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    • What game do you wish to have a remake?

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      I'm glad that capcom decided to give RE 2 a remake and I'm hoping that the developers of Silent Hill would do the same because I really like the eerie plot they have. 


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    • A mini-game in an eSports website?!

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      I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong place but hear me out :D 

      I've been watching an eSports competition lately called World Cyber Games. I don't know if you know this or anything like that but they're doing a lot of things like "these mini-game events" where everyone can join.. like literally! they have 2 games which both consisted of just guessing the winner and arranging them in a ranking then those who'll be correct will receive a Samsung Galaxy S10... Sounds interesting, right?

      Anyone who knows about this or planning to join? I would like to know more about this, so if anyone who'll reply. Thank you!

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      I listen to Patti Austin and Pati Labelle but my favorite one is the huskiest and calm voice Sade!

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    • What is your biggest failure?

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      I experienced one of my biggest failure recently, I failed my entrance exam for doctors... I was a psych major and the subjects for medicine were limited and I have a job at that time so I didn't get to review that time. I know it is my fault, that's why I want to try it again..

      How about you guys? How do you cope up with it?

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    • What Is Your Favorite Horror Game?

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       bowtie I have a lot that I like but I want to hear your favorites and the things that made you like them.  bowtie

      My Current List: 

      1. The Coma: The Cutting Class

      I played this game when I was in college and it made me realize that I should never ever play this game when I'm alone at night. This game has a good art style (looks from a manhwa), interesting plot, and how it is not fps but it still managed to give the atmosphere I want. 

      The only thing I can hope for is objectives to be specific because there was a time that I got stucked for about an hour just because I don't know where to go...nevertheless liked it!

      2. Paranormal Territory 2 Free

      I actually got nothing to say with this game because the story is already given but....... instead of getting scared I just enjoyed everything as a result. Realistic gameplay highlighted the game and it's boombastic sounds like I'm in a movie theater. I quite enjoyed it hehe

      3. Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital

      Don't get me started with this game :D I really LOVE this one. Since it's a soft launch, I didn't expect anything but after I played it, seemed like it's already a legit game. The FPS and AR made it unique. The plot was so-so but I love how it is already in your face and all you have to do is loot and get 3 stars per level.

      I hope that this game would produce mini games or a mod that I can play other characters. And improve the lagginess of the game :(

      How about you guys?

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    • How Can I Edit My Profile Picture?

      2 months ago


      I want to put a picture on my avatar but it seemed impossible because whenever I'm downloading it just stopped and it doesn't show anything. Is this a glitch or perhaps there's a requirements that I bypass?

      Thanks for the answers, sorry kind of noob to this site 

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