novella that is full of life, love, action, tragedy, and heartbreak that will leave you speechless. Naw I'm just kidding but my story is interesting because it has different stages on how I got to be part of this great and wonderful community. It all started one night when I was 14, a friend of mine both spent the night at another friends house. At this time we knew what Halo was and played with each other all the time. Our host friend told us about a web series called Red Vs Blue that used the video game Halo to make a comedy movie. We thought it sounded cool so we watched it. From the first joke with the blue warning screen tell you not to steal this DVD to the end of the film we were on the floor laughing. It was one of the funniest thing we have ever seen. A couple months later I found out that they sold Red Vs Blue at Gamestop and that they had more seasons, so I bought seasons 2 and 3. Soon after watching those two DVD's a thousand times I tried to get the next seasons. This time I tried going to the source, Red vs At this time I'm 15 and don't really know that much about the internet, so when I went to the site you had to down load the episodes. I was nervous to do that because I did not want to download a virus or something because this was my parents computer and not mine. So I didn't get back to RVB until around season 5 was ending. I found that they had episodes of RVB on youtube. so thats how i got caught up. Then when the episodes began making the episodes to where you didn't have to download them, I started watching them on the site and joined the website. Now for those of you at home checking the RT timeline and looking at when my pages says I joined the site it doesn't add up. So here is a short story to explain that; I tried to join the Grifball league back then with my first account but I messed up with linking my gamertag with my account so I tried to create a new RT account to fix it but it didn't work so I gave up. So my start time is really around '05 or '06 instead of 10 but who cares. Back to the real story. After a while of watching tons of videos that I have never seen before that RT has been doing over the years that I was not a follower I wanted to meet these guys but I live in Alabama and at this time there were not a lot of conventions around my area I could go to. Then the internet Gods answer my prayers with RTX. When I heard that they were doing their own convention I knew then and there that I had to go. At this time I am 20 and just got out of high school and have my first job. So I had all the free time and cash to do this. So I became a sponsor and camped out at my computer to buy a ticket. When it said that I had successfully bought my ticket I was filled with so much joy. When the trip finally came up I was a little nervous because this was the first time that I have ever been some where by myself. But as turned out it was the best trip ever. I got to meet everyone at RT and meet some really cool people. The next year I applied to be a Guardian and out of the many who applied I got picked. That year I got to meet some of my friends@ytrahne, @WaterHorizon, @Hotpocket36,@agd2i, @SailorTweek, and @sirNARVY. All those guys have helped make my RT community experience so inviting. Also another quick highlight is when Kathleen @kzuelch was working at the store she needed a couple of Guardians to help unload so I volunteered. After we unpacked everything and organized things she wanted to change my job to working at the store because I knew where everything was. To me that was the coolest thing ever and every year when I see her she remembers me and we chat a little, which is the coolest (since she plays my favorite character). So to end my epic novella after RTX 2 I would go on to come to every RTX and be Guardian (expect for 2014). I would also get to meet several new friends like @OboeCrazy, @Kitzune, @Blutonian and a few guys from Canada all who have been great friends. Where do I go from here? Nothing but up. Meet some on people at RTX 15, be more social than ever on the site and play some videos. This company has changed my life in ways I can't even imagine. I hope that one day I can do some for them in exchange for all of the great things they have done in my life. You guys have helped me push myself and to become more out going in this world and I can not thank you enough. Here's to 12 more years, I hope this crazy ride never ends. @RTContests

    • Five Facts

      4 years ago


      I'm a slave to trends so here are my five facts
      1) I am a film student working on being a cinematographer and a screenwriter
      2) I have been to two different countries: Ireland and Canada.
      3) I have earned the highest rank in Boy Scouts- Eagle Scout
      4) I play two instruments: Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone
      5) I am learning Japanese (I have already taken two semester worth)

      There are my facts, they are just little things about me at I just forget to tell people.

    • 4 years ago


      So I feel like crap today. I feel like everything I know about camera work is wrong and I embarrassed myself to my teacher for not knowing things that I should have. Today sucks. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can learn job. smiley2.gif

    • New Year and the Real Me

      4 years ago


      Wow, 3 years. I'm not one to boust about myself but I feel that I have been a little unsocial on this site and other online media. I have also noticed that I have done it a little bit in my physical life as well. I spend a lot of time with school and work, which has paid off because of my good grades but my friends and social life has suffered. This year I am going to change that. I will make a better effort to be more sociable. I have been part of this for a long time (even longer than what my account says) and I love this community. Going to RTX and being a guardian has been one of the coolest and funnest I have ever had and I want to continue that. So for my first post of the year I am going to add a little bit about myself, this is something that I saw a lot of other members doing. So if you want to talk chat or hang out just give me a buzz, hope to hang out with you all this year. Happy New Year Everybody.

      Username: Metaldragon5
      Age: 24
      From: Birmingham, AL
      Sponsor: Yes
      Date Joined: Sometime in 2006 with my first account
      Last Singed in: 1/4/15

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Season 1 on DVD
      Last Podcast you watched: Screenplay: Die hard
      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Miles
      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes
      -If yes Which one: Happy Hour 12
      Favorite RT Series: Red Vs. Blue (duh)
      Favorite RT video: Video Game President (boom, headshot America)

      RT Site:
      Current Number of Notifications: 0
      Name of First Journal: Waiting for RTX tickets
      Name of your latest Journal: New Year and the Real Me
      Last Photo you uploaded: A picture of me and Zac (Kitzune)
      Last Thread you commented on: Can't Remember
      First group in you group list: Achievement Challenges
      Last Private message sent to: Ashto

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamerscore: 27652
      Team lads or Team Gents: Lads
      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Jack and Ryan
      Minecraft Skin: Chell
      Favorite AH show: Let's Play Minecraft

      The Community:
      Favorite Group: RTX Guardians
      Have you gone to a community event: Yes
      Have you gone to RTX: Yes, all of them
      Favorite Fellow community member: SailorTweek, OboeCrazy, ytrahne, and Kitzune. But I love all my friends on my list.

