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    • RTX 2015 & Guardian Applications

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      I know some of you have voiced that you may be interested in applying to be Guardians for RTX 2015. The word just went out on Twitter that those applications will go live by the end of this week. The window has typically been short in the past. I think one year it was open for 48 hours, but I want to say it has been open for a week during one year at least.

      The point is, if you are seriously considering applying, then don't miss the window and follow @RTXevent on twitter or keep an eye on the page.

      I'm kind of swamped with my real job at the moment, so this is just a quick something to help get the word out to keep your eyes open.

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    • Help do something incredibly awesome for some friends!

      4 years ago


      If you're a fan of RTX, then you may remember this moment:

      Help get that happy couple to RTX 2015 for their Honeymoon!

      These two Guardians have helped make RTX an incredible experience for 10's of thousands of people, show them you appreciate them for that! Help their engagement come full circle and give them the happy ending beginning they deserve!

      The campaign is about one third the way to goal and even a donation of $5 will make a difference. Plus that $5 donation will guarantee you a hug from this sexy beast right here:


      No, not her, from @1tinsoldier

      Looks awesome right? You know you want one, and it's only a click away, so get out your wallet!

    • Users

      4 years ago


      Angry User: I've had this problem with this system for three weeks and no one has fixed it yet.

      Me: Wow, I'm so sorry about that, lemme take a quick look in our system.


      Me: I can't find any tickets for you in our system, when did you report it?

      Angry User: Just now, I'm reporting it to you!

      Me: ...

      It's times like these where I wish I had a sticker to give to people that reads:

      "I'm the reason Tech Support Hotlines require you to answer 50 dumb questions before they actually start to help you"

    • And then there was Five???

      4 years ago


      I need your help. After watching 10 Little Roosters episode 5, I'm completely at a loss. Every episode so far I've been able to back track to understand the victim / weapon combination. This week the victim was obvious to me, but I'm completely flabbergasted as to the weapon used. I know there had to have been clues to it, but I've completely missed them and am stumped. Re-watching past episodes has proved unfruitful.

      I've managed to get episode 2 few half right and was incredibly close on the weapon. I second guessed myself out of the correct combo for episode 3. Episode 4 was a goose egg for me where I fell for the Red Herring, but I completely understand it from a Monday Morning Quarterback perspective. Like I said above, episode 5's victim was obvious, but the weapon choice is driving me crazy!

      Please someone explain it to me or link me to a journal or forum post where someone came to the correct conclusion logically, I'm begging here...

    • I just bought this by accident

      4 years ago



      Apparently, Assassin's Creed Unity Shave Gel is a real thing...

      Now I get to find out what this "Exclusive Content" is all about, [/HoldsBreath]

    • Screen Play 17

      4 years ago


      Go watch it:

      My name gets mentioned because I'm awesome at 80's movies that feature professional wrestlers, trivia...

      That's totally a thing, right?

    • Films you watched as a kid

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      Two questions came up on the Regular RT Podcast yesterday, but they were film related and I had to think about them and I thought it would bring up some interesting discussion here.

      What films did you repeatedly watch as a kid over and over?

      My first answer was Ghostbusters, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Ghostbusters was probably low on the view count compared to some of the others on the list. The list in no particular order is, The Goonies, Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, Short Circuit, Superman II & III, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Gremlins 2 & Karate Kid.

      As an adult, my go to films just to have on in the background while doing other things were The Big Lebowski, The Boondock Saints, The Matrix and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Though lately it's easier to choose episodic stuff on Netflix so I rotate between Archer, Red vs. Blue, Doctor Who & Supernatural. (Also Stargate SG1 before they took it out of the streaming pool. and goddamn did those replicators always freak me out!)

      The second question was:

      What is the first film you remember seeing in a theater?

      I remember vividly going to see the Care Bears movie, but I don't remember a single thing about the actual film, just that we went. Some family friends from out of town were staying with us that weekend and I remember our mothers taking all the kids out to see it.

      The first film where I remember watching it on the big screen and can recall the film was a screening of Sword in the Stone that a local theater was showing special for some anniversary of its original release.

      The first live action film I saw in the theater was definitely without a doubt The Karate Kid.

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    • The day that will live in "Anarchy"

      4 years ago


      RTNY Community Day, November 15th, 2014

      @Priscille334 planned a fantastic event of Karaoke. Three hours of booze and snacks and singing in a dark room, and everybody wanted more!

      And then this happened:

      It's a little dark, but that is definitely @JJ of ScreenPlay and RT Recap fame! I didn't even know he was in New York at the time, let alone that he was aware of the event and had decided to pop in. He must've either just got in or was just about to leave, because he still had his luggage with him! If that isn't dedication to fans, I don't know what is.

