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    • Tattoo Night!!

      5 years ago


      I've been waiting almost 6 years for my 2nd tattoo, and I've gone through about a million ideas, but its happening tonight!! I'm so excited!! smiley13.gif

      Also hopefully my new job will slow down soon so I will have more time to game and be active in this lovely community smiley12.gif

    • Need a Roomate!!!

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      I am really saddened to say that my friend cancelled on me :(
      So I am currently desperate for a roommate! I have a hotel booked from July 3-8, its $139 a night (no extra charge for 2 people, but if its 3-4 its an extra 10$ a night)
      Even if you just want to crash for a night or two and help out with a few bucks I would be super grateful!! <3
      I am pretty easy going and I'm looking to enjoy my time in Austin, so having a few new friends to bunk with would always be fun :)

      Please let me know if you're interested!

      Edit: In my haste I posted this in the wrong spot, its been moved to the proper thread but I can't (or dont know how) to delete it

      Post edited 6/02/13 7:16PM

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    • BMO!

      6 years ago


      My roomate just hid this guy in the fridge for me, I just flipped my shit!

    • Less than 3!

      6 years ago


      Weeks till school is DONE! <3
      My plan to get back to gaming and being involved in the community are failing rapidly, but all that is going to change I swear it!
      To prove it here is my kitty, in a tree

    • Mouse Hunt 2: Return of the Mouse

      6 years ago


      About 6 months ago I had a mouse in the house, this is the sequel to the pot adventure.

      Lastnight around midnight, Ruka my lovely kitty caught the scent of her pray. The evildoer who had been spending the last few evening stealing my blueberries.
      Around an hour later the demon creature was so stunned, his tiny loveless heart beating as fast possible, I was able to scoop him in an oven mitt. He was then disposed of, aka I walked him two blocks away and chucked him towards the river. Did he live? Will he return? These things remain to be seen.

    • 6 years ago


      This is going to be the start of something new.
      That is all I am going to say right now because I have the tendency to not follow through with projects. But I have a feeling this one is going to work out, so I want to be able to look back at this post and be like this, this day, was when it all began. smiley0.gif

    • 5 Dollars.....4 Movies......1 Night

      7 years ago


      So I bought a 4-pack of what I can only assume are horrible and cheesey sci-fi movies, but it was 5$ and needed some entertainment for the night.

      Movie Number One
      The Black Hole - 2006
      The premise is that they created a Black Hole in St. Louis using a hadron collider, and pulled an alien that according to theory, is using said hole to travel through space & time. Our hero (Judd Nelson) is a scientist that was pulled of the research team, has an ex-wife & young daughter, and of course...crazy hair. It's pretty cheesey, terribly predictable & if you're a fan of stargate you'll probably start to wish Jack O'Neil & Sam Carter were the military involved and McKay was our plucky hero. All in all, worth the 1.25$ I spent on it and probably I will probably watch it again, drunk, with my best friend.

      Movie Number Two
      Supernova - 2005
      I was pretty excited cause Luke Perry is in this movie, and then I had my MINDBLOWN when I realised that ADMIRAL FREAKIN HACKETT is also in it... known in real life as Lance Henriksen. So, the sun is older then we though blah blah we're all gonna die blah blah. It's cheesey...and predicatable....and I am hooked. I like the side story with Chris's (Luke Perry) wife, and Ginny is just adorable. (Plus every time Hackett says Shepard a little part of me melts). I forgot it was divided up into 2 -parts, and almost had a heart attack. So far I am lovin this movie for what it is - a made for tv sci fi. I think I found the golden gem in this group of four. Oh, and don't forge Tia Carrere (RELIC HUNTER!!) is a superfox, and a bit of a bitch.

      Movie Number Three
      Final Days of Planet Earth - 2006
      I lied, this movie is also pretty cool. It's just past 2am now and it's freaking me out. You have to get past what the aliens looks like, I mean, its a low budget made for tv film so learn to deal with it or GTFO. I really like Walker (Gil Bellows), as a character, he's an asshole thinks the whole world is shit kinda guy, so being stuck trying to figure things out kinda sucks for him. It's a pretty great cast & a crazy creepy story.

    • Puncture - Awesome Film

      7 years ago


      Things you should know about me before reading this review, I am biased.
      1) I do enjoy Chris Evans
      2) I am a sucker for movies like Erin Brockovich

      I was initially a little turned off by this movie, I don't tend to enjoy watching drug users or hookers in a movie I am watching with my mom. But the true story definitely won me over. Other reviews I read either love it or hate it, and I fall somewhere within both. I think Evans has come a long way with his acting skills since not another teen movie, but I wonder how much of his charm (and lets face it, good looks) blinds us (okay me) from how good/bad he really is. That being said, his portrayal of lawyer drug addict Micheal Weiss was brilliant. For the first time I found myself being interested in such reckless man. I've had a few eye opening experiences lately and this is another one, don't judge a book by its cover or a man by his addictions. His passion for doing what he believed was right was undeniable.

      So yes, some dialogue was cheesey, some 'evil corporate lawyer on a horse' scenes were over the top, but I loved it anyways.

      Music in this one gets a double thumbs up from this girl. It added to every scene, yet didn't get over the top or pushy. I especially loved the opening song, Road to Joy by Bright Eyes. "I have my drugs I have my woman, they keep away my loneliness, my parents they have their religion but sleep in seperate houses" I don't want to quote the whole song, I just want to say it set the mood well.

      Now, how do we get movies like this into theatres & get everyone watching them instead of saaaay yet another Rom Com. Wait, mixing entertainment with ...oh my god... intellectual stories that make you think?!? BLASPHEMY!

    • I am a dork

      8 years ago


      So obviously, I've had this account for a while, but then I kept getting Auto-signed in via my FB now I think I have two accounts :S

      well, whatever
      I am here now!
      Maybe I'll be a bit more active this go around


    • 2019 years ago

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    • Ayarin

      6 years ago

      Welcome to the Ladies of Rooster Teeth community

      I'm Ayarin but I go by Iri and I'm a Lady Leader within the group~! If you need help with anything around the site or wanna help with any of the Ladies Night events or just want someone to talk to, don't be afraid to drop a comment off

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