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    • caboose

      14 years ago


      Caboose: Ducks Where, I Love Ducks!

      Cabbose: Hey! Church! look bird.... why are they flying around in circles....

    • stuff....

      14 years ago


      Well im bored as fuck, and i wanna sleep but im no pussy so... that wont be happening till liek 4-5a.m. want sum1 to play ahlo with but that plan kinda fell throught... but the funniest thing happened the otherday, me and like 6 of my friends formed a human pacman, and we ate this realy fat kid that we didn't know, then we started to knee him till he fell to the ground, it was a laught and a half if i got anything to say about it, well later every1 il keep you updated on my crazy adventures later.

    • Friday

      14 years ago


      Skool ended after the worse of each quarter... Finals Day!!!!!! i got home and it cold as a bitch outside and looks like a torrnado of snow.... so i dont realy plan on moving much, AND IM NOT FAT... i only weight 120

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Zelda72

      13 years ago

      Hey there newcommer and/or user that was not been on in a while...welcome to you have any questions any at all feel free to message me with them...I'm be more then happy to again welcome have fun and enjoy...also if you wish to send me a friend request do so i'll accept

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