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    • Buff buddies week 1

      3 years ago


      I know it is a bit late, but here is my first week of Buff buddies. First things first, my goal.

      My goal is to loos 10kg (that is 22lb for you non-metric system users) and to become more healthy.

      To achieve this goal i will:

      1. Work out 3 times a week,
      2. Stay on 1300cal diet,
      3. Be active for at least 30min a day
      4. Quit drinking Pepsi, except 3 glasses a week (the worst one of all)

      Week one:

      I started my week with a good work out. I ran for the first time in forever (only 1km but still) and i was able to lift (almost) the same as when i was fit. I kept to the 1300cal and even though it was hard, i did not have any Pepsi.


      (X-Ray and Vav helped me work out)

      Then disaster hit on Tuesday. Tuesday my Jawbone Up24 activity thing ( don't know what they are called in english) broke. Since the place where i bought it, couldn't fix it I got my money back for it. I then bought a Fitbit Charge HR and since my Up24 was broken they gave me a 150kr discount (that is 21$ for you non-Scandinavians). There was just one thing, they did not have it i stock until friday.

      Wednesday and Thursday was mostly work, school, fallout 4 and me complaining about not having any Pepsi (guys i am serious, I am really addicted to Pepsi).

      Friday: yahhh i finally got my Fitbit, and I LOVE it.

      Saturday I worked out again, this time i ran 1,5km (yahhh progress). Sunday was just relax day and me complaining about Pepsi.

      The hard parts:

      Not having my activity thing (what are they called?) really took a toll on my motivation, Not being able to see just how far I walked made me give up on moving all together. The other thing was not drinking any Pepsi this week. Monday was okay but Tuesday was when I felt like my body was fighting me, I felt sleepy, moody, hungry and had the worst headaches. I feel some what normal again but I still keep getting headaches and feeling moody.

      I give myself 2 out off 5 Meg faces, since i did not work out as much as i had to. I lost motivation just because my Up24 broke. BUT i did not drink any Pepsi this week, and for that I am proud.

      Tomorrow i start a new week and I hope it will go better.

      If anyone wants to be friends on Fitbit please add me.




    • 3 years ago

    • This is why i love Denmark

      3 years ago


      I went for a bikeride the other day. I just love the danish nature, so quiet and relaxing.



    • 4 years ago

    • Bornholm, Bornholm, Bornholm it's the loveliest vacation island

      4 years ago


      So my familie and I are going to the Danish island Bornholm, which is closer to Russia than Denmark. To get to Bornholm we had to drive to Ystad in Sweden and go on a ferry to Rønne Bornholm, which meant that we had to get up at 3 in the morning. When we got to Ystad we fund out that my parents had booked the ferry ride ind the wrong direction (Rønne - Ystad). Now, 5 hours later, we are still waiting for a open spot on one of the ferries. But at least we got WiFi smiley0.gif

    • 5 years ago

    • Off to a good start

      5 years ago


      Okay so every year my parents throws this huge new years eve party with all of our family and some of my parents friends. It is always an incredible night and we are always having a lot of fun. This years party started as always with us listing to the Queen of Denmark's new year speech. When the clock hit midnight we yelled "godt nyt år" (happy new year) and went outside to watch the firework and to shoot some of our self. My cousin had bought a lot of different firework. He started with a dragon egg, which exploded on the road. Then he found a cake (multi tube device) and when it started, all of the "shots" went 2 meters up in the air and then exploded so we had to run away to be safe. Before we went back inside, my cousin wanted to try one last thing. He found a Roman Candle, he put it in the firework holder and turned it on, and what do you think happened? that's right it exploded on the ground, so we had to hid again. Luckily non of us got hurt and we are never buying firework at t-hansen (a danish store) again.
      With the firework drama over, it was time to go home. I drove down the main road in my home town and when I turned the corner, this man around 45-50 years old, jumped out on the street and stopped the car. He got in and yelled "GO GO GO, FAST, GO". Then to men around 18-22 years came after the car a started yelling at the man in my car and started banging on the window and kicking the car. I he gas pedal with my foot and got away. It turned out the 2 men were chasing the man in my car and wanted to beat him up because they though he was gay. The man in my car was in shock and so was I. After that i got home, played some Lego harry potter and went to bed.
      If the rest of the year is going to be that stressful, I am going be stay inside all year and play on my xbox.

      Happy new year :)

    • 6 years ago


      can't wait for games of thrones to night :D

    • 6 years ago


      Happy new year from Denmark :)

    • 6 years ago


      I probably should be studying for finals, but my x-box won't let me. Well French history can wait a few more hours.

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