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      6 years ago


      A pit bull / dachshund mix. Imagine a full size pit bull head on a wiener was so strange.... If it wanted to bite you it would take 12 minutes for it to cross the yard on those teensy legs! Cute amd friendly pooch tho-

      Then the physics of the conception.....the mother was the dachshund....poor thing!!!! (nuff said!)

      Then I met the "fresh off the plane" tiny Scottish guy who flew to Arizona two weeks ago to meet his (much larger) Native American girlfriend he met online playing WOW. I'm not saying they can't love each other but man what an opposite pairing..... I had two versions of English to wade through at once.... what a WEIRD day.....

      I'm sure next will be the one eyed pirate aboriginal republican physicist and the Miss America 1976 third place runner up who was disqualified for traveling to east Germany to participate in a human safari......

      Fingers crossed!

    • 2019 years ago

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