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    • What the hell?

      10 years ago


      I just realised something. Church's ghost is supposed to be an AI. So if Church is an AI, what is Tex? Tex became a ghost too. And Sarge. Are they all ghosts or AIs?

    • The Day The Prequel Died

      10 years ago


      Since the beginning of time, man has found himself in need of distraction. This role was once(and a very long time ago) filled by hard work, hunting, moving, basically survivng. However, as time has progressed and humans have more and more time to be distracted by something different, they have developed their own forms of amusement. In 18th Century France, one such distraction was buying perfume or murdering stupid Austrian aristocracy. In the 21st century, we do it a little differently.

      Advances in electronic media, if you look back on the progress, have been astronomical over the past century and a half. We've seen the television, the coloured television, computers and arcade games, game consoles, internet sites, music players, Limwire, Ipod and the rather popular movies.

      Today's society has a rather disturbing view of movies and television. We dream of making the programs, we idolise people who pretend to be other people for money(more than some most households earn in three years, they earn in six months) and most shockingly, crimes are committed by thousands, millions of people trying to gain access to this media without paying ridiculous amounts of money at a time when there almost is none. There is only one issue to do with movies that exceeds the horrors already listed; low-budget/badly directed/ poorly acted/ poorly written/ completely stupid and not funny/never should have been made sequels of the good or extremely bad films.

      Anyone who has ever seen High School Musicals 2 and 3 and has liked them probably also enjoys having needles shoved into their eyes and glue stuck up their noses. High School Musical was a mistake. We can all admit that and the stars can stop trying to have any sort of musical or acting career in the near or distant future. Disney does not like to admit such things. It also does not like to believe that some movies should never have been and never should be. Every single Disney movie or movie Disney has rights to has ended up with some half-assed cheesy sequel. Every child actor with a voice that doesn't sound worse than a wailing baby (and there are exceptions to this) has been given songs to sing so Disney can make money of not only their disgusting acting abilities also their nails-on-a-blackboard vocal talents. Who is running that company anyway? Did Mickey Mouse die and come back as a zombie to kill everyone who knew what the phrase 'quality not quantity' meant?
      This journal is to be continued at a later time...

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Caitlem

      10 years ago

      nah but you keep appearing in the forum. I was looking at ur comments and accidentally clicked the wrong icon

    • DarkHindu

      10 years ago

      Do I know you?

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