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      Let us all bask in the glory that is Lost.


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    • Growing Up is Such Painful Measures

      13 years ago


      Tonight I'm going to a school-done presentation to help me decide which options I take for next year.

      I have to do GCSE Science and GCSE Maths, then I can choose two more. Here are my final list of candidates.


      I have to cut that down to 2. I'm already doing GCSE Drama because I'm in the top 10% of the year, so I more or less have to do that again to get another grade. Meaning I can only choose one out of the other three.

      Spanish - Haven't done before, REALLY want to do.
      Geography - My best subject, I'm the bomb at it.
      Computers - Hell, I don't like it, but I'm good at it.

      I R CONFUZZLED. smiley7.gif

    • I'm sorry, but it's true

      13 years ago


      I'm in love with nico.

    • Oh my God

      13 years ago


      About 15 minutes ago I had a huge knife pointed at my face. I'm at school, and I've sneaked on to write this, I'll explain more later.


      It was my friend, he was messing around. He didn't mean it intentionally, but he was still an ass.

      On to cheerier things. Last night I saw Harry Potter. It was awesome, except one thing I didn't get; why did they make the Death Eaters look so fucking rediculous?

      In the trailers before the movie, a big white ice block came into view. Immediately I said "Ice Age 2. I bet." I was just half-guessing. It was just a joke. I didn't even mean it, really. Then guess what I saw.


      Oh. My. God. I couldn't believe I was right. The trailer was awesome.


      Oohhhhh. Awesome. There was also another film that looked pretty good, Over the Hedge.


      *there's a hedge there*

      "It's beautiful. What should we call it?"
      "Let's call it Steve!"

    • Stepping Up

      13 years ago


      Damn, I'm good. Through the space of last night (and as contractor rightfully pointed out, I worked 'till midnight), I've now finished the episodes db.

      It's fully working. Users have to be logged in, then they can rate an episode through a selection process. Funniness rating, Length rating and Overall rating. Then really complicated mathematics is done to make a number, which is added to the table. Then the Episode gets an average level. Users can vote only once.

      I've voted on an episode, which now has only one vote. My score I gave it, after the maths, was 35. This gives it a level 4 (it's rounded to the nearest decimal place).

      Oh so sexy. It took DiMono about 3 months to make what he made. I've already done the equivelant of about 15% in a few hours. Next: forum. Yes, I know how to code a forum. I'm very giddy and excited about this. I've started coding forums before, but they were for projects that got scrapped, so this will be fun.

      I'll soon be letting in Beta Testers. However, I only have one episode in the database (Episode 1!). I think I need Gavino to fledge it out a bit for me. smiley1.gif

      Oh and also, Lost is on tomorrow night. Damn, I was about to say tonight. Typing it made me realise it's tomorrow. smiley2.gif

    • Make Your Time

      13 years ago


      I love how all my journal entries have inspiring titles. Anyway. Now that my Never Ending story is finished, I'm beginning on my next thing. Bare in mind: I would have finished the story in faster time if MySql hadn't been a royal bitch to me.

      Anyway. My next project is an RvB fansite that has all the episodes archived. You can vote on them through a series of processes. The site then smartly figures out an "Episode Level" and the highest levelers are shown on the main page. Meaning it's not just a boring poll, it's a curvy and completely unessecarily complicated poll!


      Children in Need has started. ...woot?

    • Jeez

      13 years ago


      I've already had to censor an addition on the RvB Never Ending Story.

    • The Never Ending Story!

      13 years ago


      I've made this in about 6 hours. I'm just so fast. Teehee.

      The RvB Never Ending Story

    • H4Xz0RZ!

      13 years ago


      Woah. I found a secret Corporate Green site!

      I found it by:

      1) Going to the old v1.5 Beta Test site.
      2) Following the error.
      Internal Server Error
      Please contact the server administrator,
      3) Going to

      I knew it was CG because: used to have a "Flux Admin", now it is linked to a "Halifrag Admin".

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