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    • 5 years ago

    • The Return

      5 years ago


      Hello Everyone!

      I've been busy/gone from the site and Team Speak for a very long time and I feel like I owe you guys an explanation for the radio silence, so here is what I've been doing since RTX 2013.

      I finished off my summer at iD Tech Camps in Austin (good experience for me, but the 18 hour day is killer), and returned to school at DePauw. I spent my fall semester focused on one class in particular, Compilers. Easily the most difficult class I have ever taken. I had to write a compiler for a fake programming language (for those of you not programming savvy, a compiler is the application that reads code and converts it into language that the computer can understand). So most of my time was spent doing that during Fall Semester (well, that and checking out my AWESOME new Xbox One). Also, recruitment for my fraternity required much of my attention, and it paid off in the Spring Semester, but I'll get to that soon. I went on winter break and got to see my sister after her first semester in college, which seemed to be going great for her. 2013 finished out strong and I was ready for 2014, or so I thought.

      As some of you know (since I hopped on Rooster Speak for, like, two days), I went to India for my January Term, so I entered 2014 with a bang. India was easily the most unique experience I've ever had, and while I'm glad I did it, I don't think I'll ever do it again, haha. Three weeks of intense sightseeing and heat, one day in an Indian hospital for food poisoning and one day to recover, and 7 flights later, I'm back in the US. Exhausted, but back, at which point I turned right around and headed back to school for the Spring Semester.

      Spring Semester was an extreme emotional roller coaster for me, with big ups and even bigger downs. It began with recruitment for my fraternity, and we recruited the shit out of those freshmen. 21 new brothers joined the house and were met with hella parties and booze. While my year had a rocky start with my illnesses in India, things were looking very good for the house and for the next few months. This is when I began two projects, one major and one minor. Let's start with the minor project. I had been trying to get a group of guys together to travel somewhere for spring break, and multiple guys were excited to do something. I was starting to plan a trip to my parent's lake house when, out of the blue, everyone lost interest and the group disbanded. It wasn't until later that I found out that a friend of theirs had invited all of them to rent a house down in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I was not invited. I was hurt that they wouldn't even consider me and that they ditched me like that. I was really sad, but my major project was keeping me going. My dad was kind enough to help out and plan a trip to Arizona to watch spring training, so that also helped my woes.

      My major project was much more time consuming and exciting. In February, I began the application process to get an internship in Quality Assurance Testing at Bungie. The process in general was exhilarating, and while I can't go into a lot of detail about the exacts, I can say that there were 4 steps that I had to pass. I passed the programming test first, which led me to two phone interviews, steps two and three. I had my second interview during spring break, and I was really excited about the prospects. I received a call from Bungie's recruiter a week later, after everyone returned to campus, telling me that they wanted to fly me to Seattle and interview me in person. I was ecstatic. At this point everyone is telling me, "They're flying you out and paying for everything? Oh, you've got the job." So, in early April, I set out to Washington to interview at Bungie. They treat their potential recruits extremely well. I had a lot of interviews during the day, and felt like I did pretty well, except for one interview that I was pretty sure I hadn't done well on, but, you know, what's one interview, right? Right? I get back to school and everything's going well. On April 14, 2014, I get a call from the recruiter. I didn't get the job. I'm told that they don't think my programming skills are advanced enough (that's what the interview I botched was about). At this point I was crushed. Add on top of that the fact that I had to go to the hospital for an injury related infection the same day and the fact that I was told a close family member was having suicidal thoughts, I was super crushed. I couldn't deal with it all, I was so distraught that I literally stopped my Monday there. I went to sleep at 3pm and skipped everything else that I had planned for the day, and didn't eat anything until the next day. It was a bad time for me. I ended up frantically applying to small jobs at my school and got one in the Information Services area, which is boring as hell, by the way.

