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    • Some other Gacha games I'm playing

      9 hours ago


      Yeah, it's been a while.  I'm not posting any screen shots since I've kind of haven't done them in a while, but I thought I'd talk about some gacha games I'm playing.

      First, in a bit of AL news, the KMS Bismarck will finally be coming to the game, and the developers are treating this as a big deal.  One way the EN Twitter announced her was quoting song lyrics from the power metal band Sabaton.

      One of the other ships being released with the Bismark is the HMS King George V, one of the historical battleships that hunted down the elusive KMS ship.


      Check out who's voicing KGV.  And if you don't recognize the name, then you may recognize her as being the long time voice for Fate's Poster Girl, Atoria Pendragon.  From one monarch to another.

      Now for some of the gacha games I'm playing.  One is called Langrisser, which I may have mentioned before, is a mobile RPG in the same vein as Fire Emblem, who's character designer also worked on the title Growlanser, and has been involved with other anime projects.  This was a game that came out in the late 80's, and you can tell from the designs of the characters, with more than a few looking like they belong in a hair metal band.  But you can say that each one is rather unique.

      The interesting mechanic that FE only adapted recently in their Switch release is that, when the individual units fight, they're accompanied by an army that acts like an armor, of sorts.  The unit is not defeated until the hero unit is, but keeping the army alive also means being able to do more damage and take more hits.  Right now we're in the summer event, but there are no limited summer units, but limited summer costumes for some of the girls, and they are expensive.

      Another gatcha game I'm playing is Epic Seven, which is really, really pretty but has a rather bland story, so I tend to skip it.  It has some amazing character designs for it's characters, so if that's your thing, you may like it.  It's currently doing a collab with Guilty Gear, making Sol, Baiken, and Dizzy available units, but Sol is an event unit while Baiken and Dizzy are limited.

      Lastly, I'm playing a mobile game called Revue Starlight: Revive, which is a sequel to the anime.  If you haven't seen the anime then you will be completely lost with the story of the game.  But long story short, in the game, it's about a bunch of girls fighting one another (and I do mean actually fighting one another) to save their respective plays.  The gameplay is kind of a mix of some other gacha games, like FGO, but unlike that where you always pick three cartds, here, you're given a hard number of action points (six in total) that you cannot exceed, so there is some strategy there.  It is rather fun, though, and you get some interesting character designs, since the girls are all dressing up as characters from other plays.  Right now there's a mini event involving Aladdin and the Genie, so if you're interested, check it out.

      I'll post some screen shots of those games when I can, if you haven't heard of them anyway.  Until then.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 8

      22 hours ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, where one man tries to prove his innocence against six other people that really, really want to kill him for various reasons.

      In our last episode, we got some back story with Adlet, explaining what happened to his village and how he essentially became the fantasy Batman. As it turns out, the Lizard Fiend who showed up at his village is linked to Flamie, as she was the idea he had to undermine the Braves. A lot of good that did him.

      So Flamie is released, since Adlet never really held her hostage, to rejoin the others, leaving our boy to plan his next move. Maura has her own plans, as well. She'll split the party up, with her going with Flamie, Goldov and Nachetanya as another, leaving Hans to protect the temple while Chamot does whatever she does. Adlet, seeing his chance, makes his way to the temple, where he runs into Hans, and they have their own fight.

      Meanwhile, Nachetanya expresses her own concerns that it's Hans, not Adlet, who's the seventh, leaving Goldov confused and concerned. He does hear the battle but Nachetanya is unable to for one reason or another. In that fight, it appears that Hans has gained the upper hand.

      Will Adlet be able to prove his innocence? Will he find the Seventh? And is there really an Eighth? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with Goldov asking Nachetanya who she suspects, which is Hans. We then see Hans pin Adlet to the ground, ready to deliver the fatal blow. If you think you're having a bad day...

      -Apparently I missed something in the opening, which was all of the Braves fighting one another. That isn't a good sign at all. Did that only happen recently, or was it there when the setting changed? Clearly, I must have a bad memory.

      -Tonight's episode is titled The Average Man and the Genius. At the temple, Hans complements Adlet on his plan, pretending to be one of the Six, and if he wasn't there, Adlet might have gotten away with it. Unless Hans is extremely paranoid and thinks somebody else is listening in, this line makes me want to elevate him to the same status as Flamie.

      -Back to the conversation. Hans admits that he was shocked when Adlet took a hostage and thought he was smarter than that. Now it's time for the questions. Who is Adlet working for? Our boy can't say, because he isn't the fake. Hans then goes down the list of reasons for treachery, like a sick mom or they took a lover hostage. Nope, no family or lover to kill or kidnap. At this point, Hans is convinced Adlet is the fake and is about ready to kill, but as one hero said long ago, don't watch the mouth, watch the hands.

      -Adlet pulls a trigger on his back, releasing a smoke cloud that goes right into Hans' eyes, blinding him. This affects Adlet, as well, and he curses the assassin for making him use it. He then runs into one of the pillars and is now running blind through the forest. Hans, however, is still able to accurately follow Adlet, much to his confusion, but we can see why. Hans is using his sense of hearing to track Adlet.

      -So the two fight, but it's much more even than you think, but Adlet is still at a disadvantage. He curses the fate of average men, who can't surpass genius. Adlet puts a little more distance between them, but the assassin is able to catch up, and soon they're at a standstill. At this point, Adlet isn't going to run anymore. He takes off anything on him that makes a sound, much to Hans' confusion, and tells the assassin...


      -This might end up being bad for Hans, but we'll see where this goes. Of course, the assassin suspects Adlet is up to something, and it looks like he isn't as blinded anymore. Oh, so maybe he wanted to get rid of the extra weight. But it looks like Adlet shows off his own intelligence as Hans is reluctant to try anything. Adlet asks if he's scared, and Hans, not being an idiot, admits to it. That's quite honest from an assassin, but in his own words...

      -What an unusual thing to be moral about. But all this is doing is buying Adlet time. He knows that victory against Hans isn't beating him, it's clearing his name and finding the fake. And how does he do that? By making Hans cautious, because he knows where his trump card will be. Hans is watching everything, but there's one thing he isn't watching, and as Hans is a genius, it's the one thing he doesn't need to watch. And then Adlet shoots his sword at Hans. No, he didn't throw it, but he shot it. Batman would be so proud.

      -Hans sees it happening but is too late to react as the shot projectile comes screaming at him... and taking out his own sword. The message itself was quite clear. Adlet missed on purpose. When Hans asks why he missed, Adlet turns it around. If he was the fake, why would he miss? He then starts to strip because... uh, reasons? I guess to show he's got nothing left, and tells Hans as much. The assassin doesn't believe it, but Adlet makes it rather clear, if he was the fake, it'd be after to kill him rather than deceive him. Basically, Adlet had him dead to rights, but threw away his shot. And because he isn't a fake, he could never kill a comrade.

      -We see that Hans is pissed, but we also see that Adlet is making a huge gambit. If Hans truly is the Seventh, he's doom. And it looks like Hans does accept that Adlet is a real Brave... or at least, the others would be persuaded if he wasn't here. Looks like Adlet was wrong, with Hans admitted that he's the Seventh Brave. Adlet attempts to reach his gear, but it's too late as Hans has him dead to rights... except Adlet is still alive. Huh? What? But...

      -Hans tells the confused Adlet that it was a hallucination, since humans can lie with words and they can deceive with their actions. You just can't trust their eyes, voices, or expressions. But when they're about to die, their faces show the truth, no matter what. Oh, so apparently Hans is already of Sun Tzu. No wonder he acts so pretentious sometimes. But this was part of his trick. If Adlet was truly the fake, then when Hans proclaimed himself the seventh, he would have been confused. But because Adlet thought he was dead, well, that's enough for Hans.

      -And really, if you can't trust the word of an assassin, who's can you trust? Though I think this means we can take Hans out of speculation now. Adlet admits that he's never heard of the phrase "a dying face can't lie", and Hans tells him that he wouldn't have, unless he's seen the faces of many dying men like he has. And look at that, Adlet made a second friend. Now get dressed, because Hans isn't interested in seeing your abs. After Adlet gets himself dressed, we get this nice little scene.

      -The best of friends. Hans does admit he did find it odd that Adlet would protect Flamie if he was the seventh and he does apologize for not saying anything. And while three suspects have been eliminated, they're down to four left, which means that one of their own is with the Seventh... except for Chamot, who's off doing her own thing.

      -We check in on Team West... or was it Team East? Whatever. Flamie has lead Maura to Adlet's campsite, confirming that he was there. Maura asks the Gunpowder Saint where he could have gone? No blood trail and no footsteps, so maybe he went up a tree? But so far, Adlet's actions have confused the Mountain Saint. What is he trying to do? Flamie suggests that he's out of options and on the run, but Maura can already tell that our boy has planned this carefully, so an endless chase won't lead to anything. Flamie suggests searching everywhere, but Maura wants to talk instead, so they can gather their thoughts and acts accordingly. Flamie agrees, but only because it's easier to do this now than later.

      -First, Maura asks Flamie if she knows anything about the seventh Brave's trap? Flamie thinks this is an interrogation, but Maura assures her that, after what happened, they don't suspect her anymore. Are you sure the others don't suspect her? Maura corrects herself, saying that she doesn't suspect Flamie and believes she's one of the six. Looks like she'll go along with this for now, but she doesn't know anything about this particular trap. According to her, the fiends are divided into several groups that almost never interact. Maura is a bit shocked by this, thinking they were more united, but just like any group, everybody is internally complex. Politics knows no boundaries.  

      -Flamie then asks Maura if there are any humans who would side with the fiends? Has seen anything like that? Well, she's received rumors and information, and she's heard of a village whose people were all taken by fiends. However, by the time the information reached her, there was never any proof. Huh, I wonder what village she may be talking about? Of course, this means that the All Heavens Temple couldn't act. Maura sees this as a personal failing, but Flamie assures her that this isn't the case. This answer shocks Maura.

      -Well, you aren't trying to kill her now, so there is that. Maura can see one good thing Adlet did, which was to bring Flamie to them, even if that was part of his plan... whatever that may be. And then she pats Flamie on the head, like the good girl that she is.

      -It's a good thing your'e all on the same side now. Anyway, Flamie would like to resume the chase, but Maura asks if she's upset that he was brought up? This gets Flamie to pause as Maura reveals that she knows how to read people, and she knows that the Gunpowder Saint is thinking about him. After all, he was the only one that tried to save her. However, she warns the young saint that she must not get sympathetic, because he is an enemy, and a cowardly one at that. Well, don't worry about that, Maura, because Flamie absolutely despises him. And now we have to think about Maura for a moment, because she says this to Flamie.

      -Didn't you want him captured, Maura? I'm starting to get suspicious of you. And with that, let's check in on the other team. They've arrived at the spot where the Braves were suppose to gather, which was the path leading them to the Land of the Howling Demons. And all they learned was that Hans and Maura were here. Nachetanya was certain Hans would have received information from the fiends here, but not if he wasn't alone. And now she's worried that Adlet will get killed at any moment, but Goldov, who is totally not jealous, reminds the princess that Adlet is their enemy, and no matter what she says, nothing will change that. As if I wasn't already suspicious of you.

      -Well, Nachetanya isn't interested in this crap and tells Goldov that if he doesn't trust her, then go chase Adlet by himself. But she realizes she went too far and apologizes. She never thought that the two of them would yell at each other like this, but Goldov has another question in mind.

      -That's actually a good question, Goldov. Why would Nachetanya trust a complete stranger's word over her trusted knight? Goldov tells her that she's always been more free-spirited and collected than this, so what does Adlet mean to her? They only traveled together for a few days, so what could have changed? I mean, it's not like they did anything intimate together... right? But Nachetanya throws it right back at him, given his own attitude towards her at the moment. After all, a battle to save the world has started, so she can't act like she normally does, especially when a comrade is in danger. After all, Adlet is a comrade, and besides...

      -We're just throwing around all kinds of shade, aren't we? Nachetanya knows of Goldov's totally not obvious feelings for the princess, but now isn't the time for her to deal with his jealousy. Ouch, right in the heart. Goldov apologizes for his actions, but Nachetanya is more upset than anything else. Goldov is sixteen years old, two years younger than her, so he's still a kid, but what makes her more upset is that they didn't understand each other as well as they thought. Wow, Goldov hit the jackpot when puberty hit.

      -Back at the temple, the Dynamic duo of Adlet and Hans are investigating the temple. As Hans suspected, there's no way inside the temple except through the front. Seeing Adlet with his stuff, he asks if there's anything there that can tell when someone is lying? Nope, they're all tools meant to fight fiends. But now we have an unusual problem. If Adlet isn't the fake, that means someone entered the temple before him, but from what Hans can tell, the seal is perfect, so there's no way through it. Adlet still thinks a Saint is involved, but Maura did say something like that wasn't possible, but like with Flamie, it's possible the Mountain Saint doesn't know about that ability. I'm sure she'll like it if you told her that to her face. Adlet, however, has another question. If he was killed, who would be the next suspect? Flamie, obviously, because she's a half-fiend and she has that look of being evil, so there is always that.

      -But enough about random speculation, it's time for the world's greatest detective to get to work. And you think I'd be joking when I say this, but...

      -Somebody really, really wanted to do a Batman story, but they couldn't cut a deal with DC, so they made up their own Batman story not featuring Batman. We see Adlet spraying something on the altar, but there's no reaction. So much for that idea. Suddenly, a noise is made outside, but appears to have been nothing. Still, the two are cautious and will try searching for the Eighth, but before they leave, Hans has a question. How do you activate the barrier? He never made it to the fortress so he doesn't know, and since we know he isn't the fake, then he's telling the truth. And that's when an idea hit upon him. The only ones who know how to activate the barrier are Adlet, Flamie, Goldov, Nachetanya, and Maura. Which means that Hans and Chamot don't know, so it's unlikely they would be the seventh... maybe. Hans asks if maybe the Saint of Swamps is the fake, but Adlet wants to ask her something. And since he knows he can't be trusted, he asks Hans to check on her. and that question is... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?

      -Whatever it is, Adlet gives chase, because it might be an important clue. Meanwhile, Nachetanya decides that it'd be better to find Adlet and protect him. But Goldov has a question. Why does she suspect Hans? She understands why he would ask, since she hasn't been thinking straight lately, but there was one thing that she can't stop thinking about. And that is... oh, and we're back at the temple. I guess we'll find out later.

      -At the temple, Adlet and Hans run outside, only to run into Chamot. So much for just sending Hans. Well, it doesn't matter to Chamot if Adlet is the fake or not. She's bored, and it's boring being alone, and worse yet, there's nothing to play with. She'd like to defeat the Demon God and go home already. Adlet agrees, so he has a very important question to ask, one that can help figure out the Seventh's identity, but Chamot is already bored of that, too. At this point, she's just going to start killing everybody. First will be Adlet, then Flamie, then Hans, then Nachetanya and Goldov. And obviously it isn't Maura, so she won't kill her. Adlet, being confused, asks what the young saint is talking about.


      -And this is why you need to instill values into children that have been given phenomenal powers. And we get to see Chamot's power in action. You see, that little weed she keeps with her? She shoves it into her mouth to make her throw up, but it isn't bile, but a green liquid. From this liquid, creatures start to form, and we learn that inside of Chamot's stomach is actually a swamp. And that's how you use those powers? Talk about getting sucky powers. Oh, and all the things she's eaten live happily down there. And so she sends her creatures from beyond the veil after them, prompting the two to run, but it looks like Chamot was planning for this and has her creatures in the forest, as well. So they try getting into the barrier, but the creatures go through them easily. Well, that could have gone better.

      -Hans decides to stand his ground and fight, but despite landing a couple of solid hits, the creatures are able to reform anything that's lost. And soon enough, the two are surrounded. And this is how Flamie barely survived her fight with the Saint of Swamps. Well, if killing the creatures is impossible, maybe reasoning with the summoner will work? Good luck with that.

      -Adlet asks why Chamot is attacking Hans as well? She's not convinced that Hans isn't the fake, either, but she comes up with a better idea and tells Hans to kill Adlet. And if that turns off the barrier, then she won't kill him. Well, Hans is a moral assassin, and since he knows Adlet isn't the fake, he isn't going to do that. Still, they are in a bad situation, so Adlet gets all self-sacrificing and tells Hans to run if things get bad, but Adlet isn't his contractor, so shut up already! Our Dynamic Duo is in trouble! Will they escape from this dangerous situation? Tune in next time, say Bat Time, same bat channel!

      -We got the first ending this time. It's interesting that they rotate it out like this. I wonder why?

      -Our next episode is titled Blossoms of Doubt.

      Looks like we have another name to cross off the speculation list. Congratulations on your promotion, Hans. You get to join Flamie and Adlet in the "very much one of the Braves" category. Now, do everything you can to get on base so you can steal us some runs!

      With the list of suspects narrowing down, it's time for speculation once more.

      There's no change for Nachetanya, but she really does't think it's Adlet. Either because she is the fake, or because she has a strong feeling that it's Hans. We know it isn't Hans, so whatever her reasoning is is far off base.

      Goldov remains the same, though he's still my primary suspect in being the fake, and it kind of shows here, since he's very devoted to the Princess, which could still mean he is a fake, but for different reasons.

      Chamot remains in the "most likely a Saint", because I don't think she would waste any time in killing the others if that was the case. But there is still a chance that she's playing the long game and is only playing up the "murderous, easily distracted child" persona to the others.

      And lastly, we have Maura, who's been downgraded to "possibly", what with her telling Flamie to kill Adlet, no matter what, even though she wanted to interrogate him before. And she could have been lying about getting into the temple, as well.

      Though given Adlet's comments, we could possibly remove Chamot from the speculation list, but I'm keeping her up there on the chance that there was an Eighth involved, so this was essentially a double-blind play at work.

      Will the Dynamic Duo survive their fight with Poison... I mean Chamot? How will Nachetanya convince Goldov that it's really Hans? And will Flamie have her own suspicions about Maura? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, if you have to make yourself throw up to activate our powers, then always make sure to plan ahead, just in case you need them later down the line.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 7

      2 days ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, the show where the protagonist, through his own fault, made himself to be the primary suspect.

      In our last episode, Adlet, through his own explanations, made himself out to be the primary suspect in who the Seventh is. The others take votes, and while Maura wants to get information from him, Goldov, through a fit of jealous rage that he's been looking to enact upon for al long time, just straight up attacks him.

      This becomes a problem because he takes the half-fiend Flamie as hostage, so now he's made the situation worse because the jackass knight made it worse. And while he was able to escape with Flamie, he became injured in the process, but he was still able to evade pursuit, which is rather impressive given how small the space they're in is.

      Unconscious, we learn more of Adlet's backstory. It seemed like he came from a nice, quiet village, where something terrible happened, forcing him to seek out the man who would become his master, who's training methods include telling somebody to smile, then kicking the deathly starved Adlet in the stomach. Truly, these are the best adults. But the reason for the smile is made clear later. The man who can smile through adversity is truly the strongest man... in the world!

      Flamie helps to take care of Adlet's wounds, and while she's fairly certain he is the seventh, there's still some lingering doubt in her mind, which stays her hand. So with that, Adlet comes up with a couple of different theories, coming up with one possible conclusion. There is an Eighth person here, and they enacted the barrier. So Adlet has a goal. Find the Eighth, lower the barrier, and find out who the Seventh is, all while avoiding the other Braves who are very, very strong.

      Will Adlet survive, or will he be our first casualty? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with Flamie asking why Adlet is smiling, despite his situation. Because he's the strongest man... in the world! Which leads to Flamie's question.  


      -Obviously for the glory. I mean, do you see those murals? Those Braves were made into legends! Who wouldn't want that? Of course, some of them had to die, which would probably be a dealbreaker for me. But still, that's a question that may get some interesting answers from the others, if they were asked.

      -Tonight's episode is titled The Reasons of the Two. It's still night as Adlet ponders the question. Mainly, has Flamie taken an interest in him? Don't go getting your hopes up yet. He asks why she's interested? Because he's average. Ouch. That had to hurt. Adlet has trouble processing this. Him, weak? But he's the strongest man in the world! With an average battle average so far. Flamie does correct herself, saying that she didn't mean it that way, but she's suspicious as to how he, an average man, could become so strong. Well, when you give somebody the proper motivation, nothing is beyond their reach. But Adlet gives all the credit to his master, who he thought was a bit nuts. Can't imagine why you would think that.

      -Master was obsessed with defeating the fiends, so he holed up deep in the mountains, coming up with new weapons and new uses for them. By the way, I don't think Adlet is exaggerating when he says that. Why?

