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    • We love you Monty

      2 years ago

      CharmedAgain Heyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody

      Tomorrow is gonna be a tough day for everyone in this community, even outside of it. I remember when I first found out about Monty being hospitalized and how amazed I was how everyone came together so quickly to raise money for the expenses. I also remember when Burnie posted that Monty hadn't made it. Such a crushing feeling not just because it made me sad, but because I knew that everyone he worked with, loved, or inspired was going to be in so much pain. No one at Rooster Teeth ever took Monty for granted, they would always say how amazing he was. Sheena's story about how they had planned to reveal that they were married was so bitter sweet there was no holding back tears. When I went to RTX 2016, Jeff and Casey Lee Williams played Cold together and you could feel how moved the whole audience was and how much they had both loved Monty. I hope when tomorrow comes we spend time remembering how much we cared for Monty and all the wonderful things he did and created while he was with us. 

      Keep moving forward friends! <3

    • 3 years ago

      CharmedAgain Heyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody
    • Rest in Peace Daniel Kyre of Cyndago

      3 years ago

      CharmedAgain Heyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody

      My first journal entry and it's not going to be a very happy one... Daniel Kyre of Cyndago was found in his room in critical condition in what appeared to be a suicide attempt. After being taken to the hospital the doctors told his family that he suffered irreversible brain damage and would not recover. As a result they took him of of life support and he died today, the 19th of September. The link will take you to the Cyndago facebook page if you want to see the full post.

      Now, I'll be honest, I wasn't an active watcher of Cyndago however; it brings me so much sadness that the people around him, his family, his friends, his fans collectively seemed to have no idea that he was suffering so much inside that suicide seemed like his only option. I don't ever want anyone to feel that way no matter if I know them or not. I cannot imagine for a moment how that feels, I can't even pretend and I'd say most of us don't. But we can empathize. So the next person you see, even if you think they are the happiest go-lucky person you know, you tell them how much they mean to you and if they ever feel lost they can go to you. And if you feel this way, like you are lost but have no one to talk to, suicide hotlines are always open, there is even one for texting now. I know at the very least what it is like to have someone around you that suffers from depression and I wanted nothing more than to help him and make him feel better... but sometimes what you have to offer isn't going to make things get better, it's ot you , it's just that unexplainable feeling. So please just remember all this.

      i don't want anyone to feel this way.

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