      The entire experience was a blow to my self confidence and made me rethink my path for the future. At this point I'm flying blind and have no idea what's going to happen my senior year and onward. I'm suffering through this mind numbing job that I really have no interest in just so I can make it to next year and the prospects it holds. At this point I can say that I have essentially recovered from it, and I definitely plan on applying for a job at Bungie next year, but I'm not going to put all of my eggs in one basket. My biggest problem this year was the fact that I applied to many places too late, so I was relying on my connections at Bungie. This will not be the case next year. I am making it a point to apply to as many places as possible in the video game industry, and I know that my dedication to this will lead me in the correct direction. I'm terrified of the future and leaving college, and my biggest fear is not getting a job that I will enjoy doing. I keep going back to the fact that even if you try your hardest, you can still end up with nothing to show for it, which terrifies me to the core, but I refuse to give up.

      Thank you,

    • Youtube

      7 years ago


      Hey everyone. Just thought I'd tell you all that I've made a youtube channel where I post my gameplay and occasionally vlog. Check it out! www.youtube.com/user/ABumbasaur?feature=mhee

    • RvBTO Trip Cancelled...

      7 years ago


      So, I wanted to go to RvBTO. I had a hotel reservation, I was able to go and everything. The only problem was that I didn't have the money for a plane ride. I thought, "No problem, I'll be able to pay for it with my internship! I'll have that money in no time!" A month later, still no paycheck received and no reply from the company. (Maybe they're planning on paying me at the end of the internship?) Anyways, plane prices have now gone from the $300 I was planning on paying, to $800. I cannot pay for that kind of ticket. So, as a result, I cannot attend RvBTO, which sucks because I was really excited to go and see all the Rooster Speak people again. That being said, I'll probably be kind of sad until the event is over and I don't have to think about it again. I guess the bright side is I'll have more money for video games? *Sigh* Anyways, I'll see you all online.

    • Vidcon

      7 years ago


      So, for the past weekend I have been having fun in LA at vidcon and I just wanted to tell you guys all about it! So here goes.

      Vidcon Day 1
      On the first day, we went to the opening performance in the arena. We lined up outside the arena and ended up at the front of one of the lines! At the front, my sister and I saw the guy who eventually won the costume contest! He was dressed as the doctor, so we obviously had to get a picture.

      The great thing was that we got to sit in the front row!

      We saw a lot of people at that first performance, including Charlie McDonnell, 5 Second Films, and others. The next thing we did was we went out onto the main floor and took in all the sights. My sister wanted to get a signature from the guy who makes Simon's Cat. This is the picture of them.

      While we were waiting in line, though, I saw something that made me want to gag, and I had to take a picture just to prove that I saw it. REBECCA BLACK WAS SIGNING STUFF, AND SHE HAD A HUGE LINE!!!!!

      So anyways, after that, we began to head up to see the Annoying Orange panel (I only wanted to see it because I knew I would see Toby Turner there) and we ran into the Epic Meal Time guys!


      So then we went up to the panel, where I got to see Toby talk about himself a little, which was cool.

      He was there with iJustine. But anyways, afterward, I got to talk to Toby. I asked him about RTX and he said that he was going to REALLY try to be there. More recently, he has clarified that he IS going to be there. I got him to sign my bag and I got a picture with him. So it was a good time.

      Next, I went down and noticed Burnie was being interviewed on the machinima stage. He talked about how Red vs Blue got started and all about the Roosterteeth site. He also mentioned RTX, and I thought to myself, "I'm gonna be there too!"

      Next, I walked over to the TableTop area where Wil Wheaton was playing Settlers of Catan!

      After it was over, he did the thing where he sat down with the losers and did what he does on his show, TableTop.


      When he was done with that, I got a picture with him, after which he asked me, "Did you do the thing with your hand where you hovered over my butt?" To which I responded with, "No, haha!" It was fun.

      Afterwards, my sister and I went to Ihop for some get together that her tumblr friends were having.