      -...I think this explains a lot with Adlet. He couldn't believe his master was human, but he taught him to fight in the hardest way possible. By kicking him in the stomach and telling him to smile. Every day he trained until he couldn't move, then he studied like he was chained to his desk. He also taught him how to make secret weapons, prisons, and gunpowder, as well as the latest in scientific knowledge. I know we joke that Adlet is basically fantasy Batman, but if we're running with that, does that make his master Ra's Al Ghul? And if so, does that mean his master is secretly evil?

      -Of course, what surprises Flamie the most is that Adlet was taught science! Yes, even that. He was grateful to his master, since he was able to become strong. Flamie recalls that man's name, which was Atro Spiker. And as it turned out, he was even on Flamie's list. But since he was so old, he was low on her priority list. Yeah, if you had a tough time with Chamo, then imagine how difficult it would have been to take on him.

      -Though according to Flamie, none of Atro's students could take his severe training methods and they all ran away. Except Adlet didn't run, because he needed to become the best Brave ever! So why didn't he run? Flamie suspects that something happened to him. And so we get our Batman origin story. But instead of a dead parent, it's a dead village. And it was the work of a single fiend. Like I said, when you have proper motivation.

      -In the flashback, we see Adlet playing with Rainer out in the fields, but that's when they see a fiend walking towards them. This one looks a bit different from the others so far. It's a walking winged creature. And by winged, I mean it has actually feathers, and a dragon's tail. Rainer, being an idiot, wants to go fight it, but Adlet stops him. This gives said fiend holy crap it's the guy from the opening!

      -And that is one fancy dressed fiend, too. And this fiend does the most terrifying thing possible.

      -He properly greets the kids like a proper gentleman! Clearly, he is the most evil being in this entire series and must be killed at once! The kids are dumbfounded by this greeting, so much so that they can't speak. The fiend is rather insulted, but it's fine, he came to speak with the adults of this village. Yeah, I'd properly be terrified too if I saw a properly dressed lizard man warmly greet me.

      -That night, Adlet couldn't sleep a wink, and really, who could blame him? The next morning, the fiend was gone, but the Elder had something to say. They will be moving the village to the Land of the Howling Demons, where they will be ruled by the Demon God. Uh... come again? Have you been mind controlled, or does the lizard fiend have charisma for days? As you probably expect, the villages take this suggestion with the grace of a riled up mob. I don't think the Elder will be the elder for much longer. Adlet, hugging his mother... wait, sister!? Wow, I totally thought that was Adlets mother. So he, sis, and Rainer are staring in shock horror at the other villages, but it looks like some took to the deal, because the lizard fiend said one more thing before he left. To rip out the hearts of any who opposed the deal and bring them to him as a sign of their new loyalty to the Demon God. And the expression some of the villagers are giving are not the kind that say "screw you" to the lizard fiend. Oh, I knew this was going to end poorly, but not like this!

      -Flamie asks for details on the lizard fiend, so Adlet describes him as big, about Goldov's size. The creature was humanoid, mottled with green and light pink. Flamie apparently knows this creature because she asks if it had three crow-like wings on its back? Yup, it does. This creature is one of the three who rule the fiends, and he was the one who came up with the idea of creating a half-fiend and ordered her mother to give birth to her. And since it took so long, this guy must be old.

      -The story continues. Rainer died protecting Adlet, then his sister died so he could escape. He was the only one who did, and apparently, that's the standard operating procedure for the lizard fiend. Despite what the villagers did to them, Rainer and Sis asked Adlet not to hate them, probably because they were manipulated into doing this by the lizard fiend. And according to Atro, they died so that he could become strong. And it was thanks to those words that he was able to get strong, that one can't become strong for revenge's sake, but because he believes in something. Like fighting crime? That sounds like a good cause.

      -Flamie is jealous that Adlet has something to believe in, because she doesn't. Well, as it turned out, the fiend that gave birth to her gave her a gun, some gunpowder, and the power of the Gunpowder Saint, as well as being the fiend who gave her happiness. And then she abandoned her. She loved everyone, and she believed that everyone returned her love. And after she received her weapon and powers, she killed many people at her mother's orders. Because mommy loved her little half-fiend demon child.

      -Flamie never doubted it. She knew of her half-fiend state early on, so she felt the need to work harder for the Demon God than the others did. At least, that's what she thought. Then she went to take on Chamot, and to say it was one-sided was an understatement. She couldn't put a scratch on the child saint who's really into killing and torture. But it's worse than that. Flamie fell for her provocations and, as a result, gave the saint her name. She barely escaped with her life, and when she returned, her mother tried to kill her. And the other fiends that she thought were her friends? They had no use for her. What a bunch of jerks, right?

      -Flamie wonders if she should have died then, but she escaped. And now she wants revenge because her mother betrayed her. What make this worse is, if she was only meant to be a puppet, why didn't they raiser her a slave to fight humanity instead of treating her with kindness? Actually, I would say that was the smart play. As long as you don't suddenly betray them for failure, raising a potential weapon with kindness can work in your favor, because then there's less resentment. But then the betrayal happened and the heel-face turn for Flamie was completed. You just know, if they get to that point, there's going to be a big deal about her facing off with mother one last time.

      -But Flamie, after some time, decides that simply killing her mother won't be enough. No, she's going to bring the whole system down on her head. She's going to kill the Demon God, and after she does, she'll return to her mother and...

      -And then Flamie is going to pot one in her head. She then thinks on her past life and how happy she was, how they played together and fought together. She even had a dog, but she wonders if it's still being fed or if they got rid of it. Hey, maybe they grew to love the dog... right, I forgot, these are fiends we're talking about. Well, don't worry, Flamie! Adlet knows exactly what to say in this situation.

      -Truly, Adlet is the greatest poet of the generation. Flamie is more curious as to why Adlet believes her without any doubt. What if she lied? If he isn't the seventh, then she should be suspected above the rest. But he doesn't suspect her, which is more than enough reason for her to suspect him. Well, that may have backfired badly, but this just proves why Adlet can't leave her alone. It's why he decided to tell her about his past, which he didn't tell other potential love interest Nachetanya. And what is that reason?

      -I don't think Flamie was getting kicked in the stomach and was told to smile, but sure, we'll go with that. But he's talking about the pain of being betrayed by those they trusted and losing their home. This includes the pain of using revenge to drive themselves. Adlet tells her that she can't do anything but take revenge, but the reason he believes her is because he doesn't want to think of her as an enemy. And you were doing so well until that point, too. Though Adlet thought he was giving a love confession and tells her that he hasn't fallen in love with her or anything, baka! Flamie tells him to stop being creepy, because he is different than her. Mainly, he has something to believe in. The jerk!

      -After a moment, Flamie decides that she'll return to the temple without Adlet. When he questions this, she explains that they've discussed many things, but that doesn't change the fact that he's still the most suspicious of the group. But she isn't completely heartless. She generates a bomb that will not generate any light or sound, but if he throws it, she will know where it ignited. In a way, it's a signal, but if they meet again, she might kill him. Just keep that in mind before you use it, okay? Okay. As she walks into the myst, Adlet calls out, saying that he'll protect not just her, but Nachetanya and the others! Even the one that's a fake? Because they did just make you out to be the fake.

      -Speaking of the others, they're all asleep in the temple as Goldov and Maura take watch. They soon see Flamie, who gives a story about not being able to capture Adlet. Maura accepts it and welcomes her into the temple, where they'll talk more in the morning. Back with Adlet, he's staring at the bomb given to him, thinking about that which cannot return, which includes his village, which appears to have been abandoned. I think we've seen this before, when Adlet began his trip with Nachetanya. An older Adlet stares at the ruins of the village, saying he didn't get strong for revenge, and he isn't fighting out of hatred. He became strong so that he wouldn't lose anything ever again. As for Flamie, she's trying to get some sleep, but she recalls Adlet's last words to her. She responds by saying those who try to protect everyone will be the one to die. And I don't think she likes that one bit.

      -The next morning, it appears that Flamie told the others about her own story, which Maura accepts, calling fiends horrible creatures. Chamot agrees... if the story is true. Maura reprimands the young saint for still suspecting Flamie, who is totally one of us, you guys! She accepts it reluctantly, but I imagine she might accidentally murder Flamie with an attack, or at least, try to later down the line. Hans doesn't believe her, though, asking if Flamie did fight Adlet? He's confident his blade went into him pretty far, but Flamie shoots down that theory, saying that he missed his vitals, so he isn't as strong as he says. Damn, girl is throwing shade around!

      -Hans, however, still suspects more is involved, adding that Adlet did seem to like Flamie, adding that he was defending her when they suspected her, and that he got made when they were going to torture her. So he belies that Flamie may have fallen for him. I think Flamie is about ready to shoot up a cat. Maura still has her own suspicions, so she asks for Flamie's feelings when she found out Adlet was the Seventh. She wasn't surprised at all, because he was trying to win her to his side. Hans gets a laugh out of this, but Nachetanya is really tired of his crap and tells him to shut it. He may not be the fake, but he's certainly annoying.

      -Goldov asks for the game plan. How do they capture Adlet? Well, most of his weapons are here, and he can't fight without them, so Hans thinks that, if they wait, he'll come to them. Flamie thinks that waiting without a plan isn't a good idea, and Goldov suggests making the first move. Maura agrees with that, since Adlet can detain them here, simply by staying hidden within the barrier. So they'll split in pairs. Flamie will be with Maura as they search for Adlet. Nachetanya will go with Goldov, though she leaves special instructions to the princess to show no mercy. Yeah, I don't think you need to tell Goldov that twice. As for Chamot and Hans, they'll remain here and fight Adlet, if he appears. I think Maura has made herself the leader of this little pack, but she was the leader of a temple, so this makes sense. Hans complains, because without a pretty girl, he'll do half as good a job and asks to switch places with Goldov.

      -I think that's a no, Hans. And with that, it's time to go, but Chamot speaks up this time. She doesn't like waiting. And Maura just caves, telling Flamie to switch with the young saint. Seriously, just like that? But Chamot isn't going to walk around, either, so she's going to go out and play until the barrier's down. Yeah, Maura isn't going with this at all. But Hans, not helping matters, says he can handle Adlet himself. And Maura just goes along with this. So quickly, too, which makes me wonder about her her allegiances. So Hans will stay here and get blindsided by Adlet as Chamot goes and disappears for a little while, where nothing terrible will happen to her.

      -After Flamie gives some vague direction, she and Maura will go east while Goldov and Nachetanya will go west. Before the East team leaves, Hans asks Flamie if she can truly fight fiends. After all, what if her mother gives some story about wanting to be together? Flamie wouldn't hesitate in putting a bullet between her eyes, but Hans doesn't believe that at all. He's carried out many contracts as an assassin, like a husband betrayed by his wife, or children abandoned by their parents. They come to him and ask to kill, but they're never happy when they do. At the last second, the vast majority tell him not to go through with it. It's like they suddenly came to realize that hiring an assassin to kill somebody in the heat of the moment was a bad idea after all!

      -Flamie asks what this is all about, but Hans decides to let it slide. Seriously, if it wasn't so obvious he was a red herring, all of this talk would make me think "yup, totally evil." Except he's an assassin, so he's already probably chaotic evil, so that line of thought doesn't work here. With the west team, Nachetanya stops Goldov and asks the knight if he trusts her. Without a second thought. After all, who could he believe other than her? But what she's really asking is if he'll agree to her ideas, without saying a word. This gets Goldov curious, making him ask what this is about. That's when Nachetanya drops this bombshell.


      -If you think that's the case, why didn't you say anything earlier? But with this, Nachetanya is going to prove that Adlet isn't the traitor. Goldov wants to question this, because of jealous love, but Nachetanya just wants him to agree and not say anything. She can tell that Adlet has fallen into a trap and is waiting for her! You know, I can't help but think that Adlet was saying something similar to this not too long ago. Goldov won't agree, even for her, but Nachetanya assures him that she isn't saying this with nothing to back it up. After all, there's still no proof, and it may be only a mistake, but it may be the key that leads to the truth. So she's thinking it's an eighth person? Nope, she thinks it's Hans. Yeah, we're pressing this narrative, but I honestly do think that's going to be a red herring.

      -Meanwhile, Chamot is doing... something. There's these long hoses coming from around her, going into the forest. What is she planning? Back with Team East, Adlet observes them before heading for the temple. He suspects correctly that the others have been paired, as well, which is also bad, because it means someone is alone with the seventh. Assuming that's the case, they may kill that person and blame it on them. Which means the clock is ticking, and he's got so much work to do, too. He thinks, if Nachetanya is at the temple, he'll be able to negotiate, so he makes his way over to the temple, but quickly realizes that he's under attack and dodges Hans' dagger.

      -Of course, Adlet would realize that traps and surprise attacks was Hans' speciality, and Hans has a new found respect for Adlet. He thought he was nothing without his tricks, but apparently he's better than he thought. Looks like a fight is happening, but Adlet doesn't want to fight, so he's coming up with an escape plan. During this, the two banter for a bit before they actually get into the fight. While Adlet is using a sword, he's able to keep up with Hans' agility, but thanks to his own surprise moves, Hans will see them coming, so Adlet may be at a disadvantage. But despite this, they appear to be evenly matched.

      -Team West can hear the battle. Or at least, Godlov does, as Nachetanya can't, so she wants to move on to find proof that Hans is the seventh. Huh, wouldn't you want to investigate that? Goldov looks on dumbly at her, then we're back to the fight to see Adlet lands a couple of good blows, but Hans proves to be the better fighter as he sweeps Adlet, causing him to be disarmed, then jumping on his back, ready to deliver the fatal blow. Cue credits!

      -Our next episode is titled The Average Man and the Genius. But who is average, and who is the genius? We'll just have to check the next episode to find out.

      As the season draws to a close, things start getting heated up, though if Adlet was indeed the fake, he'd have nothing but time on his side. But as we already know, he can't be the fake because we saw him get his mark with magic. So now it's time for speculation, but with a slight difference. I'm going to remove another person from the list, aside from Adlet, as I am confident they are a Brave.

      We will no longer be speculating on Flamie. I am convinced she is the real deal, so that means we have two pretty much confirmed Braves. But what of the others? Well, let's go in order from most likely to least likely.

      Hans remains in the "most likely" category, because the narrative is really pushing the idea that he's the seventh, but in any mystery, sometimes you need a red herring, and in this case, I think it's Hans. I put him in the "most likely" category because there is still a chance that he's the fake, but I'd be surprised if he was.

      I'm also putting Chamot in the "most likely" category. If she's as strong as she claims and she is indeed the fake, then she wouldn't be wasting time with this long game crap and just get to the killing.

      Maura has been downgraded from "most likely" to "possibly", given how quick she was to change her mind. Maybe she didn't want to argue it with them, but I think just letting Hans and Chamot do whatever they want is a bad idea. I almost argued that they should have split into three, but they believe Adlet is the traitor, so to Maura, going into pairs is a better idea.

      Nachetanya didn't get much screen time, so she remains at "possibly", because her actions from the last episode don't add up, what with what Maura said about the ways to drop the barrier. But then she thinks Hans is the traitor and wants to prove it, so if she turned out to be the fake, why? You didn't say anything about Adlet before, and now you're using this time to search for proof that Hans is the one? Maybe she's desperately looking for something, or she's looking for a way to keep the others at their throats, but if she is the fake, her actions don't make a lot of sense to me.

      And lastly, we have my prime suspect, Goldov. Though my reasoning for him being the suspect is because of his love for Nachetanya, and not with making any deal with the Demon God. Though it does seem like lizard fiend could convince people, so maybe he was able to convince Goldov somehow, if he is the fake. It would explain why he was gun-ho about killing Adlet without torturing him first, but then we have the problem of "what if he didn't raise the barrier"?

      Speaking of Lizard Fiend, that was certainly not a design I was expecting, but I think, combined with the CGI, it worked well, because it gives him an otherworldly appearance, being a finely dressed fiend with polite speech makes him off compared to the rest. How he's able to convince people will be a mystery, but I'm assuming mind control.

      Will Adlet be able to successfully stop Hans, or will he be the casualty? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when splitting everybody up into pairs, make sure they stick to their pairs and not do their own thing. That's just asking for one of them to get killed.

    • Have a cute dancing video

      1 week ago



      It's been a while since I posted something other than a WIW entry, so how about a video of cute chibis dancing in places they shouldn't be?

      Also, Soul of Chogokin Megazord up for auction, if you or anybody you know is interested.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 6

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, where the game is a foot!

      In our last episode, trapped inside of the fog with no way out but to get the person who raised the barrier to lower it, or kill them, the seven each tell their story and their history in the hopes of the fake Brave makes a mistake and outs themselves as the fake. All eyes are on Flamie, though, being that she's the notorious Brave-Killer, and she duked it out with Chamot, Saint of Swamps, and lost.

      So each story is given, and everybody has alibis... except for Adlet and Chamot. Though Chamot isn't considered a suspect since Maura, Saint of Mountains, knows her, which leaves only Adlet as the prime suspect, as his story is seemingly unbelievable due to how the doors themselves are made, thanks to Hans, a known assassin. And now, all eyes on Adlet, the one thing he wasn't hoping to have.

      Oh, and we find out that Flamie is actually a half-fiend and decided to go kill the Demon God because of a possible heel-face turn, but isn't that important to the story at the moment.

      How will Adlet get out of this one, or will he be the first to get cut by the team? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with Hans making his accusation as Adlet struggles to find a way out of it, and he's in trouble, because at least two want him dead, and one for completely personal reasons. It just sucks to be the one forced to talk your way out, right? Better get some crazy high charisma rolls Adlet... wait, I just thought of something, but let's see if the others bring it up first.

      -Tonight's episode is titled A Trap and a Rout. Adlet is struggling for an answer as all eyes are on him. Desperate for an answer, he suggests that somebody dug a hole in and escaped just as he blew the door open. Hans questions how that was done and he suggests a Saint has that kind of power, but Maura, who's job it is to keep an eye on saints, says it's impossible. The seal affects the entire building, so if somebody broke in, it'd be impossible to hide. She likens it to sealing an envelope, which is actually a pretty good metaphor to use. But it gets worse for Adlet. The seals on the armor? They attack the first person who doesn't open it the right way, which means that if someone had broken the seal before him, he wouldn't have been attacked. Wow, how crazy would it be if they killed the main protagonist halfway through the season? That'd be insane!

      -Adlet still suggests that a Saint could have done it, but Maura informs him that there isn't one. Sure, there are some who could force the doors open, but nobody could restore it to its original state. Adlet points out that there could have been a Saint that Maura doesn't know about, like how she didn't know about Flamie, who was raised by fiends, but Flamie straight up says there aren't any. Geez, just throw him under the bus why don't you... unless this was your plan all along!

      -Flamie explains that, according to her mom, she was the only one born of a fiend-human union. Adlet is still running with this, but Flamie says that a normal fiend cannot bear a human child, and that her mother was specifically created, over a long time, to acquire that ability. Damn, the Demon God was planning this for a long, long time. Too bad it shot him in the face (and with any luck, that 'll be literal). Well, Hans and Chamot are convinced, but Maura isn't and calls them off, since it's too early to judge him. At least we have a fair judge.

      -Nachetanya, deciding to join in, is confused about this, then explains that it's impossible for Adlet to be their enemy. Hans isn't convinced, but gets a jab in on how our boy is quite the playboy. She turns to Flamie for help, but apparently, she holds a grudge. You try to help somebody out and this is how they repay you. Jerk.

      -Adlet then comes up with another suggestion, one that is so out there even I can't think it's possible. The person who activated the barrier opened the door, entered, took off the door, and made a new one to seal the temple. Then, the intruder hid inside the temple, and when he arrived in front of the doors, the culprit activated the barrier, and when the door opened, they slipped past and escaped. It's not a bad theory, but he's forgetting about the armor. Also, how would they make the door to fool the seal? There's stretching, and then there's Michel Jordan Space Jam stretching.

      -Goldov is upset that Adlet would say the Saint of Seals is an accomplice, and our boy won't deny it is a possibility. Then Hans laugh, which is never a good sign, and tells Adlet that it was the last Seal Saint that built this building. The current one is still inexperienced and would be unable to make a seal like this. When asked why not him, Hans replies that the last one died four years ago. Desperate, Adlet accuses Hans of being the seventh, but Maura can confirm that everything the assassin says is the truth. Wow, things are looking really bad for him. Even Nachetanya is losing faith in him.

      -Well, Maura calls for a vote, and I think we all know where this is going. Hans votes guilty and suggests death. Nachetanya opposes the death penalty, but Goldov asks her to calm down, because she's getting frantic. No, sir, she will not calm down, and she asks Goldov why he isn't trying to help Adlet? Are you sure you want the answer to that, princess? Moving on with the votes, Maura asks for Chamot's opinion. She's more interested in Flamie, but...


      -When did you get so torture happy? I thought you wanted to kill? Maura also agrees with Hans, but thinks they should get information out of Adlet before killing him. So that's three votes for guilty. So Flamie, who is probably the real deal at this point, is asked for her opinion.

