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    • They Actually Do Exist (to some degree)

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      There is a fungal life form here on earth that exhibits the same reproductive properties as the flood, albeit on a much smaller scale. A spore will infect an ant or another small insect, and take over it's neural pathways. It will them make the host walk up the tallest tree it can find. When it reaches the top, it uses the inside of the host as an incubator for more spores, which are then released from the high vantage point fro maximum spread. I can't remember the name of said fungi, but it is disturbingly close to the Flood, just not as big or intelligent (as far as we know.) Just some food for thought.

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    • You know when you play to much TF2 when

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      You know you play to much TF2 when...

      you hit a home run in baseball and when you swing you shouted "BONK!"

      (By the way, I actually did this.)

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    • A Fucking Movie

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      What the FUCK?! Seriously, this is bullshit. And every time I have walked into a movie theatre in the bast two or three weeks, the comercial plays as soon as I go into my movie. FUCK!

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    • Identify Yourself

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      //CODENAME// Agent Alaska
      //SPECIALITY// Demolitions
      //AI IMPLANT// Upsilon
      //ARMOUR ENHANCEMENT// Experimental Teleportation Technology (Designation: Rapid Slipspace Transition System or RSTS)


      Upsilon appears to be the Alpha's morality. It has exhibited on a number of occasions the refusal to carry out certain orders it deems wrong. Due to it's close connection with Agent Alaska, he is also refused to carry out such orders. As such, he has been reassigned to deep deployment and strike operations. His suit function can help him get to places others cant, as well as avoid danger. Physic examinations have proved to be inconclusive, though he appears to be sane, we cannot be sure. He speeks using the word "we" in refural to himself, and from what we can tell, this means that he and his AI are almost compleatly merged and thus speak together. We have done experiments with him and his AI involving the direct fusion of the AI with his brain, as apposed to the standard method of simply uploading it to one's armour. This does not seem to have any apparent positive or negative effects on Agent Alaska, apart from his close connection with his AI and the benefit of not needing to recover him in the event of termination. All things considered, including Agent Alaska's mission reports, medical examinations, and personall interviews, I am deeming his case a partial success. However, somthing must be done with him for now, as his strong morality will be a hinderance to missions we send him on. Removal of his AI is impossable, due to its intigration with his brain, so I am being forced to relocate him.

      //END FILE//


      Make one of these for your own Freelancer and his or her AI. Say your state name, what your AI's name is, and what your special ability is. Have fun!

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    • Sex

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      Do you think it was necessary in the film to have so many tits? Seriously, it's become Zack's signature to have one overly explicit, slow-motion sex scene in every movie he makes. I think the time could have been better used to develop more characters or something. What do you guys think?

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    • Morals Behind the Masks

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      In Watchmen we are introduced to many interesting characters with different morals and beliefs. The fan favourite Rorschach is a moral extremist, meaning he only sees actions in terms of good and evil, where evil must always be punished. I think this led to his eventual death at the hands of Dr. Manhattan. His mask is the perfect analogy for his morals, shifting patterns of black and white, always changing and shifting, yet never mixing into gray. The plot of Watchmen, and, indeed, most of the actions of humans throughout history and around the world, deal with these gray areas. Rorschach's inability to see these areas are, I think, what causes his falling out with his friends and partners, as well as the police authorities. His morals concerning good and evil, devoid of context and/or justification, is the cause of much questioning and conflict in Watchmen.
      I believe in the necessity of silver, continuing with the analogy of black and white and the grays. Whilst actions may be considered good or evil, they still should shine brightly as a beacon to those living in the shadows of truly evil people and their actions.

      Now, while our friend Rory isn't the only masked hero on the block, I want to here some other people's opinions of both Rorschach and other characters, hero, villain, or otherwise, in Watchmen, or anywhere else, maybe even your own morals or your thoughts on the moral choices made in Watchmen.

      So, basically, lets talk about human morals.

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    • Who Has Actually Read The Book?

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      It has come to my attention that while this group says it's tales of survival are base upon Brooks post-apocalyptic master piece, few, if any, of these stories see, to take place in the same time frame as his decade long war against the living dead. What gives?

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    • Theories

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      I love Braid. The story, the environment, the time-bending platforming. But unfortunately, none of the ignorant people I know outside of X-BOX Live have had the sense to download this wonderful game. And so I turn to you, dear Internet, to share my thoughts and have a nice, intelligent little chit chat about our dear friend Tim.

      smiley11.gif WARNING smiley11.gifsmiley9.gif SPOILERS AHEAD smiley9.gif

      I personally think that Tim is a scientist, and that he may have invented some form of time travel. I think that in the level "Braid" the "monster" seen at the beginning and the end is, in fact, Tim, albeit a younger version.
      I also think that Tim is bias. His version of the story is told throughout the game, with odd bits out of place. But during the epilogue, if you hide behind something (thus removing Tim from the scene) it tells a different story. I think that after he saved the princess, he thought it would be something else. He then began his search for the princess again, leaving the princess he had already saved. This is when he created his means of time manipulation. he then went back to search for the "real" princess. This ended with him discovering that is was he who chased the princess from her home. He was the monster. And if you look at the first book in the game, it talks of the princess being taken away by a monster because Tim made a mistake. He knew what then knew what he would become, and how he would hurt the princess in the process of trying to find her. That was his mistake. Not seeing that she was already right in front of here.

      So there are some of my theories. I would like to here some other and be able to compare and contrast them, and/or otherwise discuss them.

      Lets get cracking.

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    • Argument Scetch

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      Have you ever tried to to the argument sketch by yourself in front of your entire school? You should try it sometime. It's great. Just make sure you know exactly how many "No you didn't" "Yes I did"s you do. That is the most crucial part of the entire show.

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    • Achievement Helpers

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      Hey guys! I need some help with a new group I've started called Achievement Helpers. The goal is to make a group that will help by creating walkthroughs, despencing tips, so on and so forth. But I need a little help to get it off the ground. I was hoping that some of you veteran Achievment Hunters would be willing to lend a hand. I'm just trying to creat a group that can help and give back to the awsome Achievement Hunter/ Rooster Teeth communtity. Thanks!

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