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    • 'Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala

      7 years ago



      Jollyness indeed!

      Fa la la la la lala la laaaaaaa!

    • Earthlings

      7 years ago


      Before I start, much like the post I made about people drinking, I am not trying to preach here.

      OK, so I've just stumbled upon this video, and it's just... It's absolutely horrendous. A 2010 documentary called 'Earthlings'.

      I'm a vegetarian, and have been since I was 7 years old. My vegetarianism was brought on by my love for animals, if I'm completely honest. Growing up, I loved them. I still do, I have two dogs, a fish, two cockatiels and a bearded dragon living in my house. When I was young, I didn't understand just how...brutal, I guess. Cold, maybe? Well, either way, I didn't understand the true nature of what went on with animals before they became food.

      Then I grew a little, learned some more, and it reaffirmed my belief. I think I can honestly tell you that tonight, I've had another affirmation. But in this documentary, I couldn't make it past the first 5 minutes. I was at a point where I was shouting 'no' at the screen, feeling completely helpless. Now, some of you might think that's a bit of an overreaction or whatever, but this documentary (only the first 5 minutes) had such an impact on me that I couldn't watch any more of it. I was close to screaming at the people, telling them to stop.

      They showed how domesticated cats and dogs were dealt with in some of the most gruesome ways. It evoked such a feeling of sorrow, anger, frustration, helplessness and just disgust. True disgust with how some can do those kinds of things. It was so hard hitting for me, and moreso because it happens every day, as far as slaughter houses are concerned. However, these first 5 minutes weren't about slaughter for food entirely, but cruelty. And barbarism.

      I have to keep reminding myself that these images aren't the norm, and that there are people out there working to change the way people treat animals and so forth. It would be unfair to paint everyone with the same brush. I fully believe that the people who perform callous acts against animals are in the absolute minority, so it would be careless for me to jump in and generalise with a sweeping statement like 'all meat eaters are evil' or other such rhetoric.

      I'm at a strange state of mind, right now. I'm between telling you not to watch it, so as to not make anyone feel guilty or have to watch some of the horrible stuff that goes on, but I also don't want to promote ignorance by saying 'don't watch it and it never happened as for as you're concerned'.

      I think I'll leave it at this: if you are prepared to have a lot of your perceptions changed, and potentially change part of your lifestyle, watch the documentary. I say that with the hope that I don't shame anyone into changing who they are.

      One thing try to remind myself when I see a story about the worst of human behaviour is this: for every one cold, heartless person, there are 10 warm and loving ones to counter act them. I refuse to believe human compassion is that shitty.

      That's rant number 2. I'll try to be more positive in future, I swear. Unless, of course, I start on 'man's inhumanity towards man'.

    • You don't drink? What's wrong with you?

      7 years ago


      I've had this question asked to me by a number of people over the years. Mainly in secondary school where everyone was trying to fit moulds and what have you.

      For as long as I can remember, I've been stead fast in my belief that I have no use for alcohol. People have said to me 'oh, it helps you relax'...but like, I'm pretty relaxed already. I'm easy going and all that. Not to blow my own horn or anything.

      See, the thing is, I've seen the ugly side too often. What it does AFTER everyone is all fun and relaxed and stuff. When people don't know their limit and everything goes crazy. I've seen people fight, shout, scream and almost die as a result of alcohol.

      I'm not bashing anyone at all. Not even a little bit. Everyone is entitled to make their own decision and all that. I'm happy to be around people who enjoy having drinks, most of my friends fall into that category. There are many people who are sensible and responsible et al.People who enjoy it, and more power to them, as long as they don't go over their limits, who's to judge?


      "What's wrong with you?"

      That always got me. What's wrong with me that makes me not want to drink? I dunno, I just don't see the point. I don't need it, it's expensive, too much leads to trouble.

      What's wrong with you, hypothetical person, that you think that because a person doesn't want to drink that that makes them weird? Oh, wait... It's the fitting in, isn't it? Like losing you virginity at 16 or younger, people have this design for everyone around them that's handed down generations and through media and stuff.


      I might sound like a self righteous prick or whatever, and I don't mean it to come across that way. Just something from my experience that I wanted to talk about. I know I'm not the only one, only one voice of many, but there you go.

    • Late to the party?

      7 years ago


      Fashionably late, my dear friends.

      *puts on sunglasses and no reaction*

    • Security words.

      7 years ago


      I appreciate the value, I do.

      BUT, please, people who create them...can you maybe give humans a chance? I mean, there are some that I have to press my face right up against the screen to read.

      Either that, or take a hit on a bong to counteract the swirly ones.


      Probably had a point to this, but it escapes me.

    • 2019 years ago

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