      -...Right, well then, Nachetanya is back to being best girl now. So technically it's three votes guilty, one abstain, which is pretty much bad for Adlet. But Maura wants to hear everybody's thoughts and asks Goldov for his. Nachetanya pleads with him one more time, and it looks like he's struggling for a moment before deciding on his answer, which is to kill Adlet. And no, I don't think it has anything to do with him being a fake.

      -Goldov's first attack misses, but Hans attempts to follow up with his own. Sadly, they forget that they're fighting fantasy Batman here, and with a flashbang, he's able to distract everybody long enough to take Flamie hostage. Not helping your case, Adlet, even if we know you aren't guilty... right? I mean, there wasn't any strange cuts there, right?

      -So Flamie is a hostage and is currently in a coma, thanks to Adlet. He stung her with a poison needle, and one will knock them out, but a second will kill. For the others, this is confirmation that Adlet is the fake, with Nachetanya's heart breaking at this. Hans, who is seemingly prepared for a lot of things, didn't expect this. Hans won't move, though, but Chamot wants to jump in, but Maura stops her, since her power will kill Flamie, too. I don't think she sees that as a problem, Maura.

      -Adlet doesn't give them time to discuss. Instead, he tells Hans to move or else. He reluctantly agrees, allowing Adlet to escape, but to cover his tracks, and leaves, but Hans was prepared for this and grows a dagger into Adlet's back, but our boy is the Strongest Man in the World and is able to keep going. The others give chase, but are stopped by one of his favorite tricks, those little caltrops. So Adlet escapes, but he knows that the situation has completely gone south.

      -Further into the fog, Adlet takes a break, but the sound of birds makes me realize he's being followed, so he keeps going. After a while, he stops, thinking he's lost them, so for now, it's time for some field aid. Got to take out the dagger and stop the bleeding, and fast, because Flamie will wake up soon. He's struggling to stay conscious, though and reaches for the needle, but even he has limits, and soon, passes out.

      -Later, night has fallen, so Maura calls off the search for now, since they don't know what other tricks Adlet may have. Hans counters that the night is his time, so he wouldn't lose to him. Besides, time is of the essence as Flamie is in danger. Maura asks to look at his crest, which confuses him at first, but when he does, she looks to see that it's the same as usual. This also tells her that Flamie is alive. Oh, so I'm guessing the six petals represent each Brave, and if one falls, a petal disappears? That's good to know.

      -The two return to the temple and they get the situation from the others. Nachetanya is heartbroken that Adlet is a fake, which upsets Goldov. This is your fault, you know that, right? If you didn't suddenly attack, then maybe you wouldn't be in this situation? Speaking of bad situations, we check in on Adlet and Flamie. Yup, both are still out, but it looks like our boy is having a dream of the past, one where he's getting beaten up by an older boy in a sparring match. Ah, the humble origins of the strongest man... in the world!

      -The older boy laughs at Adlet, telling him that he couldn't beat his mom, let alone a fiend. Well, in that case, maybe he should let his mom join the Defense Force? But the older boy grabs Adlet and tells him that the Defense Force is the two of them. Adlet smiles, though he wonders how they can have a Defense Force in a village this small? Later, we see young Adlet cutting mushrooms as he complains about Rainer and wanting to practice for the Defense Force. Mom doesn't see that as a problem and tells her son that he should also study swordsmanship, too. Best. Mom. Ever!

      -Adlet would rather pick mushrooms and puts the ones he's prepared in the stew. And soon, they will eat together, which will be an awesome night in which nothing terrible happened. Anyway, something terrible happened off screen and we cut to Adlet confronting the person who will be his master. When the master asks why Adlet is here, the sickly and near starved Adlet says he wants to get stronger. Master replies that he should go join the knights or a mercenary band, but he refuses, because...

      -Dream big, young Adlet. Dream big. So why does Adlet want to be strong? To take back what was stolen from him. Master warns him that which is gone cannot return. He then tells the young boy to give up and survive, but Adlet is standing his ground. He questions why he survived, then adds that if he can't become the strongest man in the world and defeat the Demon God, if he can't fight fiends, then he doesn't deserve to be alive. After a moment of tears, Master kicks him in the gut. You could have just said no, man. Adlet, already near death from starvation, coughs up whatever fluid he has left. Master then stands over him and tells him to smile... before kicking him again. Uh... dude, are you trying to kill him?

      -Master tells Adlet that if he wants to be strong, then he has to smile. He who can smile, even when he's so sad that he wants to die, when it's so painful that he wants to give it all up and run away, is the one who becomes strong. Wait, I've heard something like this before. I'm actually struggling to think where I heard this from. It featured a protagonist who also always smiled, in order to give hope to the people. You guys have to help me out on this because I'm drawing a blank here.

      -So Adlet, with all his remaining strength, sits up and tries to smile, but Master doesn't approve and tells him to smile more, giving another kick. And now I think we've officially crossed the line twice. So Adlet tries again, and now he's told to laugh at despair while delivering another kick, but fortunately, this takes us back to the present. He wakes to find that his shirt is off and that he's been wrapped up with a black dressing. When did that get on... oh, hi, Flamie! Glad to see you aren't taking the kidnapping thing seriously.

      -Confused, Adlet asks why Flamie did that. Well, she's about ninety-nine percent sure he's the fake, but as somebody once said, you can't execute a perp on ninety-nine percent. As such, Flamie is preparing for that one-percent chance that maybe Adlet is innocent. And here he was thinking she'd taken pity on him. But he makes it clear that he is a real Brave, and that he's here to fight the Demon God. Flamie, however, doesn't trust him. Like you trust anybody at all!

      -The two stay there in silence, but he notices Flamie trying to bundle up. She denies being cold, but I'd be surprised if she wasn't, given what she's wearing. Adlet tries to start a fire but the sticks are too damp, so the Saint of Gunpowder helps out by sprinkling some gunpowder on the sticks and light it up. Adlet is very impressed, but wonders why she can't defeat an enemy without a gun or bullets? As if it was that simple. Still, Adlet thinks about how cold it is now compared to this morning, but Flamie tells him it's related to the temple, and more specifically, the salt barrier. She adds that, while as a human, she can get in, but as a fiend, she was in pain. But it wasn't that bad, as she's been through more powerful barriers to kill many strong warriors. The best of both worlds.

      -Sadly, this means that a fiend cannot enter the temple at all, and any possible theory about a fiend entering the temple and activating the barrier. And the fiend shouldn't have been as close to the pillars as it was. Adlet admits to being at a loss and doesn't know how anyone entered the temple before him. Flamie agrees with it, since he opened the doors. He asks her if there really was no way to open the door, and she admits that her knowledge on that is limited, but she think's Hans is correct. And if Maura agreed with him, then it has to be true. Which means that nobody could have entered the temple before him. If this was indeed a trap, it was near perfect.

      -Adlet wonders if Hans or Maura could have done it, but Flamie tells him that it won't matter unless he can prove it wasn't him. So he wants to go through the chain of events one more time, to see if anybody could have activated the barrier besides him. When he opened the door, the barrier activated at the same time. Except there was actually a bit of time before it did activate. Seriously, why isn't he mentioning this at all? At that time, Flamie, Goldov, and Nachetanya were fighting fiends, so it couldn't be any of those three. Maura and Hans were heading toward the temple, so it's unlikely to be them. Flamie asks about Chamot, but she's the only one who's whereabouts cannot be accounted for. Glad to know you're catching up, Adlet.

      -This does make him wonder if Chamot's power could let her enter the temple more directly, but Flamie tells Adlet that the Saint of Swamps' power is much more direct. As in, she could blast a hole in the ground direct. but she couldn't fill it up quickly, and if she did tunnel into the floor, it would break the seal. For Adlet, that means they have two enemies. One is the fake among the Braves, and the other snuck into the temple and activated the barrier first. Ah, so he's thinking about that theory, too, that there was another person involved with activating the barrier. He suggests that the fiends dropping the bombs is what brought the Braves to the temple, separating him, and then trapping them all in the barrier. But Flamie points out a flaw in this plan. Why would there be a seventh if they were going to be sealed in?

      -Adlet, I hate to be the one to say it, but do you know how insane you're sounding right now? Also, why is the plan surrounding you and not somebody else? Well, Flamie admits she didn't consider it, since she thought he was the seventh. I would also like to point out a less egotistic reason why they would have a seventh and eighth. One is plan B. But for now, Adlet wants to focus on finding the eighth, but Flamie asks if he can find the eighth alone? Adlet does question this, since he'll also be pursued by the others, so he turns to flame for help.


      -Nice try, Adlet, but it looks like your charisma roll failed you there. The situation seems impossible, and Adlet smiles, because it sure is. Flamie calls him strange. How can he smile in such a situation? Because he's the strongest man in the world! He's not going to let a little thing like "being accused of being a traitor" get him down! He recalls the lessons from his master, which makes him giddy for tomorrow, because that's when he'll destroy the enemy's plan and prove his innocent and the fact that he's the world's strongest man. I'd say you were insane, Adlet, but I'm pretty sure we've established that a long time ago.

      -Flamie calls him delusional, but Adlet counters that it's willpower! Sure, he doesn't know who the eighth is, and he has no idea how he'll escape from the other Braves, but as his master has taught him, if you can't smile anymore, it's all over! And then he got kicked in the head so he doesn't remember what was said after that. So he'll just keep smiling and refuse to give up, complete with action pose!

      -After a long moment, Flamie asks the question that has been on her mind for a while, and she decides that, since he'll probably die tomorrow, asks Adlet this very important question. Why does he want to be one of the Six Braves? Adlet is surprised by the question, but really, he's more surprised by who's asking it. Cue credits!

      -New end credits this time, and it's Flamie taking center stage. It starts like the others, with her in silhouette, and when we get to the panning shot of the group at the temple, she's the one in color. Then we cut to a hard of Demons, which shows Flamie wearing some sort of green cape or arm sleeve. It's very odd. Next we have her walking away from the camera as the faces of the other Braves appear. IN order, we have Nachetanya, Chamot, Adlet, Hans, Maura, and Goldov. Is this in order of priority targets, if it came down to it?

      -We then see the flower on her head break apart as we get the action poses from her, with her doing more action poses in the background, instead of having the typical flashbacks like the others. When we have her pointing her gun towards the camera, taking us to the blue sky above and blue petals floating in the distance. Huh, so we don't get the still shot of her face in motion. Interesting.

      -Our next episode is titled The Reason of the Two, where our boy hopes to convince everybody that he isn't the fake.

      Things are certainly not looking good for Adlet, but there was something that was mentioned before that I'm surprised didn't get brought up now. In the last episode, Maura says that the barrier can only come down in one of two ways. Either the person who activated it dies, or they disable it, likely through the altar. And I cheated and went back to confirm, but we did see him attempt to deactivate the barrier. So this leads to my question. If only the person who activated it can deactivate it, why didn't Nachetanya, Flamie, or Goldov say anything? Granted, he could have did it wrong, but that doesn't mean he didn't try to deactivate it, and Maura could have tried to show him the right way.

      Anyway, I can understand why Flamie didn't, because who would believe her, but what about Goldov and Nachetanya? One possibility is that Goldov wanted a reason to get rid of Adlet, either due to jealousy or him being the Fake. But what about Nachetanya? Granted, she was very emotional and the evidence did point to Adlet, but why didn't she say anything? Could I be wrong and maybe she's the fake? But this leads to another problem for the Fake.

      Assuming the others succeeded and killed Adlet, but the barrier doesn't go away, what then? Granted, we're under the assumption that the fake is working for the Demon God, but how true that is depends on what the motives are for the Fake. Aside from Flamie, who is a half-fiend, what guarantee will they have in not getting killed by the Demon God, unless it was to be made the ruler of what was left of humanity, if they were allowed to survive. I'm starting to suspect that the motives for the fake isn't as clear cut as the others think.

      Oh, and it looks like the theory about there being seven this time is false. There are six petals on the crests, each corresponding with a Brave, so if one dies, one petal goes away. So there is certainly a fake among them.

      Speaking of, it's time for speculation!

      My opinion of Nachetanya has changed in this episode, thanks to my reasoning above. As such, I've downgraded her from "most certainly a Brave" to "possibly a Brave". What happens next will determine where she moves on the meter.

      I think this episode pretty much confirms that Flamie is a Brave, unless she's really good at playing the long game. We don't know her motivations for killing the Demon God, but I think the cliche of her pulling the heel-face turn holds.

      Goldov remains in the "possibly the fake" column for me, but if he is the fake, that means that there was an eighth person here who did activate the barrier.

      Hans remains in the "most certainly a Brave" column, given his actions from the last episode about wanting to get paid.

      Maura remains in the "most certainly a Brave" column, given that she's the level headed member of the group and isn't quite as blood thirsty as the others.

      Chamot remains in the "possible a Brave", because she's quite the blood thirsty child, but there's a chance that she may have activated the barrier, if only to get a shot at Flamie, who she wants to kill, even if she is a Brave. She's also the only other one who's whereabouts cannot be accounted for.

      Things are getting worse for Adlet, but he'll keep smiling, even if he's got five of the most powerful people on the planet after him. Will he succeed in finding the seventh? And is there actually an eighth? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, always carry flash bombs on you. You never know when you need to make a quick escape.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 5

      1 week ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, where the mystery of who the fake is, as well as why they are the fake. More than likely, it's to help the Demon God win.

      In our last episode, we had a brief fight between Adlet, Flamie, Nachetanya, and Goldov. Fortunately, thanks to Adlet, the fight ends in a draw and nobody dying, but we learn that, yes, Flamie did actually kill all those potential Braves. We aren't clear on the exact reason, but all we know is that she really, really wants to kill the Demon God.

      So our four make their way to the rendezvous to meet with the other Braves, but they run into a fiend attack, so they rush to the temple to meet with the other Braves, with Adlet being allowed to go while the others arrive. There, he founds a wounded woman in front of the temple and no way in. So Adlet, being good at what he does, blows it open. It doesn't leave a mark on it, but it does open, allowing living armor to show up and attack him, which he dispatches with ease. And as for that woman, that was actually a fiend, who laughs and leaves. Before Adlet can pursue, a fog covers the temple, which is the one that is used to activate the trap. When Adlet goes in, there's nobody but himself, but somebody did activate it.

      The others arrive asking what happened, but Adlet doesn't know the situation. They attempt to dispel it, but to no avail. It appears they are trapped and will not be able to fight the Demon God. They aren't alone, though. A young girl named Chamot, Saint of Swamps, arrives, and she wants to kill Flamie, because of course she would. Fortunately, Maura Chester (seriously, that name) shows up to stop her, because they need all of the Braves for this one. But she also wants to know who the outsider is. Adlet and the others are confused at first until the final Brave, Hans, arrives. And all seven have the mark of the Six Flowers, which means that one of them is a fake, but who is it? I have my own theory, but whether it's right or not we will have to wait and see.

      Will the Braves escape the fog? And will they find out who the fake is? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with the displaying of the marks, as well as the legend involving the Braves, as well as deciding that the fake is the enemy, but that leaves us with the question of who it is?

      -Whoa, new opening! And wow, it's such a dark theme this time. Actually, it doesn't appear to be that different from the first opening, but there are new scenes. Instead of Adlet looking over the city, it's a black and white shot of the Braves, leading with Adlet in the temple, staring on. The rest of the opening plays out the same until we get to the final shot. It's a panning shot of all of the weapons of the Braves, many of them covered in blood, then a final shot of all of the marks of the Braves, done in black and white, but all of them naked. You'd think it was a fan service shot, and you'd be right, but there's also more to it. We end the opening on the flower that adorned Flamie's head, which is an interesting shot to end on.

      -Tonight's episode is titled The Seventh Brave. We see the battlefield littered with the bodies of Fiends as it appears that Hans does what any good rogue/thief does. Loot the bodies. Adlet, meanwhile, is explaining what happened to... uh, Hans. I thought he'd explain it to everybody else. But it looks like the two are scouting the area, looking for a way out. They do the smart thing in marking the trees, but this gives them some time to talk. Adlet has never heard of Hans' name before and asks for more details, but...


      -What, your'e going to let the possibly chaotic evil Hans spill all the beans? You may be able to charm Nachetanya and Flamie, but I don't think your charms work on men. Adlet doesn't get to ask further as they end up in a big circle, indicated by the marks on the trees. Okay, plan B! Adlet is going to take some string and use that to track his location while Hans uses a stick and traces the ground. The two also run head long into each other. And how did it go?

      -About as well as you expect. And if you look behind Hans, you'll see Adlet's string. They return to the temple where Nachetanya waits for them. At this point, they need to find a way to deactivate the barrier if they want to continue the mission. And they also have to worry about who the fake could be, but it looks like the group already decided on that.

      -And this is what happens when you go killing potential braves, lady! As for where the chains came from, you just have to look to her left to see Goldov standing guard there. Flamie tells Adlet that there's no need for sympathy, but Adlet is going to feel it all the same. He asks Maura how things are going on her end. She's found no way to disable it, but there are two ways of lowering it. First...

      -...Chamot, dear, can you please leave the dangerous weapon alone? That'd be nice. Fortunately, Maura takes the gun from her and puts it in the pile with everybody else's stuff. Anyway, first, they need the person who activated the barrier to deactivate it. Second, that person would have to die. But for now, nothing can penetrate the barrier. And no, the barrier cannot be activated from the outside, so don't ask. And only a human can activate it, so fiends are out. So that means somebody among the seven is working with the Demon God. And already Chamot is accusing Flamie of being that person. So let's kill her and be done with it. She is such a murder happy child, isn't she?

      -Adlet intervenes and expresses his opinion that Flamie is a Brave and not the fake. Chamot is ready to throw down, which may result in a bench clearing brawl, but luckily the cool-headed Maura intervenes. She'd like everybody to introduce themselves, as there are some names she cannot match to the faces she sees. Chamot relents for now, but you know this is going to come to a head later.

      -With that, Maura asks them all to explain what they were doing before they met. When Nachetanya asks why, it's to help find out who the fake is. So Adlet starts first, and of course, he introduces himself as the strongest man... in the world! After a pause for applause, he gives his age (18), his birthplace (Wooro, the Nation of the White Lakes), and his tragic backstory. When he was little, he lost his family, and we fade to black to come back to Adlet continuing his story, which includes...

      -I don't know why, but that line is hilarious to me. Hans, however, says the same thing we've been saying for a while now. Just how many times does he have to say "strongest man in the world"? Maura even asks what that phrase means? Chamot thinks that means he's stronger than her and is ready for that throw down again. Flamie, Goldov, and Nachetanya already have their opinions on that, so we'll move on. Adlet tries to struggle for the meaning, and just says that the strongest in the world is him! Yup, he's an idiot, folks. An idiot who's good at fighting, though.

      -Maura is tired of storyteller Adlet and will listen to his part about the barrier later. Nachetanya decides to go next, and Hans is very excited about listening to the bunny girl. Goldov, already tired of the crap with Adlet, makes it pretty clear to Hans that the only reason he's allowed to speak with her is because they are Braves, but if you read between the lines, you now that he'll just start cutting off heads if anybody so much as tries to cross the line with Nachetanya. What a fun bunch of misfits, right?

      -Nachetanya begins her story, with Adlet thinking about the time they first met, and soon enough, we got to her part where she, Goldov, and Flamie were fighting fiends and then came to the temple, where the barrier was already activated. So Nachetanya pretty much named her alibis, which is good for her, but not so good for anybody else. Next is Goldov, and Adlet is already convinced he isn't a traitor. He goes up to the altar, dragging Flamie up with him, as he gives his introduction. Rude! But during this introduction, he keeps his eyes squarely on Adlet.

      -That is the face of a man who is saying a lot that he isn't saying, and they're all directed at Adlet. So it's time for a bet, folks! Which throw down are we getting first, Adlet vs Chamot, or Adlet vs Goldov? Maura goes next, the Saint of Mountains and the leader of All Heavens Temple. This is the temple that supervises the Saints, though she makes it clear that their job is to keep an eye on them, ensuring that their power isn't misused. Must be tough, being a Saint yourself. And she's quite good, as she's memorized the name, faces, and abilities of all seventy-eight Saints. Well, when you can crush a man with a mountain, right?

      -Chamot explains that, when they get their powers as Saints, they have to greet Maura, though I note that she calls her "obachan". So very rude. Adlet asks if Maura knows Flamie, but she does not. That's not looking good for the Saint of Gunpowder, but Maura suspects she's a newly created Saint, which hasn't happened for a century. We're just setting new precedents today, aren't we?

      -Back to the story. Ten years ago, Maura replaced the previous leader, the Sun Saint Riura, and she believes that, since then, there haven't been any real problems. Though it's been difficult to keep Chamot under control, though. If you think she's bad now, wait until puberty hits her. When the Demon god awoke, she was in the Country of Red Peaks. When she got her mark, she left immediately, then heard of the phantasmal barrier at the fortress. She decided on a plan two days ago, where she waited, in hiding, at the rendezvous point, which is when Hans arrived. When she saw the explosion earlier, she ran to the temple to see what happened here. This accounts for Lauren's story about Braves arriving before Adlet and the others, so it seems like she checks out.

