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    • Class has started once again

      14 years ago


      And I have come to a stunning realization.

      Do you know what happens when you meet 10,000 (or more) new people?

      You get a cold.

      Calculus will own your soul!

    • Showcase 2005

      14 years ago


      Showcase is finally over. Whew.

      So I work for Creative Memories (a division of the Antioch Company) and we make scrapbooking stuff. All sorts of scrapbooking stuff. Albums, printing paper, stickers, mounting paper, mounting corners, pens for writing, etc, etc. Once a year we have our big scrapbooking convention called Showcase. It actually happens once in the U.S at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and once in Toronto (I don't know where, so don't ask). The Minneapolis one just got done, and thank God I don't have to go to the Toronto one too.

      I pulled a 16 hour day on Friday between load time, drive time, and work time. I had to help people fill out this survey about printing digital images (which I didn't know as much about as I would have liked to, but hey), and then I got to drive back home. No hotel for this girl. smiley2.gif Then, I got to get up and go to the St. Cloud building early and copy more surveys because we were running out, before driving back down to the Convention Center, doing the survey stuff all over, and then loading stuff back up and coming back home. That was a 17 hour day.

      And here I am, back at work. No "Day of Rest" for me -- but just about everyone else gets one of those. Oh, and I'm no supposed to get overtime, but it happened. And it'll probably happen again this week. I see a paid nap coming in sometime this afternoon. Ha.

      So anyway, that's where I was for a week. Getting ready for, and then trying to pull off Showcase. We did alright. Not perfect, but nothing involving over 6000 people ever is. I'm glad its done, and me feet and calves are really happy that I'm sitting at my desk again.

      So send love for my sore legs, and I'll let them love you back! smiley8.gif

    • New Screen Name

      14 years ago


      So hey...I changed my screen name awhile back. And I didn't change it on the website. If you were trying to get ahold of me using that, you've had the wrong name. Sorry! I changed it in my profile now...but I'll post it here too just in case you feel too lazy to go check the profile now that you've read this.

      Sayuri0982=Chopin=Kathy smiley12.gif

    • My car...

      14 years ago

      Chopin going to the junkyard!!!

      I am super excited to announce that the money pit that was my '93 Chevy Lumina Euro is going to be replaced by a '97 Chevy Lumina! I like the Lumina, its a great car, and the only real problem with mine is that its just getting to be too old. Plus, the only car that I could find for under 5,000 that was in good condition was this other Lumina. smiley0.gif

      At any rate, I'm going to have a Silver Lumina now, instead of the dingy maroon of my old one -- an I'll have a CD Player, air bags (no my current vehicle does not have air bags), brakes, struts, and shocks. All of them in working condition. Plus, the used lot just put four new tires on it. I'm paying 1,000 down and my parents are helping me finance the rest. Its a-pretty, pretty sweet.

      Plus, the car lot we're buying from is where my family has bought all of our used cars, so Todd (the sales rep) took the car down from 3,999 to 2,999. I was overjoyed. I just was trying very hard to contain it. My dad even admitted that my parents had bought both of my brothers nicer cars then they bought me originally. So that's why they're helping me finance this one. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be able to get it. I mean, c'mon, I'm a 20 year old girl...lots of people don't respect those credentials.

      So I am full of happiness and love! So everyone should love me so I can love them back whilst I'm in the mood. smiley8.gifsmiley12.gif

    • My car...

      14 years ago

      Chopin a money pit.

      I went and go my front brake pads replaced and said "Hey, while you're at it look at the rear ones too, ok? I think they're okay, but check 'em." So I get this call at work from my mechanic Scott who says, "Yea, we'll replace those front pads. We also looked at the back ones and the pads are fine; but you're calipers are rusting out and you need new calipers and roters." For those of you who don't know, that comes to about 366.90 with labor included in there.

      He continues, "Your struts in the back could also use replacing." At this point I intervened and reminded him that we had looked at my struts before, knew that the springs in them were shot and decided not to do anything about it because '93 Lumina's chew through struts. He replied, "Yea...but now they've completely fallen through. The weight of your car is holding them in place, but if they get caught on anything, they're going to come flying out." So needless to say, now they really do need replacing. That, dear friends, will cost approximately 320.00 with labor included.

      So for those of us who have taken calculus...what would've been a 120 dollar brake pad replacement was quickly spiraling into an $806.66 job.

      Scott managed to calm me down by saying that we didn't have to do the rear brakes and the struts today...just something I should do before the winter kicks in full blast. So that's my story.

      Ouchies smiley4.gif

    • Damn the Man! Save the Empire!

      14 years ago


      So here I am at work, trying really hard not to do work. I'm using photoshop for the first time in my life, and I am getting super aggrivated. Part of the problem is that my work computer is not 100% updated, and I'm using Photoshop Elements 3.0, Windows 2000, and Adobe 6.0. The color disagreement alone makes me go smiley4.gifsmiley11.gif But alas, that just means that I have to waste more of my time sitting in a nice air conditioned lab in a posturpedic chair playing with a program that I would like to learn anyway. So I'm not trying to complain a lot...just that I'm a little irritated.

