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      Taking the Astrotrain to the stars!

      3 hours ago

      Hello and welcome to another Third Party Transformer review, where today we take a look at a Third Party triple changer. Today, we're looking at the DX9 Chigurh, AKA, Decepticon Astrotrain.


      The box itself is quite small, despite the figure itself being quite big. There's a reason for that. Astrotrain here is in his train mode here, which is very compressed compared to his other modes. Anyway, the box! It's a bit flashy compared to Invisible's box. It looks more like a circus poster. Anyway, on the side of the box we have some stylish screen caps of specific key moments involving Astrotrain.


      One side.


      The other side. Can you guess where the scenes come from?


      And here's the back of the box, showing off the two modes.

      But nobody cares about the box, which makes me said, so let's take a look at the figure itself!


      We'll start in train mode, since he was in the box that way. I should note that the transformation itself is very complicated. He doesn't explode like some figures do but there tends to be a lot of moving parts when going to the different forms.

      Anyway, train mode here looks very much like the G1 version of the character, including the purple body. I like now the Shuttle glass is used as lights, though it's not a proper steam train since it lacks the smoke stack. Still, I love the purple used here. It's very distinct of the character.

      This is also the only form that uses purple as the primary color.


      One thing to mention is that the piece on the back, where you have the door leading into the cab, comes off entirely. What, PARTSFORMING! Worst toy ever!

      But seriously, aside from the gun, this is the only bit of partsforming on the figure. And I know partsforming is considered a sin, but clearly if you think that you've never owned a G1 combiner before.


      In case you're wondering, yes, the train wheels move. Now, that metal beam attached to the train wheels do not move. It's related to the transformation, especially when those wheels are attached to Astrotrain's legs. But I don't really care for those small things as long as the figure is fun and looks good, and in train mode, Astrotrain looks very, very good.

      Anyway, time for size comparisons.


      First we have the original G1 Astrotrain, just to show off the size difference. This Astrotrain is the platinum version, hence why the colors look odd. Now, as mentioned, the train itself is quite long, so let's use another Masterpiece class figure.


      This is DX9's version of Mirage, and he's about half the length of Astrotrain.

      Now to show off the next mode. In the instructions, they start in train mode and move to what I call a base form. In this base form, you can either go to robot mode or shuttle mode. We're going to show off the shuttle mode next.


      The pictures are not going to do it justice, but the size difference between the train mode and shuttle mode is staggering. Shuttle mode here is shorter in length but fatter, which I've seen people complain about. And while we still have purple, the primary color is gray, matching the character from the G1 cartoon.


      As I mentioned, the transformation is complicated, due to the number of moving parts, but is likely due to the triple changer status. it took me a few tries to get to get some of it locked in.

      Luckily, DX9 prepared for some things.


      The thrusters here on the back are on ball joints, so if you put too much pressure, the thrusters will snap off of the ball join and not snap anything important. That's the only major concern as everything is on hinges. They are tight, but not "Oh god, I'm going to break it" tight. Just be careful with the rear section, because they only go so far.


      For more size comparisons, here's G1 Astrotrain. You should immediately see the size difference from the other comparison, noting that the shuttle mode is very, very compressed.


      And here we have Mirage again just to show it off some more. DX9 really hit it out of the park with their Astrotrain version and makes me get impatient for their Rodimus version.

      Now, that part that has to come off for transformation? It doesn't really have a place in shuttle mode, but you can still use it in this mode.


      It's basically a flight pad. Fly through the stars, Astrotrain!

      Now, let's move on to the mode everybody is waiting for. Here is Astrotrain's robot mode.


      I know that one other third party manufacturer did Astrotrain, but they were going more based off the G1 toy. This figure nails the G1 cartoon look more, which I really, really like.

      One thing I need to mention about the transformation. Usually you need to twist forearms and biceps to get the arms in a specific way, but DX9 does it differently. If you look at the elbow join, you actually have to twist that part and that part only for part of the arm transformation. It's a very unusual part of the engineering which made me wonder what happened there.

      Oh, and if you can tell, the back of the train is used to cover up the top of Astrotrain. Without that, you have a nasty looking gap. Like I said, I'm not adverse to partsforming, because I've lived with it. G1 for life!

      Anyway, comparisons!


      Here's G1 Astrotrain, and this is where you can see how different the G1 toy is from the cartoon accurate Third Party version. The G1 toy isn't bad, per say, but it's more for nostalgic purposes.