      -Adlet is surprised that somebody of Maura's power didn't know about the barrier, but she did hear of it, but didn't know the details. If she knew this could happen, she would have talked with the Saints involved more carefully. Wait, what was that about? We don't get an explanation for that as it's Chamot's turn. She's the Saint of Swamps and she's fourteen years old. She believes she became a Saint at seven, because she was a little too strong, so whenever she used her power, Maura got mad at her. I can't imagine why. Maura gives her a stare showing her own displeasure and the saint quickly changes the subject. She once entered a martial arts tournament in the Yellow Fruits Country. How did she do?

      -And you thought I was joking when I said that Chamot was murder happy. This is a story that Adlet has heard of, which means if she's the fake, it'll be bad for the rest of them. Oh, and Chamot won by default because everybody else withdrew. They were the smart ones, at least. As for her mark, she was at home when the Demon God awoke. Her parents got her ready for the journey, and depending on what kind of parents they were, either happy or sad to see her chosen. That isn't quite as obvious when you think about it. And then she made it to the Land of the Howling Demons, killed a few fiends, and then came to the temple when she heard all the fuss about it. As for how Chamot met Flamie, well, our Saint of the Gunpowder failed to kill the Saint of Swamps, with Chamot nearly killing her. Flamie, I don't think you're the fake, but I have a low opinion of you if you thought killing a kid was a good idea.

      -Next is Hans turn. This should be fun. His full name is Hans Humpty, but he's very selective and mysterious with his answers. Adlet pegs him as the most suspicious one here. Oh, there s one thing Hans mentions to the others. He's been employed as an assassin, which shocks Nachetanya. How was an assassin chosen as a Brave? Lady, have you seen the group you're with? Don't worry, though, Hans has a pretty good idea as to why he was chosen. If you can defeat the Demon God, you were chosen. Uh... well, that's better than anything we got, so sure, let's go with it. And when Nachetanya continues to object, Hans shoots her down, telling her that plenty of higher-ups in her government have asked him to assassinate someone. Oh, and I should mention Hans does the cat thing where sometimes he'll say "nyow" instead of "now". Because he's a cat, that's why.

      -As it turns out, Hans was already pretty close to the Land of the Howling Demons when he was chosen, so the first thing he did was to meet with this country's king and negotiate how much he'd pay if he were to defeat the Demon God. Okay, so he's Chaotic Neutral until we find out he's the fake, then he's Chaotic Evil. Until then, you should probably watch him just so he doesn't steal something of yours. But this story makes it pretty clear to me that Hans isn't the fake. You don't go asking for a pay day like that unless he was actually chosen. Good thing the King paid up, too, because otherwise they'd never know about the fake.

      -And would you believe that Hans has morals? Well, as moral as any assassin would be. Basically, he doesn't kill unless he gets paid, but he's shocked that the others are doing this for free. Goldov asks if he knew about the barrier, but all Hans was told was something about going to the fortress. But he didn't think it mattered, so he ignored him. He heard it all from Maura, though. Adlet wonders about this, though. Why would the king not tell him about the barrier? But Chamot has a very important question to ask.

      -You're being rude again, Chamot. But Hans rolls with it and answers. His sword style is based off of cats, and he created it by imitating how cats move. So you could say that cats were his master. And now you can sleep soundly knowing that cats are capable of killing you without you ever noticing it. But this is why he talks like them, out of respect. And they called Adlet insane. And lastly, we get to Flamie. Everybody turns to her, interested in hearing her story, but she says something. Maura makes it rather clear that if she remains silent, it'll only worsen her position. She asks how it can be worse than now? Uh, you could be killed without completing your mission? That would be worse.

      -So to help her case, Flamie asks one of them to remove her eyepatch and covering from her head. Maura is the one to do it, and we get to see why it's covered up.

      -The others are shocked to see what's there. And we learn what it is. A horn, or the remains of one. And we learn more, but I feel like if I told you, it'd lose the impact, so have a shot of it instead.

      -As if I didn't need enough convincing to know Flamie isn't the fake. Oh, and we see what appears to be the beating heart of the Demon God in her right eye. Well, this changes a lot, doesn't it? After a fade to black, we return to her story. Twenty years ago, some fiends infiltrated the human world, with their goal to create a pawn who, when the Demon God revived, could fight the Braves. And our poor girl was that unlucky pawn. And just to twist the cliche, her father was human. She doesn't know what he looked like or why he did this, but after his mother was impregnated, he was killed. So either he was in on the plan or was a reluctant participant. If the former, then we have two Gendo Parent of the Year candidates in this show. I never thought I'd see the day.

      -As for Flamie, she was born of a fiend mother and raised by fiends, who kidnapped many people and took them to the Land of the Howling Demons and forced them to build a shrine to the God of Gunpowder. And that's where she gained the Saint of the Gunpowder's power, making her the first. As her mother hoped, Flamie grew strong, and in accordance with her orders, left the Land of the Howling Demons to further the Demon God's revival. She never had a second doubt, and despite being half human, she considered herself a fiend. She believed the Demon God was a wonderful being who would protect and guide them. Well, this changes a lot of things, doesn't it?

      -Maura asks Flamie why she decided to defeat the Demon God? Would they believe her, even if she did tell them? But Maura seems convinced that Flamie is the real deal and wants to know, but makes it clear that the Saint of Gunpowder is the most suspicious person here. But Adlet has a question. Only a human can activate the barrier, right? So wouldn't a half-fiend like Flamie not be able to activate it? Hans thinks it is possible, explaining that this temple has things that keep the fiends out, which was the Saint of Salt's pillars. And Flamie was able to make it in, which means she can do things that are impossible for a human and impossible for a fiend. The best of both worlds, which Flamie confirms. Though she denies activating the barrier. And if everything that Maura says is true, then from her perspective, the Saint of Mountain's is just another suspect. She's just throwing all kinds of shade, isn't she?

      -And thanks to that, everything they thought means that somebody is still lying, and so any one of them could be the fake. Adlet gets concerned that he might get suspected if he isn't careful. Don't worry, buddy. You're the protagonist, so there is no way you can be the fake. If you were, then I would have a ton of problems with that.

      -But Adlet will worry about getting suspected later. For now, he needs to dispel the suspicion concerning Flamie. As for the Saint of Gunpowder, she says that, for the moment, all she can say is that she isn't the fake. Talk about not helping your case at all. Chamot, however, needs no convincing that Flamie is the fake and would like to kill her now. Adlet objects, but Chamot takes the objection a different way. Torture? Sure, why not.

      -I'm starting to change my opinion on Chamot and her status as the fake. Fortunately, Hans is there to make the suggestion that Flamie isn't the fake. Simply put, if she was the fake, why is Adlet still alive? Well, because our boy is very smart, very charismatic, and rolled a natural twenty when it mattered the most. But Hans puts it in a simple term. Once they were all gathered, it would be clear there was a fake, which would be the worst possible situation for the seventh. Flamie would be above suspicion of that, since her name and face is known as the Brave-Killer, so she'd be the one killed as a result. Chamot doesn't disagree with that, allowing him to continue. The fake would need to stop all of them from gathering, no matter what, and from what he's heard, Flamie had plenty of chances to kill the Strongest Man... in the world! And I'm going to be honest, I typed that all up before this.


      -Sometimes I do go back to earlier scenes usually no more than a few seconds, just to catch what was heard, but the timing here was too perfect. Flamie confirms that she had plenty of chances to kill Adlet. One of those chances was that she walked in front of him for a long time. Nachetanya and Maura call him out for his stupidity, but in his defense, he didn't know she was the Brave-Killer. But for Hans, Adlet being alive is proof enough that Flamie can't be the fake. What would she accomplish if she was and had them all gather here? Maura agrees with Hans suggestion, but it seems like Nachetanya wants to argue otherwise. This also means that, without realizing it, Adlet cleared Flamie of suspicion by doing nothing but being his usual self. Hooray!

      -Chamot would really like to torture Flamie, though, but Hans tells her later. Chaotic Neutral at work, folks, though I'm starting to wonder if we should classify Chamot has Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil without her being the fake? Yes, she is young, but you wouldn't think she'd be so murder happy like this. And she's upset that so many people are talking back to her, too. Not helping your case, little lady!

      -So, with that little makeshift trial done, what do they do now? Well, first, Nachetanya is going to collapse for a bit now. Adlet doesn't think of it at first then her just being tired, but he sees Goldov's worried face and knows something is up. But he doesn't get a chance to ask more. Instead, he's asked about what happened with the barrier, and be as detailed as possible. You're going to regret this one, Maura.

      -One obvious time cut later, Adlet reaches the temple doors, the transforming fiend left, but Chamot already killed it, which means that they don't have any opportunity to get information from it. Maura thinks they wouldn't get anything from it anyway. So Adlet blows open the door, which Maura had the key for, and was attacked by the living armor that was created by the Saint of Seals. They attack any who open the door without following proper procedure. Which explains why he was attacked, but then that asks the question of who was able to get in without getting attacked? This paints suspicions of Maura as a result. Though the fog did start rising when Adlet had his back turned, so somebody could have sneaked in and out before he could see them.

      -So Adlet finishes his story and suspects that the barrier was activated right after he blew the door open, which he could confirm by seeing the sword inside of the dias. Of course, there was no sign of anybody being in the temple, which just asks more questions. As he gets down the stairs, he checks on Nachetanya, who asks him to not think of her as unreliable. She just got a little upset. She takes his hand in hers, which gets him to blush, though I suspect more was being said in that expression, which Adlet caught on to.

      -Adlet understands, telling Nachetanya that she'd be more likely to play a trick than to be discouraged, which gets her upset from that, though we get some lingering shots of Flamie and Goldov, which makes me wonder just what exactly is going on with the princess? Hans, however, interrupts this little romantic moment and asks Adlet if he isn't misremembering anything. No, he's pretty certain he isn't, but Hans gives him his last chance to change his story, because there won't be any take-backs. Oh, I don't like where this is going.

      -Hans asks Adlet if he's sure the sword was already in the dias, which he confirms. And it seems like everybody else is seeing something obvious that we're not seeing yet. Hans tells Adlet that sneaking in and out is his speciality as an assassin, and that people in his line of work most fear the Saint of Seals, and the Saint made all kinds of doors that either won't open, or once closed, can never open again. Or maybe iron bars will descend if you open them. Long story short, she's caused him all kinds of trouble. How terrible for you, Hans.

      -Anyway, the point Hans is trying to make is that he knows a lot about the Seal Saint's doors. There's a long pause, making Adlet worry, but Hans continues, saying that this particular set of doors are incredibly strong, but once it opens, it won't close again. Adlet doesn't understand what he's asking, but that's the question Hans is asking. It is a strange story, because when he came here, the door was shut, and the barrier activated around the same time he broke the door, but how did the one who activated the barrier enter? Adlet tries to suggest that there were other ways to get in, but Hans, losing his eye-covering bangs, tells him that it was impossible to enter the temple before he destroyed the door. Which means his worst fear has come to pass. Suspicion has fallen upon him. And it looks like Goldov is more than happy to throw down with Adlet. Same with Chamot, who was looking for an excuse to kill somebody.

      -Hans tells him to think very hard, because there are no other entrances into the temple. And thanks to the Salt Saint's pillars, no fiends can approach the temple, which means we have a locked room situation. In this instance, could anyone enter the temple except for Adlet? Cue credits!

      -Our next episode is titled A Trap and a Rout. Adlet is caught in the trap, but can he escape from it?

      So, the obvious answer to Adlet's situation is that somebody snuck in when the doors were opened, because the barrier didn't activate right away. He attempted to chase after the fiend when the fog arose, so it's entirely possible for somebody to get in and get out without him noticing, but it didn't leave that person a lot of time to do it. Though Adlet does have another way out of this. He can attempt to release the barrier in front of them, and when it doesn't go away, he'll be removed from suspicion. Hell, that's the other way to do it. Have them all try to dispel the barrier. The one who refuses is the obvious fake.

      Now, as for who raised the barrier, outside of somebody else, only two people are the ones who cannot be accounted for, which are Adlet and Chamot. I say those two because Flamie, Goldov, and Nachetanya arrived in the temple almost at the same time, and so far, nobody has said anything about being apart from one another. If that was the case, Flamie would have said something, if they would believe her, or the Goldov and Nachetanya would, unless they're playing some sort of long game here.

      It also seems like Maura and Hans were together, as well, even if they entered in the Temple separately, so while Hans is good at sneaking about, I suspect he can't sneak around Maura so well, depending on how her powers work. This leaves only Adlet and Chamot, and we know Adlet didn't do it because we saw what he saw, so unless there's some weird animation styles at work here, it can't be him. Which would mean Chamot had to be the one, but why? Perhaps she saw Flamie at a distance and wanted to lock her in so she can kill her with ease? Though if she's the fake, then she probably wouldn't waste her time and just get to the killing right away.

      But like I mentioned with Adlet earlier, if he was the fake and he was the one who activated the barrier, then I would have a lot of problems with that, starting with the fact that we did see him get his mark, and that if he was the fake, how did he get the mark to begin with? It wasn't on there before, and his hands weren't covered up while he was in jail, too, so we'd see it. Though I think I'll go back and rewatch those parts of that was the case. But still, if Adlet was the fake, then it'd be a really dumb twist.

      Which leads to our favorite part of these entires. It's time to figure out who the fake is!

      There seems to be a lot going on with Nachetanya, and whatever that is, we won't know about it until later, but we know she didn't activate the barrier as she was with Goldov and Flamie at the time. Even before this, I don't think she would be the fake, because despite her own strength, I don't see her going out of her way to kill the Demon God unless it was a duty of hers or she had something else in mind.

      I always knew Flamie was above suspicion, but this episode more or less confirmed it. We learn that she's a half-fiend, and before being chosen, we know that she was killing potential Braves. But what made her change her mind? Could it be that, when she was chosen, she was giving something akin to the dream Adlet had, and there is when she saw the truth of the Demon God? It would explain why she's gun-ho about killing the Demon God, but also explains why she thinks the other Braves would want to kill her.

      I'm still uncertain on Goldov. He's loyal to the Princess, and he didn't raise the barrier, but it's possible he's the fake. He wouldn't be the fake to protect the Demon God, though, but to protect Nachetanya, who he fell in love with. As reasons go, it is rather bad, but obviously, when they enter the Land of the Howling Demons, he'll be wishing he had that poison immunity.

      Without Hans' comment at the end, I would have been suspicious of Maura, since she had the key, but if these doors don't open again when they close, then it's likely Maura isn't the fake... unless she's able to phase through the dirt. If she is the fake, hoo boy, is everybody in trouble.

      I've upgraded Chamot to "suspicious", just because of how murder happy she is in wanting to kill Flamie, and now Adlet. Then again, if she was the fake, I don't think she'd waste any time in killing the others, unless Maura stays her hand.

      Lastly, we have Hans, who, despite being mysterious, doesn't seem to be the type to be a fake. Unless his acting is quite good, one doesn't negotiate a payment from the King of the Iron Hills unless they were chosen and wanted to get money out of this. Still, if somebody was going to play the long game, it'd probably be him, but it's also rather cliche, so I don't think he is.

      Of course, there are two possibilities that we didn't discuss before that is still possible. One is that seven were chosen this time for some unknown reason, and lastly, it could be that they're all fakes, but that seems less likely. No, I think there's only one fake, and right now, the people I'm absolutely certain aren't the fakes are Adlet, Flamie, Hans, and Nachetanya. This leaves Goldov, Maura, and Chamot as the likely suspects, and of those three, I'm still sticking with Goldov as my suspect for being a fake, but not because he's in league with the Demon God, but that he wants to protect Nachetanya. Though, thinking on it, he could have raised the barrier just for that reason, too.

      Who was the one who raised the barrier? Can Adlet convince the others that he isn't the fake? And will the Braves be able to complete their mission? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, make sure to keep guns out of the hands of murder happy children. Because you aren't afraid they'll hurt themselves, but that they hurt somebody else and love it, too.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 4

      2 weeks ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, featuring Braves that want to kill other Braves because of reasons.

      In our last episode, we spent a lot of time with Adlet and Flamie, learning more about her personality. She's a Saint of the Gundpowder, something Adlet has never heard of, though he knows of guns, and apparently she's interested in killing the Demon God by herself because... reasons. She also doesn't want to be around other Braves because she's convinced that they will want to kill one another because, again, reasons. She's trying to be very mysterious, you know?

      Anyway, the duo make it to the isthmus of the Land of the Howling Demons, where they run into a fortress which is there solely to protect the Braves back by activating a magic fog that will trap fiends in there, sacrificing their lives in the process. But it's all for the greater good. One of the Braves is waiting there as a backup, in case they need to activate the spell.

      Though it does look like Flamie's prediction comes to pass. She is suddenly attacked by Nachetanya and Goldov, and unlike Flamie, they have a reason. She is suspected to be the Braves-Killer, and that makes her dangerous to their mission.

      Will Adlet prevail in keeping everybody from killing each other, or are we getting our first casualty right now? Let's tune in and find out.

      -As a recap, Flamie, playing the role of Brynhildr, tells Adlet, playing the role of Sigurd, to not point his kindness at her, because it makes her want to kill him. Before Adlet can question this, Nachetanya and Goldov attack, and we get a battle between the Braves, because... reasons! We're going to hear this reason at some point, right? Because it's one thing to be mysterious, but another to be so mysterious that it's a detriment to the group.

      -Looks like we aren't getting our legends opening, which means I'll have to find another way to insert a baseball pun in later. Anyway, tonight's episode is titled The Heroes Gather, apparently forgetting that they're trying to kill each other. Adlet stands to draw his sword, demanding to know what the hell is going on, but Goldov, who is totally not jealous, attacks him. Yeah, they're going to get along super well.

      -Adlet, being basically a fantasy Batman (you guys come up with great references, by the way), had dirt in his hands, squeezing it to blind Goldov long enough to stop attacking. But then he sees that Flamie is going to kill him, so he throws a rock to make her miss her shot. Oh, Adlet, it's going to be a long adventure for you, won't it? Nachetanya and Goldov attempt to rush Flamie, but Adlet just yells at them all to stop, and surprisingly enough, they do. But what probably helps is that he says that Flamie is one of the Six. And to help prove his point, he grabs Flamie by her arm and removes her glove, showing off her crest. Well, this just turned into a whole new type of awkward.

      -So Adlet wants to know why everybody is trying to kill one another. Nachetanya tells him that Flamie is the Braves-Killer, and this is solid information that Goldov gathered. And here's where you expect Flamie to deny all of that, because it's totally a lie, right?


      -Flamie doesn't deny it. She even gives off the names of her kills, even saying that Goldov and Nachetanya were potential targets. Oh, and tons more that haven't been named. Tough Adlet wasn't a target, since he's an unknown to her. He then asks if she killed the Saint of the Sun. Nope, she had nothing to do with that one, but she was on the list. What, were all of these people involved in the brutal deaths of your family and now you're seeking revenge? That be crazy thinking right there.

      -While Nachetanya tries to get Adlet over to them, he's more curious about what Flamie would go killing potential Braves. They really, really to develop their farm teams if they want another shot at the title. Her reason is to bring about the Demon god, thinking that if she killed all the strong warriors, only the weak would remain to be chosen. No, there's something of about that, because she would have killed Adlet the first chance she got, and she never did.

      -Goldov and Nachetanya go in to attack, hearing all they need to know, but Adlet gets in their way, stoping their advance. Flamie is caught off guard by this, as well, but Adlet has a pretty good reason why Flamie isn't giving the whole truth. If she was working for the Demon God, she would never be one of the chosen Six. Of course, we don't know how this works, but that seems like a pretty good argument. And yes, she has killed other potential Braves, there is no denying that, but her real reason isn't to revive the Demon God. There's another reason, and it's probably for revenge. Flamie doesn't explain, but she confirms Adlet is correct.

      -Nachetanya doesn't believe her, but Adlet does. Or at least, he believes that Flamie's desires to defeat the Demon God are real. Even if she was an enemy before, she's definitely on their side now. Like getting a star player from a hated rival. He also makes it clear that, if this fight is to continue, he'll take Flamie's side. Goldov is more than willing to take a crack at Adlet, but Nachetanya hesitates. She then decides to side with Adlet on this one, though she does warn him to be careful, as he's easily fooled. And she should know, because she did it once before! Adlet isn't worried, because...

      -I'm starting to think you don't know what that word means, Adlet. He turns to Flamie to lower her gun, which she does with great reluctance. As for Nachetanya, she's trusting Adlet on this one, but will be keeping an eye on Flamie because she distrusts her.

