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    • Lantern Year 2

      8 months ago

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      Ulric, Isabel, Bryce, and Catrain found each other and have stayed together in the darkness trying to survive. Constantly moving from hole to hole cave to cave eating and doing what they can to survive. After a bit they started developing some communication with each other using simple words that they came up with to help them to survive. Then one day they stumbled on a lion and had no choice but to fight fortunately the lion they found seemed hurt and an easy prey for them to take down so they went all out. In there charge towards the lion Bryce threw his sharpened stone at the lion and it managed to take off the lions human hand which struck everyone as something strange for a lion but, that made everyone want to take this abomination down that much more. As they planned they started to move on either side of the lion, seeing that he was getting surrounded send out a terrifying roar that forced every one to scattered in all directions using this to his advantage he bounded towards Ulric and started to Maul him. Attempting to get the lions attention Isabel threw her stone towards the lion and struck the lion in the knee causing it to split open. Leaving his prey on the ground the lion turns and focuses on Isabel and charges her as the lions passes Catrain she attempts to stab the lion in the side but misses and the lion grabs and tackles Isabel to the ground and is trying to bite her but at the last moment Bryce grabbed the sides of the lions mouth and pulled back as hard as he could and Catrain ran up and sliced at the beasts thought with the stone but its hide appeared to thick for her to do much. Ulric seeing that Bryce held the lion in a hold decided to tackle to the lion as hard as he could and knocked the lion to the ground. Seeing their opportunity Isabel and Catrain used all of the strength they had to drive the stone as deep into the lions throat as they could and finished the beast. Taking a couple of minutes to regain them self they started cutting and tearing what they could use from the lions flesh and bones and came away with a few big bones and a large portions of its hide and plenty of meat to last them a long while. After about ten minutes of this Ulric noticed that it was eerily silent and told the other to quit making noise listing he cant hear anything not even the various bugs that would be chirping. Looking around through the fog and darkness he spots something large moving and motions everyone to move out of the clearing and away from the rest of the lion. When they get out of sight of the lion a huge roar louder then even the lion they just took down and in their fright they don't move or make a sound then they hear a loud crunch then silence. A few minutes later Ulric creeps back to look where they left the lion and see nothing but the puddle of blood that was where the lion was laying. Everyone deciding to keep little noise as possible they start to leave after walking for what seems like hours they see something in the distance that is glowing. 

      Approaching cautiously they see other humans sitting around what seems like a mass of glowing metal. Getting closer to this they see that the mass of metal is many lanterns piled together. Then seeing several people sitting by them self or in pairs around the lanterns but not interacting with each other. Feeling that as he did with there group Ulric decided to attempt to teach the people the language that they have come up with so far only a few would listen but that's better then he thought. During this time the other three start to sharpen the large bones into swords and the small one into a dagger and trying to wrap the lions hide around them self for some added protection. Seeing what is out there they decide to become providers for the people sharing the food they have and promising that they will head out and attempt to bring back more they look towards Ulric to lead the way. Approaching him they see that he is focused solely on the lanterns and trying to figure out where they came from and how this much was just left lying around. After talking to the other survivors and figuring out the first one to stop here no one knows who left it or why, but looking on all the lanterns he sees one word across all of them and decides to call this place Thulaum.

    • Lantern Year 1

      9 months ago

      Brad FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Swatactus

      Looking around Isabel tells Ulric that they will need to start to set up hunting parties to feed all the people. Ulric agrees and tells her that she should get a group together so they can find more food for the settlement. Confused Isabel ask Ulric why he would not lead the hunting party since he has done so well up to this point. Looking at the settlement Ulric explains that someone needs to stay and try and get everyone working to try build some defenses and shelters and that the rest look to him as the leader he feels that he must stay here. Gesturing to a strong young man he introduces that he is Theo and asked to be apart of the hunting party. Wanting to test Theo, Bryce throw a wild punch at him, jumping back out of the way Theo appears to get ready to fight. At that Bryce throws up his hand and say that he was just testing Theo, extending a hand and shaking they grab the makeshift bone swords and start to head out of Thulaum. 

      As they start Isabel thinks she could track there next prey everyone agrees that she would be good since she spent a lot of time learning from Ulric. After half hour she spots some tracks following them they come to an area that looks like it was hit by a powerful earthquake. Roots, rocks and dirt all torn up Isabel tries to make since of it considering it looks like two large beast had a fight here but cant see where any tracks leave this area. Looking about Catrian spots a rock that looks very sharp and goes to grab it. While Bryce was looking around the ground shifts under him, causing him to fall and cut the side of his leg. Carefully making his way over Theo extends his hand to help Bryce get up. Leaving the area deciding it would be dangerous to keep looking. Another half hour passes as they find another set of tracks but this time it looks like two sets one smaller then the other after following them they split. Having a quick meeting they decide that they need to go after the larger of the 2 since they will need to feed the settlement and smaller prey wont do. Continuing to follow them for another 10 minutes they find where the beast was laying down to rest.

