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      2 years ago


      Created a nice website to get a bit of showing of my content. Used to have one, actually but those bills are rough so, taking a nod from the good ol' Kasavara, I used weebly. Check out some of my content below!

      What's great? You can check out the compilations made so far for the incredible streams of Jack Pattillo and Ryan Haywood, along with a few versions of the Intros and Outros I've been working on for them.

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      3 years ago


      Don't really post much on this account at all, since I primarily lurk on the site and watch the content extensively (have since Season 1 when I was probably too young for it to be good to). Lost my original account ages back so I recreated but never went as active given work is rather hectic. I work fulltime as an editor, taking contracts and such. Feel free to drop a line if you ever want to game, I play Destiny and Halo 5 (really any Halo game) extensively on console, as well as a ton of PC games. Or drop a line to chat or if you need help editing or editing questions. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the content guys, it's what we're here for!

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