      When we got back, Burnie and Gavin were signing stuff. I stood at the front of the line and watched as they tweeted what they were doing and Gav took a picture of the line. After I got my Blood Gultch Chronicles box signed, I got a picture with them.



      At that point, it was just about time to leave, so we left. As we were leaving, though, I saw Nick Pitera. He sings REALLY high stuff, and actually sounds like a woman singing that high. It's crazy. I got a pic with him.

      Then I went home and went to bed.

      Vidcon Day 2
      Day 2 was not as filled with stuff, but it was still very fun. I did not take any photos, though. So the first thing I did was I went to the main thing again. I was really there to see Toby Turner. I got to see him premiere his song "Sideburns" and then he went straight into "Dramatic Song." It was awesome, but unfortunately I didn't get any slap bracelets from him. At least I got to see him sing.

      Then I went over to the Roosterteeth booth to see if Caiti was there yet. When she saw me, we hugged and she took a picture of us. She later tweeted it, so it's on twitter. Burnie was there as well, and he turned to me, shook my hand, and asked if I was going to go see the LivePrudeGirls performance. I said sure, and he went to find more people to go see it. Caiti's boyfriend Justin also was there, and we both got in to see it. Burnie was in and out during the performance, so I don't know if he got to see it, but it was a fun performance all the same.

      Afterward, we went back to the Roosterteeth booth and basically talked the entire time. The second day was slower, and I had already basically seen everything I had come to see. So I just talked with Caiti, Justin, Sean Mckean, JayorDan, and Thalia the entire time. It was a good time. I got to see the occasional Burnie or Gavin, and I even had a pretty good conversation with Gavin about his slo mo work. I had no idea he worked on Hot Fuzz!

      Anyway, as the day ended, they began to pack up. The staff began to kick people out, and I said goodbye to everyone, saying that we should get together in Austin before RTX. With that, I left the convention center.

      I'm so glad I got to go to vidcon and spend some time with my Roosterteeth friends, and I'm even more excited for this upcoming weekend and RTX. I can't wait to see all of you. See you soon!

    • Rooster Speak Minecraft Server - My Statue of Burnie

      7 years ago


      Hey everyone. I'm just showing you guys a sneak peek at what is awaiting you when the Rooster Speak tekkit server goes online. Enjoy the images! imgur.com/a/jooLp

    • My Youtube Channel

      7 years ago


      Hey guys. I'm beginning a Youtube channel with the username ABumbasaur. Basically what I do is play video games, give tutorials, and I'm gonna start a vlog. For the next couple weeks I'm gonna be filming all of my escapades at Vidcon and RTX, so if you want to see what's going on, subscribe to the channel! Thanks for reading, and here's the first video in my Skyblock adventures. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcPED2f5F7s&featu...

    • 7 years ago


      So, coming back to the RoosterSpeak group, I begin to realize why I decided to join them last summer. These people are some of the funniest people I know. I mean, literally, I would rather talk and laugh with these people than go out with my friends and hang out. This being said, I am SO GLAD I'm going to RTX this year. All of the people I talk to regularly are going to be there, and I feel like I really connect with them. Also, I really hope I get to go to RvB:TO, because I will be able to see even more people there. I'm just so glad to have this opportunity to hang out with these fun people and play video games and stuff. Thank you guys for a great time, every night. I look forward to many more nights of fun and laughter!

    • Bronies?

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      Who else wants to see any of the MLP team at RTX? Cuz I know I DO!

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      You still around Andy? coming' to RTX again in 2014?? smiley1.gif

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      My Name is Miss Jennifer,I read your profile today and it was so good to
      me.to be a friend
      first.please contact me(jenifermating@yahoo.com)
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      You have a nice beard.

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      Likewise, I just thought it was certain after RTX that we were. My b dog. My b.

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      Hello am favor Ibrahima,I am a lovely and caring young girl with a good heart,i want us to be friends and hope to hear from you so that i will send you my pictures and reply me back here (favoribrahima@yahoo.com )

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