      Next, since we've been using him often, here is Astrotrain with DX9's Invisible, just to show off the size difference. Invisible is treated as an MP car size, like Wheeljack, so it makes sense for him to be smaller.

      But for a good size comparison, here's MP 10 with Astrotrain.


      Astrotrain is slightly taller than MP 10, but not by much. Yes, if you've seen the G1 cartoon you know that Astrotrain is used to carry the Decepticons, so how can he be the same size as Optimus?



      Now, he does come with a gun. It's attached to the side in train mode and is used for part of the landing gear, but as a gun, doesn't really work. It doesn't seem to attach to his hand and is too big to flush against his arm. You actually have to twist the forearm and put it in the gap in order for him to hold it, which is why he's currently in train mode as we speak, as that's my preferred mode.

      And that takes care of that. Next time, I promise, we'll be looking at a Third Party version of Grimlock. Until next time.

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      No Game, No Life review

      1 day ago

      Hello, everybody, and welcome to our final entry on the series No Game, No Life. It's been a fun little romp, but all good things must come to an end, but that leads us to the question, was No Game, No Life good? Well, this is strictly opinionated, but you're free to add your own opinions, if you wish.

      For those joining in at the end, I would recommend reading through all of this first, since we're going spoiler heavy here. If you don't want to or are too lazy, well, I can't solve that, but we'll recap things for you.

      Our tale starts two NEET siblings, Sora and Shiro, collectively known as Blank, and are essentially masters of the gaming world. They care little for the outside world because real life sucks. Then, one day, after facing off against a horde of PCs and defeating them with ease, the siblings receive a challenge from an entity known as Tet. In a chess match involving Super Genius Shiro and help from Sora, the siblings prevail, but after some soul searching, are offered the chance to be reborn into a world where playing games solve everything.

      And in accepting that offer, they are taken to the world of Disboard where Tet is the God of this world and has set down the rules. Basically, you can only resolve conflicts through games, so you can't kill or murder unless it's part of a wager in the game. This isn't a problem for the siblings as this is there thing, but one of the rules, not to cheat, is abused, because it isn't cheating unless you get caught, and everybody cheats in one form or another. It's just that Sora and Shiro are able to circumvent said cheating methods despite the disadvantages.

      On their first day, the siblings are taken to the Imanity country of Elkia, which has lost most of it's lands due to the whims of it's Foolish King, who had recently perished. In his last will, he ordered a tournament to take place so that his replacement will be able to rebuild Elkia to it's former glory. You see, in Disboard, there are sixteen races, and Imanity is the weakest of these races. The tournament nears it's end, with Stephine, the former King's granddaughter, losing in a poker game, but it's Sora that notes to her that her opponent, Kurami, is cheating.

      Steph, as we'll come to know her, goes to the siblings for help, and thanks to invoking the rules placed down by Tet, is able to make Steph fall in love with him. This warps her perception but allows us to learn that you can put anything on the line in a game, including one's own existence. We also know that the siblings are near inseparable, as being more than a certain distance turns them into useless masses.

      The first arc of the series starts off rather slow but does a build up, describing the siblings and the world they're in with enough detail so that you, the viewer, can understand what's going on and what's happening, as well as the thinking process of our characters. There's a term used called Competence Porn, where the main hero is so competent that it borders on omnipotence, but sometimes I think they're just able to see the script. NGNL has been described as much, and while I will agree with that, only to a certain extent. While the siblings claim that they win each game before playing, during the actual games themselves they rely a lot on luck and last minute gambits in order to keep things in place.

      In my opinion, there is only one game they played where they had control from the beginning, and that was in their match with Jibril, a Flugel, and it involved a word game. Granted, you never know what the opponent is going to say, but in a way, you can control the flow of that game to put it in the direction you want it to go.

      With these rules in place and essentially living in their dream world, Sora and Shiro make it their quest to, you guessed it, try and take over the world. And that's what the story is about. In the series (of which there are only twelve episodes at the time of this posting), you can divide it into three major arcs. The first arc is Sora and Shiro coming to Disboard and taking over as the ruling monarchs of Elkia, the second is the recapture of the library from Jibril, and the final arc is the battle with the Eastern Federation. There is one mini-arc I should mention, and it was the second match between Sora and Kurami, which takes place during the final arc of the series. It's also an episode where Shiro gets to really shine.

