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    • 5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Good news, I filed the needed stuff to get my account sorted out and get my money back. My dad said our bank is good about this stuff, because sadly this happened to him earlier this year and had to go through this himself. Bad news, don't know how long till I get my money back.

      So I can still plan for my birthday trip and not really have to worry about it effecting the trip immediately since its not for another 5 months.

    • 5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      I went to the mall today and found out someone got a hold of my debit card information.
      The purchases are from today and I was fine before leaving for RTX, so that means this happened during the trip.
      I really hope I can get this solved and the money that was spent back.

    • 5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      So I just noticed I got sponsorship before I could even get one for myself.

      Who did the thing?

    • 5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      I'm uploading the pictures and I just noticed I don't know how to make albums, or if I can at all, on here.

    • 5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      If I remember right, one of the photographers got pictures of when we're were fighting.
      And honestly I want to see that, because I bet I look extremely dumb.

    • RTX 2014 Day 4

      5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      The 8th which is my last full day in Austin, was pretty tame compared to the other. For obvious reasons yeah but still.

      Saw @Aztag09 luckily before he had to get going. Saw Erik and Drew before they had to leave. Saw Jordan again before he had to dump his stuff off somewhere for the day. I met Liana again but I guess I really met her this time. We walked around and talked for about a hour or so.

      After a bit, Sam, Dez and a couple other of us went to Wahoo's to get lunch and just hang out there for a bit. A few of us parted ways after that and we found Jordan again. Hung out and relaxed in the room before going to get doughnuts at Gordough's. I only ate half of mine and saved the rest for later, and holy cow it's sooooo good.

      We wanted and planned to see HTTYD2 but we missed the show time we were gonna see. So for the most part we all did our own things. Sam and Dez went to the room, I guess Jordan had an one man lobby party, and Nick and myself went to meet up with Jayce and friends to go grab dinner.

      Which was a bit of struggle to find a place not closed or had the same no underage in the place after a certain hour rule. But we eventually found a place, it was alright but we kind of had to suck it up. Jayce needed to eat and then get to bed because her flight was way early in the morning.

      After dinner Nick and I pretty much went up to the room and just hung around with Sam and Dez for the rest of the night.

    • RTX 2014 Day 3

      5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      The 7th was the last day of the con, and I only really had one thing I wanted to do this day. I wanted to see Burnie and give him what I had from him. His signing was one of the first one in the morning and that meant I had to get up early if I wanted to get there.

      And I did! I got there, I got in with Dez and it was all great. Gave him what I drew and told him how much this company and everyone apart of it mean to me. And that was pretty much that.

      Sam, Bunny and I went to the Slow Mo Guys panel and had fun going to that. And I believe that was the end of the con day for us. We all hung out together as much as we could before some of us headed over to the RoosterSpeak dinner.

      Saw faces I'd seen all weekend so far, saw from last year I hadn't seen yet and saw new ones. I hung out with almost everyone I wanted to, some more than others sadly, since I didn't want to stop anyone from talking and seeing who they wanted to as well.

      Eventually we had to leave where we were since we had the place till 10, we left at like 10:20 because we're slow and terrible people. SideQuest was nice enough to let us join them at their lounge event and that's where most of us migrated next.

      Talked and hung out with people still. Got to see Burnie again and talk about socks, like I wish I could do one day. He's apparently coming to Vegas next weekend. I told him that at Mandalay Bay there is a store entirely for socks and that's where I get all my good ones. He told me there was one like that in I wanna say Seattle, I can't remember. Talked to Caleb again, talked about how awesome the community is and how its great to see them and for them to see us and just all that crazy stuff.

      Now as much fun as I was having, by end time I was a bit strung up and on edge on the inside. And when 12 hit, it was pretty much the dam breaking.

      Now being in Vegas, I'm freaking spoiled you can say. There you can be underage and in a restaurant with a bar as long as you don't sit at the bar. But I guess Austin, or at least in a lot of the places around where were, you can't be in the place after a certain hour if there's a bar. And they made an except for SideQuest. And once things ended up stairs all the underage people had to leave or they would be in trouble. And that meant me.

      I wanted to still hang with everyone, but I didn't want to ask and take someone anyway just to walk me back to my hotel if they wanted to stay. I didn't want to make anyone stop what they were doing and stop their fun to help me, just because I have a hard time being alone and especially in places I'm not familiar with.

      I ended up breaking down to where I actually started tearing up and crying a bit and I felt like the biggest baby ever. But @Monica and @KempoB were truly amazing helped me calm down and get me smiling again enough to where we could walk my butt back safely.

      And it worked, until I got back to my room where I honestly broke back down again. I'm pretty sure it was half from the stuff before and up to that, and possibly half from I think it hit me I won't get to see these amazing people for probably another year. I don't know if I was like that until the moment I passed out, I asked Nick if I made any weird noise when I was laying down. He said possibly, I asked if I was crying or sniffling and he said yes. Crap.

      But it is what it is, I know Monica and Spencer said it was ok and everything but I still feel awful even though I also acknowledge at the same time that I was ok to what to spend time with people but not want to make them stop what they're doing to just help me and do what I want/need to have done.

