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    • Dell i9300

      13 years ago


      I decided to buy this laptop instead of the ibuypower Battalion MLTurbo

      - Its going to survive the 'time game' longer than the Batallion MLTurbo
      - 6800 !
      - WUXGA screen :O
      - Nice cooling and
      - Uber powerful machine for not a lot of $$$$
      - Uber Battery suck
      - Bulky 17", but ok for my purposes
      - Did i mention teh battery suck
      Edit: Forgot to add - Super gay tech support !

      Check back to view pictures of this baby when it arrives !

    • Your Combo

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      I am personally a fan of dual pistols, which i use a lot with melee.
      Plasma + SMG is my backup combo. And i am a BR bitch , no i dont use plasma pistol with the BR all the time, i am a BR and carbine bitch

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    • IGN : Halo 3 : PS3

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      read the article about halo 2, i dont believe in Halo 3 rumors anymore, this is one of those more provoking ones.

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    • Dunno what made me do this

      14 years ago


      did this in like 30 minutes
      i know its not great
      Click for larger view

      Gordon walked into the wrong domain :P

    • Comic i made

      14 years ago


      Thks to Narukei for the image i used as caboose and tucker :)
      more to come

    • A day i want to look back on, so that...

      14 years ago


      so that... i can learn from my mistakes.

      Today i installed windows service pack 2 so that my wireless connection would run better, and it did.
      But as they say there is a price to pay for ever momment that is gay(in the old sense of the word : Happiness).
      ^^^^^^ i totally made that quote up ><

      Well you can only imagine what the price was if you read my post in the Technical forum.
      To SP2 - ,,|,, >< ,,|,,

    • Quote of the month

      14 years ago


      Just tell your friends you couldn't save the few remains of your home planet because you were out getting stoned. They'll understand.
      |H|A|L|O| |2|
      -My anti-drug


    • MY eyes hurt... so do my thumbs

      14 years ago


      Well guess what i would have done after i got halo 2 and xbox live ... if you answered i bleeded my eyes out and sored up my thumbs you are COREECT !1 :P .... well i have been playing halo 2 and that is about all i have been doing so there is pretty much nothing i can say about what i have been doing except saying that i hav ebeen playing halo 2 a lot ....

      Question of teh day:
      What was frankie's answer to the following question in his Weekly WHAT'S UPDATE .... thing:
      Halo2vscovenant asks: When is frankie answer us ?
      Just quote frankie's answer and you will get the +1 Zing soon as i get a modpoint cause i am all out :(

    • The day i went live ... again

      14 years ago


      Well my router was all f-ed up before i bought halo 2 and i was dying to go online and take on some other pros.... i had the 2 month trial thing but i did not had my xbox hooked up to the internet ....
      well i was going through the paper adds and i found this netgear g router for 39.99 and a wireless adapter for like 29.99 no mail in crap instant rebate, bought it the next day and voila i have xbox live !!!1
      My nametag: Cab00se101 (the Os are ZEROS)
      play me and get owned :D

      According to halo 2 how many halo rings are there ?(*cough* ITS A TRICK QUESTION )
      first to answer the question right wins a +1 zing (answer in comments section)

    • A weekend's plan cut short

      14 years ago


      Well i was gonna finish halo 2 this weekend but my plans were cut short when i was struck by the worst endng to a video game i have ever scene ,... they cut it off just at teh second when i was getting all hyped .... good marketing strategy but it left the fans unhappy :P

      How long is the martian year ?
      first to answer the question right wins a +1 zing (answer in comments section)

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    • njadb

      11 years ago

      interests include robotics. FIRST Robotics by any chance?

    • kg6ejp

      12 years ago

      You Need Pictures!! Drogar-Loser(DBG).gif

    • AdevilSboyU

      14 years ago

      Hey, saw your thread about Halo 3. Thought you might want to look at this.

      Halo 3 info

    • MyRideIsTex

      14 years ago

      Hey! This is (MyRideIsTex), duh, lol. You are #118 on my "I will talk to all 600 of my friends" tour. Laters.

    • asdfghj

      14 years ago

      meet the fockers was cool

    • spartanapple

      14 years ago

      You get a point for submitting an entry in the retarded pokemon conteset. I put it on your journal

    • Fhajad Forum Games Moderator

      14 years ago

      Boos a lish ous

      Wheres my dollar?

    • srfjunky

      14 years ago

      Sup dude

    • ToolPackinMa

      14 years ago

      I like to mess with computer insides too!

    • Mihoshi_2004

      14 years ago

      Opening up computers messing with the insides is a lot of fun and If you are good at it you can save heaps of cash. :-D

    • sotalkus

      14 years ago

      Master Chief is no ones bitch =P

      btw, Jersey Pride ^_^

    • sk8rlicious

      14 years ago

      hellooooooooooo nurse

    • 0perator

      14 years ago

      don't be friends with sharkface, he is a complete whore

    • Paulrus

      14 years ago

      Be logged in when season three is released, lets see how many people we can get online at that time. Spread the word

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