      This leads us to the characters. Our main characters are Sora and Shiro, who's arrival upset the scales of Disboard, because they want to take over the world and challenge Tet to one more match, despite beating him the first time around. Over the course of the series we learn more about the. For example, Shiro is Sora's adopted little sister, but he thinks the world of her and then some, because we find out that Shiro's Super Genius makes her an outcast and she's just given up on people until he's appeared. On their own, they're unbeatable. Together, they are unstoppable.

      In the plan to take over Disboard, any starting party is going to need some allies. The siblings first ally is Steph, the granddaughter of the former king. She attempted to win the Kingship, but as it turns out, she's rather terrible at games. She loses everything to Kurami, and that includes her clothes, which is why she goes to Sora in nothing but a bed sheet. She is our audience surrogate when it comes to Sora explaining everything that happens to the game, and... well, I keep thinking that the show goes out of it's way to treat Steph very poorly. It's why I declared Sora such a villain before due to his treatment of her.

      And the thing is, while everybody treats Steph like an idiot, she's really not. She's quite intelligent, if naive, and what strengths with know she has, she uses them very well. One of the early episodes after Blank has taken over the country, we learn that Sora has enacted many plans throughout the country and he expected resistance from the nobles. It turns out that Steph not only plays the political game, but plays it very well. Using her numerous connections she gets everybody to conform to the plans, much to the siblings shock and horror. Then the series spends the rest of her time treating her like dirt and destroying her characterization. I feel really bad for her, to the point where the sub-title for this series should be "Poor Steph."

      The last of the main characters to join is Jibril, a Flugel. Flugel's are angel-like beings that were created during the great war that killed most of the gods. They are weapons of mass destruction, and Jibril is no exception. And while he's like the rest of the Flugel and values knowledge above all else, in the past, a good day for her was showering in the blood of her enemies. She's rather fun, that way, where she talks about those days of wanton slaughter in a happy tone because, dammit, she really, really wants those days to come back. And because she's such a dangerous character that the siblings treat her with a little more respect than with Steph. She's also useful in providing additional information in regards to the lore of the world and about the other races.

      They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but Sora and Shiro would rather use their wits to win the games. Which is important in a world where you need your wits in order to survive the games. But like in any good series such as this, Sora and Shiro outdo everybody else. It does make me think they have a copy of the script somewhere. While I normally don't have problems with such a character, I just can't help but feel like they try to make him too awesome. At least they don't try to give him game-breaking powers, which is always a plus. In reality, I preferred Shiro over Sora. Sure, she's quiet, but she's the Little Miss Snarker of the group and is able to say a lot with few words.

      Two other major characters that appear throughout the story is Kurami, Sora's rival, and Fi, a High Elf that is friends with Kurami. She was Kurami's sponsor in her attempt to take the crown before Sora ruined that plan. Kurami is also a slave and belongs to Fi, though the High Elf doesn't like that whole slavery thing and would rather drop it entirely for her friend. They're also used as set up for a potential story that hasn't been done for the anime yet, though I imagine it went off in the novel.

      Finally, our last characters introduced are part of the Eastern Federation, Izuna, her grandfather, Ino, and the leader of the Eastern Federation, the Shrine Priestess. The Federation are a species of Warbeasts that prefer to create a legend of themselves, like being able to read thoughts, but is proven untrue by Sora almost as soon as they meet. They also make video games and Izuna herself is quite good at those games. We don't get to spend a lot of time with them, but it's clear that SP cares for her people greatly, willingly giving up her lands in order to keep them safe, which allows the Eastern Federation and Elkia to merge as one country instead of a takeover. I imagine we'll learn more of them if a second season is ever done.

      Animation wise, Studio Madhouse has taken over and they have done a wonderful job here. This world feels very alien with the colors that were used for this series. It feels otherworldly, but in a good way as everything just looks gorgeous. While I wasn't paying a lot of attention, I can't say I saw any missteps in the animation, but aside from a games, it's not like the animation needs to go crazy. But still, when it goes crazy, it looks great. It is a very pretty series.

      But that said, I do have issues with it. Now, I'm not adverse it fanservice most of the time, as long as it's relatively tasteful. This series made me feel uncomfortable a lot of the time. For example, Shiro is an eleven year old girl, and we are first introduced to her via a panty shot and looking quite disheveled. And that's just the first bit in a series that does this quite often with the ladies. And this is a cast that is nearly all ladies. hell, I think the only characters that get away with it is Kurami and Shrine Priestess.