      There were so many classic moments that I can't even begin to count. I did learn one lesson though, my tolerance for Johnny Walker has gone down significantly in my old age. I passed out on the train home and woke up at the last stop about 25 miles from home, lol. Luckily one of my closest friends lives one town over and rescued me, else that would've been an expensive cab ride! Still it was my favorite Community meet-up to date!


    • 7 Facts About Me because Desayjin is a Dick

      4 years ago


      1. I spent a semester in Moscow... during High School

      Sophomore year, 1995 'Spring' Semester, which is kind of a joke because I was sent there in February. Scariest thing I had ever done up until that point. I'm totally glad I did it. The thing I learned more than anything else, is that teenagers are teenagers no matter which side of the Iron Curtain you were born in.

      2. I used to sing with Ingrid Michaelson

      I went to high school with her, same year and there were only about 160 people in our class, so everybody knew everybody. We did two productions together both Junior & Senior year. The former was Bye Bye Birdie and the latter was a Broadway review with numbers from Guys & Dolls, Chicago, Chorus Line, Hair, South Pacific, West Side Story, Damn Yankees and I know I'm forgetting something else. She's super cool and down to earth and I had a huge crush on her back in the day still kind do, actually

      There were two other semi famous singers in that group, Rebekka Johnson (singer, songwriter, sketch comedian & actress) & Ryan Berkowitz (singer, songwriter, actress & former Miss Staten Island). We were also regularly recruited by the school's Coordinator of Student Activities to perform at school functions. We were the first ones ever to sing the newly written Alma Mater for the high school at a live function. That was pretty fun.

      3. I've never played Halo

      That's Ludicrous you say? What kind of person calls himself a gamer who's never played Halo even once? (See Fact #4 for the answer) Keep your pants on, I just bought an xbone and will be hitting up the MCC as soon as I finish AC IV.

      4. I'm a recovering addict

      For many years I was addicted to crack. More specifically a very potent form by the street name EverCrack, known to the general population as Verant's Sony Online Entertainment's: EverQuest. I'm only half kidding. It became a problem for me. First, I stopped going to hang out in real world social situations because I would rather be on a raid. Then I wouldn't sleep because the raids ran later and later. Next I almost lost my job because I was consistently late to work because of the aforementioned lack of sleep, and when I was there, I was barely functional. I couldn't set limits for myself & adhere to them, so I had to quit.

      5. I play Co-ed Adult Dodgeball

      I loved it in elementary school and when I heard there was a league, I jumped at the chance. It's extremely competitive and I love every second of it. How competitive could it be? My first season playing, one of my teammates got two teeth knocked out... I get bruises all the time from playing, but I won't stop. Since I started playing 4 years ago, I've dropped 50lbs and I've made friends for life with my teammates all but one who were complete strangers before I started playing.

      Burnie said once on the Podcast that he wanted to have an intervention for @Caleb because of his Ultimate Frisbee injuries. I'm 35, and there's at least 56 in my league, all 21 and over, who play hard every week and also come out with injuries from time to time. It's totally worth it if you enjoy it. Would Burnie have said that if it were a different activity where Caleb got injured, like rock climbing or scuba diving? Probably not, IMO, because those are traditionally considered "adult" activities as opposed to frisbee or dodgeball. Guess what Mr. Burns, until not too long ago, video games weren't for adults either, and you should know that better than anyone! Don't be so quick to judge.

      6. I HATE Apple

      That is not an exaggeration. On an enterprise level, Apple products are the bane of my existence as part of IT. They are great for personal use, but they don't play nice across the board with professional grade AVIT systems and networks. They try to re-invent the wheel with every product line and they make standardization fucking impossible.

      On a personal level, I don't like that you are locked into their software/hardware combos. If you don't mind that, great, but what I'm sick and tired of is hearing Apple users complain about the Apple products and what they don't do and then when I tell them that an alternative device/os doesn't have those issues, they gasp and tell me that I'd have to pry their "precious" apple product from their cold dead fingers. You people are brainwashed... Apple isn't a technology company anymore, its a giant marketing company for shiny objects and micro-transactions and also for suing the crap out of other companies for stealing ideas that they themselves stole first.

      **I reached the character cap for this Journal entry, so #7 will be in a reply below**

    • I have joined the current console generation

      4 years ago


      So I bought an XBone this weekend. I tried to get the Sunset Overdrive bundle but it was sold out everywhere, so I got the Assassin's Creed bundle.

      I've never played any of the AC games before, working my way through ACIV now and then I'll start on AC Unity.

      After that I'll be hitting up the MC Collection.

      GT is Blutonian on XBL

      Come find me, I need friends on there to remind me how bad I am at console gaming.

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