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      13 years ago


      I havent been on lately because ive been playing a game, ive never really played it much until now. Its not very good on graphical side of things.....and the AI is pretty dumb....ok its a pretty ordinary game, but its hell fun to play. Its called Joint Operations:Typhoon Rising
      its pretty fun because most of the maps are player created, and you can find some really fun spots to camp and kick ass.

      Im also looking to get the expansion Joint Operatons:Escalation but i cant find it anywhere........
      If anyone Plays JointOps, keep a look out for me, EvilINSIDER

      On other news: The socceroos got ripped off in FIFA against the Italians. It was a last minute unfair goal that shouldnt have been allowed. It was a penalty right in front of the goal box.....we outplayed the italins though.....Guus Hiddink has left Australia as well

    • Dead Rising

      13 years ago



      This game looks so awesome...its like the movie Dawn Of The Dead you have 72 hours (15 hours of gameplay) before a helicopter picks you up, until then, you get to do whatever you want in a mall....did i mention that there were zombies? well yes, there are zombies and you have an unbeatable arsenal to kick their undead ass with. You can use items such as: Chainsaws, Garden shears and whatever else you may happen to find in a mall. I cant wait to get it.

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Fate001

      13 years ago

      mate were you from? thats the AUS SAS i have a pic up their, hope you wernt trying to call me a feking pome... smiley5.gif stupid pomes, and if your a pome, bad luck =P

    • el_sand_bag

      13 years ago

      ive got a playlist on windows media thats set on random. its made up of system, Gorillaz, Guns N Roses, and AC/DC. for journals i just post watever im listening to at the time

    • Glaxton

      13 years ago

      Congratulations on being here at RvB for six months!

      I created a banner for you Here, you can download it and post it if you like.,
      OR, just delete this message and go on with your life! smiley0.gif

    • keithOAR4eve

      13 years ago

      dude that thing you posted. Put this in too "sex my anti drug"

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