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    • come back

      14 years ago


      "I hope I'm not too late
      I hope that you're ok
      I left in a hurry
      As soon as they told me
      So I prayed for you
      Hang on till tomorrow
      Just don't leave me here today
      I'm coming home to you

      Should've been there I wanted to,
      Should've been there right next to you,
      Should've been there to comfort you,
      Should've been there to sing to you,
      Should've been there to hold your hand,
      Should've been there to be with you
      After all that we've been through.

      Yes, it's hard to say goodbye
      And what I wish right now is to somehow turn back time
      With all of the love
      And respect
      That I hold right here for you
      Hang on till tomorrow
      Just don't leave me here today
      I'm coming home to you."

      Earshot~Should've Been There

      I can't say goodbye. So just come back.

    • Make believe

      14 years ago


      Make Believe ~

      I want to believe you dont exist only in me.
      I want to feel your hand against me,
      and know hat I'm not just dreaming.
      When I hear your voice out loud, calling me,
      I wonder if its real...ever meant to be.

      Is this make believe?
      The thought of you and me.
      Together endlessly,
      I know it's make believe.

      I wander aimlessly,
      looking for the way to bring me back to you,
      That's all I want to do.
      All I hope to be.

      But is this make believe?
      the thought of you and me,
      together endlessly.
      I hope it's not make believe.

      If I could just look into your eyes.
      Just one more times in those eyes.
      I know I could find,
      the light that still shines.
      Keeping you alive.

      I would cherish in the flame.
      The simple idea, the possibility,
      of you and me.

      I's not make believe."

      movie of the day is still Equilibrium, check yesturdays post

    • nothin special

      14 years ago


      well there isn't anything going on with my life that is worth talking about. Saw Elektra with some friends from high school that I havn't seen since high school. that was ok. Then I went to Applebees with my friend Luke and his girlfriend and her friends (who go to my old high school). Her one friend, Samantha, she's really hot and cool. But of course, she is still dating the same guy. It amazes me how long ppl can have relationships for. good for them.

      So then this girl, who works at the Y, comes up, because my friend and his g/f i guess talked at the new years eve party i missed. I've kinda had a crush on this girl, i always see her when im at the gym. So neway, she is dating some dude from the Y too, another one with a b/f. But this pissed me off.
      She says to me "Hi, I dont know you, whats you name." and im thinking like ....ummm well i see you every day, you smile at me, and the nmight before new years you were with my friends and we were talking and i rescued your purse. but you're right..we dont know each other.

      like wtf am i that un-noticeable? what the hell was that all about? *sigh* maybe if i didnt fall in love with every damn girl I find attractive and has those damn seductive eyes lol. she reminds me of my ex too...which is creepy. but "I dont know you" maybe she is just really ditsy...hmm who knows. but i will go with that.

      Movie of the day: Equilibrium
      if you havent seen this movie, i highly recommend it. Action/sci-fi with a great storyline. Def. unique, and stands on it's own against the matrix.
      I love how Christian Bale's character goes through each emotion for the first time. For instance, when he first sees the sunset, the beauty just stabs at him. And when he first sees death, when he catches the slain man in his arms and looks into his dying eyes. When he feels love. And also when he rescues the puppy. Who can't love that puppy, things adorable. Anyway it's a great movie, go check it out.

    • work sux yet again

      14 years ago


      Well work sucked...aggggain. what was I expecting right? Well this time..there was no liz for me to drink rum with. So I was all alone to fend off the karaoke fiends. grrr. i still have a head ache from it. On the plus side, we were pretty slow so I was able to work on a scene that I wanted to do. The downside was that my manager wanted me to stay FOREVER because "i'm not about to send the big guy home. thats when trouble starts"


      so then afterwards I met up with some friends from high school, went to the dinner, and as usual..made an ass out of myself. What can I say, i enjoy to do that. was really hyper for some reason too..hmhmmmmmmm

      Crap! i was going to watch napoleon dynamite again tonight...totally forgot...maybe I will do that now while I have some cold brew.

      *sigh* this is going to have to be the movie of the day again. Can happen twice? sure it can. ya know why? cause i make the rules.
      so here it is your movie of the day:

      NAPOLEON DYNAMITE~ watch it. learn it. love it.
      "I dont even have any good skills...You know like, nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills. Girls only want boy friends with great skills."

      oh yeah p.s. you suck

      no not you!

      yeahhh youuuuuu

    • How far would you go?

      14 years ago


      Have you ever felt so in love that you would do absolutely anything for them? go anywhere for them?

      If you lost that one love. How far would you go to get it back? Can you ever get it back?

      I would like to think you can...but when that love dies, it's an even longer journey to find it again. Can you feel it again? Can you find someone that willlight you up again,. so you are never cold or alone? I hope so.

      Movie of the day fits in perfectly with this: Wicker Park

      This movie is pretty damn good. It is a tease, but it is a journey to find that lost love, no matter what the cost. Really good idea to see it with a loved one. Get ready for a good date night.

