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      4 years ago


      Is anyone going to Indy for Pop Con this weekend? Or wanting to? I was going to, but ended up scheduled to work, so I have three full weekend passes, if anyone needs them. Charging $40 a piece, which is $3 less than if you buy them on the site. PM me if interested in one, two, or all of them! Thanks!

    • May is ending...

      4 years ago


      *stares at Guardian forums*

    • 4 years ago


      I know we're all busy and that the world is full of problems, but I'd like to ask you to take a moment and read this story.


      This beautiful baby boy, Graham, was born with a frightening heart problem, a bad pulminary valve. At birth, his lungs weren't getting blood and couldn't provide oxygen to the rest of his body. He was rushed over 100 miles to the nearest children's cardiac unit and blessedly survived.

      Three surgeries later, he's improving and growing. BUT he's not healthy yet. His wonderful, loving parents were told Graham is going to have to undergo another surgery (the 4th in his 3 month life). This will be the biggest, scariest, most invasive surgery yet, a full open heart procedure.


      His parents are incredibly brave and strong. They love Graham completely and are doing everything they can to make sure he has the best care. However, medical procedures are expensive and they could really use some help.

      If you can spare another minute, please visit this link. Any help you can provide (a share, a dollar, a kind word) will really go a long way in helping Graham and his family to stay strong.

      I know our family has suffered recently, and it's probably selfish to ask, but let's band together for one more little miracle? Let's give this family one less thing to worry about so they can focus on each other and their beautiful baby boy.

      Thank you. <3


    • RTX2014

      5 years ago


      I don't know that I can fully put into words what this past weekend has meant to me. But I might as well make the attempt (advanced apologies for any instances of babbling).

      RTX 2014 was my first RTX experience. I'd heard tales of how gracious and kind the RT Community is, have even experienced a bit of their comradery here on the RT site, but nothing could prepare my for how overwhelmingly amazing this entire experience was. Now I'm going to try not to gush too hard, but 99% of the people I met where so unbelievably generous. Attendees where so considerate of each others needs. I had one guy give up his spot in a panel line because he saw an obviously upset attendee speaking with guardians who were having to tell the boy that the line was capped. Everyone who I saw outside of the convention center immediately said hello and were friendly and polite. The staff were so friendly and down to earth and RIDICULOUSLY sweet. The weekend really was like one very large family reunion; the whole gang was just ecstatic to be in the same city together, sharing a common love.

      I was very lucky to be selected as a Guardian this year (and here's the part where I'm going to tear up. You will probably be unaffected, but nevertheless). This group of selfless individuals really topped this con for me. Even while suffering through paper cuts as we rolled all of the RT posters, hours and hours on our feet on concrete floors each day, and the heartbreaking work of having to turn people away from capped signings, full panels, and busy staff members, these people kept each other and the attendees smiling and laughing and sometimes even dancing. Our beautiful head guardians, @SailorTweek and @sirNARVY, always graciously had time for each one of us, even when we had really silly questions. The individual team leads worked so unbelievably hard to organize their teams and make this RTX run as smoothly as we were all able. Our watch may have ended, but RTX 2015 is just around the corner. I hope to see you all on whatever color team they decide to make us next year. (Lightish red? Please!)

      Now for my brothers of the Rail Yard. You twats. <3 You are my favorite parts of RT and I cannot wait to join you all for this madness again next year.

      Overall, 20/10. Will con for the rest of my life. smiley12.gif

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