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      3 years ago


      So, I was sitting on the bus on the way home from school today, and I realized that I actually have a few school stories, that I think are kinda funny and worth sharing.

      I guess I'll start in 7th Grade (2012-2013), where there was a kid in my class named Chris who really hated One Direction, as most kids did at the time. So my Homeroom teacher decided it would be funny to write a fake letter from Harry Styles to his "biggest fan" Chris to piss him off, there was also a picture of Harry and a bunch of printed off One Direction related stuff. The teacher put them in his locker at lunch time, and when Chris opened at the end of the day, he screamed so loud you could LITERALLY hear him from the other side ofthe school (no joke, I asked some people who were down there.)He then proceeded to punch the picture of harry styles hanging down from the top and rip everything out of the locker in a huge hissy-fit.

      I have another story from 7th Grade about this kid involving SexEd. So, in SexEd we had these diagrams of male genatitalia, in which one student decided to color all rainbowey and shit. Chris happened to be a huge fan of World War II and always like to learn about it, so the same techer as the Harry Styles thing took an envelope and wrote "To: Christopher Jameinson. From: The Canadian WWII History Association. We are currently looking for youth to assist with our research of large weaponry, enclosed you will find documents and diagrams with which for you to use if you wish to help us." And inside the envelop there were 14 penis diagrams including the rainbow one. His reaction was very similar to the Harry Styles incident. My personal favorite part was the fact that he TRULY believed that he had received a letter from the Canadian WWII History Association.

      Now, lets move into 8th Grade. One time, at near the end of lunch time I was walking into the classroom to get ready for my next class and I saw and empty orange juice box sitting on the floor. So, my ADD self naturally, had to kick this empty juice box across the room. I line up, ran towards the juice box, kicked it and then instantly realized the huge mistake I had just made. As soon as my foot made contact with the juice box and I felt the weight in it I discovered that the juice box was actually completley full. I looked up and saw orange juice completely covering the front wall of the class room and the floor as well, I mean it looked like somebody had just painted the fuycking wall and floor orange. Then, the bell for the next class rang and the teacher came in and saw what had happened, he didn't get MAD at me, he just kinda scowled at me and laughed at the same time. My friend decided to be really nice and he helped me clean it up with a mop. This meant for the first 20 minutes of class, the teacher taught the class with us cleaning it up in the background.

      Thats about all I have right now, if I think of anything else or something happens, I might post it.

    • 3 years ago

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