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      8 years ago

      Hey there!
      I just saw that you're attending Armageddon Expo Melbourne. I just wanted to invite you to RTOZ, the official Rooster Teeth fan event in Australia! It goes over two nights, the 21st and the 22nd of October, with the staff most likely attending both nights. There are details on the Roo Teeth official website, as well as details and updates on the RTOZ group page.

      I also gave you an invite to the Australian Rooster Teeth Street Team. This is a group where RT fans can get together and hang out. This group has been created so that Rooster Teeth members from all over Australia can come together to hit the streets in order to promote Rooster Teeth in Australia! These are run in most major cities every few months. So there is a very likely chance that there's one near you soon!

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