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    • RWBY the chronological cut

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      This is a theoretical idea for a fan edit of RWBY: the whole of RWBY as one uninterrupted narrative with all of the scenes in chronological order. 

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    • YoBoySarge asked Bumblebee4life a question

      Are you still doing fall of the fat man?

      Answered: Oct 17, 2017

      unfortunately I've been so sidetracked that I've forgotten to do it.  

    • Me vs tv tropes again

      2 years ago


      Whelp tv tropes kicked me off again. This time for advocating free speech. So it's official the site is run by fascist cunts.

      If you have a tv tropes account know this: my last  name was the last warrior and I will continue to ban evade until you surrender.  

      To anyone who supports my plight, please repost this message as many times as possible.  

    • Rwby Volume 4 final episode predictions

      2 years ago


      So with the last 2 episodes on the horizon I think it's time for me to go over my predictions of the last 2 episodes. 

      Chapter 11

      Prologue: the episode starts with the meeting between Adam, Sienna and Hazel. During this meeting we learn 3 things

      1. Sienna doesn't entirely approve of Adam's methods 

      2.  Sienna knows Hazel but all she knows is that he is the representative of a "mysterious benefactor"

      3. The "mysterious benefactor" has provided the White Fang with a secret communications network independent from the CCTV. After the meeting, Adam receives a message from the brothers who inform him about Blake. He then tells them to bring her to him by any means necessary despite their protests. He then contacts the Lieutenant from V2 and tells him to carry out "the plan"

      Oscar: Nothing much happens here except that Ozpin awakens the wizard powers and warns Oscar that Salem is now aware of them.  

      Yang: begins with Yang having a nightmare about Blake before transitioning to a training lesson. During this lesson Yang and Taiyang have a discussion about Blake but it is interrupted by an attack by White Fang commandos led by the lieutenant. During the fight, Neo enters the fray and attacks both parties before leaving. Eventually Yang defeats the lieutenant who taunts her about how Blake is going to suffer. Yang then sets off to find Blake and then Ruby. 

      Weiss: Weiss makes her escape from the mansion but is eventually cornered at which point she uses the Knight. On her way out she runs across her mother who gives her a hug and wishes her luck. Eventually she heads to a diner but then a newscast reveals Weiss is missing and 2 cops in the diner attempt to detain her. She dispatches them easily but then is faced by a small army of cops and Atlesian knights. She does well but is forced to retreat up to rooftops where she is pursued by some drones. She eventually falls down with her aura depleted and a squad of cops approaching her. However, a hooded figure takes out the group. The figure reveals herself to be Winter and takes Weiss to a secret base where Ironwood is waiting. Ironwood explains that he knows there is a leak in the Atlas government and has assembled a secret circle of his most trusted operatives. He offers to send Weiss to Patch but asks a favor: To go with Winter to a secret Lab on an island off the coast of Mistral run by a scientist named Dr. Polendina. Weiss accepts this.  

      Epilogue: The episode ends in Salem's council with Cinder sitting around, Tyrian holding his tail while whimpering, Mercury and Emerald standing around, and Salem talking with the Hologram of a shadowy figure as well as Watts. The shadowy figure reveals he knows Dr Polendina. Salem then tells Watts to send in "the operative" before turning to Cinder. Salem says she since that Ozpin is still alive and force chokes Cinder for a bit before sending Emerald and Mercury to where she since his presence. She then tells Tyrian not to worry and that "the silver eyed one will suffer soon enough".  

    • To any tv tropes members (especially those who frequent the RWBY thread or are admins)

      2 years ago


      I am an ex member who was unfairly kicked off your site... I would like to speak with one of you so we can come to an agreement.  