      -Either these two will be the best of friends or one will murder the other before it's all said and done. It's a coin toss at this point. Goldov already dislikes her just for being a killer, but disrespecting the Princess? You've earned his rage now. Though he does look a bit sad, too. That is rather interesting. Maybe that's how he expresses his anger?

      -So now that everybody is not trying to kill each other, it's time for a game plan. First, no horses thanks to the many, many fights with fiends. They did speak with Lauren, though, probably shortly after they did, so they know about the temple with the fog machine. Maura, the Saint of the Mountains, should be waiting for them there. They're all in agreement, even Flamie. So they start the trip, but Adlet just has all the ladies hating on him. Flamie won't show any appreciation for "saving her life", and as for Nachetanya, she can't help but see how close they got within half a day.

      -Nachetanya won't let her role of "fan service girl" be stolen by some upstart! Of course, her reasoning is that men like girls like Flamie, who give this aura that men want to protect her. I think she's fine in the protection department, what with her gun and all. Adlet just sighs, wondering why everybody is giving him trouble for trying not get everybody killed and attempts to run into the group... except he runs into Goldov, who is a good head taller than Adlet. And wow, that is some stare.

      -If looks could freeze your soul, right? Adlet introduces himself properly, including his line about being the strongest man in the world, and after a moment, asks Goldov to keep the whole "Braves-killer" thing to himself, since they're on a mission from God, after all. But Goldov is more curious about something else.

      -Either Goldov is saying that as an accusation, or he's genuine curious, because he'd like to win over the Princess. He's very monotone, so it could go either way. Adlet asks if the knight is concerned about him getting close to Nachetanya, but he denies it in a very unconvincing manner. But Adlet assures him that what he thinks may have happened didn't happen. The two talked about many things, adding that Nachetanya relies on Goldov a lot, so he should keep her save, okay? Of course Goldov will. He's the only one who can. Geez, you try to compliment a guy and just get blown off for almost no reason. What a jerk.

      -The group makes their way through a nearby jungle, but Goldov notices what appears to be birds flying over head. But Adlet gets a good look at them with his eyeglass. They aren't birds, but fiends that can fly. Oh, and they are dive bombers, too. Well, this just keeps getting better and better. The group makes a run for it to the barrier, and as they're running, Nachetanya starts accusing Flamie of doing something, since she's the Saint of Gunpowder. Is now really the time for accusations? Besides, they've got an army of fiends to fight.

      -They got no time to deal with fiends, so Goldov rushes in to clear the path, killing a few fiends single-handedly. But then he faces off with a very large one, and this one can talk as he orders the Braves to be surrounded. Well, the others won't let him have all the fun as Nachetanya summons blades to fall upon the fiends from the sky. They go after her, but Flamie is there to provide cover. The three continue to fight, allowing Adlet an opening to the temple, which he takes, because as the strongest man in the world, it's his job to save them when things get bad. Does he realize he's in a story and that he's the main protagonist? Nachetanya yells at him to stop breaking the fourth wall already!

      -Adlet soon arrives at the temple, which is the same one that appeared in opening and ending credits, where they all gather. He finds a woman on the ground, injured, but asks him to head towards the temple to try to activate it. Except there's a lock and the injured woman doesn't have a key. Well, they don't have time to find the key, so they have to use some unconventional methods to open it. You cut the knot.

      -Or, in this case, you blow it up. And wouldn't you know, it actually worked. Well, it opened the door, but didn't exactly blow it open. But now Adlet has another problem to deal with. Living armor. Oh, and that injured woman? She was actually a fiend. That's not good. He tries to pursue, but then, a fog suddenly forms around the temple. Adlet knows what that means, so he enters the temple to where the altar is and finds that it has been activated. But who activated it? There's nobody there. Very odd. Where did they go?

      -The others soon join Adlet, asking why the barrier was activated? Don't ask him, he just got here. But that means they've been sealed in, as well. Goldov tries to turn it off by removing the sword, but that doesn't work. So Adlet tries something else. He recalls the Saint of the Salt did a similar barrier the last time around, citing a passage that indicated how it was dispelled, mainly, pulling out the sword and cutting his hand, dripping his blood on the dias and commanding the barrier to be released. Except the fog isn't going away. Damn barriers! You'd think they'd include instructions for turning it off!

      -Nachetanya straight up loses it, breaking the tablet and flinging a piece of paper off to the side. To the surprise of all, Flamie is the one to calm her down. Time for a brainstorming session... except they have company. And it's the most terrifying thing they've ever faced in there long battle!

      -A cute child! Roll for a will save immediately! And whatever number it is, it's too low. Flamie is shocked to see this child as they recognize Goldov and Nachetanya. Then they point to Adlet and decide to call him a guy with a weird belt. So precious. When Adlet asks who they are, we get to meet Chamot Rosso, the Saint of Swamps. So she's a girl, then, given the rules established in the show. Oh, and she's one of the chosen Six, too. Talk about being desperate for help, right?

      -As for introductions, Adlet introduces himself as the strongest man in the world, revealing his own crest. Though Chamot questions this, because she is the strongest in the world. And yes, Adlet has heard of her strength, but he's the strongest of this generation. Though apparently, Chamot is suppose to be as powerful as the Saint of the Single Flower, which puts her in a very exclusive club, but Adlet denounces that, saying that he's actually the strongest one in the world. And it seems like Chamot gets it.

      -Well, look who became an instant favorite. Anyway, now that the five are together, they have an important thing they must do.


      -And just like that, Chamot stopped being a favorite. With this declaration, Flamie is ready to fight, and it looks like Chamot is going to strike by biting her wand... weed thing, but Nachetanya stops her. Looks like Flamie's reputation is well known as being a Braves-Killer, and she may have killed somebody important to Chamot. Oh, this is going to be so awkward. Fortunately, another person arrives to to dispel the ordeal for now. It's Maura Chester, the Saint of Mountains and the leader of All Heavens Temple. Now why would you give her a last name like "Chester"? Are you trying to point them out?

      -Maura sees Flamie in fighting position, and it appears our Mountain Saint is the cool beauty like I thought she was. She berates Chamot for being self-centered, and she'll listen to whatever excuses she has later. For now, keep your mouth shut, kid. And with that, nobody is killing anybody yet. Except Maura sees a little problem. They have an outsider. This is when we meet the last of the Six Braves, Hans Humpty, and he's really happy to see so many pretty girls among the Six. Wait... six. There should be six. But there are seven here. Maura asks who the outsider is, but Adlet is the one who has to say it. Everybody, show off your crests.

      -Adlet goes first, showing off the crest on his right hand. Flamie then shows hers off, which is on the left hand. We then have Nachetanya, with her crests being on her chest. Goldov shows off his, located on his right shoulder. Hans shows ff his, located on his chest, over his heart. Chamot reveals hers, located on her right thigh. And finally we have Maura, located on the small of her back. And this leads to our problem. The legend says six, but there are Seven Braves. Still two short of a full lineup.

      -We then learn the story of the Saint of the Single Flower once more, who split her power into six pieces for the generations to come. Every Brave bears one piece, which is why there are always Six Braves. No more, no less. Adlet asks if it's possible for there to be Seven, but Maura claims this isn't the case. Nachetanya asks if maybe the Goddess of Fate decided they needed seven this time around? Also, can we stop spinning the camera already? I'm getting dizzy.

      -Hans already comes up with the solution. One of them is a fake. Adlet asks why, but obvious the fake won't admit to it, and if they aren't an enemy, what would they be? Which means they've decided that one of them is a fake, the enemy, and that's bad for them. Adlet has to reluctantly agree to this, but this leads to the question. Which one of these seven is the fake? Which one is the enemy looking to subdue the Six Braves? Cue credits!

      -Huh, the credits are different this time. Before, we had the silhouette of Adlet, but now, we have Nachetanya. And in the group shot, she's the one colored in while the others are all shaded. Also sounds like the ED is different, too. The ending is rather similar to Adlet's, only focusing more on Nachetanya, where we see her as a child, as well as her meeting with Goldov. Geez, I wonder when he fell in love with her?

      -As the song continues, we have Adlet and Goldov, lacing opposite ways, indicating her own feelings for them. Then we have Nachetanya fulfilling her roll as the Fan Service Bunny Girl by being in sexy poses, ending in the same face turning pose as Adlet did in the first ending.

      -Next time, The Seventh Brave.

      And so, the Braves have all gathered together, but we now have more questions than answers. One of the more pressing questions is, who activated the barrier, and where did they go? It looks like there's only one way in or out, and it sounded like the one who activates the barrier is staying behind. Was it a trap by the fiends, or is there more to this than is let on?

      And now, our Six plus one have gathered together, but he question is, who is the fake? It's rather early still, but let's see what we have so far.

      First, Adlet cannot be the fake. We saw him get his Crest, so he's above board. That leaves the others in question, so let's go over this one more time.

      So far, I don't believe Nachetanya to be a fake. What reason would she have to join up with the Braves, unless she felt it was her duty or she deserved to be one of the Braves. Even so, I don't see her being a fake, because it doesn't make sense for her to be one, since the fake would probably be in line with the Demon God.

      I also don't think Flamie is the fake, because she still screams "in league with Demon God and Braves-Killer" that she can't be anything but the real deal. Why she killed other potential Braves is a mystery, but it sounds like she wants to kill the Demon God herself for some reason. And I bet she'll be the first accused of being the fake.

      Next we have Goldov, who went from "nearly certainly not the fake" to "possible fake". Now, you may be asking why I did that. I mean, wouldn't the fake be in line with the Demon God? Not in Goldov's case. He is so devoted to Nachetanya that I fully believe he would give himself a fake crest to join and protect her. He even said it in his introduction episode. He puts her life above all others. So maybe a fake, but with good intentions.

      Next we have Chamot, who is one creepy child, but I don't believe to be the fake unless she's just that murderous. She wants Flamie dead, but that could be for revenge purposes. A relative or master must have been killed by Flamie in her mission to kill other Braves because of... reasons.

      Maura is next, and I don't think she's a fake, mainly due to the location of her crest. I assume the fake would have to tattoo it on themselves somehow, so it doesn't just rub off. Yes, I know magic is involved, but I imagine anybody with enough magical sense can tell if it's a fake. Then again, we don't know how this works, exactly, but I'm willing to believe that Maura can't be the fake because the crest is in a spot that would be difficult to tattoo... unless she had help.

      This then leads us to Hans, who, like Flamie, screams "traitor" that he can't be one. We don't know his tale, but I think he's going to be more than happy to kill fiends.

      Going back to what i said about Maura, if you faked the Crest, and unless you had help, you'd probably put it on a location of your body that is easy for you to do, as well as easily cover. We saw Adlet get his and Maura's is on the small of her back, so they're both out of the running for being the traitor. This leaves Nachetanya, Goldov, Flamie, Hans, and Chamot. And based on my current deduction, my pick for the fake is Goldov.

      Though, once they're in the Land of the Howling Demons, we'll find out real quick who the fake is. Will the team find out in time before it's too late? And will somebody try to shank Flamie in her sleep because of what she did? And what if there actually are Seven this time around? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when you see a cute little girl walking into a fiend infested fog, treat her as the most dangerous thing in the room, because she could probably kill you with her mind without a second though.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 3

      2 weeks ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, the show where a Brave is killing other Braves.

      In our last episode, we saw Adlet and Nachetanya making their way west in order to meet up with the other Six Braves to deal with the Demon God. There is concern, of course, because being Braves makes them a target for the fiends to kill and to make it just that much harder to deal with the Demon God, and there is precedence for that. Rather quickly, the two are forced to fight to protect refugees from a fiend attack, and while it was her first life or death battle, Nachetanya did a pretty good job for herself.

      Sadly, when the refugees left their village, they left behind a girl staying with them, so Adlet goes to help her, leaving Nachetanya beyond to deal with another horde of fiends.

      Adlet soon finds the girl in question, a gunslinger, who helped rescue a dog that was left behind. Though she's cautious around Adlet, who introduces himself as a Brave, since he sees that the girl is one. That girl's name is Flamie, and she asks Adlet if he's come to kill her.

      The reason is because Goldov, was sent to investigate the Braves-Killer, somebody who was killing potential Braves, and he came to learn that Flamie was the name of the Braves-Killer. Is this accusation true, or is there more to this story? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Legends say that one day, six Braves will come together, forming the heart of the lineup and bat over four hundred, leading the team to several world championships, leaving their mark on the world forever.

      -After the OP, we cut to Nachetanya asking Goldov about the Braves-Killer case, which is when he reveals the name of the killer, who happens to be a gunslinger and also another Braves, who Adlet is meeting personally. Some protagonists have all the luck, right?

      -Tonight's episode is titled The Girl Who Kills Braves. Flamie has Adlet at gun point, but has heard of his name before. And that reputation is him being a cowardly warrior at the Piena tournament. Also...


      -I get the feeling you didn't leave a good impression at the tournament, Adlet, but that may just be me. Adlet responds with, of course, "I'm the strongest man in the world." And using every method at his disposal to win isn't cowardly. And he certainly is no cowardly warrior. Just ask those fiends he killed back down the road about that. He asks Flamie to put the gun done, but she doesn't. Instead, she wants to know where his companions are? Well, they're down the road near that pile of bodies he was talking about. He mentions Nachetanya, and that she's a Princess and a Blade saint. Great, now he can pass along a message to them. Her name is Flamie Speeddraw, the Saint of Gunpowder, and screw the rest of you Braves, she'll fight the Demon God on her own. Well, isn't she a cheery person?

      -So Flamie won't kill Adlet, but it's very much a "stay out of my way and I'll stay out of your way." Adlet tries to argue his case, but she fires his gun to scare the horse, distracting him long enough to escape. Of course, this doesn't stop our possibly lovestruck hero, so he grabs his case and sends his horse back to go look for the gunslinger. He's able to find her trail, but he hears some rustling leaves, making him think she's there. She isn't, because she placed another distraction there. This girl is good at making distractions to run away.

      -Adlet gets pissed and starts looking for Flamie in the forest with an eyeglass and catches her out of the corner of his eye. We see that she's keeping tabs on him through your standard hunting tactics and knows that he's close. The chase continues until Adlet is able to cut her off at a creek. Both Braves are breathing hard, and when she questions why he chased her, he simply doesn't know. See, it's love, which means Nachetanya has a rival. Oh, this is going to end poorly, isn't it? But Flamie herself tries to make it clear again that she doesn't want to be followed.

      -You know, I make fun of Nachetanya for being essentially the fan service bunny girl of the show, what with her semi-fetish outfit with a low cut top and where her mark is, but then I see Flamie here and I have to ask "Were they designed by two different people that tried to one up the other in the fan service department?" So, anyway, Flamie will shot Adlet if he keeps following, but he's just pissed off, calling her a moron and reminding her that there son way she can kill the Demon God alone. That is quite true, since even with a full six of them, some still died in the end. Adlet tries to convey teamwork, but Flamie decides she'll just have to proof she can win on her own. Well, that certainly didn't take long.

      -Adlet draws his own sword and asks Flamie why she won't meet with the other Braves? She's fully convinced that she will be killed if she does. Adlet questions this, but Flamie offers him a choice. Hear the reason and then get to the killing, or don't hear the reason and they try to kill one another. That isn't much of a choice, is it? Of course, there is a third option. Turn and leave. After a moment, Adlet sheathes his sword, not looking to kill anybody, but he isn't interested in leaving, either. Flamie is certain that if she does tell Adlet why, he'll try to kill her, so she'll go kill the Demon god on her own. Kthxbye.

      -After a moment, Adlet takes out his smoke bomb and throws it at Flamie, covering the area with smoke. This allows him to get close to her without getting shot and stealing her pack. He's decided to change the terms of the agreement. Either she tries to kill him in one shot, or he runs away with her stuff. She demands the return of her things, but Adlet won't. He's heard plenty about guns, and their one weakness is that gunslingers can't fight without bullets. He also does the smart thing of putting her pack in between him and where she's aiming, so she'll shoot that instead. And even if she gets her pack back, he'll keep chasing her. Just admit you fell in love at first sight and get it over with, already. That will certainly throw her off her game.

      -This goes on for a little bit, but soon enough, Adlet starts walking away, tying the pack around his neck. While he admits that he doesn't understand Flamie's situation, she is still looking to go into the Land of the Howling Demons alone, as well as her threat of killing other Braves. But Adlet makes it clear that, as the strongest man in the world, he won't leave one of his own alone if they're in trouble. So he's going to save her, whether she likes it or not. He then turns his back on her, and while she aims, planning for that kill shot, she decides against it. Apparently Adlet's personality won her over. Though it does appear that Adlet wasn't too convinced himself.

      -There are many things we can say about Adlet, but stupid isn't one of them. We return to the village to see that Nachetanya and Goldov are cleaning things up. We see that Goldov's weapon appears to be a large sword attached to a chain, because of course he has to have one. Nachetanya attempts to impale a fiend into a trap she made, but it's able to stop itself, forcing Goldov to finish it off. Then another demon arrives and he's forced to kill it, as well. But really, were the extra flips necessary for that?

      -With the fiends killed, the two are able to take a breath. That's when Adlet's horse finds them. In it is a note, where he tells Nachetanya that he went after another one of the Braves, so to forget about him and meet at the rendezvous point. Goldov isn't too keen on the name, as he heard about the incident at the tournament, but more importantly, he ran off and left the princess behind. Nachetanya ignores the comment, and instead, gets on his horse and hopes the creature will take her to him. Seems our Princess has grown attached to the strongest man in the world. Just wait until she meets Flamie.

      -Goldov isn't happy, though, and has learned from Rainhawk what kind of man Adlet is. Not only did he act in a cowardly manner in the tournament, but he deceived and kidnapped Nachetanya. Well, somebody's holding a grudge. The Princess defends Adlet's character and thinks that he and Goldov will get along quite well. Besides, she's happy to go on this journey.

      -I know I made the joke before, but I think we do have the makings of a love triangle here. Or maybe more, because I think Goldov is in love with Nachetanya, and he's quite disappointed to hear her sing Adlet's praises. Oh, but what makes going on a journey with him better? It's really fun to tease him. Goldov starts asking if, perhaps, the two of them did something together, but she can't make out his mumbling, but noticed that in the short time since they last met, something changed in him. Goldov decides not to press the matter, which is probably a good answer because he might get an answer he really doesn't want to hear.

      -We check back in with Adlet and Flamie, still walking together. While he doesn't understand the situation she's in, he's very serious about protecting her. After all, she is one of the Six Braves Flamie isn't interested in the small talk and tells him to get back to walking, mule. Yeah, just a big ball of fun, right?

      -We fade out, obviously indicating a commercial, before returning to our two Braves out in the forest. Adlet tells a story about how guns were made, which was about thirty years ago, and it was done so by miniaturizing cannons. Makes sense. But despite that, they still don't hit that hard and firing them takes time. There was also a story that they couldn't be used against fiends, but Flamie's gun has defeated many fiends, so either someone's made a gun that can defeat fiends, her her ability to kill fiends is why she's the Saint of Gunpowder. Or, just made, that person who said that is a lying liar who lies. Just throwing that out there.

      -But back to that saint part. He's never heard of a Gunpowder Saint and asks Flamie where her temple is. Also, if she has any extra, he could use some explosives. Flamie, however, doesn't answer. She'll follow him, but that's about all she'll do. Adlet gets fed up with the silent treatment and wants her to answer his questions. Just who in the hell do you think he is?

      -Oh, I'm starting to like her. She also adds that he's an out-of-control idiot. Looks like Adlet has a limit to his patience, as we see him trying to control himself with a facepalm, but he takes a deep breath of that hand, which held Nachetanya's hand, showing that he hasn't quite forgotten about her. Flamie, however, can see the significance of that and tells him that if he's worried about the Princess, why not go back? We also see that she covered quite the gap between the two, almost getting her pack back. Adlet tries to play it cool and say that he isn't concerned about her, or at least, he isn't as concerned about her as he is about Flamie. Yeah, I don't think the Tsundere thing is going to work on her, Adlet.

      -Though Flamie is shocked that Nachetanya would be chosen as a Brave. She just didn't have a good battling average in the minors, you know? Between the princess and Adlet, she doesn't expect much from the Braves of this generation. Yeah, not like they were in the 90's, when they were good. And now it's Adlet's turn to defend Nachetanya's character. Sure, she's free and inexperienced, but she's a true warrior. Flamie calls him naive for using words like "Green" and "inexperienced", but Adlet comment that, as the strongest man in the world, everybody is green and inexperienced. I think calling him arrogant is an understatement, Flamie.

      -There's just only so much insanity Flamie can take. She might actually take her shot soon if he keeps this up. We see the two walk in silence for a while, and after a moment, Flamie is the one who breaks the ice. Specifically, she has only one request. Eventually, she and Adlet will try and kill one another. and when they do, she asks for him to go easy on her. He can cut into her, but don't finish her off. Adlet isn't interested in that kind of request. Instead, the request he wants is that they are to fight together. Flamie isn't happy with that at all. She can't die util she defeats the Demon god with her own hands, because reasons. Well, if that isn't a death flag, I don't know what is.