      Seeing the lion laying down resting Theo sees it as a chance to get in a sneak attack before the lion know what happened and runs ahead with his bone sword at the ready. Bryce trying to stop the young nieve Theo misses his chance to pull him back and runs after him motioning the 2 women to follow. The lion who thought he could smell something following him saw Theo running up. As soon as Theo was close enough the lion jumped up spun around and hit Theo hard enough to send him flying back past Bryce Catrain and Isabel who can to a sudden halt at the size of this lion. Judging by its size they think that the first lion they fought was a child compared to this since this one is easily 6 feet longer then the last lion. Attempting to split the lions attention bryce runs around to get behind the lion. Seeing this the lion turns to face Bryce and Isabel runs up behind and cuts at the lion from behind and cuts its tail off. Enraged by this the lion turns around and grabs her with its right hand and slams her to the ground. Catrain seeing her friend in a bad situation tries to stab the lions throat but catches it in the left shoulder but the attack didn't seem to be very deep. Using its other hand the lion swipes at catrain and cuts her deep in the leg and knocks her down. Seeing this happen Theo gets up and attempts to get the lions attention he runs by and slices the lion down its left side as he runs by. Luckily or maybe unluckily it worked and the lion forgot about the other two and turns towards him. Bryce using this moment to his advantage attacks the lion in its knee hoping that if it cant stand then they might have better chance. Enraged by this the lion takes two hefty swipes but Bryce is able to dodge them both and notice that the lion is favoring its left hind leg. Getting up Bryce tells Catrain and Isabel that the lions left side is heavily damage catrain running around the backside of the lion and Isabel running around to the front the prepare to attack. The lion is infuriated that this is happening to him and take a massive swipe aimed at Isabels head and knocks it clean off and it hits Theo in his head and knocks him down. Shocked by this Catrain runs up to the front of the lion where Isabel was but stumbles a little due to the deep cut. The lion seeing this takes advantage and cuts her hard in the back knocking her down. Knowing if he doesn't act he will lose another person Bryce jumps on the lions back and stabs down on is front left shoulder. Hitting the shoulder blade and his sword bouncing off it the cut only two to three inches deep however that seemed enough to drop the lion to the ground sending Bryce flying off to the side of the lion. Getting back up he see that the lion is only down temporally and is struggles to get back up but also see Catrain getting back up. Theo now coming to sees Isabels head laying next to him and starts to freak out and the seeing the lion he falls into a fetal position shaking at the sight of the lion. Catrain barely standing looking at the lion starts screaming as loud as she can as she slow steps towards the lion. Thinking this is odd the lion hesitates then reaches out and bites down on Catrains midsection. Grabbing her dagger she drives it as deep as she can into the lions eye and the lion lets go of her and she falls to the ground unmoving. Seeing that the lion is now has a dagger in its left eye Bryce throws his sword down and pushes with all his might to drive the dagger deeper into the lions skull and finishes the lion. 

      Back at the settlement Ulric hears something roaring in the distance and gathering all the survivors together and tells them to get anything they can and be ready to defend them self. After about 5 minutes he thinks he can hear a woman screaming now confused and worried he grabs half the remaining people and set out in the direction of the screams and roars. About fifteen minutes and he comes up on the battle scene he falls to his knees as he sees Isabels headless body. Then he get up and starts to cautiously makes his way over to the lion. When he get close he sees the lions body shift and jumps back as Bryce uses the lions body to stand up. Quickly Ulric gets one of the survivors to aid Bryce and they get Theo off of the ground. Wondering what to do with the dead bodies he has the remaining people help take them back to Thulaum. Placing the dead to the side of the settlement and making sure Theo and Bryce are ok he take a group out and they harvest the lion and bring everything they can back to the settlement.

      Thinking on what to do with the fallen Ulric decides the best way to honor the dead is to give them a last resting place and goes to work digging graves for the two fallen women. Seeing this other settlers understand that those who die should be honored with one final home and help Ulric to dig the graves. During this time Bryce is resting under a shelter trying to get him self back together but Theo seems to have completely lost it. Maybe it could be the heat that they are experiencing or just the weight of what happened but Bryce is not thinking Theo should ever go hunting again considering how the lion affected him. Suddenly a high piercing scream fill the camp and all the survivors starts to panic but Ulric stands to calm everyone down. After explaining that the screams are not to be feared but could be a learning opportunity Ulric gets the settlement back to normal. After a couple of weeks Bryce has been back on his feet practicing with his bone sword and realizes that he feels that the sword could become a part of him given time and practice. Theo on the other hand hasn't moved other then to eat a constantly is muttering to himself. 

    • Im going to start a story about my KDM play through

      9 months ago

      Brad FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Swatactus

      I have been wanting to play Kingdom Death monster for a long time now and bought it back at the start of the year. However, my friends don't ever want to play it, yet they talk all the time about wanting to play the game. The biggest part is when playing solo there can at times be 50 parts to keep up with and be overwhelming for one person. I also don't have a place to keep the game setup all the time so if I'd want to play I am spending close to half an hour on both setup and take down. I have recently got Tabletop Simulator 100% because it has mods to add KDM to the game and it has made the game way easier to just jump in do a year and jump out. I'm going to use the journal here on the RT site to log my game play.

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