      Shit didnt follow my own advice

    • reminds me of you

      14 years ago


      God this song reminds me of you:

      "I feel so alone again
      I know that I need you
      To help me make it through the night
      And I pray that you believe in me
      You gave me my strength
      To face another day alone

      And I need you now my friend
      More than you know yah
      When will we meet again
      Cause i can't let go of you"

      Let Go~ 12 Stones

      well, it's the last week before Spring to the world...So i'm going to try and be as productive as hell..maybe have some fun?? who knows.

      I have a few days left of my antibiotic, and that means it's back to the gym. Ouch, it was kinda rough, but at least it was in doors, i am not looking forward to running on the boardwalk down at school.

      On a happier note. My new DVD rack finally came!! WAAHHOOO. Now you may ask, why is he so excited? Well, i will tell you. Now I no longer have to worry about my mom knocking over stacks of DVD's that rest on top of my other rack. So now when I am at work or at school, everyone go right ahead and take take take. It would be nice if you brought it back though. Or else I am gunna have to hunt you down and pull a Boba Fett.

      I hope to get at least through my 2nd act on the 3rd draft of my screenplay. Shouldn't be that hard considering I broke apart from the majorit of my friends since mainly focusing on my writing. not like they do anything worth while anyway.

      Wed. I might go into NYC to hang out with my brother, we shall see

    • *sigh*

      14 years ago


      "Please, please forgive me,
      But I won't be home again.
      Maybe someday you'll look up,
      And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one:
      "Isn't something missing?"

      You won't cry for my absence, I know -
      You forgot me long ago.
      Am I that unimportant...?
      Am I so insignificant...?
      Isn't something missing?
      Isn't someone missing me?

      Even though I'm the sacrifice,
      You won't try for me, not now.
      Though I'd die to know you love me,
      I'm all alone.
      Isn't something missing?
      Isn't someone missing me?

      Please, please forgive me,
      But I won't be home again.
      I know what you do to yourself,
      I breathe deep and cry out,
      Isn't something missing?
      Isn't someone missing me?

      And if I bleed, I'll bleed,
      Knowing you don't care.
      And if I sleep just to dream of you
      I'll wake without you there,
      Isn't something missing?
      Isn't something..."

      Missing~ Evanescence

      Movie of the day : Garden State

      Heh this movie is refreshing and charming. It's also very truthful, I don't know if it's just NJ, or it can relate to anyone everywhere. But wow so many people from my hometown are becoming cops just because they dont really know what else to do. And I know my brother can relate being an actor, and the questions people ask him are exactly the same, it's hilarious. I guess people outside the industry really don't understand the process at all.

    • turning hell into heaven

      14 years ago


      Last night at work was dreadfully boring, and to top it off, it was karaoke night. Also, for some reason the restraunt turned into a damn gay bar with old ppl singing country songs about hoochies.

      So me and Liz (*sigh* liz...most beautiful blue eyes...i wont get into that right now) we were talking about how much we need a drink to get us by.

      Then it accord to me. I have rum in my car! the same very bottle I did not get to use on new years eve because i was sick. So i decided to take a covert operation. I snuck out to my car while the boss was in the kitchen, filled up a couple kids cups filled with captain moragan ( hehe and we didnt give it to kids) .

      She made me and herself some Captain and Coke's and it was smooth sailing from there. ... did i mention she is really hot??

      And why is it that when girls are older than 21 they won't have anything to do with you once they find out that you are younger than them. *sigh*

      Well for some reason I was kept up until 7 : 30 this morning, until I finally went to sleep. When I woke up, i roll over and look at my alarm clock. Vision cleared and it said 4:15. SHIT! I had to be at work at 5.

      Now lets see what adventures I will do tonight since i got cut early. Probably will just sit home and do more work then play San Andreas. Woe is me.

      Movie of the day : Serendipity this is def. a good movie, maybe watch with your significant other. Cute, funny, and a unique plot.

    • Back in action

      14 years ago


      I knew this would happen, the moment I start feeling better, it's back to work. Never fails. Ah, yet another slave to the system.

      On a side note, because there is no more hockey, I have been converted to Basketball. Now I havn't followed basketball since I stopped playing, oh and also that damn lockout way back when. But now I have been following the Suns because my brother is a big suns fan and that's all I hear about. And damn...they are kicking ass, they are fun to watch 28-4, having one of the best starts in basketball history.

      Movie of the day : Napoleon Dynamite written by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess, Directed by Jared Hess.

      If you havn't checked out this movie, do so. It is definetly unique, and quite funny. I think my favorite character would have to be Uncle Rico. It was def. a change of pace.

      oh and this is funny:

      As I am working, the DJ on the radio just said that there is already someone waiting for Star Wars ROTS. HAHAH


      thats great

    • Screenwriting

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      So I know there's a lot of screenwriters on here, but what kind of scripts you guys like to write? Anyone working on some cool projects?

      Currently I am working on the thrid draft of my first screenplay, i it's coming along. It's an action/adventure/fantasy script called Angels Redemption

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