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    • flower crown commissions

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      ((Made a post about this on tumblr, but I'm bringing it here as well))

      Hello friends! I'm in a tough bind and need to try and make some money in order to pay for upcoming bills.

      So I'm going to be open to commissions for flower crowns.

      I can do small, simple ones or big, flashy ones.

      Prices are negotiable, but for the most part I think the smaller ones will be $12 and the bigger ones will be $20.

      If interested send a message my way and we can go from there (;w;)/


    • PAX East 2015

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      This was my first ever PAX and it was super amazing.

      Got to meet friends for the first time after knowing them for a year or more. Got to see everyone I wanted to and give all the gifts I wanted to. Went to panels which were awesome, saw new games but didn't get to play any, like that was any surprise.

      My favorite gift to give was one I had been working on since before RTX 2014. My awesome friend Cyril helped me make them and it was all thanks to him I was finally able to do this.


      Got to give Ashley, Caiti, Adam and Garrett their pendants in person, and I gave them the rest to hand to the others.

      There's a bunch more than all this to say about PAX, but then this would be way super long. So for now, this is it. .w.

    • 4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Of course the amiibo's I want to try and get are exclusive or one everyone wants.

      I mainly just want Rosalina (Target exclusive) and Toon Link. But everywhere I look they have them sold out or for a piss load of money. ;w;

    • 4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass
    • ALA 15

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      This past weekend I was at ALA.

      Got to be a giant cosplaying weeabo nerd, hang with friends both new and old and all around have a pretty rocking trip.

      I'll share some pictures as soon as I get them from peeps who took them. Hopefully I won't look gross in too many of them.

    • 21st birthday

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Yaaaaaay I'm an adult now~

    • lovely month of november

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Had a few ups and downs with this month.

      Most notable being that I was in a car accident at the beginning of the month. I'm fine, the car is a little dinged up, but it sucks nonetheless because it was my first ever car accident. Insurance called my car a total loss, though they really didn't look at my car as much as they should have. But I said goddammit no, I want my car fixed. So that means two weeks of rental car, yeeaaaaaah. This ordeal cost me quite a bit, but not as much as it could have been.

      But the best thing to happen this month, was my dad telling me he's moving back to Vegas. He and his wife moved out to Hawaii back in June because his wife got a job out there. She flies helicopters, and out there she was doing tours around the islands and volcanoes and such. But they would have her up in the air for such long periods, it was hurting her back and such. So long story short, she sent her resume out and nabbed a job that would land her back in Vegas.

      So I get my dad back in time for Christmas and my birthday. Which is awesome because I wanted to spend this birthday with him the most. I turn 21 and he's gonna make and serve me my first alcoholic beverage, its a thing for our family because he's been in the food and bar business for so long and he's awesome at knowing what someone would like.

      So November started stupid and was stupid for most the month, but ends nicely as we enter December.

    • So my hair....

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      is now purple. Wish I had a better picture though, because this picture makes it look lighter than it actually is. But there you go, there it is.


    • 4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Getting my hair done and dyed next week!

      Never dyed it before so I'm really excited!

    • #SHFMJVT2014

      4 years ago

      Cheyenne socks n sass

      Had fun meeting @jack and @gilby last night. They were super fun and also made some new friends while there as well.

      I drew them some stuff and they loved them, which made me super happy! I also doodled on the folder and wrote them a little something while we were all just hanging out and talking and junk. Didn't want to make the gift gushy and whatnot but I done did it anyway.

      I mentioned to Jack about a wedding gift I had made for him and Caiti that I managed to actually give to Caiti while at RTX this year. And it made me really happy to hear that he liked it to. Also being told it was on the mantle in their house almost made me cry a bit. It was like having your art put on the fridge.

      I'm glad you guys liked everything and I hope you have a fun and safe rest of your trip.

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