      -On a mountain path, the two are able to see the Land of the Howling Demons, where the continent and peninsula split apart except for the isthmus that connects the two. And boy, doesn't that scream "Welcome to Mordor."

      -Adlet is amazed by the color, which is the Demon God's poison. According to Flamie, any human that touches it will die, but the Six Braves are protected by fate's blessing, making them capable of negating its effects. And since we know Adlet is a Brave, then he's immune to the Demon God's poison. Take that, you stupid demon god! But this is what prevents them from marching an army in every time the Demon God shows up. Stupid boss traits that are required for plot reasons. They spot a nearby city in ruins, and Adlet, being Adult, wants to go check on it.

      -As they enter the city, Adlet notes how hot it is there. He asks Flamie about it, but she just plans to leave if she sees other Braves there. Okay, so here's your pack. Putting in a lot of faith that she won't, right? They approach the gates to the city and asks if there are any Braves inside? When they asked who he is, Adlet gives his name and shows off the market of the Six Braves. The guards reply that other Braves arrived tow days ago and already left. Well, how fortunate for Flamie. The two are allowed in and introduce themselves to the guards, with Flamie showing off her own marking. As long as nobody knows who she is, right?

      -The guard named Lauren introduces himself to the two, but he's a private first-class in the Gwenbyer Army. Oh, and he's the commander of this fortress. Turns out, they were attacked recently and a lot of people died, so by virtue of seniority, Lauren is the highest ranking member here. Yes, it's that bad. But they will fight other last man, because they have something they must protect. King Gwenbyer prepared something to help the Six Braves, just in case the Demon God revives. Most of the fiends have come to the continent in order to fight the Six Braves, since it's their goal to wipe them out. I have questions about this that I will talk about later.

      -Laurne takes the two to a secret entrance inside of the fortress, which is a secret entrance to the land of the Howling Demons. With the power of the God Saint, the Illusion Saint, and the Salt Saint, the king erected a powerful barrier to seal the fiends within this forest. This barrier is called the phantasmal barrier. We see three podiums in the center, one where a sword should be, but is in the center of the altar. Then we see what appears to be a large map in the background. Lauren will use this to go into more detail of the situation. Oh boy, a powerpoint presentation!

      -On the map, where the isthmus is, a red circle is painted on it. Lauren explains that fiends cannot cross the water, if they can can seal the area in that circle, many of the fiends will be let here, unable to battle them. When activated, the area within the barrier will be shrouded in fog, and it will be impossible to enter or leave the fog. Within the circle is a temple that activates the barrier, surrounded by defensive walls that the Saint of Salt crafted, meaning that the fiends will be unable to destroy it. Unless they find a way to destroy it, that is.

      -Lauren explains that one of the six, the Saint of Mountains named Maura, is standing by there. Adlet has heard of her as she is the head of the All Heavens Temple. She was also the one who visited this fortress two days ago. Once everybody is gathered, Maura will send up a signal. Once it's received, they will head to the temple to activate the barrier. Should they be defeated before the Braves gather, they will send up the signal, forcing one of the Braves to go to the temple and activate the barrier. This means that the one who goes will not be able to enter the Land of the Howling Demons. But it seems like Maura has decided to be that sacrifice.

      -So how do they activate the barrier? Well, as it turns out, they have a replica there. It's the altar we saw when they came in. In order to activate it, simply place the sword in the dais, put your hand on the slate, and say "Rise, fog." At least they made it idiot proof. Adlet gives it a try and notes it's simplicity, but turns to Lauren and says that it's their job to activate the barrier. Lauren agrees, saying that he'll get it done, even at the cost of his life. The two shake hands as Flamie looks on, unamused. She'd like to go now.

      -Lauren guides the two out of the fortress and gives them the location of the rendezvous, which they can get to in three hours. It's a back way, so they should avoid fiends, in theory. The two leave, but along the way, Adlet notes a problem. Maura is waiting at the entrance to the Land of the Howling Demons, but this also means that Nachetanya might be there, as well. It'll be hard to get past them without being noticed, but Flamie isn't interested in this conversation right now. She's thinking, and I think it's pretty clear what she's thinking about. Thanks for ruining everything, Lauren!

      -Adlet asks if Flamie wants to meet them, but she won't, because they'll try to kill each other if they do. Adlet points out that they didn't, but Flamie has her own opinion about that.

      -Flamie just gets me the best screen shots. Adlet just rolls with it, because he's used to Flamie's snark. He tries to press that they should work together to kill the Demon God, but Flamie guarantee's that will never happen, but Adlet assures her that he will protect her if there is a fight. But it seems that Flamie's opinion of Adlet has changed, calling him a kind person. Well, not really. She'd prefer that he doesn't point his kindness towards her. Why?


      -Okay, Brynhildr. Though is it a compulsion to kill people nice to her, or does she get so annoyed with Adlet's kindness that she wants to kill him for that reason alone? Both could be possible. Adlet tries to say his piece, but he sees something coming toward them and he quickly pushes her away, avoiding a silver projectile aimed at them. Say, that looks awfully familiar to me.

      -Flamie takes her position and aims at her attacker, which just so happens to be Nachetanya! Hey, the princess is back! And she's attacking them! Wow, Flamie's prediction came true, after all. Flamie fires back, forcing her to put up a shield to block. Nachetanya tells Adlet to get away from her as Goldov goes in to get her, but Adlet tackles him to the ground, leaving the girls to fight it out. Well, that happened sooner than I thought it would.

      -Adlet tries to get them to stop, but it looks like this fight is going to happen, no matter what. Cue credits!

      -Next time, The Heroes Gather. Though in what condition is left to be seen.

      First, before we go into questions, let's go into speculation mode, shall we?

      I have seen nothing from Nachetanya to suggest that she's hiding something or acting out of place, so I'm convinced she's still one of the Braves.

      Flamie, our Gunslinger, despite her morbid personality and how Braves will kill each other when they meet, just screams red herring to me, so unless stye play this straight, I still think she's one of the Braves.

      My opinion of Goldov has changed slightly. While I'm leaning heavily on him being one of the Braves, there is a possibility that he's a fake, but not in your typical fashion. It's possible he faked the symbol on his shoulder in order to take close to Nachetanya, whom he is very much in love with. His attitude about the Princess and Adlet being "together" has him concerned. But in either case, he's got a big ole death flag up for him.

      As for the remaining three, we haven't met them so nothing changes, but one thing does interest me. If one of the Braves were a fake and they were looking away to cause the mission to fail, the best way to do that is to disable the temple, preventing the fog from arising. Of course, it's entirely possible that they could trap the Braves in there, since it doesn't sound like there's a way out of it. Which leads me to Flamie. I suspect that she plans to trap the other Braves in there, just so she can go and kill the Demon God herself. But the question there is, is there a way out, is there a limit to the spell, or is it a death sentence? Though given Flamie's own opinions, she has no issues killing other Braves.

      Speaking of killing Braves, here's a question I have. If all of the Braves are killed, is that it? Does the Demon God win? Or will a new batch of Braves be chosen to fight the Demon God? Is it entirely possible that the Demon God has resurrected more times than they think, and we've had some unsung heroes that were never recorded? What if only one dies, will another take their place? It just seems odd to me that there is no backup in place just in case the primary group fails. Unless there is, which could explain why other potential Braves are being killed, just to deal with the backups.

      Adlet's potential love interests have already started fighting it out. Will he be able to find a way to get the two to talk it out, or will they kill one another first before that happens? Tune in on Sunday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, when chasing down a friend, always make sure to steal something important to them, just so you can get them to come along with your on your insane adventure.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 2

      3 weeks ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers, featuring Adlet, the strongest man... in the world!

      In our last episode, we met our protagonist, Adelt, who interrupted a holy tournament to proclaim himself the strongest man in the world. And while he isn't physical strong (from what we saw), he's extremely pragmatic when it comes to fighting, using various tools and trickery to overcome his opponents. And while he did defeat two strong combatants, his boasting made him an easy target and allowed him to be captured. So much for that.

      In the holding cells, he's greeted by a Maid, who turned out to be a big fan of his thanks to his actions at the tournament, and here we learn why Adlet says that he's the strongest man in the world. Because he is. Just straight up that. Oh, and he trained in the art of killing demons, so he came to this city to try and become one of the Six Braves, heroes tasked with defeating the Demon God when he awakens every few hundred years.

      Well, after several months of hanging out in a pit and recovering from his injuries, the Demon God does awaken, and wouldn't you know it, Adlet is chosen to be one of the Braves. I guess he had the stats required that the team could ignore his personality issues. And because of this, he decides that he's going to leave now. But it seems like the nation's Princess, touted as this generation's Saint of the Sword, is also a Brave and has come to free him. Her name is Nachetanya, and she dressed up as the Maid in prison. With her letting him out, the two leave the city to go face their destiny. Which is to help the team win another World Series.

      Will Adlet and Nachetanya succeed? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Actually, before we begin, I have a question for you folks. What is the proper translation for the Princess' name? Crunchyroll uses Nachetanya, but I also see Nashetania, as well. I guess we'll find out if the name switches, but I would prefer some consistency. Maybe I should just keep calling her Fan Service Bunny Girl Maid Fan?

      -Now to the episode proper. We start with the legend of the Demon God awakening to battle the Braves of the Six Flowers. Oh, we're just going to keep using that in every episode. Oh, I'm going to have fun with that. But not today. I got my one Baseball pun in for the day.

      -Tonight's episode is titled First Journey. We start the episode with Adlet lifting some heavy looking rocks from what appears to be the ruins of a building with a large tree growing over it. I guess if somebody asks Adlet "Do you even lift?" his answer will be "Yes, because I am the strongest man in the world." Though actually it isn't a brick, but a very large case. He returns to Nachetanya, who was patiently waiting for him, because hey, they're on the same team now, so why not? As the sun begins to set, Nachetanya notes that nobody seems to be following them. Did you say in the last episode that the horses were fast enough to evade capture? Anyway, Adlet thinks their pursuers gave up, especially as they'll be leaving Piena and entering Fandyne soon. Except you'll have to cross a border and you'll have guards and they'll probably already know you're coming even though there's no form of communication that can reach them before you get there because plot requires there to be drama.

      -The next day we see our Braves traveling through a lemon orchard. At least, I think they're lemons. Well, we haven't actually gone fantastical with the fruit, as they did call apples "apples", so maybe these are lemons. They pass by the farmer, so Nachetanya just ups and takes one. Lady, I know you're a Princess, but that was pretty rude. Even Adlet calls her out on it.


      -As I suspect, this will be one of those "don't judge a book by its cover" shows. And Adlet, who does have the skills to back up his claim, is also rather polite, throwing the guy a coin to pay for the lemon so the Princess isn't labeled a thief. She had some of the lemon juice, commenting on how good it is. She must like sour stuff. Adlet asks if she finds this fun, and she does, also admitting that she thought fruit grew on plates when she was a child. Glad to see she grew out of that phase. This does make Adlet smile, because royalty is going to royal, after all.

      -And now Nachetanya is going to steal some carrots. Adlet, I think you're going to need a leash very soon. They take a break at a nearby creek as Nachetanya shows off her sword magic by... peeling vegetables. Okay, that's actually rather impressive, but certainly a waste of good magic. Adlet is impressed by it. She asks if he ever met a Saint before. Turns out, he knew one. According to him, she was a weirdo who wasn't happy that she'd become a Saint. It's too much of a hassle, really.

      -Nachetanya is surprised to hear this, since said person was chosen to inherit a god's power, but Adlet points out that there are many more that desire such power but can't have it. Nachetanya asks if that's true as Adlet, and after a moment, and say it with me now...


      -So why would Adlet need such powers? Besides, only women can be Saints, making him suspect that god likes women. Depends on the god, really. And some of them tend to get very, very frisky. And Nachetanya, to my own surprise, doesn't get angry by this comment, but rolls with it, saying that she'll make use of the power her woman-loving god gave her. And to show off, she summons some magic swords and attacks Adlet, who easily dodges them, but he isn't happy that his teammate suddenly attacked him like that. And I thought I was joking when I said that they were probably all insane.

      -Nachetanya quickly apologizes for getting too excited. Adlet is upset, prompting her to apologize again. She comments that she's a strange girl, that the maids get mad at her all the time. Then there's her father, who ignores her. She asks if a girl like her is just a bother, no matter where she goes? Well, you do dress up as a maid to infiltrate a holding cell to speak with a guy who broke up your sacred tournament and injured its competitors, so yes, I would say you are strange. After a pause, Adlet says that it isn't like that, but...


      -...Yup, totally insane. And I'm sorry to say, Adlet, but I think you became Nachetanya's new plaything. This may actually be a good thing later down the line, assuming you survive. While we don't see Adlet's expression, we see Nachetanya's, which appears to be surprised by something, and then we suddenly cut to them on their horses. From what Nachetanya says, Adlet is quite upset with the Princess. Can't imagine why. Nachetanya says that she's normally very calm, but it's a bit different today.


      -Silly rabbit! Though this adventure isn't for kids (yet), but you're making Adlet have to act like the grown up, and he doesn't want to be the grown up! Nachetanya does promise that this is the only time she'll act silly, but promises to be ready when it's go time. Besides, this is all knew for her, and while she can understand the weight of the situation, she just so excited that she just can't hide it. But Adlet is curious and asks what's new?


      -...Hey, Adlet? I may be wrong about this, but I think the Princess is hitting on you. Or she could be fooling you again. You can't discount that. Day turns to night, so our two Braves rest up at some ruins. There, we learn that six years ago, Piena was in a civil war. Of course Adlet knows nothing about it since he spent his time training in the mountains like a hermit. But we're in tragic backstory mode, and given the type of show we have, I bet they all will have tragic backstories. Anyway, Nachetanya's father was blamed for causing the war, so now he's just a puppet, stripped of his power. Adlet asks if the prime minister has all the power, which she confirms. Her mother and older brother are gone now, and since she's the only other royal family member left, she's the heir apparent. Well, there are a few distant relatives in other countries, but screw those guys, we don't need another civil war. Wait, so does that mean that Nachetanya's father started the war to take power, or he had a family member who wanted the power and started the war? I'm very curious to see where that went, if we learn more.

      -Nachetanya admits that Adlet is the first person who she could be honest and open with, but he says the reason he treats her as a equal is because she's a fellow Brave. So if she wasn't, would you be more respectful because of her lineage, or more of a jerk? Then again, she is his fan, so that might account for something. And for now, being equal with Adlet is enough. He gives her a blanket to keep warm during the night, but don't worry, she's used to sleeping on the hard ground. I guess she likes camping a lot, despite what the normal cliche would be.


      -...Or her father was actually the top contender for the Gendo Father of the Year award for the year this show came out. And apparently, the only reason Nachetanya isn't dead is because she's a Saint. What in the hell happened here? Why did Daddy Dearest go insane and order the death of his daughter? I am now very curious to know what happened here. And to think, I was starting to feel a little sympathy for her father until that bombshell got dropped.

      -So Nachetanya hid and ran for a long time, and back then, she has a simple dream. A dream of a night where she could sleep without fear of death. And if she can give that gift to the world now, then it wouldn't bother her how often she sleeps on the hard ground. You're certainly a trooper, Nachetanya. And Adlet has a new found respect for the Bunny Girl Princess. They'll leave early tomorrow, and when that dawn comes, Nachetanya is already up and prepared for the journey. Of course, she had to watch the sun rise, which she enjoys. It's quite peaceful and quiet, despite the Demon God awakening. Adlet points out that this peace will be lost if they lose, which Nachetanya agrees with.


      -You're being very affectionate, Nachetanya. And because of that, you pretty much guaranteed that one of you isn't coming back. I'm betting noble sacrifice. She hopes that they do their best, and it's back on the trail they go. Along the way, they pass through what appears to be a snowy region as she talks about the Brave-Killer. Goldov Aurora, the leader of Piena's Blackhorn Knights, was sent to find said killer. Adlet knows the name, but he may not be alive, because the last message they got from him read only "No clues." And that was six weeks ago. Adlet seems to think the killer got him, but when Nachetanya objects, he points out that Goldov only made it to the finals, which she was the victor, but that makes her very upset, because she believes that Goldov went easy on her in the last second. The insensitive jerk!

      -Nachetanya made Goldov promise that he isn't allowed to die until she atones for that humiliation of winning a tournament match that her opponent seemingly threw at the last second. And that's why Goldov is totally dead. Oh, and he's young, too. He's only sixteen. Adlet points out that they're eighteen, so they aren't in a position to talk. But this talk of the Brave-Killer has Adlet curious, so he asks more details, like if there were any other victims. Nope... probably. And now she's all depressed, and it's going to get worse. in the past month, Riura, the Sun Saint, has gone missing. Adlet is shocked to hear this, because she was quite strong. And apparently she had powers over the sun, as she apparently destroyed an enemy castle with heat rays. Or she was a mad scientist. Or maybe a mad scientist with magical powers! How crazy would that be?

      -Of course, there's a minor issue with that. Riura is quite old, so she couldn't be a potential Brave. Like you guys know how this works to begin with. Maybe she was a potential Brave until she suddenly disappeared! You don't know how this works! ...Do they? In either case, Adlet doesn't think she would be targeted, but Nachetanya isn't certain if she should report it. But Adlet is confident that they'll run into the Brave-Killer eventually, since they're Braves, so they're an instant target. Because of course they would have to fight a mid-boss before fighting the Demon God. Unless they're actually the final boss! It's happened before, and may happen again.

      -The two soon cross over a bridge that takes them into Gwenbyer, the Country of Iron Hills. And beyond that, the Land of the Howling Demons. Adlet wants to rush, because it took them ten days to get this far, so they're behind schedule. And who's fault is that, exactly? Well, traffic is a bit of a problem, too.


      -Adlet thinks they'll be attacked soon, noting that one of the last Six was killed that way. I guess he's talking about the last time the Braves were called, and it sounds like one didn't make it to the rendezvous with the others. Nachetanya comments on how much this mountain hermit knows, but he points out that his master drilled everything there was to know about fiends into him, which includes their species, life cycles weak points, and even their probable actions. Hey, when you're trained in the art of killing demons, you know everything there is to know about them, just so you can kill them more efficiently.

      -The two continue to travel, now in a dense forest. Nachetanya starts tensing up a bit for a potential fight, but Adlet helps to calm her down. Wait until the battle starts, then start panicking. He also has a good suggestion to help ease her tension. Laugh. No, seriously, that's his suggestion. Nachetanya thinks that will be a little difficult, since her hands won't stop shaking. But don't worry, Adlet has a plan for this.


      -...Right. This works better the second time around, but I suspect Nachetanya finds the whole thing absurd. Though this does help her calm down a bit. This was the first thing Adlet's master taught him, the art of making silly faces. It's very useful for making people laugh, as well as distracting the enemy as they wonder just what in the world is wrong with you? Nachetanya thinks that he has a good teacher, but Adlet starts to question that. I'm sure you'll appreciate his teachings in time... if you survive.

      -Speaking of survival, how about running into a bunch of people running for their lives? Nachetanya goes to them and they're barely keeping it together, telling the two that the fiends attacked them. Worse yet, they left their friends and younger child behind. You monsters. Still, this is what Adlet was expecting, or our two Braves charge in, though Adlet suspects this could be a trap. Though given that we're seeing those fiends attacking people, I'd say it's less of a trap and more of a "random fiends attacking people". Well, the world's strongest man won't let more villagers die. Time to go to work.

      -Adlet keeps a simple plan. He'll slow down the fiends while Nachetanya finishes them off, and again, we see that he keeps his pragmatism when fighting with fiends. First he throws a flask of gasoline at them, then uses his lighter to spit fire on them, setting them ablaze. And wouldn't you know it, Nachetanya came through and beheaded them, though she's still shaking, but this is a good first step. Well, it's time for Adlet to get his killing on. He takes out what appears to be an ocarina of sorts and plays a tune that attacks the attention of the CGI fiends. And from the looks of it, these guys aren't small. And then we get a quick shot of some figure walking in the background who I'm sure will play no part in this fight.

      -Nachetanya is more impressed with the flute that's able to echo in the ears of fiends. You know, like a dog whistle! We see Adlet slash one, but isn't able to quite finish it before being attacked by another fiend. Luckily, Nachetanya is there to behead those two, but it attracts the attention of the remaining two. They charge after her, and in her panic, she attacks, but misses. One is distracted by Adlet, who easily beheads it, then he throws his sword at the other, piercing his head and allowing Nachetanya to behead that one, as well. Well, that could have gone a bit better.

