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      13 years ago


      Ben here. In a few hours I'm going to be heading off to my cousin Lou's 18th birthday party. It's at a casino, with fake chips and all. Yum. Chips. Also, my dad (who does not live with me, he lives down there) has said he can't be there for the party. Now, I'm in a GCSE fast-track Expressive Arts course, so I'm going to be acting the part that I don't know. Then he's going to arrive and go SURPRISE! I think I might pretend to faint. It'll be fun.

      I'm going down on the train, like I always do. Going on the train is quite fun actually. This time I'm taking my old PDA, and I've put:

      * RvB Season 4
      * PANICS
      * Switch Parody
      * Strangerhood (Bye) Nikki (Bye) Music Video
      * The Codex Episode 20

      on it, so I can watch them on the train. Gav would be proud. I will post pictures of the party when I get back. Over the past few days I've had an unbelievably awesome idea for Charlie's Christmas PSA 2005. It's hilarious. You'll love it. And if you haven't noticed, my new Xbox 360 Gamer Card is in the About section. If you haven't already, go to the brand spankin' new and login with your passport to switch your Gamertag over to the Gamer Card. It's beautiful. I think I might cry. I have grown an infatuation for the little jingle that's on the homepage. I think it might be from the origen advert, but I'm not sure. Anyway, go to the site, and listen. It's a dazzling little tune. Honest.
      Also, I've managed to coach Charlie's mother to say a few words. I've shown her all your awesome comments and she's all "ooooo isn't that nice". I don't think she quite knows that Geoff and Dan saying congrats is a very big thing, but I'll try and teach her. smiley1.gif

      "Thank you very much everybody! We're sure Charlie's going to be a real RvB fan, just like his big bruv. ;)"

    • Ben > Charlie

      13 years ago


      For once a journal about me. : O

      I'm now apparantly a web designer. At 13 years old. Wooh. I have a company now called "Stream Designs". I've contacted someone who wants me to make a site, he's willing to pay £750-£1000.

      Heehee. I know to many people that's not a greatly large sum of money, but when you're my age, everything's sparkly and colourful.

      On to Charlie, he's living. I think his head's got a bit bigger, I can't really tell. He was crying in the night last night... unfortunately I was awake anyway; so I still have yet to be woken up by him. Sigh.

      Oh and yes, if the deal goes through, I'm giving at least £200 ($356) to Rooster Teeth. Go me.

    • Seasons Wishes

      13 years ago


      Well, as it's Charlie's third week birthday coming up (probably, I don't know) why not start a tradition?

      From now until forever, Charlie is going to be making special Holiday videos to his friends at RvB.

      So we kick off with the first ever, and here it is. Hallowe'en!

      Hallowe'en 2005 : : Windows Media (1:03 long, 1.25mb)

      And by the way, I wasn't joking about Gavino.

    • Ohhhh man

      13 years ago


      My team on NHL Hitz Pro is consisted of Rooster Teeth staff, series characters, and members of my family.

      But of all people in my last game, Dan was Player of the Game?

      Something's not right.

    • Take it one day at a time

      13 years ago


      Well, up until now he's lasted three weeks alive. Phew. I've noticed he poops. A lot.

      A crazy idea that came into my head is going to visit Gavino. The master of all things RvB (download terms wise) inducting a new RvBaholic... not too shabby.

      Oh and also, I phoned up the Rooster Teeth office just now and demanded I was given an award. Well guess what, it worked! So remember, if you want an award, call the office and scream bloody murder until they give it you.

      *cough* <3 geoff *cough*

    • and

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      Are you a UK Lost fan? Or are you even an overseas Lost fan?

      Check out It has up-to-date character and episode info from the UK without revealing any later spoilers. Also, their forum,, has strict guidelines on Spoiler posting. With 426 members and a very warm and joyous community, make you sure you stop by there.

      If you want to register for their forums please put the username Kingsy in the referral box, so I get some pleasant Karma. smiley1.gif


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    • Update of Charles

      13 years ago


      So yeah, he's doing fine. He's surprisingly grown an affection for car rides.

      Don't ask.

    • Bird Flu Protection

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      Yes, I know this is not the right forum. However, in times of crisis, you'll need this. The RvB forum is the most popular.

      Because of the weird post character limit, I'll have to link it to you.

      Please, everyone, take this seriously. If the virus mutates so it can infect human to human, it will "lead to a worldwide pandemic far more severe than that of 1918".

      This will kill people. Millions of people.

      Don't be a fool and don't take a chance.

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    • Cough Cough

      13 years ago


      Charlie's been let out of the hospital, and he's at home all well now. In response to the previous journal entry, he has now gained back to his birth weight so that's good. I have yet to be woken up by him screaming in the night. Yet.

      In other news, I found this morning that Charlie's been awarded a piece of cheese by Dan. I promise he won't eat it all at once. It'd give him diarrhea.

    • Weight Watchers has nothing on Charlie

      13 years ago


      Over the two days he's been here, he's lost 1 pound (10%) of his weight! As you can guess, that isn't really great. It's nothing though, he's just going to spend another day or two in the hospital so they can watch him. Nothing serious, he's completely healthy apart from his dieting.

      I haven't been at home to upload the pictures yet, but when I do they'll be here.

      - Ben

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