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      14 years ago


      We have a new Battlefield 1942 Server Up. Its a Dedicated 24/7 Server. Server Name: [C_R] 951 Death Match.
      We were having trouble with high ping but we have fixed the problem. Now you are able to join without any lag
      Most people who Join stay 70 or below ping which has been very good. We no longer have lag and my ping before was starting to go up real high but now that the problem has been fixed you and I will stay low in ping, and this was only happening on a few servers but when it did I had so much trouble playing.

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      14 years ago


      I am in a clan called Clan_Revengeance and we are becoming one of the top leading clans for battlefield so come take a look at are site and see if you want to join a clan that is making their way to the top. My name is [C_R]Buusfury5 and I am one of are leaders and you can contact me by sending a email to buusfury5@yahoo.com or send an email to the main leader and admin of are servers at cdshowalter2006@yahoo.com, his name is [C_R]Worlddrknss.

      This is are site come check it out. http://www.clanrevengeance.com/

    • 2019 years ago

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    • halo_lord

      13 years ago

      whats ur last name???

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