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    • Bushwacker

      Vacancy Notice

      9 years ago

      I think I'm slowly growing out of this site. Or I'm getting bored of it. Or I'm getting to busy with other stufts.

      Anyway, I'm only checking this site every once and a while, fluctuating between 2 hours and 2 weeks. Hell, I'm missed the site overhual. I missed the release of OoM, and I just might miss Season 5.

      My watchlist has never been this long. I fear mato might be wreaking Havoc in the PPR thread. But life is starting to kick in.


    • Bushwacker

      Wahoo. Burger.

      9 years ago

      I just ate 2 Whoppers from Burger King and a half a Chicken sandwich. What really annoys me is that I was looking for the Dairy Queen that I had seen driving in. After eating, I found out it was across the street.

      But, on the subject of driving:

      Assuming I pass my drive test, I get my liscense on August 9th! I'm looking for a car, and I was so close to buying it. It was a 1999 Subaru Impreza in great condition. Alas, some other guy bought it out from me right as I was going to look at it. </3

      I just used a emoticon thingy. Someone slap me the next time I do that.

      If by some wierd case of insanity, and my parents get me a deal on a car off of ebay, it could mean a roadtrip across America, since the chance of finding a local car on ebay is next to zip. Hey, I can dream right?

      But I've been planning what to do as soon as I find a car and get a chance to get out. I'm thinking to go zooming around at 80mph in this area. I just drove this area today on my way to and back from Seattle. It's pretty fun southbound if theres little traffic. It also feels good to be keeping pace with a Nissian z350. On top of that, I might deliver a few gifts to my friends. One idea was to egg our AP teacher with an emu egg, but I don't know where I can find one of those.

      Stay off the roads.

    • Bushwacker

      Me want now....

      9 years ago

      Take a 50 cal off a hummer. Shave it down a caliber. And another. Not .338, .308, or .223. Not even .22lr. 17HM2!


      I'd rather have it in .22lr though, ammo is a lot cheaper. Rather than 5 bucks a box, it would be five-tey cents... Still, I could carry one of these in my pocket....

    • Bushwacker

      The fruits of my labor.

      9 years ago

      I'm still alive!

      Well, I'm somewhat more done on my homework. As the guys here that go to my school know, we are reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. This is the latest piece I've cranked out:
      It's a combination between caffiene, photoshop, pig surgery, dual monitors, and outline chopping. For those who have read the book, this should make good sense. The layer you see titled background is what I had to start with, and you can probably pick out the juggling going on inside the layers. I was inspired by the original cover.

    • Bushwacker

      If I'm not back in 5 hours....

      9 years ago

      Keep waiting.

      Homework uberload. Actually, this deserves the ?berload designation. Honors English plus Physics, and these arn't even related to our finals. Animal Farm for Honors, waves for Physics. This RvB check is my last stress relief, so the first one to come in with a good joke gets 13 mods.

      I'm prepping for my all nighter:
      Pepsi, Coffee, Hydration. Some Bawls would help too, since I have a high caffiene tolerance.

      I hope I can still see straight after all the papers.

    • Bushwacker

      Stop Complaining

      9 years ago

      I just drove to Seattle and back. We stopped at a gas station and filled the tank. 134 miles later, I stopped again, and topped it off. 5.7 gallons for $17.73 at a Costco pump.

      I'm driving a 1997 4Runner. It's rated at 19 MPG on the highway, and 16 in the city. Now everybody says that these ratings are false, and you actually get less. But guess what, after a couple miles in the city, and a lot more miles on the highway, gues what my gas turns out to? Do the math above, heck yeah, 23.5 MPG. How do I do it?

      SLOW DOWN.

      I drive down the freeway at around 65 mph. Everybody else is passing me, and angry that I'm not over the speed limit. Everybody keeps on complaining on how gas prices are so high, and their cars eat so much gas. Yet they still keep driving faster, and faster. Not only that, but I have more time to react, and less kinetic energy in case of an emergency.

      Guess what chumps, air resistance is a exponetial curve. For those of you who speak redneck-leadfoot-gaspedal, it means that the faster you go, the more gas you waste (Over generalised for the aforementioned populus of course).

      Now at the very least, stop tailgating me because I drive the speed limit. It's not like I'm going 35 mph down the interstate, and excuse m'wa if I prefer not to burn my money. One second thought, our utlity rack would probably chop your raditor in half, and then your insurance will hike, in the case that I hit my brakes for a rabbit. Either way, your loss.

      But the rabbit would probably die, so don't tailgate me anyway...

    • Bushwacker

      About Time

      9 years ago

      I'm holding my first big contest. No abstract solutions involving theoretic mathematics(even if it seems like it), such as how you can derive the numbers out of the concept that matter can exist in multiple states at once. Most of these are just random chunks, that require fammiliarity of some cool math widgets out there, and random chance.

      3 Mods: Tell me what theoretic concept I was talking about right there (School Cohorts disqualified) Hint: Think in the box.

      15 Mods: Describe in 1 step, where to find the palindrome of 73342 (pivoting around 2) 733424337 in the first 50 digits in pi, by manupulating the stream of numbers. For ex add 7 to every digit, or arranging the numbers different. (School Cohorts: No, my shirt will not help)

      21 Mods: What are these measurements of? 942, 1256, 1570. Extra 3 mods if you can tell me some extra signifigance. (School Cohorts: I Like Me) Hint: The first few digits are a massive giveaway.