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    • 5 years ago

    • Characters for the Comic

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      Here is a list of Characters that I have made for my version of the World of X Ray and Vav. I put question marks on anything that I had an idea but not fully sold on that idea and some I just could not think of anything good that I like and need help come up with one. If you have any questions or helpful comments please post it here. Enjoy

      Main Heros'

      Name: Ray
      Super Hero Name: X-Ray
      Powers: I divided his powers by level to show when he learns his different powers.
      Level 1 See through walls, thermal vision, Dexterity(he has super vision so everything is slowed down for him) and Heat vision.
      Level 2 Icy vision.
      Level 3 Laser(It is different than heat vision, look at superman).
      Level 4 Marshal Arts
      Level 5 Levitation?
      Level 6 ?
      Weapon: Katanas
      Reason: I based Ray's powers off of his costume and name. I made sure that he had enough powers but also not have as many "cool" powers so that he can learn and grow as a character. Marshal arts and the katana is a great way to show how is dexterity works.
      Examples: See-More from Teen Titians

      Name: Gavin
      Super Hero Name: Vav
      Powers: Super Strength, super hearing, super speed,
      Level 2 Healing (not as fast as wolverine), immune to poisons
      Level 3 flying by leaping (like the Hulk),
      Level 4 Kinetic absorption( absorb kinetic energy and redirect it back)
      Weapon: A Hammer(similar to Thor's and Amy Rose from Sonic comics)
      Reason: The picture of Vav does not really show what kind of powers he could have, it could be anything. So I desided Gavin would be the perfect clumsy superman. The Hammer just kind of came to me, if Gavin had a real weapon what would it be and how would he have fun with it? Thats how I got the idea for a hammer.
      Examples: Superman but clumsy

      Name Barbara
      Super Hero Name: Icy Queen? Canada Girl? Blondie?
      Powers: Freezing things, make some objects out of ice
      Level 2: Icy Surfing, make more complex objects out of ice
      Level 3: Icy armor, control water
      Level 4:
      Weapons: Icy weapons she can create
      Reason: When thinking of another hero to add to the comic, I had to pick someone who was upbeat and similar Ray and Gavin(note first that came to mind was Michael but I wanted to use him for something else) and Barbara just kept popping up. So I thought what kind of powers would she have. So I went with the stereo type that she is from Canada. But I did make her powers pretty bad ass and as a character she can help make our two heros grow and maybe she too can learn from them.
      Examples: Killer Frost and Ice from DC Comics

      Name: Jack
      Super Hero Name: Jack the Illusionist
      Powers: Realist illusions with his mind(the illusion only stays real until the person realize it's an illusion), enter peoples dreams
      Level 2: project himself out of his body while asleep
      Level 3:
      Weapons: none
      *Jack is a villain at first but then becomes good and helps out on occasions
      Reason: When thinking of one off villains Jack came up as my first choice because he is a nice guy but when pushed too far gets mad. So why not make him a villain. I also wanted him to be a hero and at the same time not there all of the time so that we don't have too many super heros.
      Examples: Mysterio from Marvel and Genjutsu from Naruto

      Name: Monty Omu
      Super Hero Name: ?
      Powers: Power Mimicry
      Level 2: Can copy physical features(grow wings or become masse sly strong)
      Level 3: Control people like puppets
      Weapons: None at this moment
      *Monty works as a triple agent, he is a good guy when he joins up with X-Ray and Vav but is secertly working for an evil company that has mind control over him but eventually becomes good again and joins the team.
      Reason: I wanted to put in a conspiracy story and Monty seemed to be the perfect match. He is always clam, cool, and a man of few words which makes him a great choice to be double agent like character. As far as picking his powers, with Monty being the lead in the motion capture parts of Rooster Teeth I thought that this power would make sense.
      Examples: Rogue from X Men

      Name: Michael Jones
      Super Hero Name: Mogar
      Powers: The best description of his powers is the Hulk
      *Michael is not really a hero or villain but he does help out X-Ray and Vav because they are friends
      Reason: This was an easy choice. Michael is a great guy but he does get really angry, also he is known for Rage Quit.

      Name: Griffon Ramsy
      Super Hero Name: None
      Powers: The powers and abilities of a Griffon
      *Griffon is turned into the mythical creature of a Griffon, she occasionally helps out when needed.
      Reason: To be honest I just came up with this by doing a play on words when thinking of characters to add to the comic. She is only a minor character but I still think is important to the comic world I've made.

      Non-Super Powered Heros

      Name: Geoff
      Role: Comic Book Mentor
      Reason: With Geoff's love and knowledge of comic books and super heros makes him a great mentor for X Ray and Vav. Also with Geoff's "helpful" teaching skills it is sure to be a fun ride for X Ray and Vav.

      Name: Ryan
      Role: Tech and Weapons
      Ryan thousands of contacts from all of the different jobs that he has had in the past. So when X Ray and Vav need something they go to Ryan.
      Reason: With Geoff being the "words of wisdom" I needed someone to be able to supply X Ray and Vav with tech and/or Weapons.

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      I can't draw at all. If there's anything in my profile that's drawn, it's most likely done by other people.

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