      Steph gets the worst of it. After her game, she appears to Sora in nothing but a bed sheet. She's then forced to wear some scandalous outfits, including a skimpy bar maid outfit, a naked apron with dog ears and is essentially stripped to her underwear during the final game. Oh, and during the game with Jibril, she's stripped completely naked thanks to the world game being done and is generally treated as the butt monkey of the group.

      Also, in said game she's nearly eaten by a monster, chased by a moth, and is later killed during that game and eaten by the sun. This series really, really doesn't like Steph for some reason and I don't understand why. She never really thinks poorly of anybody and never seems like a bad person, but the show has decided that she needs to be taught a lesson about anything and everything because... reasons! With her treatment it can be hard to watch the series sometime.

      This is probably one of my major complaints about the show, especially given how Steph shows herself to be more than a pretty face with a killer figure. She's smart, politically, and knows how to work the system to her advantage. She is useful in the political arena but nobody seems to think of letting her run the day to day business of running a country and leave the major stuff to the siblings. Instead, the siblings have to do everything because people are terrible and can't be trusted to do anything.

      Now that I think about it, I wonder if maybe the siblings have some sort of superiority complex where they can't trust anybody to do the little things. Even the respect they give Jibril is small at best, though they at least trust her to do some things. And it does seem like the show likes to pick on the ladies, but I wouldn't make that as big a fault as you think. It's just that there's only one male among the main cast, so it's going to look lopsided like this.

      I'm not going to talk much of the voice acting as it was in Japanese so I don't get the minor things like tone, especially when I don't understand the language, but it's rare when I think the voices are bad for a character (looking at you, Miyuki Shiba). I know there's a dub for this, but as I did this through Crunchyroll, I obviously didn't hear that. Music wise you have two memorable pieces. One is the opening, which is quite catchy, and a piece called The King's Plan which is a piece played when the game starts hitting those epic moments.

      In the end, despite some problems that could be a turn off for people, I would still recommend No Game, No Life. Even if you don't like competence porn, the characters themselves aren't always in control of everything and, despite what they say, tend to rely on luck and last minute gambits to take the win. The series is nice to look at and has a great soundtrack to go with it, but just know that the fanservice level is going to be pretty high here.

      Now, I know that normally I'll make a request from you people to decide the next Sunday show, but I didn't, and there's a reason for that. I will be doing a sequel to a previous series I watched before. You guys will know what it is, but just to be Knightly about it, I'll give you a clue as big as space. And yes, tentacles are involved. I hope that helps.

      Until next time.

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      Time for more screen shots

      2 days ago

      Only this time, you'll be providing the captions for all of them. I have my own which I'll put up later (hint: Most of them are in the file name) but I want to see my creative people be creative.

      And if you aren't, you'll be banished to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Forever.








      Have fun.

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      Dog Days' Episode 5

      3 days ago

      Hello, everybody, and welcome to another Friday where today we take a look at the next episode of Dog Days', the show about three humans getting sent to a magical world where War is essentially a sponsored event where everybody wins something. Only the winners win more of that something.

      In our last episode, it was Boot Camp for Sink, Eclair and Noir, as they had a harsh drill sergeant in the form of Yukikaze, who was very strict with their training. Okay, not really, but she was helping them out with improving their own skills. Of course, as they were by a river, they were going to have a little fun, so they had a swim suit episode to throw in. During this, we learn more about Noir's backstory, in that she wanted to do the Demon Hunting squad but had to come to Yukikaze for training, and she slowly starts to show her own affection for Sink. Add one more to the harem. Of course, it wouldn't be an episode without Eclair being the best Tsundere she can be, as well as showing off a new attack that Sink later copies for his own version.

      As for Nanami and Becky, they're doing their own thing. Nanami is enjoying the attention in Galette while Becky seems to be getting quite a bit from Couverte. With peace in sight, it looks like nothing is going to go horribly wrong like, say, some crazy Princess is going to have visions of impending doom and fail to tell anybody about it properly, causing her to go battle crazy until said impending doom is no longer impending and things go crazy from there. I'm sure nothing like that is going to happen... right?

      -We get a brief recap of the previous episode, where everybody is just taking it easy, though it sounds like Vert, our narrator, really wanted to go on the Camping trip. She probably wanted to show off her own figure and make Noir crazy jealous. But that episode won't be about that. Instead, we're going to focus on what Nanami did during that time.