      I miss the RvBMN love kids. Our pre-union was a ton of fun! We should organize a Valleyfair trip sometime. Or maybe a Renaissance Festival day that we all show up to. That would be teh c001. Anywho, I should close this before someone goes...."Hey, what's that?" Don't need to get myself fired. smiley8.gif

    • Holy Wow I'm Back

      14 years ago


      So I guess I have not been here as much as I would like, but that's how it goes I guess. I'm not a Lab Technician at Creative Memories, which is a Scrapbooking companty. Scrapbooking, for those of you who don't know (*cough*Servo*Cough*) is a fancy way of putting together a photo album. We sell albums, stickers, corner guys to put your photos in with, all sorts of paper with which you can spruce up a picture page, and pens with which to journal next to your pictures so that you don't forget what the hell was going on there. The great thing about all our products is that we test them (in the lab where I am!) to make sure that they will do nothing to damage your photos. We have a lifetime guarantee on all our products...and wow I'm starting to sound like an advertisement. At any reate, that's what I'm doing now, and I couldn't be happier. The lab experience alone is invaluble.

      So now I work 8-4:30 Monday thru Friday; not a bad gig at all. I get my evenings and weekends free, and I couldn't like that more. And in the fall, I get to stay on as an "intern" with a completely flexible schedule. Basically whenever I can and want to come in. I believe a direct quote from my supervisor was, "I would like you to be here as much as you feel comfortable with, but I respect your commitments as a student." Woo-hoo.

      But I do miss my RvB buddies, and I hope to figure out this stupid ordering with the code thing soon. Otherwise, I'm gonna be all up on Gus' wait, he might like that too much. smiley4.gif

      Dwarven Vow #7 - Goodness and love will always win!

    • And I'm Spent

      14 years ago


      So I am finally finished with finals, and although I don't know all of my grades yet, I'm feeling okay about what's coming. So I will finally be getting to updating everything (including updating myself on episodes because I'm about 5 behind), just be patient with me.

      For now, I'm off to spend some quality time with my boyfriend because, hey, I've earned it.

    • Two months later...

      14 years ago


      The little weiner dog puppy is so cute! He's in a hot dog bun! Get it? brings out the girl in me.

      My journal is like a movie that keeps skipping through time. That's about as often as I update I guess. 17 credits, which includes two labs, a job, a boyfriend, and an attempt at a social life will do that to you I guess. Since it is the Easter weekend, I figured it was a good time to update on what the hell is going on. I have been keeping up with the vids, on both RvB and The Strangerhood, but the updating on writing to people is a different story, so I again apologize.

      Mel you drunk! I'm just jealous, so don't worry. My friend Nicole and her boyfriend Jon got engaged over this week, and last weekend Sian and James (yes Sian is a girl, say it like Shawn) got engaged. So wow, I'm feeling old. But I have absolutely no desire to get married right now, so I'm doing okay with that. I have this goal you see -- I want to graduate with my B.S. degree before I get married. That way there's not possible way I can get caught not getting it because married life gets in the way. (i.e. money, or God forbid; pregnancy)

      Besides that...I have changed advisors because mine was worthless, and now I'm thinking about getting a degree in just plain ol' Chemistry because my current advisor says that I become more marketable, and can do anything I want in grad school (including biochemistry) if I start out with the basics. Whereas if I get a degree in Biochem, I'm limited to that for grad school. So yay for changing majors again. At least I'm in the same department.

      Alright, enough of my vicious ramblings. Enjoy Easter, enjoy life.

    • I am never on

      14 years ago


      And ^'tis true. I apologize to everyone -- especially Cloud and Servo. Thanks for putting up with me cool kids. now that school is back in full swing, I'll be on a computer a lot more often looking for a distraction; so I promise to be on once a week. Whether or not I say anything is a different story. :)

      So its cold, but at least there is snow on the ground. My dad got me sick, and I had that stupid 24-hour flu thing (yes, I understand there is no such thing as a 24-hour flu, let's not go into it ok? I get it, you get it, let's just leave it at that) and I was so damn cold and achy that my back muscles still haven't fully recovered. So wow that was a lot of bitching.

      On to better things I guess. Made the Dean's list this semester, got into most of the classes I wanted to. By the end of this semester I should be accepted into my program, and at least I have the man I want falling in love with me. (Hey, he said it -- I'm not making this shit up.)

      But I should go to bed....I have 8 am class three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and I get paid tomorrow so I'm getting up a little extra early to go get my check. Even though I won't be able to get it to the bank until Friday. I have class until 8 pm tomorrow and then my Chem study group (stop laughing) is meeting at 10:30 pm. I know, its late; but that's what works for everyone. So we'll get our homework done until I am passing out tired, and then I'll come home and sleep until my 2 o'clock class on Friday. :) Yay sleep. Peace out my homies.

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