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    • Can we get this group active?

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      I finally gave in and bought Elite Dangerous on Xbox last week, and I haven't been so absorbed by a game since Skyrim first released. Needless to say, it does get boring after a while, as any open world "exploration" game does. Can we organize some common playtime windows for fellow commanders? Having friends to play games with always makes it better, and it would be very cool to have someone to wing up with every now and then and cause some trouble in the galaxy.

      If anyone is interested, let me know.

      Gamertag: Chaps Jr

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    • Peons of Central Florida, assemble!

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      I'm putting this here to see who is located in the central FL area. That would be anything along I-4, such as Temple Terrace, Plant City, Orlando, Winter Haven, Lakeland (yes, you're included too, Polk County).... Even you folks at that eastern tip of I-4 that isn't actually east-west!

      I'm not new to RT, but I'm technically new to the site since my old account has been lost for many moons. All are welcome and all will be embraced and loved, not for your defining characteristics, but for your love of nap time, which comes after pants time!

      I'm also looking for some new friends for Xbox Live, and there's nothing like ridiculously redneck surroundings to meet new comrades.

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    • Hmm...

      2 years ago


      I seem to be feeling lonely and inadequate today, even though I have quite a few people around me who are willing to lend an ear or spare time. I don't know what I'm missing in my life, but this has been a recurring emotion for a while. Maybe it's the ghosts of my depression haunting me, trying to tempt me back into the darkness of isolation and suicidal tendencies. Maybe it's just an unseen obstacle in life. Either way, I hate it. I'm positive it's related to my impending break-up, and the moving that will ensue. However, I feel that isn't the only thing causing it. I wish I could afford a deep probe into my psyche. There is something lurking inside my mind, telling me that there is something affecting my life which I can not see (yet).

      Do I need to make a drastic change in my life? Do I need to find a partner to reciprocate compassion? Do I need to go break shit to release a torrent of emotion?

    • I see you.

      2 years ago


      Who keeps upvoting my lame-ass journal entries? Show yourself!  benson

    • M-Day weekend

      2 years ago


      I'm excited to get off work early tomorrow so I can have time to pack my stuff for the weekend. Going to Hillsborough State Park for a camping trip. Just these couple days away from normal life will be so nice.

    • Friends?

      2 years ago


      I just created this new account because I lost the info for my old one. I'm posting this in hopes that someone will read it and care.

      If you read my profile bio, you'll see that I've been struggling with depression for many years now. I've tried very much to find a reason to live, but it seems I'm still fumbling around in the dark. I'm not threatening suicide here, but I am saying that I am desperate for answers. I'm desperate for any kind of comfort, a partner in life, a good friend, a companion to share memories with me... I just want to be wanted. I know I'm not a bad person. We all have issues, but I know I'm compassionate and very giving. I may deserve some of the bad stuff thrown my way, but nobody deserves this level of misery for so long.

      I'm here asking for a friend. I don't expect miracles; I am very realistic and logical. I just want to know if someone cares.

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