      -Our episode begins with narration! Galette is a territory blessed by the bounty of the sea, which means lots of fishing, and as we all know, cats love fish. It's a fact of life. And today, the town is peaceful, as usual. But given that tonight's episode is titled Galette Sword Style Record!, I get the feeling that it won't be peaceful for long. We get shots of the surrounding town before returning to the castle, where Vert, who is writing in her journal, mentions that Noir is in Biscotti, in case this is your first episode. Jaune is cleaning her weapons in the room when Nanami comes in, apologizing for being late, but early for lunch, so let's go eat! Vert mentions in her narration that Nanami, the hero of Galette, spends a lot of time with them, but that's because Gaul won't let her pet him and Leonmichelli is busy.

      -Speaking of our Lion Princess, we check on her real quick, having just gotten out of a meeting and is exhausted as a result. Gaul agrees, wishing that he would just go loose with his swords instead of being let loose in political meetings that are filled with nothing but paper work and boring old men complaining about paperwork. As they walk down the hallway, they're greeted by Violet, who comes with bad news. Apparently, a strange rumor has started to spread within the town. About what?

      -Well, in the luncheon with Nanami, Very and Jaune, they learn of Highwaymen who have been robbing people of everything, including their clothes, in games of chance. I think Tet sent Blank to a different world than the one he wanted to. Luckily, it's not happening around the capital, so the ladies should be safe from his terrible grasp. The location in question is a town deeper within the continent, named Ayase. Apparently, anybody who is coming from there have been talking about it, which is making the capital uneasy. Leonmichelli is told of the rumor in a meeting later with Jaune and Vert and says that she confirmed it with Ayase's Mayor. Luckily, because the town has a lot of protective power, there were no fatalities or serious injuries, which is good, but as Gaul points out, this is still armed robbery and they shouldn't take that from some no-it-all punk!

      -Though he is without Noir, he asks Jaune, Vert and Nanami if they want to go with him to check this guy out tonight? They agree with no hesitation, and it seems like Leonmichelli wants to go as well, since she's the ruler of the country and shouldn't allow anybody to undermine her rule, but Violet steps in as the voice of reason and tells the royal siblings that they can't go out and do that crazy thing they plan to do. Essentially, there's no need to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Oh, and Millefiore is scheduled to have dinner with them tonight, so they aren't allowed to go anywhere that may cause an insult to a friendly country. Leonmichelli has no choice but to agree, but Gaul says that these Highwaymen shouldn't be allowed to do what they want. So Violet will lead the operation in their stead. Gault doesn't seem to have a problem, because Violet is very good at her job and gets every mission done. Except that one time where the intended target wasn't where she was suppose to be, but that was only the one time!

      -Leonmichelli wishes she could have gone, as she hasn't been in the Ayase region in some time, but her cute friend, Millefiore, will be arriving soon, and she just can't bear to see Millefiore be upset with her. Turns out, they had just arrived, and escorting Millefiore is the Biscotti hero, Sink, and Super Loli Genius, Ricotta. You know, now that I think about it, Millefiore hasn't gotten a lot of attention lately. But some characters are bound to lose some screen time when you increase the cast by a number of characters.

      -Anyway, Ayase, the town being robbed blind. It's in the eastern part of Galette, a city built by people who originally came from various eastern countries, and the city itself is styled from their homelands. So you understand, while the rest of the world has various forms of Medieval looks to them, they would look like something from European countries. Ayase is invoking a more Japanese style here. While being escorted by local guardsmen, Violet tells the other three to go talk to the townspeople while she goes to talk to the mayor. However, before she can go visit him, Vert and Jaune are carrying very big bags, which were given to them by Leonmichelli. And what's in the bags?

      -Kimonos for our lovely ladies. Nanami, Jaune and Vert are enjoying the new outfits while Violet wonders why she has to wear one herself? With them dressed up properly, the three amigos go off to begin their investigation while Violet goes to speak with the mayor. While interviewing the locals, they learn tales of the attacks. One girl suggests that, if you walk around at night, a suspicious shadow will come up behind you. Is it a very tall man in a business suit with no face? He's been known to screw around with people like that. But no, it isn't because the person says "What a beautiful kimono you have!" Then, when you turn around, bam! Jaune herself is looking very nervous, as if watching a horror film. I know that feeling all too well.