      -Still, Adlet is quite impressed with Nachetanya. You'd never think this was her first battle, but she suspects that this is why Adlet kept her in the back. It was her first fight, so it was better to keep a healthy distance then get in the melee and potentially be in danger. He claims that he was just sending her to the right spot, but with the stigma of the first battle done, she believes she'll be more useful in the future. Adlet smiles, counting on it.

      -That was actually an impressive fight. And when I say that, I mean that this wasn't your typical fight of "oh, somebody isn't going to be useful" or something of the sort. Yes, Nachetanya was nervous, but she was still able to do her job. And yes, Adlet did have to help a tiny bit, but Nachetanya did the finishing blows. And I do appreciate that, honestly, because we see that Adlet isn't all talk and that Nachetanya's skills are up to the challenge. Maybe we don't have to worry about that red flag after all.

      -With the fiends dealt with, the survivors tend to the wounded. Adlet asks if this is everybody, but it looks like somebody was left behind. A traveling girl who stayed in the village alone. Well, that's a problem, so Adlet is going to the village to get her, leaving Nachetanya behind to protect the survivors. But Nachetanya won't let him leave, saying that he won't make it. There are only two of them, and they can't save everyone. I get the feeling that this is less cynicism and more life experience. Nachetanya suggests moving on ahead, saying they've done all they could. Adlet admits that it's a hard choice, to defat the Demon God, or to save the people. Nachetanya agrees that it's difficult, and it's painful for her, but they have a job to do. Besides, you defeat the Demon God and you save a lot more people. He understands, prompting her to let go of the horse, but then Adlet runs off to go rescue that girl. Why? Well, I think you know why.


      -I hope you got that copyrighted, Adlet. So our boy is going to prove that he can both defeat the Demon God and save the people, because doing both is what makes him the strongest man in the world. Or makes you insane. Or both. Nachetanya attempts to follow, but more fiends show up, blocking her path. Oh come on! She doesn't need this now!

      -Adlet is soon as the village, or what remains of it. He fiends the remains of a few demons, but notes the odd wounds on them. He checks to find an iron ball and thinks that it was a bullet crossbow, but then he tastes it. Ew! Dude, you don't know where that's been! Actually, you do, so it's even worse! Adlet can taste gunpowder on it. So the traveling girl wasn't left behind. We see a figure walking around, but we can't get a good shot of her thanks to the dust and the wind. Adlet does spot her for a moment, and when the dust finally settles, we see who the traveling girl is.


      -Hey, it's Gunslinger! And she saved a puppy! I bet she made a lot of fans just from this one scene. Oh, there was a best girl fight in this show, wasn't there? Adlet is shocked to see her as Gunslinger takes the puppy to its mother, letting them both flee. Besides, fiends only attack humans, so they should be fine. That's when she turns to Adlet, who seems rather awestruck by her. Or maybe lovestruck? Great, another red flag.

      -Struggling for something to say, Adlet asks Gunslinger if she likes dogs? Why yes, she does. Not humans, though. Humans are jerks. Adlet likes both, but as he approaches her, she points her gun at him. Well, isn't that a nice way to converse with somebody? Adlet stops moving, but then notices the symbol of the Braves on her hand. In return, he shows off his own symbol, showing that he's one of the Braves, as well. Gunslinger accepts that as truth, then introduces herself.


      -...So, did you choose that name for yourself, or do you come from a family of gunslingers, Flamie? Adlet asks her to put the gun down, but he responds by shooting at him with a warning shot. This causes his horse to panic, forcing him to calm it down, then calls out Flamie for shooting at him. Except she quickly takes out an iron ball and uses magic to wrap a shell around it, quickly reloading it and aiming the gun at Adlet's head. She makes the minute men so proud. But she also has a very important question to ask.


      -Adlet is kind of insulted by that. They're both Braves, but that's apparently why Flamie asks and is prepared to pull the trigger. Well, isn't she a barrel of fun? So how's Nachetanya doing?


      -Looks like she's doing fine, though she did lose her horse. That will be a problem. Good thing Adlet is back... wait, that isn't Adlet at all. It's the knight! And Nachetanya isn't too happy about that. It's actually Goldov Auroa, the knight. She suspected that, if she was chosen, so would he. And he shows off his own symbol, honored by her words. He promises to protect her, even at the cost of his own life. So many flags this episode. Nachetanya sighs, telling him that they're both Braves, making them equals. From now on, they will protect one another, but the fact that she's a Princess hasn't left Goldov mind, and that makes her special. Oh, this is going to be problematic, isn't it?

      -Nachetanya just sighs and accepts this. Stupid royal titles. But hey, Goldov isn't actually dead! I'm as shocked as you are. So she asks for a status update on the Brave-Killer. He hasn't found her yet, but he did discover a critical clue. Her name and appearance, which indicates that she's human. Nachetanya is surprised by this, but then we see further evidence. And iron ball. And the Brave-Killer? A white-haired girl with a gun named Flamie. Well, that's certainly a problem for Adlet, isn't it? Cue credits!

      -No new developments in the credits. Only Adlet remains colored in for the first group shot. But tune next time for our next episode titled The Girl Who Kills Braves. Well, isn't that a bit spot on?

      And now we meet two more Braves, but it looks like there's a lot more going on here. First we have Goldov, but he came in so late we don't know much about him, only that he's fiercely loyal to Nachetanya... unless that's a front. Then we have Flamie, who is identified as the Braves-Killer. But the question is, is that true, or did somebody leave false evidence? I don't believe it, and I'll get to that as we update the mystery list.

      My predictions for Nachetanya have not changed. She's not quite as battle harden as Adlet, but this is more due to a lack of experience than anything else. She knows how to fight, but she's always been in controlled fights where nobody has to die. This was her first life-or-death fight, and she did okay thanks to Adlet helping out. It was her second fight where she needed to step up, and while we didn't see what happened, it's pretty clear that she only needed one battle to get her in the game.

      Flamie is up next, and while she's labeled the Braves-Killer, I don't think that's true. Either that or there will be more involved there. In either case, with this, as well as her appearance screaming "I'm a Braves-Killer", I'm fully convinced that she is a proper Braves.

      Don't know much about Goldov, so unless he's a fake or playing a long game, I think my opinion of him will change from "potential traitor" to "very much one of the Braves."

      This leaves Thief/Rogue, Tagalong Kid, and Cool Beauty, so that means by default, Cool Beauty is suspect number one. Until we meet her properly, that is. But the mystery itself deepens in a number of ways, like why a human would want to kill other Braves? Again, I suspect trickery, but who is doing the trickery is up for debate.

      And as I mentioned before, unless Nachetanya is playing her own long game, which I doubt, I do like how the fight didn't fall under the typical cliches. Nachetanya is just as capable as Adlet, but she just needed to get her feet wet to get in. Too bad about the horse. Oh, and we're going to have quite a bit of relationship troubles, aren't we? I mean, you know that's going to happen, because Goldov is probably in love with Nachetanya, and it's possible that Adlet is falling for Flamie, which is just going to make a bigger mess when the others show up.

      Is Flamie the Braves-Killer? Is Goldov actually lying? And will they ever get a replacement horse for Nachetanya? Tune in on Friday to find out.

      Until next time, remember, if you're the strongest man in the world, defeating a Demon God and saving people is easy. Just watch out for gun-totting people who like dogs. They'll shoot at you first chance they get.

    • Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 1

      3 weeks ago


      Hello everybody and welcome to my next where I watch show, where I continue to go through the queues of my various subscriptions and figure out what shows to watch because my backlog is insanely large.

      As you can tell by the title, for this session, I'll be taking a look at the anime adaption of the light novel series Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. It's your typical fantasy plot where a bunch of misfits have to band together to save the world from an evil god who wants to destroy the world for various reasons that only make sense to that god, usually because their counterpart, a good god, is either a family member or just as worse as the evil god.

      Of course, you can't just have any random bunch of misfits to save the world! Where would the fun in that be? No, you see, the heroes have to be chosen, and in this case, they have a crest of the Six Flowers on their body indicating that they are one of the Braves. And really, Atlanta could use a lot of help if they want to make it to first place. But things aren't always what they seem, and something is very off when the adventurers get together. It seems that instead of getting Six chosen, we have Seven, which may indicate that one is a fake. Or somebody screwed up the translation of the prophecy, that could be it.

      Now, I know this series was discussed when it first aired, but I never watched it. Didn't even watch any clips of it either, so I'm going into this one pretty much close to 100% blind, so no spoilers! And no spoiling from the light novels, either, unless it's related to the episode we watched. Let me give my own incorrect theories, then you can mock me later for being so very wrong.

      Normally, if given a choice, I would go for the dub option, which is available on Crunchyroll. However, they don't include a subtitle option, and that'll ruin any potential jokes, so we'll be sticking with the sub. I may watch the dub at some other point, just to compare, but here, we'll be taking the sub and go deeper.

      So, will this be the bog standard fantasy anime where killing the Evil God solves everything, or is this one of those deconstruction anime? Let's tune in and find out.

      -Our episode begins with a story of a legend. When the demons awaken from the depths of darkness and turn the world into a living hell, the Goddess of Fate will select six heroes and give them the power to save the world. In this picture book story, the goddess is holding up a flower with six petals, which fly off into the story. The narrator adds that there is always six that are chosen, and for that reason, they are known as the Braves of the Six Flowers... with a combined ERA of 3.56. Okay, I'm sorry, I promise to limit the baseball jokes.

      -We then go to our OP, which starts with a rocking guitar riff as a foot comes in, which makes the guitar go harder. Then after a spin, we see our red-haired protagonist... I mean, come on! He's got red hair, he's going to be the protagonist! Anyway, the camera spins to what he's looking at and... huh. This is an interesting design choice.


      -When I think traditional fantasy, I think more medieval Europe, so already I like where this is going. We then blur out the shot for our title, Rokka ~Braves of the Six Flowers~. And now as the song gets it's more pop idol sound, we get to our character montage. First, we have a bunny girl laying on the ground, who will obviously be our fan service character for the run. But we get ominous as the clear sky quickly turns dark, causing her to wake up. Looks like it's going to rain and cancel the game again.  

      -We then fly into a temple that has the fantasy trappings of being important, because it's glowing an unnatural glow, then to a mural filled with people, likely the Six Braves of prophecy. On the other side is the Evil God, being all evil because its mural is painted with darker colors. I feel the painter may have been a bit bias here. Then we get some quick shots of another temple, a red sky, and some sort of wave as our protagonist looks on with concern. Then we cut to a girl with a rifle sitting in a campfire, alone, with a flower in her hair. Oh, and she's got an eye-patch, too. Man, I'm getting Drakengard 3 flashbacks here, which cannot be good for this one here.

      -Then we cut to a character who appears to be a knight of some sort, then an obvious thief/rogue character, then back to our bunny girl fan service character, who may be important because she's surrounded by possible servants. Then we have the child of the group, because there is always one, and a cool beauty who appears in a field because why not? Then we get the spinning Braves symbol, quickly cutting to what appears to be a Crocodile Man with giant hands. But it's very quick and I only can say that he's a Crocodile Man. Look, in the dub, if they don't turn him into the next Crocodile Dundee, I will be very disappointed. Yes, I know, that's very cliche, but come on, Anime Crocodile Dundee!

      -And then terrible looking CGI demons, which leads to our fight. First it's the knight, then our thief/rogue who may actually be a bit psychotic with that slasher smile of his. Then the kid character just... comes closer to the camera and smiles. I think that's more disturbing than our slasher. Then our cool beauty show's that she's an Earth Bender, shooting rocks at the demons. Then we're back to Fan Service Bunny Girl, who is also a mage, before cutting to our protagonist, who unlike the others, uses his bare hands to kill demons, all with his own slasher smile. Really, except for two or three characters, they all had a smile. Hoo boy, we're going deep into the dysfunctional misfits territory, aren't we? But then protagonist gets saved by gunslinger lady, who isn't smile. Then back to the symbol of the Braves, then a panning shot of our seven main characters. And from here we get a montage of each character showing off where the symbol is. Fan Service Bunny Girl is on her chest, close to her neck, the knight is on his right shoulder, gunslinger on her left hand, cool beauty on her back, thief/rogue on his chest, but it's on the left, near his heart, and kid, who may be a girl, is on her... I actually can't tell if that's her arm or thigh, but I'm thinking thigh. Hoo boy, it's going to be that kind of show. But one interesting thing to note is that the protagonist didn't appear in this montage. Interesting. Clearly, he's either not the protagonist, or he'll get a super powerful sign that's better than the others, because protagonist powers.

      -Tonight's episode is titled The Strongest Man In The World. If his name is Artie, I will laugh. And if you get that reference, then I am very proud of you. We start on a partially cloudy sky as we get an overhead shot of our adventure city. And it looks like it's built on a lake, because why not build your city on a lake?

      -Especially when that lake has two waterfalls. Clearly, this was the best place to have a large and important city. And it's quite active, too, as we see a lot of traffic on one of the three bridges. Of course, we're following protagonist into the city as he goes through the market place, where goods and services are being exchanged at a rapid pace. We see him in front of one stall that is for gambling, eating an apple, when suddenly, a cannon is fired. Must be lunch time. This attracts everybody's attention as they turn to the red temple in the center of the city. Looks like there's a major tournament and we're in the semifinals. What I find the most interesting aspect of this place is the way everybody is dressed. They've got more of an Aztec/Mayan dress to them, and it shows. And I appreciate a fantasy show that doesn't go the typical "medieval Europe" vibe.

      -Looks like they'll be fighting in front of the King as the announce introduces the challengers. First, to the West, the Captain of the Royal Guard Batoal Rainhawk, of the Nation of Prosperity's Source, Piena! Wait, isn't the King named Piena? The king is fighting in this tournament? Or maybe it's a family member? Either way, this tournament is totally rigged. His challenge, representing the Red Bear Mercenaries, Quato Gain, of the Nation of Verdant Green, Tomaso! He looks like a real berserker with that outfit. The crowd cheers for the combatants as the announce tells them that this is no normal duel. This match is being held in the presence of the goat King of Piena and the Goddess of Fate. So maybe that guy isn't the brother? Maybe his name is Batoal Rainhawk, then? I guess that would make sense. It's still rigged, though. So the two combatants are told to have a fair fight, and the factor will battle Princess Nachetanya, the winner of the last tournament.

      -So, so rigged. But the crowd is looking at something else, for a figure approaches the combatants, interrupting the announcer. It's our protagonist, and the announcer isn't pleased. He demands to know this fool's name? Why, it's Adlet Myer...

      -I'm going to have to see some credentials there, Adlet. Everybody is stunned into silence by such a brazen claim. Nobody knows who he is, but Adlet decides that the rules are going to change here. We'll changing this match from a one-on-one to a handicap match, and the two combatants will face Adlet. The combatants, however, aren't in the mood for games. They worked their asses off to get to this point and they won't entertain the whims of some fool, so Gain asks the guards to get rid of him. They begin to encircle Adlet, and it looks like the World's Strongest Man really wants this fight, as he takes out these needles and takes out the guards. Oh Adlet, I hope you didn't kill them, because you don't need a harsher punishment than you already have.

      -Gain was able to block the needles, though, and will decide to entertain the whims of Adlet. As for Rainhawk, he just straight up caught them. Okay, that's a bit impressive. And he's decided to join in on the handicap match. And so the fight is on, and our boy Adlet shows off his rather impressive agility, easily dodging the attacks from his powerful foes. He then puts distance between himself and the others by throwing a jar of water at Rainhawk, temporary blinding him. Oh, the irony. They aren't happy with such tricks, but it's about to get worse.

      -Adlet, I'm curious, but when did you light them? When you first entered the temple, or when you first entered the city? And in either case, just how long were those fuses? So, yeah, the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world isn't showing off his strength so much as showing off his pragmatism. Those bombs? They're smoke bombs, and they cover up that part of the arena, blinding the other two combatants. In the smoke, Adlet tries to take out Rainhawk, but he's able to deflect the attack. But our boy shows off is agility as he's able to spin in air, then grab Rainhawk by the face and force him down to meet him. There, he takes out what appears to be a lighter and blows fire into Rainhawk. While blinded, Adlet grabs him by the arm and judo throws him, though it sounds like he may have dislocated something because we heard bones cracking during the throw. Okay, maybe the title isn't as self-proclaimed after all.

      -With Rainhawk down for the count, we turn our attention to Gain, but he's already done for. During the confusion, Adlet used his sword to release small spike traps, which he stepped in. They're also laced in poison, so he won't be able to stand up. He shows off his trick to everybody, then throws away his sword, announcing his victory! Though he's announcing it to the Goddess of Fate. Oh, and the guards are alive, so that's a plus. Anyway, he demands to be named one of the six Braves, but before he can finish, he gets tackled to the ground. And this is why you don't rant to inanimate objects.

      -So the announcer/priest orders him to be arrested as the crowd throws a fit. A lot of money was lost here, and I bet the booker is happy because it means he doesn't owe anybody anything! The day passes, but business proceeds as usual. And after the day, we have our fight, but it looks like Gain is the winner. He either beat a wounded Rainhawk, or he had to withdraw due to his injuries. Either way, he isn't happy. As for Adlet, he's in prison and looks quite beaten up. Thanks for ruining the holy tournament, you jackass! Now the priest will never forgive him! So he can just rot away for all eternity. Jerk.

      -Adlet doesn't seem too bothered by this as he lays down to rest. He'll probably recover from his injuries in a few days and then break out. And I imagine he does this quite often. But he doesn't get to sleep quite yet, for you see, he has another visitor, somebody who became an instant fan of his after seeing his fight.

      -That looks like Fan Service Bunny Girl, only without the ears. But yeah, instant fan of Adlet. She asks to shake his hand, and he agrees, though he finds it odd for a maid to come here just for that. He takes her hand, but she doesn't let go. Instead, she can tell that his heart is pounding and knows that he isn't good with women. What!? How dare you accuse the strongest man in the world of not being good with women. He's good with everything! Too bad you can't hide your bright red face. Still, she's happy to have come, because she wants to know more about him. She takes a seat at a nearby stone ledge, and after a moment, Adlet begins to tell his story.

      -Adlet is eighteen years of age, born in Wooro, the Nation of the White Lakes. Oh, and in case you're wondering, yes, there is a crowd, and yes, that crowd is listening in. Anyway, Adlet's master was named Atro Spiker, who he lived with at age ten. It appears that his house was in the mountains, and Adlet lived there for a long time, spending every hour training to defeat the Demon God. And in this flashback... hoo boy, Adlet, you look terrible. But that way of fighting he learned exists only for the purpose of defeating the Demon God. So... you left your home town to go train to defeat the Demon God because... reasons? I mean, it's a short story, but no dead parents by demons? No kingdoms to get revenge on? Just "I left and trained to defeat a Demon God because... because." Then again, I've seen worse reasons.

      -Maid Fan claps at the story, finding it interesting, but adds that she's heard the words "The strongest in the world" enough to last a lifetime. Adlet says that it's a fact that he's the strongest, but Maid Fan states that he hasn't beaten Princess Nachetanya, the Saint of Blades, yet. Well, he was kind of hoping she'd show up, but she hasn't, so it's disappointing. Still, he proclaims that he's better than her, stating it like a fact. Maid Fan comments that there are many strong people in the world, and Adlet won't refute that claim, but...

      -Adlet's Ego is starting to rival Gilgamesh's at this point. Maid Fan asks how he knows, and he just says that he knows he's the strongest. Oh, and the Goddess of Fate knows it, too. Now he just needs to teach it to the Demon God and the rest of the world. Wow, even Gil would be telling this guy to turn it down a notch. Maid Fan puts it rather bluntly.

      -...Okay, that's just straight up funny. By that, I mean the fact that she just stuck her head in that hole seemingly out of boredom. And with that, Adlet asks what happened with the tournament. Gain won, as we saw earlier, but apparently it was closer than we think. But he got straight up destroyed by Nachetanya in the final round. I think I would have liked to have seen that fight. Adlet thought that Rainhawk was the better of the two, but remember that judo throw he did to the captain? Yeah, that did something to his shoulder, costing him the match. To his credit, Adlet regrets that, though it probably would have been better to wait until the final match, but then again, huge ego.

      -Maid Fan asks why Adlet calls himself the strongest in the world, but like before, it's just a fact to him. Plus, if he's the strongest, he'll be chosen as one of the Six Braves. This catches her attention, and Adlet straight up says he has to defeat the Demon God. I knew there was a tragic backstory behind this. And that's why he came to this country. He asks if she knows the Saint of the Single Flower, which she does, because it's a story everyone in the world learns. Even a lowly maid like her. You should treat her better, since she's your fan and all.

