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      6 years ago


      There isn't much time left in thanksgiving, so I thought I'd say thanks to everyone on Rooster Speak, everyone who has to do with chupas, and all my other friends here on roosterteeth. You have gotten me to be a more sociable person and have gotten me to branch out of my comfort zone. <3 you all!

      Also, going to include a bit about my day.

      First I helped my uncle stack logs, then helped with EVERYTHING having to do with dinner, then fried up the two turkeys, and even after a shower I still smell like peanut oil, I smell tasty. Then after dinner we went an shot my uncles guns, shot a .357 magnum, AR-15 chambered in .308 (apparently its also 7.62mm) and also shot his Colt 1911 .45 caliber and my cousins side by side shotgun. I hit all my targets in one try each with each gun. The easiest was the shotgun, and two Coors Lite cans didn't live to tell the tale. The AR was a bit of a bitch, but it was pretty awesome and I hit a pop can at 150 yards(like 146 meters). Then I watched the Lions lose by 3 points, and then we playe board games until the people of the opposite political beliefs left and then we played Balderdash with almost every round having some political jab. Then most people left and I hopped on RS.

      The End...?

    • I wonder...

      6 years ago


      I wonder what a diagram of the RT community would look like. I'm talking about the different groups and sub-communities. I would like to see just how many different distinct sub-communities there are.

    • Post-RTX: Part 2

      7 years ago


      This journal entry is about Saturday.

      This day started with me waking up and going to Starbucks in the lobby of the Marriott, there I found @JamesKryack @Lynxxon and others. From there we proceeded to the convention center where we stood in line for about 15-20 minutes. During that wait we saw Vader and his posse of stormtroopers.

      After the wait, the long awaited prize, we filed into the exhibition hall. We walked around inside taking in everything that was going on and eventually getting in the shortest line I saw the whole weekend. At the end of that line was @gus .

      I then wandered around going from group to group eventually settling down in a little nook with 2 chairs and a sofa where we again played Cards.

      After a few plays I decided I was going to walk the exhibition hall floor again. And as soon as I walked through the doors, guess who I saw. Mr. Toby Turner. As soon as I see him I rip my phone from my pocket and text one word to @DaCuban who was with @JamesKryack , that word was "Toby." I got one word of response back and from that response I could tell that a certain two people were very excited. I joined the mob that had formed around Toby and joined up with James and Cuban. Toby recorded a vlog about the mob that had formed around him and proceeded to the Achievement Hunter Lounge where he signed and took pictures with people. I somehow got separated from James and Cuban and ended up in the back of the line, so I left and wandered around some more. I later got back in line when it was much shorter and got a few pictures with him.

      After that I wandered around some more and then got in line for the creative writing panel. However right before our group they cut off the line to get in, right at the door. But we did get into the Jenga Jam panel which was my first experience with Jenga Jam and I think I've been hooked.

      After that more walking around happened and then most of us got into the line for the RT store where I basically was like "Take ALL my money" and got some stuff for my brother.

      After that I went to dinner with my mom at Iron Works BBQ which was good, but they didn't have any sweet tea, and they didn't have lemonade in the soda fountain despite the nozzle stating that they did.

      Following that I went back to the convention center to get in line for the Mixer. Amazingly our group was in the front of the line. So I joined the line right in the front and waited the few hours until the the mixer in good company. During this time @Miles showed up and signed stuff for some of us. However sometime during the mixer his signature rubbed off.

      At 7:15 they opened the doors and we filled the ballroom in less than about 15-30 minutes. All the performances were freaking spectacular and the crowd made it even better.

      After the performances when most of the people had left the room they had a DJ play some music until midnight. Well, since there was alcohol served at the mixer, naturally some people got wasted. One guy was spinning around in circles flailing his arms about shirtless "dancing" to the dubstep. Eventually his friends grabbed him and carried him out.

      After some of us talked to Jeff @williams we made our way to the Hilton where we sat around and chatted until someone had the honestly genius of going to IHOP at 1am. However my day ended there as my mom said that it was too late for a meal.

      I went to bed at 2am to wake up at 5 for the shoot the next morning.