      -Very herself gets a similar story, except she's told that said attacker will take your goods and clothes. Luckily, there was no vegetable attacking displays here. As for Nanami, she learns that the sibling of a young child was also attacked, with her red kimono stolen from her. Wow, this guy sounds like a sick freak. Also, Nanami, now isn't the time to have ice cream!

      -As the day draws to a close, our three amigos meet up and discuss what they've learn. Vert immediately dislikes the Highwayman, for he not only steals, but is a pervert who targets kids and girls! He must be stopped at once! Jaune is behind it, so Nanami has a good idea for catching said perverted Highwayman. However, before she can go about her plan, she's distracted by a sword on the bar that was owned by a guy who just came in, laughing with the rest of the people. Suspicious. The other two try to give up the plan, but Nanami says that they'll do that when they met up with Violet, but first, dumplings! Meanwhile, a suspicious person pours himself a suspicious drink while having a suspicious sip, looking suspicious. I'm sure he isn't our guy.

      -So, later, Nanami tells Violet of the plan, which she's against. She will not allow the Hero of Galette to become bait for an investigation. Jaune tries to argue for it, for they are famous and they have flashy ears and tails and would be terrible bait, but Nanami doesn't have that issue of having flashy ears or tail. Violet still refuses, so Nanami plays the kids are suffering card. Oh, and she'll totally be fine, for she'll have an Ex Machina... oh, wait, that's the divine treasure. She'll have the Divine Treasure, Ex Machina, with her while Vert and Jaune will be close by in case things go south. Violet seems reluctant and gives it a deep thought. The others are pushing hard for this and she realizes it, so she agrees to the plan, even if it's against her better judgement. No, really, you should stick to your guns, Violet.

      -Overjoyed, Nanami tackles Violet to the ground, rubbing up against her while calling her kind and wonderful. You should throw in pretty, too. She follows this up with kisses to the pinned Violet, which only makes Jaune and Vert smile, because they like seeing Violet being frazzled like this. There's a quick look at the map as we go outside at night where Suspicious Drunk awaits. We get a shot of the two moons that apparently have rings wrapped around them. Don't tell Saturn, or they might get jealous. WE soon cut to Nanami, dressing the part as a lowly cat girl and not a human. She's also wearing a veil and greets two guardsmen, who warn her to get home because it isn't safe at night. It would be safe if you were doing your jobs, guys.

      -Very and Jaune watch nearby, with Vert commenting on the very convincing disguise Nanami has on. And while she acts as bait, they are going to scout the area for any suspicious individuals. Nanami continues her walk through town as Suspicious Drunk looks at her for a moment before turning away. We check in on two guards who are looking forward to the shift change as they notice something strange down the street. It appears to be a kid but giving off a red aura. Said kid, who's face is covered by darkness, walks toward the guardsmen, but clearly are frozen in fear of what is in front of them. Man, that shift change can't come soon enough for them.

      -We check in on Nanami, who I now notice is sporting longer hair. She's greeted by Suspicious Drunk, who comments on her nice kimono. Yup, it's the guy from the bar. Nanami looks horrified, playing the role as Suspicious Drunk says that, wearing such an outfit at this hour is basically asking to be assaulted. I think Suspicious Drunk is too drunk to keep his mouth shut. That's when Vert and Jaune arrive, declare him to be the perp and attack. Vert fires off a skill, but our Suspicious Drunk dodges the attack. Nanami herself joins in the fray, throwing away the veil and attacking, but her umbrella is destroyed in the attack. That's when she calls on Ex Machina as Suspicious Drunk tries to get everybody to stop and calm down.

      -Nanami gives her hero speech and is disappointed that Suspicious Drunk didn't see through the disguise as Vert states that they are members of the Lion Army's Investigation Unit, and since they've clearly seen Suspicious Drunk's face, they're going to arrest him. Jaune gets behind him, drawing out her own sword. He decides that he's had enough fun for now, takes out a paper seal, which explodes, allowing him to escape. Jaune and Vert says that they need to go after him, but did anybody see where he went? I thought so.

      -We see Suspicious Drunk running down a street, but stops briefly and gets a more serious look on his face before he continues running. As he does, he runs pass two Fur Balls, obviously the guards from earlier, but he realizes that the real one has come out and wonders if he can handle this on his own? Back with our Three Amigos, they split up, which is the one thing you don't want to do in this situation, and after some searching, Jaune herself is caught by the girl from before, asking about the nice kimono, and then, a scream in the night. Vert herself hears the noise, distracting her from an attack from behind.

