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    • Oh Packers...

      4 years ago


      Mike McCarthy, Y U DO DIS?!?!

    • "Where do you think we are?"

      5 years ago


      Lyk if u cry evry tiem

    • Desolation of Smaug

      5 years ago


      So let me start off by explaining, I have never read The Hobbit or any of the LotR's books. My experience of Tolkien's work has come through the LotR films, the first Hobbit film and some browsing of Wikipedia just out of bored interest.

      What I've seen from a lot of the critical reviews is a flat out comparison with the books which to be honest is damn annoying because the films have to stand alone as their own media. Take, for example, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy nobody has bemoaned the fact that it doesn't strictly follow any established story arc, its a story about the Batman character and people just accept that. It's almost as though some people have seen this film as though the its going to be everything Tolkien intended and they imagined as they read the book. Instead, what they got was a series of family-friendly adventure films which is restricted in that it has to hit a series of key events with established characters with predetermined fates. The sheer length meant, I can see no way that they could possibly have shortened to just a single film, even though this means the first two had relatively anti-climactic endings there has been plenty of character development on show with enough action sequences to keep me interested and highly anticipate the final chapter.

      Another factor I've seen targeted was that the Desolation of Smaug in particular drew from a range of Tolkien's works and introduced its own scenes and characters but again, this is an adaptation intended to target a particular audience and keep their interest. Maybe its just because I've never read the book but nothing felt particularly like it ruined the flow of the narrative. Any 'fan' that did get this impression was probably the same kind that would have been happy to see Bilbo (Freeman) crawl under the treasure and give Smaug (Cumberbatch) a nice sneaky, scaly blowey... Anyway moving on, I like Tauriel, even if she infuriates some purists by her mere inclusion, its nice to have a character whose future isn't set in stone. Everyone knows that Gandalf, Bilbo and Legolas make it through largely unscathed and the fates of the other characters can be found in the Hobbit, assuming they stick with that storyline. Tauriel on the other hand is an enigma and a welcome break from the Dwarvish sausage fest.

      To compare it with the LotR trilogy, generally I prefer Bilbo to Frodo, largely because I dislike the hobbits' side story throughout LotR and in particular Frodo being a little bitch. On the other hand the Fellowship was much better than Thorin's company who it seems apart from Thorin, Kili and Balin are just there for comic relief and Legolas who is essentially in his moody teenager stage at the time of DoS, made even worse by acting out against his fathers wishes in a "rebellious" way. I like the character of Thorin purely because of how well they have made me dislike him as a person. Sure, Desolation suffers from being the middle child in a trilogy and not being an exact copy of the book but as a family-friendly adventure version of the LotR series it does its job admirably and has made me incredibly excited for the last film.

    • Drinking Games

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      I'm looking for a list of your favourite or best drinking games. My favourites are the ones with concealed rules like My World or One Up, One Down and also Ring of Fire/Kings or whatever name you have for it.

      Fire away.

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    • Not as active as I usually am...

      5 years ago


      Freshers week. That is all.

    • University Survival Kit

      5 years ago


      So today was my last training session with my lacrosse team before heading off to uni. I have been playing for the team for about 10 years now and helping coach for the past 3. So before I left them for the next 3-4 years they got me a Student Survival Kit and made me unpack it in front of about 15 9-12 year olds... It included:
      3x Mug Shots
      2x Super Noodles
      140 Tea bags (two kinds)
      Large tin of baked beans
      1x Pot Noodle
      Throat and Chest sweets
      2x Red Bull
      Bottle of Jagermeister
      Baby wipes
      80 tissues
      2x dusters
      1x feather duster
      Rubber gloves
      Cleaning brush
      A collection of travel toothpaste
      A Skittles scented candle
      Roll-on deodorant
      1x shower scrunchie
      Shower cap
      Deep Heat
      Cold relief powder
      Power Kick
      Diarrhoea Relief capsules
      Effervescent Powder
      Moshi Monsters toothpaste
      JLS' fragrance 'Kiss' (por femme)
      Inflatable woman
      Ultra Fine condoms
      Silky Lubricant
      and finally a reusable shopping bag.

      Soooooo, party at mine?

    • Minesweeper

      5 years ago


      Fuck you Minesweeper you cheating fuck!

      So nearly ten minutes of playing on the hardest difficulty and I get to a point where the last mine could be in either of two places and theres no way to work it out.




    • First rule of English RT fans thread

      5 years ago


      Don't talk about the English RT fans thread.

      Rule number two: No durnks

    • 5 years ago


      Abigail Spencer is possibly the most beautiful person I have ever seen.


      Sex must be really disappointing for her...

    • 4 More Years!

      5 years ago


      I'm not running for prime minister/president or anything but yes...
      This is my 1 year anniversary on the site. There could be another 4 years but if I haven't driven @scottster246 into an emotional breakdown in the next year I'll probably give up trying but whatevs.

      Sooooooo hows everyone doin'?

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    • TacoPowerPhD

      5 years ago

      I figured I would message the other 4 members of the erstwhile ERTFUFFL group.

      I've put together my own NFL fantasy football league for the upcoming season. We currently have 10 teams. If you would like to take part here are the details:

      Join Here:
      League ID: 2551049
      League Password: hike

    • Metasponge Ocean Voyager

      5 years ago

      Thanks for the add x

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      6 years ago

      Purely for otter reasons, just wanted to say I love your profile avatar smiley0.gif

      • CapnBiscuit Ron Stoppable

        6 years ago

        It was intended as a placeholder until I had a suitable replacement but, yes, otters are pretty fucking awesome. :)

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