      That concludes the Day One and Part 2 of the series of Post-RTX journals. Stay tuned for part 3 in the coming hours or maybe tomorrow.

    • Chat room?

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      Because nobody has done anything in here, I think it would be a good idea to start a small chat room in here.

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    • Big week is over with.

      7 years ago


      Lets start this journal out by saying that if you want a summarized version skip to the end.

      First this week I had to take five finals, the last five finals in a public school. I believe that they turned out very well for a reason I will explain later.

      Second, a lot of my family came into town for the same reason I will explain later. We went and did things like go to the National Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, sandwiched between Metro( Washington DC subway basically) rides.

      Third thing is Wednesday was my 18th birthday, so woohoo, *clapping* *cheering* *clapping and cheering*.

      Fourth thing is that I had a party for the reason I keep talking about and my birthday. This party as well as a whole metric fuck ton of cards resulted in $615 dollars, a LEGO set (fancy TIE-Fighter), and the receiving of a family heirloom which is a ring given by my great-grandpa to my grandpa on my dads side for the reason I keep talking about.

      Fifth thing is the receiving of my RTX badge, followed by my relatives calling me a geek, nerd and a gamer, amongst other things.

      Sixth and probably most important thing is that reason I have been talking about this whole time. I graduated from high school today, June 6th, 2012. The ceremony was boring except for the lightning and thunder after the principals speech, which made everyone crack up. After the ceremony I walked in the pouring rain to my dad's car and proceeded to McDonalds to get some drinks.

      TLDR I had tests, family, a birthday, got money, RTX badge, and I graduated.

    • Got a special delivery today too!

      7 years ago


      Everyone meet SJ. Ever since I took him to the EOD robot superstore I have not been able to separate him from the damn thing.


    • Fun day today.

      7 years ago


      So, it started off with me getting up at the ungodly hour of 7am. Then my parents and I drove from Grand Blanc Michigan to Southfield to check out Lawrence Technological University. I really liked that school, the labs were state of the art, and the dorms had washers and dryers in the rooms. Then we jogged on over to East Lansing and checked out Michigan State University. First impression was that it is really REALLY huge. Then we talked with a counselor who gave us some background and stuff, then sent us on our way for a self guided tour. This tour was short as we only walked across the little bridge, past the crazy preacher dude, into and out of the "bookstore" and then through the engineering halls to the dairy store where we got ice cream. A cool thing about the ice creams is that about half the flavors are named after other big colleges in the Midwest. Well after all that we went to my grandpas house where I got to shoot his .50 caliber muzzle loading modern musket. Boy did that guy have some kick. In two shots I managed to hit just left of the center of the target twice. My brother and dad didn't have quite as good grouping. Then we went to a restaurant with my cousins and I ate some really good food. That is the end of my story so have fun with the TLDR.

    • Anyone from Maryland?

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      Just wondering, may turn into a "Hey you driving?" kind of thing.

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    • I dont think that...

      7 years ago


      I dont think that RTX is going to happen for me this year. Partially because my January SAT scores came, and I did worse than I had in November. But mostly because my mom doesnt "see the point," because its "another silly thing" that I want to do. But you know what? My brother gets to do what he's interested in, he gets thousands of dollars of lacrosse gear, and plays on several expensive teams. The only money my parents put toward me are insurance, gas, food, internet/phone bills, and miscellaneous school expenses. Oh, and with all the lacrosse my brother plays, he's never home, so I do most of the work around the house. I walk the dogs, I vacuum, I do dishes, I cook, I clean up after cooking, I do yard work, and I do my own laundry.

      Also, RTX is the weekend after I graduate, so I think I kind of deserve a treat for going through all the changing schools 9 times, and moving, and getting stuck in places that totally SUCK ASS. Maryland, no offense born/raised Marylanders

      But seriously, I need this, I need to go somewhere by myself, experience the real outside world, enjoy a community as supportive and caring as the Rooster Teeth Community.

      So quick recap.
      1) Probably not going to RTX
      2) Unhappy about SAT results
      3) Unhappy with brother for getting everything he wants
      4) I hate Maryland
      5) I love you all. smiley12.gif

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