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    • CLAUSE FEST 2004

      14 years ago



      Velvet Revolver
      Papa Roach
      Jimmy Eat World
      and franz


    • No sleep for the weary

      14 years ago


      Well last night I finally tried to catch up on some sleep, went to bed aroun 1, and didnt have to be up till 10 30. So of course I couldnt fall asleep ( as usual) Around 2:30 AM I finally fall asleep, but i hear this constant buzzing. I try to ignore it, half asleep. Is it my alarm clock? is it 10 already? Final I become more aware of it...So i get up and look out the little peep hole thing in the door ( I live in a hotel...a story for another time.) The sound is coming from the hall, its the fire alarm. But its sooo damn faint. So hmmm. whats going on. I wake up my roommate and like uhhh.. dude the fire alarms going off. He gets out of bed, hmmmmmmmm. So I look out the window and theres a slew of people outside, and I tihnk I heard sirens comng. Everyone is out of the hotel but us. Should we go ? this a drill? how come no one cares about us? So we decide we are tooo tired to go out, and go back to sleep. And I'm alive so theres no fire, and its time to take a test in class so i hav to cut this short

    • Final Shoot part 1

      14 years ago


      Well, Today was one of my last shoots in my TV production class. my class chose to shoot my a scene I wrote from my portfolio...

      Wow..i don't think it went well..It took about 6 takes to get all the tech. glitches out. But wow...all i can say is wow..I cant wait to see it on screen.

      See I wanna make it a short film possibly this summer. So i have a distinct image of what I want to do..and I tell you we didnt have much to work with. OH well, at least I can see what needs improvement.

      It was fun though cause I had to act in it cause I knew it best...I must look like a beast on screen. hence why i am behind the camera

    • headshots

      14 years ago


      Well, I just heard from my old manager and friend Shawn. He is a music producer over in NJ. He asked me too do some headshots for him for some of his clients. Only problem is I am a little rusty. But this is going to awesome. Once he is back in the area I will try and get them done. I will post whatever I can. I havnt had time to take much pictures cause I 've been tryin to get this 3rd draft done and my app's for transfering. But very soon I will try and post something.

    • polish car? or polish owner?

      14 years ago


      Today my very small % of polishness came out in full force.

      After class, I went to my passenger door and put my books away and turned my car on and close the door. I walk to the other side and pull on the handle. It's locked ....(oh no..) I got the the other side, and just as i thought...its locked too.

      I call the campus police, dispatcher telling me that someone would come in a little while. 10-15 mins later I hear sirens in the distance. (this really isnt necessary, but oh well). Soon a firemarshall comes into view, sirens blazing and driving down the road. Some heads turn and look around.

      Minutes later a Fire truck comes barreling down the road. This really catches ppl's attentionl. (THIS REALLY ISNT NECESSARY) Then from the other direction, 3 cop cars enter the parking lot and begin to search the lot with spot lights. Everyone is looking around. I am standing by my car, trying to keep to myself. Is this for me? I only locked my keys in the car, i didnt need SWAT !

      No one has approached me yet, but they get closer and closer. Finally i decide to walk over and see whats going on. "ummm yeah... i called cause I locked my keys in the car...what is this all about"
      Cop: "oh we'll get to you, we just gotta finish this up."


      Talk about embarrassment, bad enough i locked my keys in the car with the engine running. It took an hour to break into my car. (should have locked them in Newark) . So apparently someones car was leaking gas or some kind of "fluid" that was suspicious, so they needed to close part of the parking lot. what a coincidence. I thought maybe they reallly wanted to embarrass me and had nothing better to do.

    • free?

      14 years ago


      I ended everything with Stef last night. Am I free? or did I make a huge mistake? I don't know. It seems like it was the best thing to do at the thinkin about it im not so sure. Oh well, what's done is done. It's probably for the best....

    • TV Demo ideas

      14 years ago


      Anyone have any ideas for a demonstration i have to shoot on Wed. ??

      So far someone has suggested how to be solid snake a covertly kill ppl...but this may not be welcome in the classroom. But backround music will most likely be Papa Roach "getting away with murder."

      The other possibility is on how to be the utmost jackass of a server.

      Ideas are very welcome


      14 years ago


      omg this concert is awesome!!!!

      Velvet Revolver. Korn. Papa Roach. Chevelle. Jimmy Eat World. Franz Ferdinand.

      You all must go

    • Freeing up time..and Stef update

      14 years ago


      Well, finally done with midterms, maybe my schedual will be a little less hectic. As soon as I get done with these applications for transfering and finish this script I should have more free time to start taking more pictures.
      Once that happens I'll keep ya guys posted with them on here.

      This wed. I had to shoot a demenstration for my TV production class. I was sooo not ready for it but it turned out pretty good. I improved the whole thing directing on the fly it was fun. I hate that kinda tv production though. I love post-production in film. So much better. You can really carry out your ideas better.

      Last night I went to the beach to clear my head. Beautiful night, but it didnt really work. Ended up thinking about everything then going back to my room and drinking. That was fun though lol.

      So I am back home tonight after a long day of classes. And yes, I have to get back to work. I need to work on a scene for my USC application and also my TV class, hopefully get that done along with some of my 3rd draft of my screen play.

      On a side not, Stef. has met someone knew. It has been the source of my troubles. who is this new guy? what does he mean to her? I knew this was going to happen when she moved...only a matter of time. I mean shes a great girl, beautiful, funny, and smart....Which really annoys me cause we could have something great if there wasnt this HUGE factor about distance.

      Seems to be that the only girls that I am crazy about are all far away. Fits perfectly in with me being a lonely writer. Woe is me...

      And...ummmm wheres hockey???

    • too busy for life

      14 years ago


      Well sorry for the late update. I have been really busy with school, work, and my script. Also, I havnt really had much to say. Been a couple days of just contemplating life. Well tonight was great for that. As you may know already, there was an eclipse. I went down on the beach to watch it. Wow. What a view. Clear skies, filled with stars and the moon. It was really relaxing..and depressing. Brought a lot of things into perspective. After that I had a surge of emotions and energy which was just the thing i needed to get my script work done. Or at least some of it . I worked on my 3rd draft treatment for a little over two hours, getting a lot of key elements down and scenes.

      I've been thinking about Stef a lot. Not sure why. I don't know what I expect to happen, but oh well. Can't get her outta my head. Then I begin to think about all the other girls i F'd up with. Very depressing. But I guess I dont really have time for any of that anyway. I mean it would be nice to have someone to spend time with but..i guess its not in the cards yet. Just as well I have s0o0o much work to do and i really have to keep focus. I need to get my portfolio ready for the three schools i am applying to. I need to get this draft done so I can show it to some people. And I need to keep my GPA up. Theres plenty to do, plus other projects like shooting shorts, stills, and other screenplays.

      So I should say I have plenty to keep me busy, and my mind on work., But it would be nice to have someone to give me some inspiration. Ah well...

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