      -OUr eye catch is Percy, the report from Biscotti, running a race against a girl who looks like Ricotta, but she face faulted into the ground. We have a chibi character, but I honestly don't recognize who she is, though she seems to have Violet's features but is most certainly not Violet.

      -Back to the action. We see Nanami running, still in her disguise, but is running straight into Suspicious Drunk. She isn't entirely certain what to do, but he tells her to keep running, for it's behind her. She turns to see the girl from before, but she has a killer expression and is wielding two meat cleavers. It jumps at her, but she dodges with ease. it looks piss and attacks Suspicious Drunk, but he activates his skill strike, which is a single stroke slash that sends waves of energy at the target, blasting her away and turning her into a fur ball as well. Suspicious Drunk tells Nanami that these are the real perps, monsters disguised as people. Nanami has issue with the monster part, for they look cute to her. Though I have to comment on the disguise. She looks like a female Inyuasha, only with a tail.

      -Suspicious Drunk tells her to be careful, for there may be more of these Cute Monsters around. And because it's dangerous, she should go back to the inn. Nanami wishes to know more of Suspicious Drunk, but he isn't in an answering mood, telling her to take her friends and go home quickly! Well, you don't have to be rude about it, that jerk. Wait, Jaune and Vert! Nah, I'm sure they're fine, because there's no way some cute monster is going to defeat them. But it turns out, they actually were and they were stripped of their kimono's, so they're hanging around on the street, naked. Nanami is so upset with this, her fake ears fall off.

      -Later, we see Suspicious Drunk take out another Cute Monster, noticing that he's sensing them better, but that means he can sense more of them in town. You know, getting a good look at him, I can't help but think he looks similar to somebody... nah, it must be the character design looking similar. I mean, there's no way he can be related to any other character in this show just because they happen to look similar and have similar hair and mannerisms, right? Suddenly, the Three Amigos appear, dressed in their battle attire this time. They run up to Suspicious Drunk and apologize about being suspicious of him, but he really shouldn't have been acting suspicious in the first place, so it's entirely his fault. They introduce themselves to Suspicious Drunk and say they want to help while also mentioning that Violet is strengthening the security of Ayase, since they know what's going on now.

      -Despite what he said earlier, Suspicious Drunk decides to accept their help. As they run through the town he explains that the monsters, called the Highwayman Rabbits, move in packs and have a habit of gathering things their boss likes. So, apparently, it's girls clothing. Must be a Cute Monster who wants to look good before the latest fashion hits the streets. Also, they have a strong sense of camaraderie, so if one gets captured, they're going to mount a rescue mission. This happens rather quickly as a couple of them come for the group. Vert quickly takes out two while Nanami and Jaune dual tech the other two, taking out the remaining four. Suspicious Drunk is surprised by how well they were able to take them down, but that's when they hear a strange sound.

      -The Boss is upset and has joined the field of battle. The guardsmen tell Violet and that it's heading for the city's main gate, so she'll be the one chasing it. Suspicious Drunk declares that it didn't have a strong sense of camaraderie and booked it, but luckily for them, Violet is chasing it now, and she never lets anything escape her grasp. Except for that one time, but its as only once! She quickly catches up to the monster. She notices two people at the gates and tells them to run, but they aren't in the running mood as lights brighten up their backs. The Boss Monster stops and we get to see it in it's full glory. And it's not very glorious to begin with. I think it's outfit went out of style.

      -As for our two mysterious people, they're hanging out at the gate as cannons of confetti bellow in the wind. It's Leonmichelli and Millefiore, and they're ready to bring the smackdown on this monster. They're really playing up the dramatic entrance as they go on about how the Boss Monster is bad and needs to be punished by the Lion King Samurai and the Dog Princess Samurai. I'm sorry, Leonmichelli, but with your hair like that, I can't take you seriously here. Even Violet is like "what the hell am I watching? It's like a bad historical soap opera!" Even Boss Monster can't take this overdramatic scene anymore and charges, but our two Samurais dual tech the Boss Monster, taking it out in one shot. Talk about overkill. Even Nanami can't keep a straight face over the scene. Jaune and Vert are more upset at the two stealing away their thunder. Violet, however... uh, yeah, let's say she's happy and move on from there.

