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    • wrestling rules

      13 years ago


      wrestling season started and i couldn't be happier, this means for the next 4 months I get to have my face shoved in the mat by the seniors and get my ass ran off by coach. This year hopefully i can get a jv spot unlike last year when there was 6 guys in my weight class. but that wont be a problem since half of them i can beat and the others are gaining weight and im losing it. start of year my weight was 186 and by the end off the year i was 158. that 28 pounds right there.

    • finals for marvel vs dc

      13 years ago


      you can only vote once and you can only vote for these 5

    • pass it on

      13 years ago


      Mark your confessions:

      [] I'm afraid of the quiet.

      [x] I am ticklish.

      [] I'm afraid of the dark

      [] I'm afraid of facing my back to open doors at night.

      [] I am homosexual.

      [] I am Bisexual

      [x] I believe in true love.

      [x] I've run away from home.

      [x] I collect comic books.

      [x] I shut others out when I'm sad

      [x] I stayed out all night.

      [] I open up to others easily.

      [x] I am keeping a secret from the world.

      [x] I watch the news.

      [] I own over 5 rap CDs.

      [] I love Disney movies.

      [x] I am a sucker for pretty eyes.

      [] I don't kill bugs.

      [x] I curse once in awhile.

      [] I have (had) "x"s in my screen name.

      [x] I've slipped and fell in public.

      [] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.

      [] I love Spam.

      [] I bake well.

      [x] I have worn pajamas to class.

      [] I have owned something from Abercrombie.

      [] I have a job.

      [] Talked on a phone for 5+ hours.

      [] I love Dr. Phil

      [x] I like someone

      [] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.

      [x] am self-conscious.

      [x] I love to laugh.

      [x] I have tried alcohol.

      [] I drink alcohol on a regular basis.

      [] I have tried a cigarette.

      [] I have smoked a pack in one day. (just for the hell of it)

      [x] I loved Lord of the Flies.

      [x] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.

      [] I can't swallow pills.

      [] I have a few scars.

      [] I've been out of this country.

      [] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.

      [x] I love chocolate.

      [x] I bite my nails.

      [] I am not comfortable with being me.

      [x] I play computer games when I'm bored.

      [x] Gotten lost in the city.

      [x] Seen a shooting star.

      [] Had a serious surgery.

      [x] Gone out in public in your pajamas.

      [] Have kissed a stranger.

      [x] Hugged a stranger

      [] Been in a bloody fist fight with someone of the same sex.

      [] Been in a fist fight.

      [] Been arrested.

      [x]Laughed and had some type of beverage come out of your nose.

      [] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator.

      [] Made out in an elevator.

      [x] Swore at your parents.

      [x]Kicked a guy where it hurts on purpose.

      [] Been skydiving.

      [] Been bungee jumping.

      [] Gotten stitches.

      [] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.

      [] Bitten someone.

      [] Been to Niagara Falls.

      [] Gotten the chicken pox twice.

      [] never gotten chicken pox

      [] Crashed into a car

      [] been to Japan.

      [x] i want to go so bad

      [x] Ridden in a taxi.

      [x] Shoplifted.

      [] Been fired.

      [x] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back

      [] Stole something from your job.

      [] Gone on a blind date.

      [] Had a crush on a teacher/coach.

      [] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

      [] Been to Europe.

      [] Slept with a co-worker.

      [] Sleeping with a co-worker

      [] Been married.

      [] Gotten divorced.

      [] Saw someone dying.

      [x] Driven over 400 miles in one day.

      [] Been to Canada.

      [x] Been on a Plane.

      [] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

      [] Thrown up in a bar.

      [x] Eaten sushi.

      [] Been snowboarding.

      [] Been skiing.

      [] Been ice skating.

      [x] Cried in public

      [x] Walked purposely into traffic with your eyes closed.

      [x] Liked someone even though you knew you shouldn't have.

      [x] Thought of someone almost 24/7

      [x] Hated the world.

      Pass this on with your own confessions

    • funnest shows ever

      13 years ago


      in no order hear we go
      reno 911
      family guy
      drawn together
      american dad
      south park
      aqua teen hunger force
      sealab 2021
      saterday night live
      mad tv
      king of the hill
      real time with bill maur
      tuff crowd
      man show
      daily show
      up late with adam carlona
      the late show with conan o'brien

    • guess the song

      13 years ago


      If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed, now it's just a spring clean for the may queen. Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on.

      extra mods for who ever can tell me what it sapsibly plays backwards.

    • guess the song

      13 years ago


      johns in the basement mixing up the medicen
      im on the pavment think about the government
      a man in a trench coat bagde i laid off
      says he wants to get it paid off
      look out kid theres something you did
      god knows when
      but your doing it again

    • Guys rules

      13 years ago


      girls pay attention, because im only going to say this once. guys have a few simple rules dont break any of them and your good.
      1. when a guy takes off his shoes he is done for the day so dont ask him to do anything else.
      2. be strait forward.
      3. never ask a question you dont want to hear the answer to.
      4. Rule men love sex, rock and roll, and sports.
      6. never take us to a chick flick
      7. we love rocky IV and star wars
      8. no mind games

    • 6 question

      13 years ago


      No matter how random, revealing, rude, naughty or pointless
      I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
      All questions are COMPLETELY confidential
      [[[Repost this to see what others ask you...]]]

    • marvel vs dc

      13 years ago


      im taking a poll to see whats better marvel or dc comics, each person votes once, and list your favorite character.
      i vote for marvel and venom.

    • democrats vs republicans.

      13 years ago


      rvb has a hidden message in it. the red team represents the republicans, sarge (warhawk), simmons, (kissass), grif, (stupid american) and donut, (in the cloest homosexual), and blue repersents the democrats, church or tex (ones jewish), tucker (black), shela and tex (women), and caboose (follower of what celebirties choice)

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      Welcome to Red vs Blue. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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