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      13 years ago


      Yes, you can praise me in this journal comments section. smiley0.gif


      Shit, I totally forgot about the 5:00pm update for Charlie. Oh well, no one turns up anyway. : /

      -edit x2-

      Gavino unlocked it, so this journal entry is now redundant. Have a nice day. smiley1.gif

    • Sponsors Discussion Poll

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      Back on the old forum we used to have a Polls forum with polls we could vote for. I miss that. So, for Sponsors, I've set up a Poll that can be used on the new forum. Every now and then I'll add a new question. Vote on the current poll below.

      ______ rvbPollTitle.php
      ______ rvbPollYes.php
      ______ rvbPollNo.php

      ______ rvbPollTotal.php

      ______ voteyes.jpg ___ voteno.jpg


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    • Lollerz

      13 years ago


      I am Gavino. I am so gonna bug him I can now use his color.

      -non sponsor only but regular journal edit-

      What the fizzle? Colour. I'm spelling like an american. Color = american. smiley2.gif

    • Generationationation

      13 years ago


      Some of you may have noticed that I've been spending the last few days of my life making generators.



      So the question is, what do you guys want me to make next?

      Currently Playing: NHL Hitz Pro
      Currently Browsing: Speak
      Currently Watching: Lost
      Currently Hearing: Kelly Clarkson (Since You've Been Gone)
      Currently Writing: Speak Episode 4
      Currently Anticipating: Xbox 360, Harry Potter GoF, Flightplan

    • I Heart Member Generator

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      Continuing my generator series, here's a new addition called the "I Heart Member" generator. Enter the username of the RvB member you adore, and it'll show their avatar and a snazzy text proclaiming your love!

      To use:


      Will produce, when USERNAME replaced (for this purpose I've used kzuelch),


      Complaints, suggestions, or love letters greatly appreciated. Later!

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    • Speak up, I can't hear you.

      13 years ago


      Here's a humagungous update on Speak.

      We have a logo!


      A website...

      A donate button...

      A forum...

      A wallpaper...

      ...I've been busy, so sue me.

    • Well Howdy

      13 years ago


      I have a whole hour to write this journal entry in time for 5:00pm. So, what to talk about? Hmmm... ooo I know. Charlie is doing great. He cries a fair amount, but that's expectable from a baby. He's put on a pound, meaning he's becoming a fat little git.
      In my related news, I recently got Final Draft. It is the sex. With it, I've begun writing my new series Speak. It's going to be a Halo on Xbox 360 machinima and is going to revolutionise the Halo Machinima scene. Why? It's a genre that has never been successfully done before. A Crime Thriller. Totally. More details on that will come as they arrive. I have written the first draft of Episode One and the general feeling in the meeting was it doesn't need any changes, teehee! Starring in it will be myself and four other of my friends from school that also attend Fast-Track GCSE Expressive Arts; meaning they're the best damn actors in the year. Also, my friend Vava is one good singer. She can harmonise and blow you away like no one else. Needless to say I'm trying to get her on board to sing the theme song. A segment of the script of Episode One is at the end of this entry. To simplify things and to give us much more fun, we're recording and finalising all the episodes BEFORE they're released; so we don't need to make the episodes in between weeks and we see the last episode before anyone. On an unrelated note, I'm stepping up the firewall protocol on my computer. smiley0.gif

      Movie I am anticipating: Flightplan / HP GoF
      Album I am loving: Robbie William's Intensive Care
      My Favourite Friendslist Friend: kzuelch

      Claire wakes up with a start. Her breathing is ragged and
      she is totally freaked out.

      The phone begins to ring. Claire ignores it and lets it go
      to answerphone.

      CLAIRE (V.O.)
      Hello you've reached Claire!
      Well, you haven't really since
      I'm not in. Anywho, leave a
      message after the beep.


      SHANNON (V.O.)
      Claire? Claire... are you there?
      Claire please pick up. Please.

      Shannon begins to sob.

      Please Claire, pick up.
      Something's happened. (BEAT) He's
      hit me. It's...

      Claire runs to pick up the phone, but Shannon's end has
      been cut off. Claire is still shaken over her dream. She
      slowly puts the phone down and goes back to bed.


    • RvB Joined Date Generator

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      Howdy guys! I've spent the last few hours making this little script that generates an image of the date you joined RvB based from the episode released when you arrived. All I knew before was I joined when Episode 22 was just released, now it shows me when that was!

      To use this script, paste the following code in your about section.


      For me: YOURNAME = Charliez
      EPISODENUMBER = 22 (episode released when you joined).

      The above code, when your info is added, will generate this:


      Any suggestions or complaints would be appreciated. Later. smiley0.gif

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    • Weekly Update

      13 years ago


      From now on, every single Wednesday at 5:00pm GMT, I will post a journal entry about Charlie's current status. To find out what that time is in your other, less attractive, country find out at this link.

      I promise they will retain the funniness of previous entries. Also, preperations are getting put in place for the Christmas PSA. Yes, already. It's going to be a goodun. Everyone will love it, I promise.

      A sneaky hint:


    • What have I been missing?

      13 years ago


      If you're a Sponsor, you'll have heard about Burnie's announcement. It's awesome, but the fact it's limited to the people it is, is in my opinion absolutely REDICULOUS. You'll know what I mean if you see it. I mean, EVERYONE can do it to journals. What's the point limiting it to some people on this? I might just pass on a complaint, grrrrrrrrrrr.

      Oh and yes I'm back. Yes, I had a lovely time thank you. After the party I worked on the 'Ghost Train' spectacle at the steam train my dad works on. Below are pictures of the event. Aren't I pretty?


      Because my dad works in the Gardens, I get to go in when the public can't. Take that, mayor.

      I do quite like them.


      I think I gave a few people heart attacks on the steam train. Just a few, mind.

      Giggle giggle.

      When it comes to a 3 hour train ride home nothing's better.

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