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      4 months ago


      SO, I have been "peripherally" aware of RWBY for a few years. Caught an episode or two here and there. I'm currently watching my Volume 5 Blu-ray of RWBY. I bought the Volume 1-5 set recently, and I have spent the last week binging RWBY. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?!?! I love it. I dig the animation, the characters are likable, the soundtrack is epic, the story is great, it's really the full package for me. I also picked up a copy of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse in the Playstation store, simply because I enjoyed Volumes 1 - 3 so much. Really emotionally invested in these characters (sign of a good show). I also watched all of gen:Lock, and it's perfect. I truly love everything Rooster Teeth does, not out of "brand recognition," or blind devotion, but because I truly find everything entertaining. I get different things from the different shows, games, etc. Love it all. Love this community. Hope to make it to RTX one day.

    • Obligatory SXSW ugh post

      4 months ago


      I'm actually one of the few Austinites you'll probably meet that doesn't gripe about SXSW. I love it. I've met so many awesome people over the years, seen some great shows, eaten some pretty tasty foods, and even played an unofficial showcase once. This year, though, I'm not too keen on it. 

      First, the Texas Legislation is in session, so traffic is going to suffer. Second, I'm going to school at Texas State University, down in San Marcos. Problem is, I live in North Austin, so I have to travel right down the middle of the city on one of the worst highways ever built in the US. This is already annoying, but add all those politicians clogging the streets up, AND SXSW goers, and the fact that none of the schools are on Spring break this year, like they usually are during SXSW and it's the perfect storm of crap traffic. 

      So, yeah, I'm not excited about it this year, hahaha! I've been invited to a few different shows that are free, which would be fine, except they're all on class days. Plus, the weather is giving me a headache, which is making me grumpy, and misery loves company, so whoever actually reads this (probably not too many people, honestly) gets to see me gripe about things. But I'm wearing my lucky black metal shirt, which means I SHOULD pass my statistics exam. I'm working towards a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media and Mass Comm, which should hopefully help me get a somewhat decent job so I don't have to go back to working at grocery stores. I want to get into audio/video editing, some post-production, podcasting, and just overall digital content creation. Maybe film some stuff too. I know, I make it sound like it's no big deal. Still, it's what I want to do, and I know I don't *technically* have to get a degree in order to start doing those things, but it certainly helps to get a working knowledge, build some relationships, and at the very least, a Bachelor's Degree will help me get a better-paying job than a High School diploma, or even the Associate's Degree I have now.

    • What games have you played lately?

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      I've been playing more games lately than I have in a while. Not much that's super recent, though I DID pick up copies of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and Bendy and the Ink Machine in the PS Store. I recently played through Uncharted 1-4, just started Shadow Tactics, and the Playstation Plus free game that grabbed my attention was the remastered copy of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. So, what have you all been playing?

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    • First journal post on here. Ever.

      4 months ago


      I'm currently watching my RWBY Volume 4 Blu-ray. I watched the credits on Volume 3, and it was kind of surreal seeing my buddy Tony's name in the credits, as well as Deserts of Mars in the thank you section. You see, I play guitar in Deserts of Mars, which is a somewhat recent development. Seeing that made me do a lot of reminiscing. Strap in, this is my first journal entry, and it may be a long one.

      I've been a fan of Deserts of Mars for a few years, they were one of the first live shows I caught when I moved to Austin about 10 years ago. I started a band of my own, about 7 years ago now. We were called Cesare, I played guitar and did vocals, our drummer's name was Tom (he and I still chat, and kick around the idea of recording some of our tunes), and my brother Joe was on bass and vocals. Super heavy, slow, moody metal stuff, with some post-rock influences. It was what I consider to be my first legit band. Sure, I've played in other bands, but nothing of note. Cesare shared the stage with Deserts of Mars a couple of times. I got to play with a lot of musicians I admire, and it was cool sharing the stage with bands I was a fan of, and even more cool that they liked the music my band wrote. Cesare went dormant about 3, nearly 4 years ago. There might be something pop up in the near future, but it would be a different bass-player, since my brother is extremely busy these days. I get it, and there are truly no hard feelings.

      Fast forward to just a few months ago. I got a Facebook reminder in my newsfeed, about a show that Cesare played. We didn't know it at the time, but it was our last, and it was 3 years ago at that time. I mentioned how much I missed playing out after reposting that flashback, and my buddy Tony sent me a message. I checked in with him off and on over the years, he's always doing cool stuff like making podcasts, writing comic books, doing work at Rooster Teeth, etc, and I consider him a great friend. We have a LOT of common interests, in movies, music, and so on. Anyways, Tony sent me a message saying that Deserts of Mars was always up for a jam. See, they went somewhat dormant around the same time Cesare did, since they lost their guitarist. They were writing as a two-piece, but were up for jamming. I took him up on it. Wasn't long afterwards, I was officially invited to join the band. Pretty surreal. I'm excited to be a part of things, and looking forward to playing our first show together on April 6th.

      Seeing the band mentioned in the thanks section on the Blu-ray brought it all back up. That was also pretty surreal. See, I've been a Rooster Teeth fan since I was 18. I have been a gamer over the years, and have owned quite a few consoles. Halo was one of my absolute favorites, and a buddy of mine told me about this crazy new web-series where some guys made a show using the Halo games. This was in 2003, and I was fresh out of High School. I LOVED RVB. Hilarious, and it reminded me of the banter my friends and I had when we played games. I have kept tabs on Rooster Teeth off and on over the years. I remember Achievement Hunter starting up, and flipped when I found out it involved guys from Rooster Teeth. I'm somewhat new to a few of the programs, just like I'm somewhat new to anime, but I've made up for lost time. RWBY is one of my latest obsessions, but I also enjoy Camp Camp, loved the hell out of the Fan Service podcast, Death Battle, love gen:Lock, and the list could truly go on and on. Been going back and listening to a bunch of the old podcasts as well. Anyway, Rooster Teeth are easily one of my favorite content creators, including all their subsidiary branches. There are truly so many bases covered. So, to bring this full-circle, I was watching a Blu-ray of one of my favorite shows, produced by one of my favorite companies, which involved one of my favorite people, and one of my favorite bands was mentioned in the thanks section of the credits. I saw it scroll by on the screen and I said to myself "hey, I'm in that band!" Hard for me not to get all fanboy and geek out a little.

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