      -Leonmichelli tells the group that it's fine now, but seriously, who thought it was a good idea to give you that hair style? Noir appears as the lights cut off and we see that Ricotta had captured all the footage of the Lion King Samurai and the Dog Princess Samurai. Was this a pilot for a new show? That script needs a lot of work. With all of that settled, Suspicious Drunk goes to leave, but the Three Amigos stop him and ask for a name. He'd rather not give it, but that's when Yukikaze appears, calling him Isuka. Apparently she knows our Suspicious Drunk, so Jaune asks who he is. That's when Dalkian appears, who apparently wasn't surprised that her brother was causing all that ruckus. Oh, I see, so he's family.

      -While the Three Amigos process the brother aspect, Isuka greets Dalkian by her pet name, Hina. She complains and tells him to not call her that. At least, not in public! That's when Yukikaze gives the proper introduction. This is Isuka, who is not that suspicious and isn't really drunk, and he's Dalkian's older brother. Nope, don't see the resemblance. He's a lot like Dalkian, who was trained to defeat monsters, but he also happens to be a world famous swordsmith. He's so good that any weapon he makes can match up with any of the Treasured Swords. That is some impressive work. He must have leveled that skill up like crazy.

      -Isuka says not to make a big deal of it, saying that he's just a wandering swordsmith, but that's when Dalkian decides to berate her brother for never sending a note to indicate that he was okay and didn't just die in some random ditch. Ha, like he'd die so easily, but Isuka expresses concern that she is ruining her body by drinking too much. Pot, meet kettle. Leonmichelli, however, say that since the case was solved, why not celebrate with booze! Except for you younguns. You should be sleeping instead since it's passed your bed time. But you can stay to eat, but only if you behave.

      -As the gang digs in, a few of them watch the fireflies outside while Isuka gets his drink on. I hope he doesn't drink enough to be a suspicious drunk again. Anyway, the Cute Monsters. Nanami asks Sink if he released them in the mountains, which he confirms, but Gaul comments that they're really more like wild animals than monsters. And luckily for the townsfolk, they were able to recover all of the stolen clothes from the monsters' nests. Nanami, however, is disappointed, because she feels like she didn't get to do anything heroic this episode. Stupid Samurai stealing her thunder! But still, case closed, so all of you get out!

      -So we had two heroes, but what of the third? Well, we go to Pastillage where Couverte is excited over her welcoming plan for Millefiore and Leonmichelli. Becky has been looking it over and agrees that it'll be a good surprise for the two, for the pride of Pastillage! You aren't going to summon a terrifying demon, are you? Because we don't need that. Cue credits!

      -Our next episode preview, it's the Princess Samurais trying to get their show picked up. Sink complains about his lack of screen time while Gaul comforts him. Isuka is in the background smiling while Dalkian is less than amused. And there's Boss Monster, going back to his thieving ways. All this and more in our next episode, Pastillage's Hero King Legend! Tune in next time.

      So, yeah, that's an episode. It felt more like a filler episode than anything else, though, but at least we got to see the other character shine a bit. And hey, whatever fan service we had was surprisingly brief, so that was good. As for the rest of the episode, I honestly would have liked it if Nanami and her group took care of the problem. I didn't really have an issue with Isuka helping as he wasn't taking over the episode entirely, just helping out the ladies with some information. Also, older brother because, well, why not?

      As we near the halfway point of this season, I can't help but feel it's a bit lacking. To compare with the first season, episode five there was still in the middle of a major arc, which was an episode after a backstory episode. The show didn't really hit a fluff episode until the next, and it was more about exploring the characters themselves. Here, honestly, I can't help but think that the writers were having some problems in trying to determine what they should be doing this season. I mean, it's nice that they got another season, but I imagine the thought process was "Hey, we got another season! What do we do now?"

      Don't get me wrong, it isn't bad, and the episode was enjoyable, but I'm just worried that we're going to have more of these kinds of episodes during this season. It's the general feeling I've been getting that everybody has been lacking agency here, since the previous season only had one dangling plot line, which was Sink and Millefiore's declaration of love for one another that this season hasn't really tackled, which could make for some interesting drama since Becky nearly has a thing for Sink and Eclair is dere for him, making for a love rivalry between them and the Dog Princess. But maybe things will change soon.

      And on that note, I'll leave it there. Until next time, remember, when filming a historical drama, over act as much as possible. That's the only way you'll ever get your pilot off the ground.

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