      -The story goes like this. A millennium ago, a demon appeared on this continent. It was called the Demon God and it began attacking people, because what else is a Demon God going to do? In an illustration, we see it born in this peninsula to the west, where it would expand into tentacles and begin enveloping the land. As it grew, it split off, creating new demons that would kill even more people. The Great Etneral Empire Rohane's armies were defeated by these demons. As a result, the empire was destroyed, the royal family was slain, and its towns and villages were burned off the map. The people were in despair and accepted their fate. But in their darkest hour, a saint appeared. She bore a single flower, and thus, she was called the Saint of the Single Flower. Hooray for heroes of legend!

      -Thanks to the Saint, they were able to drive back the Demon God to the west edge and defeated him. When she returned, she warned the people that the Demon God is not dead. Someday, it will awaken from its slumber and turn this world into a living hell. And so she prophesied that when the Demon God awakens, six heroes will appear, bearing her power within them. And we basically get a recap from the stinger earlier in the episode. Just in case you missed it the last time around.

      -This is why Adlet came to the temple. In order to be one of the Six Braves, they must prove their might in her temple. And if proven worthy, the mark of the flower will appear on their body. And that is why the people call them the Braves of the Six Flowers. And it looks like the other inmates are engrossed in this story. And apparently, this isn't a one and done deal. The first time the Braves of the Six Flowers appeared was about seven hundred years ago. They were the Hero King Volmer, the Bow Saint Bahna, the Fire Saint Pulka, the Ice Saint Sunimur, the Sun Saint Emih, and the nameless warrior, Ange. He doesn't get to be a saint because he was nameless. The jerks.

      -The Demon God didn't fight alone, though. The Demon called King Zophrair appeared to assist, but the heroes succeeded in delaying him and defeating the Demon God. Oh, but we were done yet. Three hundred years ago, another Six Braves appeared again to challenge the Demon God. This time we had the Blade Saint Mahri, the Time Saint Hayuha, the Lightning Saint Melrania, the Sword Saint Bodol, the Wind Saint Roi, and the Salt Saint Mahnyakam. He tends to be very salty a lot of the time. So, for those keeping track, a thousand years ago, we had the Saint of the Single Flower, then three hundred years after that, we had our first set of six, then four hundred years after that, we had another set of six. You'd think, if we went by a pattern, we'd be due for another set in another two hundred years, but then, we won't have a story here.

      -Of course, being a Brave doesn't make you immortal. As Maid Fan states, some of their number were lost, but in the end, they succeeded in sealing the Demon God. But it appears the seal is weakening as Adlet notes that many fiends have appeared on the continent. She adds that a crack as appeared in the Prophecy Jewel, and the Crystal that Tells of Demons has grown cloudy. Seriously, the Crystal is named that? You'd think they'd give it a different name, like "Demon Finder Crystal" or something. But with these events, they suspect the Demon God will revive within a year. And despite this impending doom, Adlet continues to boast that it won't be long before he's chosen as one of the Six Braves. Man, imagine if he didn't get chosen? He'll be so disappointed... before getting his protagonist powers, that is.

      -Maid Fan asks if Adlet knows of Matora Wichita of the Yellow Fruits Country. Despite the name, they sell red fruit there. He recognizes the name and the person, who is suppose to be the best with the bow in the world. She then asks if he knows of Fudelka of the Country of the Golden Sand, which is not made of gold. Then we have Asurei, the Saint of Ice. Adlet asks where this is going, so she tells them that these three were killed. He suspects that fiends are killing potential Braves before the Demon God's revival, but even he doesn't believe that fiends could defeat them that easily. He suspects that something else is at play here, like somebody is killing them so that only the worst will be selected as Braves. Like anybody knows who is actually going to be a Brave... or do they?

      -Maid Fan suggests to Adlet that he stay here until his wounds heal, adding that the prisons are heavily guarded, but he does point out that a maid was able to sneak in. She starts laughing at this, as if she wasn't a maid at all. Perhaps she's actually a ninja, or its equivalent, serving at the beck and call of the Princess, who was curious about this man who ruined the tournament for her country. In either case, she has to return or they'll get mad at her. She's got work to do, after all. Before she leaves, Adlet asks her to pass a message to the Princess. The message says that he's confident she'll be chosen as one of the Six Braves, and he looks forward to the day they fight together. She gives quite a strange look to his message, though.

      -It's the kind of look you give to somebody when they've told you something incredibly stupid or asked you to do the impossible. But she promises to deliver the message, if she meets with the Princess. And with that, she leaves, but leaves us with a parting shot at our boy.

      -Well, I don't think Adlet has a lot of sense in him, to be honest. We finish up with Adlet, who thinks about those killing potential Braves, then smells his hand, which is the one he uses to shake Maid Fan's hand, then notes the scent of apples. At least she wasn't in the room when you did that, you creep. The next day, it's time for the trial! Or at least, the sentencing. He's going to be in prison for the rest of his life. Good luck holding him, if he truly is the Strong Man in the World. So we see him being escorted to a smaller island at the edge of the lake, then kicked into a pit where he'll have some company, given the remains of the last prisoner there. Though it may have been planned, because when he sits down on the bed, he feels something hard there. When he checks, he finds a sword there. Looks like somebody is watching out for him.

      -If you ever get out Adlet, make sure to hook up with that Maid Fan. Time passes, though I can't be certain how long, but they are still feeding him, so that's nice. A lot of time does pass, and our boy makes the best use of it, keeping himself in shape despite only being fed nothing but bread. During this long period, his arm heals, then shortly after that, he thinks it's time to escape. It is kind of boring in there, anyway.

      -So Adlet waits until night, and we see the city is still active with people, like kids hanging out or young couples going on dates. This night will be one they won't forget, for we see the beating of the Demon God, and the sky lights up with red. Those who were asleep are in agony as the people cry in fear. They can see that the light is coming from the west, in the direction of Gwenbyer, and beyond that, the Land of the Howling Demons. Fan Service Bunny Girl... uh, I mean, the Princess, watches on, but we can only make out her silhouette. And really, I can't help but think the animators took extra care with drawing her figure, because she's very well... uh, pronounced here.

      -As for our boy, Adelt looks up to see the sky turn red. Then his pit is covered in a strange red myst. And from that red myst comes...

      -Why is it always tentacles. Adlet is panicking, and really, who can blame him, right? As the plant like objects reach him, he seemingly wakes up from a dream, but he grips his hand in pain. From there, a flaming light emits, and when it leaves, what remains is the Crest of the Six Flowers. Basically, for all of his boasting, Adlet was right, he was one of the Braves. Dammit, now we'll never hear the end of it. He's a bit disappointed that it wasn't more of a big deal. Really? The light show, the flaming hand, that wasn't a big deal? You have such high expectations it'll be a wonder if anybody decides to hook up with you.

      -Though Adlet takes a moment to realize what this actually means. No need to escape now! And he had such a perfect plan, too. He calls out for the guards, but it looks like somebody already beat him to the punch. That's because the Princess has come to personally visit Adlet, introducing herself as Nachetanya Loei Piena Augustra. What is it with royals and having very long names? Oh, and we have another big reveal, too.

      -As you probably guessed, Fan Service Bunny Girl is Maid Fan, but also the Crown Princess. She's also one of the chosen, as she reveals her mark, which is located on her chest, which she shows by untying the collar and revealing it to him. It's surprisingly not much of a fan service shot because we have the bars there covering up parts of her chest. That's when Adlet reveals his symbol, as well as his proclamation of being the strongest man in the world. And this time, it is truly a fact. God help us all.

      -With that, the Princess uses her magic on Adlet's sword, turning it into several blades of light, then, like a conductor, breaks the bars, though she drops several of her own guards in the pit. I wonder if they get hazard pay. She's still standing, though, and as promised, she shall accompany Adlet in their fight to save the world. As their time is limited, they need to move, now. So with the help of the priest, Adlet gets out. Rainhawk tries to stop him, but the Princess gives him a little push into the pit, and soon, they're off. So this is kind of a jail break, then? At the end of the bridge are two of her maids with some horses. Adlet comments on her being prepared, because you never know when you'll need to break out a Brave, right? Well, she gives a short answer here.


      -Oh, that's actually a shawl or something like it. We check back in on the priest, who comments that Nachetanya hasn't had her audience with the King, who's currently having issues with voices in his head, or the embarkation ceremony. Are those really that important, though? At one of the check points the guards look towards the west and are unable to react in time as our two Braves pass them with sheer ease. And with these horses, nobody will catch them. Fantastic. So, what's the game plan? First, they'll go to Adlet's hideout, then they'll travel to Gwenbyer, the Country of Iron Hills. And they are actually made of iron. After that, they'll gather at the entrance of the Land of the Howling Demons and meet up with the other four Braves. Except it won't be quite so simple, will it? Cue credits!

      -Oooh, nice animation. We start with what appears to be Adlet leaning against a pole as his hair blows in the wind, which is silly smooth. The animation, though his hair might be silky smooth, too. Then we get a montage of the other Braves, like Thief/Rogue, Cool Beauty, Tagalong Kid, Gunslinger, Knight, and Nachetanya, who gets some animation as she turns to the camera with a smile. We then get a panning shot of all the Braves, though what I find interesting is that Adlet is the only one colored in. The others are not. Given the premise of the series, I wonder if this is a case of figuring out who is a Brave, but if that's the case, wouldn't Nachetanya also be colored? Maybe it's an episode thing, and when we get her episode, she'll get a little color.

      -We are then at a temple, a sword planted in the ground, before we shoot up to the blue sky. After that, we have walking montages. Adlet is walking over a picture of a village, then after a moment, the picture turns to flames with a figure right behind him. I suspect that it's a demon, given its pointy teeth. Then we see a young Adult running in the forest, who turns back to the ruins of a village. Ah, your typical RPG origin.

      -Then we get more shots of our Braves, though four are in light, while Adlet, Gunslinger, and Nachetanya are in shadow. Then we get a shot of the symbol on Adlet's hand, before turning to him in a fighting stance, with I'm assume him in the background, being enveloped in light, before turning and freezing as he turns to the camera. End credits.

      -Our next episode is titled First Journey. And it'll be quite a journey, won't it?

      And there we have the first episode. We meet two of the Braves, and we have confirmation that Adlet is a legit brave. So much for that theory. But then, what about the others? Well, let's go over them one at a time. I don't have names yet, but when they're given, I'll be adding them. Though I'll really going off of appearances, but that will change as the series goes on.

      First, I think it's safe to assume that Nachetanya herself is one of the Braves, since it seems like she's quite strong herself and can cast powerful magic. It is interesting that she was in a rush at the end, but maybe she was looking an excuse to leave and Adlet gave her that excuse. I also think she's a proper Brave because she's the Fan Service Bunny Girl, so she has to be one.

      Gunslinger practically screams traitor, given her appearance. So much so that I think it's red herring and she is actually one of the Braves. She'll probably have a dark or troubled past, which will explain her appearance and possible dark attitude, but I think she's legit.

      Thief/Rogue also has to be a Brave for the same reason as Gunslinger. He seems to be the type to itch for a fight, but I also suspect that he won't go out of his way to kill fiends unless it was a calling, so I think he's safe.

      Tagalong Kid would also have to be a Brave, because nobody sane would send a kid out to fight fiends, unless the kid is insane like the others in some fashion, so I think they are safe.

      That leaves Knight and Cool Beauty as our potential fake, but if I were to take a guess at the fake, it'd probably be the knight. I suspect he'll either be somebody with a dark past looking for revenge, no matter what, or is actually a plant by one of the surviving Demon Kings. Either way, for now, that's my bet.

      Will my suspicions change? We'll have to see on Tuesday and find out when Adlet and Nachetanya meet up with the others.

      Until next time, remember, always make nice with the help, because you never know when they'll actually be royalty in disguise.

  • Comments (1747)

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 months ago


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 months ago

        Meh.  I've seen better, to be honest.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 months ago

        Cant all be winners I guess 

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 months ago

      Found this and thought you might get a kick out of it 

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 months ago

        I'm pretty sure I've seen that before.

        Man, Optimus can be a dick.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      5 months ago

      apparently users have been having trouble uploading images to this site. Have you been seeing this?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 months ago

        It's been an issue for a long while.

    • zogman1

      6 months ago

      I might’ve found you on twitter (assuming you’re on twitter)

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 months ago

        I am on Twitter, yes. 

    • ConnieEdogawa

      6 months ago

      IF I were to make the change, it wouldn't be for a while, because I
      still need to farm ascension mats and exp to get her to level 90, but
      when I'm able to, I'm considering whether to keep NP1 Shuten as my
      support assassin or switch to NP2 Cleopatra. which would you prefer?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 months ago

        Well, that would depend on what is needed.

        Cleo is basically a damage dealing monster that can built her NP up pretty fast, while Shuten is good for bosses with her ability to pull all of the status effects on enemy units.

        Decisions, decisions.

      • ConnieEdogawa

        6 months ago

        like I said, @CaButler , the decision is a long time away, because I need to even be able to level cleo and ascend her first, and I'm currently stuck needing mats to get her past 60. and to get her to 60. I'll ask again when it gets closer to it. just checking with people now so I can see if there's any rush to finish her.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      6 months ago

      Is the anime Charlotte a good recommendation for people who liked Haruhi?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        6 months ago

        I would say no. The ending really blew it. 

      • HOWtwoROCK

        6 months ago

        but is the journey better than the ending?

    • zogman1

      7 months ago

      Comments again.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        7 months ago

        I saw a couple.

    • zogman1

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        7 months ago


      • zogman1

        7 months ago

        That wasn’t a comment, that was a question.

    • zogman1

      8 months ago

      I commented on some of your images.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        8 months ago

        I saw. 

      • zogman1

        8 months ago


    • ConnieEdogawa

      8 months ago

      congrats on the Illya, dude.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        8 months ago

        Guess you saw in my support list. Yeah, I used more SQ than I would have liked, but I didn’t purchase any, so that’s a plus. 

      • ConnieEdogawa

        8 months ago

        meanwhile, I HAVE spent money on quartz and all I've gotten is 2 more Nursery Rhymes, putting her to NP5, my first Medea Lily, my 7th Astolfo, my first Jeanne, and 3 of the 5* CE, at least 4 of the 4*, and at least 6 of the 3* (I have to go back and double check), and, just as a bonus, my 4th copy of the Limited Zero Over CE and the last copy of Golden Millennium Tree I needed to MLB it.

    • zogman1

      9 months ago

      I put words on your images.

    • zogman1

      10 months ago

      I commented on your images.

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        10 months ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      11 months ago

      Cut smash brothers from the roster

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        11 months ago

        Huh.  So many to cut.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        11 months ago

        When I did it. I cut: Luigi, bowser rosalina,bowser jr diddy, gamer and watch, gannondawrf, toon link, Robin, duck hunt, dedede, meta knight, lucario, jilly puff, greninja, rob, villager, olimar, wii fit, charizard, shulk, dr mario, dark pit, lucina, roy, ryu, corrin and the mii's. 

        My mind set was: if you were in the first smash game you stay and Luigi, dr mario, dark pit, lucina lucario,meta knight can be skins for characters with special conditions can be picked from the roster as a skin.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      I found this. who keeps making these DdCOEJ9VAAAGWDC.png

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I have no idea.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      do you have this one? Db3BJDAV4AA0AHT.jpg

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        I've seen it on the artist's twitter, but I haven't uploaded it.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      barnes and noble is having a buy 2 get 1 free on manga. Just letting you know

    • zogman1

      1 year ago

      You should really finish Nights of Azure 1.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      1 year ago

      hey remember that nycc17 journal i put up? I think the site deleted it. Can you check? I dont see it anywhere

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Nope, didn't see it.

    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      did you get a notification for this?

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        2 years ago

        I did. 

      • zogman1

        2 years ago

        Notifications seem to be working for you now then. Good.

    • Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

      2 years ago


      Happy Warm Fuzzy Fuzzes Day!

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        2 years ago

        Thank you, Princess of Mars.  Long may your reign be.

    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      I just found out Shantae and Compa (and Croire) have the same VA.

      Edit: wow she's voiced a lot of stuff I've played.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        She's also playing Velvet in the new Tales game.


      • zogman1

        2 years ago


    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      Look what I found:

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        You only just now found this?


      • zogman1

        2 years ago

        The other day, yes. YouTube doesn't really like me.

    • Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

      2 years ago

      HAPPY FU DAY~!  confetti_ball

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Thanks.  It's the best time of the year.

    • Kevinet496

      2 years ago

      Congrats on the feature, man. It was about time.  donut

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        2 years ago


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      Happy FU!

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        2 years ago

        Thank you.

    • indiart28 RTX 2017 Guardian

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      Congratulations for unlocking the Achievement: "Featured User!" Enjoy your 100 gamerscores!

        whiskey geoff jack ryan gavin michael jeremy tower

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        2 years ago

        Thank you.  I will spend it wisely.

        Mostly on booze.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      I think the RT site deleted your comments from my images

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        They have been rolling back on stuff.

    • Blood_XIII FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Pervy Panty Pirate Pony

      2 years ago

      So I just started Forza Horizon 3, and it gave me a free SUV and since I'm actually online for once it popped up with suggested community decals. I picked one that looked cool and upon further inspection realized it was something you would appreciate.



      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        There be some creative people online.  But they screwed up the arm placement.  The hand cannon is on the wrong arm!

      • Blood_XIII FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Pervy Panty Pirate Pony

        2 years ago

        @CaButler Well to be fair the decal is mirrored on the other side, so they likely put it there first and then just mirror-copied it to the right side of the car as opposed to placing the decal itself

    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      wait why did trying to load page 2 of your images lead me to your journal entries???

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Don't know.  The site has been doing it for a while.

        And if you post something, make sure to tag me.  I won't see it otherwise.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        2 years ago know you gave me a great idea

        If I post images most likely I'll shove them all in journal entries. because I know the journal entries get notifications.

    • iMacOfDeath

      2 years ago

      You still participating in ISML voting?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Has that been going on for a while?  If so, I kind of forgot all about it.

      • iMacOfDeath

        2 years ago

        Since the spring, look for it every monday, wednesday, and friday.

    • zogman1

      2 years ago

      Are your notifications working?

      • solblade44

        2 years ago

        Not him but I was going to ask the same thing. I'm not getting any either.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        They appear to be working now.

      • zogman1

        2 years ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago



    • grenou

      2 years ago

      Congrats on your Fail making it into today's video!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        2 years ago

        Awesome. I submitted that months ago. I wonder if there are any others there? Thanks for point this out.

    • zogman1

      3 years ago

      I still need to watch the Fate series.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I guess you're looking at @HOWtwoROCK post from below.

      • zogman1

        3 years ago

        Yep, but I didn't want to whatever the term is now a 1 month old conversation.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      Remember when these characters were trying to kill each other?


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Well, bitches want the D.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        3 years ago

        You know I would watch a romantic comedy with these characters

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      Got norton back and shantae is fine now.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Norton likes half naked half genies.

    • Raltrios

      3 years ago

      Did you have this? Figure you could use it as a holiday profile pic or something.


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I did not have a Tales holiday image, so thanks.

      • Raltrios

        3 years ago

        You're welcome.

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      Your fail made it into fails of the week


      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I know. I saw. I made Geoff laugh. It was awesome.

      • HOWtwoROCK

        3 years ago

        I know right

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      Just gonna dump this here tumblr_nzmqzzbChv1sojsjno2_540.jpg

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Already have, but thanks anyway.

    • ConnieEdogawa

      3 years ago

      apparently, now mangaconda is shutting down, too.

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I completely forgot about them, to be honest.

      • ConnieEdogawa

        3 years ago

        really? it's only been a couple weeks, and they're who picked up translating hayate.

    • ConnieEdogawa

      3 years ago

      good news!

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago


    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      Ah I noticed you have shante up there

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        Yes. I posted up an image that I had done as a commission. Take a look at it and give it a good look over.

        Also, I never got notification of a comment here.

    • ConnieEdogawa

      3 years ago

      so, for days now my "users I follow" feed has been empty, and I assumed it was just because of another stupid update that they'd fix sooner or later.

      what f**king idiot thought automatically having us unfollow everyone was a good idea?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      deleted the picture that freaked you out. Sorry, didn't think it would hit you so hard

    • IronBridge FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Knowledge

      3 years ago

      I upload new and interesting facts everyday in my series:

      "Fact of The Day"

      Hope to see you there!

    • iMacOfDeath

      3 years ago

      Hey Ca, do you get a notification when I make a comment post?

    • HOWtwoROCK

      3 years ago

      I was watching Fate Stay night unlimited blade works (Tv show). Why the fuck wouldn't archer just use his phantasm on the little german girl who had Bezerker?

    • zogman1

      3 years ago

      you didn't get a notification about any of my image comments, did you?

      • CaButler FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        3 years ago

        I don't think I have, no.

    • zogman1

      3 years ago

      you didn't get a notification about any of my image comments, did you?

      • zogman1

        3 years ago

        This wasn't a double post originally O_o

    • iMacOfDeath

      3 years ago

      When you vote in ISML, be sure to also nominate the spring seasonals.

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