      57 Mods (don't try if you need sleep): What am I thinking of that makes this chain of numbers: 0, -3, 1, -2, -4, 6, 7, 16, 31, 50... (School cohorts: I just like saying cohorts)

      If your solution to any of these problems makes sense (proof/solution/explanation required), but was not what I had in mind, you get x amount of mods.
      x being:
      (questionvalue/3) < x < (sq. rt. -81) x (sq. rt.-1)

      Yes you have to tell me what that comes out too.

      Clarification, and Edit: Uprok has the math, but not quite what I had in mind. In people person terms, you get 1/3 of the value that the question had, but only up to 9.

      Please refer your more mathematically inclined friends. If you come here by someone else, say who refered you. Only those who take a good hearty intellegent stab will get points.

      I'm going to run this until I get tired, but I will come up with an linear growth equation to put these in, so the prizes get larger over time.

      Also, I will add a small hint after every good guess.

      Now prove to me that intellegence is not lost on the internet!
      Runs away cackling like a maniac into the night.

    • Bushwacker

      This is bad.

      9 years ago

      Thats was shocking. In case any of you at my school didn't hear about it, here's an account.

      Two guys were playing around and wrestling in the middle of the school. I was sitting there on the couch, studing for the AP US exam next friday, which is enough gloom by itself.

      But one guy was in a chokehold, and then was dropped, and from what I hear, hit his face on the floor. This is where it gets fuzzy. Some say he broke off a tooth, some say he bit off his tongue, the latter being much more frightening. But after laying on the ground for 2 seconds, he started spazming.

      But he got up and ran for the bathroom after 5 seconds. The couch is right on the way to the hall that leads to the bathroom. I got a full view of his bloody gory face. His friend who had him in a chikehold was severly panicing.

      That is why you don't play around.

      Now for another side. All I have in my mind is the image of his bloody face, and his friend panicing. There is a 3rd thing stuck in there. The music from an ipod commercial, the one that uses 'Jerk it out', is stuck in my head. I think I have ingrained the hatred of ipods so deep into my mind, that I associate it with gore?

    • Bushwacker

      Urge to kill rising.....

      9 years ago

      So I was standing by the creek, watching the water flow by, then I noticed globby colory stuff floating in the water. Someone had dumped either oil or grease into the creek. If I find out who did that, I will personally kill them.

      I hope most of the little guys are ok....

    • Bushwacker

      Good bye, Karl, Katie, Julie, Steve...

      9 years ago

      Community Service. Fun right?

      Hell yes it was. Today I helped out the NSEA or National Salmon Enrichment Association, with 7 others from my school. What we did was plant little trees and then add plastic tubing and wire cages around them. If you've ever been to a wetland, and wondered what all the litle blue tubes are, you now know. The trees help root the soil, and preserve the area in case of the flood.

      It was fun to get into the dirt and actually give a hand for once. We planted 1300 little trees, a record for any volunteer organized event.

      After that, we had a BBQ, I ate 3 hotdogs, plus 1 hotdog topped with salmon. It tasted funny. For the record, one of the meats would always taste stronger than the other, so the meshing of flavors was not that good.

      But our agenda for the day was, plants trees, BBQ lunch, salmon release.

      By far, the salmon release was the coolest, warm-fuzzy feeliest, thing. After eating lunch, and wating around for a long time, a red truck showed up, with a giant tank full of salmon...lings. They were babies that had been incubated and were now being released into the wild. It was soo cool, they would scoop up a cup full of the little guys, and hand them to us, where we would release them into the river. Some of us gave names to them. I did, but I ran out of names. I think I named them Karl, John, Sherry, Steve, Glasgow, Heinric, Stanley, Jane, and Alex before I ran out of names. Another guy looked at them and said:

      "Alright, your going into the world now, don't take candy from strangers, look both ways before crossing."

      Another: "Stay in schools"
      Get it Fish? Schools? heh, fish puns.

      But when the people handed me a cup, I took it, said "why thank you" and brought it to my mouth as if I was going to drink it. The faces were pricless.

      Yup, I've had my fill of warm fuzzy for the day.

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      7 years ago

      Summarizing you.

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      7 years ago

      Congrats on getting Into Harvey Mudd!!!

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      7 years ago

      oh and kick some ass in collage

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      7 years ago

      we will miss you, unofficial smart guy.

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      8 years ago

      HOLY CRAP Q IS ONLINE!!!! It's a sign of the END!!!!

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      8 years ago

      Are you still around much? I see you log in every once in a while.

      I was thinking of giving out a couple of sponsorships, and I only have two people on my friends list that aren't sponsors. Is that something you would use? Might it tempt you back on the site more often?


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      8 years ago

      Oh. Well I didn't get this off you. MSN messenger has this duck as an avatar and I just started using that.

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      Dude, if I could get laid every half-hour...sigh....I'd chaffe a lot. Ow.

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      8 years ago

      its just too damned expensive there, and anyways, the seattle's best i go to is the very first one at pike place. They all know me there, so, i keep on goin there