    • Fall of the fat man: introduction

      2 years ago


      Fatmanfalling is the cancer of the RT fandom. He's the RT equivalent of a 90's kid who believes that everything after RVB season 10 is objectively awful. He is most famous for his videos where he thrashes RWBY in a similar method to Mr. Plinkett's reviews except not as good. Thus I am beginning a new blog series called fall of the fatman where I provide rebuttal called to his videos (hopefully this will actually go somewhere unlike my rwby predictions series which I will revive after V4's end). I will mainly be looking at his volume reviews but will occasionally look at some of his other videos. The first part will be uploaded whenever it's done.  

    • RWBY and expanded universes

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      So over the past year RWBY's has been building up a canon outside of the main show. 

      There's of course World of Remnant, but there's also the manga, Grimm eclipse, and the segments of chibi that don't break canon (which became rarer and rarer as the season went on). My question is: should RWBY have an expanded universe on par with Star Wars and Halo? I personally like the concept of expanded universes as they well.... Expand the universe. People scoff at them for being professional fan fiction but by that logic most modern comics from marvel and DC are professional fan fiction since most of the original creators are either dead or retired. Let's also not forget that RT's first major series is basically fan fiction. Me personally I'm ok with a growing expanded universe on 3 conditions

      1. Keep Karren Travis as far away as possible: She is the cancer of expanded universes... For reasons I will explain if you ask me. 

      2. Quality control: Don't let a bunch of garbage dilute the experience like what happened with Star Wars

      3. Minimal homework: don't use the EU to explain major plot details like what 343 did. I myself don't mind this since I'm a lore digger but other people don't find that type of research fun. 

      The purpose of this thread is to discuss viewpoints on expanded universes and possible stories that could be told. 

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    • Change YouTube

      2 years ago


      It's time for YouTube to wake up help stop demonitization now https://www.change.org/p/google-stop-censorship-on...

    • Weiss Story part 3

      3 years ago


      While flying to Patch, Weiss's ship is attacked by 2 unmarked UAVs. She destroys 1 but the other crashes into her ship causing it to crash. Weiss then makes her way to Atlas on foot.

      Weiss makes her way through the woods in an attempt to reach patch. Eventually, she's surrounded by Grimm. The situation looks hopeless However, Yang appears and helps her fight off the Grimm.

      Weiss and Yang trade stories about what's happened to them. Yang eventually yells at Weiss for not standing up to her father which causes Weiss to lash out and call her out for not going with Ruby. The 2 eventually stop fighting and rest for the night.

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    • Snowyamur FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold GFX Designer

      2 years ago

      Hey @Bumblebee4life

      In a few hours or so, I will be posting a discussion on the RDDT Board centering on LGBT Characters in RWBY. I am doing this now because this fan-fiction is becoming more and more prevalent in both the Forums and RT Media, as such, I felt that we should all discuss this together as a team and further elaborate on it since it's becoming huge.

      I'm messaging you this early because you are either in favor or oppose this particular concept, and I wanted to inform you ahead of time that as the one who created this discussion, I am remaining neutral and have taken neither the canon nor non-canon side for this. I have also stated this in my discussion, which you will see soon.

      I neither want to offend you or have you think of me as someone who is horrible for discussion, but instead see me as an individual who wants this series to improve as much as you do and will do what it takes to ensure:

      1.) People have a better understanding of this series and its direction, and

      2.) Understand the circumstances to make the series the best it can be.

      You are, like many in the group, a valuable member, and I would love to see your feedback and opinions for the discussion. Yours truly, Snowyamur.

      *I haven't seen you on for a while (probably just blind) so if you receive this late, that's just how it is, it happens to me all the time when people message me, I get stuff late. Also, considering your title, please don't think wrongly of me. I respect you no matter what direction you take with this fan-fiction concept.

    • Snowyamur FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold GFX Designer

      2 years ago

      Hey, if you have seen Chapter 2 of RWBY, I made this run-down of the episode:


      Come check it out and tell me if I missed anything important or should include some stuff. Anything is welcome. Thanks so much!

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    unfortunately I've been so sidetracked that I've forgotten to do it.