I was one of the few people who first started watching RvB . Istarted at like episode 4ish maybe? ... idk ... Um i stopped watching around episode 26 ... unfortunately my computer got fucked up . And when i fixed it , i lost all my RvB videos and when i went to D/L them , i coudlnt because they werent in the library . So i got soo pissed , and havnt gone back to this website since like 1 1/2 weeks ago . But its been like cocaine withdrawel , almost everyday ive quoted episode 2 or 10 ( and others but mostly those 2 becuase they r my favorites ...so far ) ... in one way or another . For instance in chem ... my teacher would be all " We are going to make water today with a balloon and some other substances , and its going to be really LOUD!!!!!!!" and I was like " that doesnt seem physically possible " ... and he sed " o but it is " ( in a very flamboyant voice ) then i quietly whispered to my freind rene and sed ' Rene , i want you to poison Spence's next meal ". Mr Spence being my chem teacher of course. The moral of this story is ...that...uh... i <3 RvB and halo and halo 2 ...and probably eventually halo 3 .

The end