    • RTX 2014 Day 2

      5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      So on the 5th, still cool and everything, but I was a bit upset when Gabby, Issa and I went to get in line to see the lovely Ramseys. Issa's knee was acting up, it was so bad he could barely walk without being in some degree of pain. It made me upset because it was crazy that there was even a mob, and the fact that one of us got hurt from it was just dumb.

      So after a bit of talking with guardians and explaining everything, he was pretty much flagged as a disabled. And with disables you get a plus one, and Issa and Gabby are siblings and she knew more about his injury and whatnot and should stay with him, but for this instance they were kind enough to let me stay with them.

      While in line, I saw @Caiti from across the way. I knew I shouldn't have, but I had huge doubts I would see her or Jack later on. So I told Gabby I'd be right back and went over. I apologized first thing when I approached her but I wanted to give her my gift since it was my wedding gift to them. And it was nice talking to her again was awesome and she's just as sweet as I remember. Another person or two noticed her but it wasn't bad. I still felt awful for almost causing people to come to her when I honestly did not want that to happen to her. Last thing I wanted.

      I went back to the siblings and waited and chatted and blah blah in line. So in the end of this whole mess we got to them, they had Millie with them, who is the cutest little thing ever. Gabby and I gave them our drawings and were pretty much set from there.

      For some time before the next thing I wanted to do, we just chilled. I forget who I was with, which sucks because I really should. But I bet it was with someone super cool and friendly.

      Next thing I did was Kara and Monty signing with Dez. Which was pretty cool. Went without a stag of any kind. I apologized to Monty about the scuffle we had at the charity dinner, and he was pretty cool and laughed at the matter. I didn't have anything for them individually, but I had something for them together and all of the other RWBY gang and whatnot. Not really gonna say what it is here because of reasons, not any bad reasons just wanna keep it a surprise from a certain someone for as long as I can. Either way the two liked it and I can't wait for them to see what's on it.

      After that Dez and I met up with some of his friends and went to the RWBY screening together and that was pretty cool.

      Pretty sure everything after that was more hanging with friends and talking about all we had done so far and just about stuff in general.

    • RTX 2014 Day 1

      5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      On the 4th I wanted to for sure go to the RWBY panel, and I was able to get it. I was at the panel with Nick, Gabby, Issa and @jteeth where we had an awesome time.

      They played the first episode, and no spoilers from me! All I will say though is that Sun is a freaking nerd and I love it.

      After that, I went to the RT store and grabbed the RTX 2014 shirt and one of the tank tops. Last year I didn't get any of the con items and this time I wanted to make sure I did.

      Once I was done in the store I met again with Gabby and Issa where we waited to try and get to see Michael and Lindsay. I saw @emireeboard and she was by herself, I had her come up with me and I'm glad I did because holy shota it was ridiculous.

      There was no real system since this was the first time for like, real signature times and schedules and whatnot. People were shoving and pushing and seriously being ridiculous. Issa has a bad knee and it got hurt real bad because of the ruckus. But the four of us got in safely afterwards.

      While in line, we all pretty much doodle. Emily was able to finish her drawings of Michael and Lindsay. She had them sign the drawings she did and gave Michael the original sketch of the picture she did for his new Twitter banner. I was able to give Michael and Lindsay the art I did for them as well.

      And I think that was pretty much all of that day.

    • RTX 2014 Day 0

      5 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Flew in on the 3rd. Pretty much got in, went to the hotel and chilled. We got our passes and saw a few friends and hung out while waiting to go to the RT SideQuest charity event. Got to see friends looking pretty and dapper in fancy attire. I bought one of the items, it was a wonderful art piece done by the lovely @lambency

      It was my favorite piece out of all the art there. At first I try to bid on another item but I was outbid and couldn't go any higher on it. Then I saw Lambency's piece hadn't gone too high yet. And currently the highest bidder was @Miles and on the spot, just why the hell not, I thought I would outbid him and give it to him and all of the other RWBY guys.

      And this was like at the last minutes of the auction. I stuck around to make sure he didn't come back and outbid me. And he did. I told him 'No, I want to give it to you guys as a gift' but he wouldn't let me. So we ended up being nerds and shoving and pushing each other over it. Monty even jump in, though I don't even know who's side he was on.

      Lucky enough, one of the event people came and got the clipboard before anyone could do anything. He yelled at me, told me he hated me and loved me at the same time, which was expected somewhat. Told him not to leave until I could give it to him, and the two of us were pretty much acting like children for the rest of the night. Time passed, and I collected my purchase and handed over to Miles. Took a few pictures that the photographers for the event wanted to take.

      Then I had to find out how the heck I was getting back to my hotel. Few minutes later, @KempoB and @Aztag09 who were nice enough to help me get back. As we were about to go down the stairs I saw Miles holding the piece and talking to Matt and Anna. I only heard a few words of what he was saying, but I pretty much knew what he was saying. So I stepped back behind the Hullums, right in his view, and he just looks up and points to me and exclaims 'That's her!"

      Anna asked if I did indeed buy the piece and everything for her. I said yes and she said it was really nice of me to do that. She hugged me and I told her I was more than happy to do it, because they are all awesome and why the heck not they all deserve it.

      After that last little bit, we made our leave and all got home safely. Where I proceeded to pass out immediately.

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