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    • ugh...

      14 years ago


      Well im happy that RvB came put with episode 39, but for me this seems like just a painful relization of how F****** slow my dial up connection is, and since I live in the middle of nowhere I cant get anything better than this (and dont tell me satalite, it sucks), well i suppose i'll just have to wait the next 3 hours doing nothing on the internet except downloading episode 39, but it will be worth it in the end.

    • Just Got Here

      14 years ago


      Well I just got signed up today. and i must say that this site looks promising. can't wait till season 3.

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    • blueboy191

      13 years ago

      get on more often please smiley0.gif

    • Vengeghost

      14 years ago

      Bluuueee Chickeeeeeen!


    • gungraffiti0

      14 years ago

      classic rock and monty python man.....and i havent seen to many people on here from virginia so rock on!!

    • XViper

      14 years ago

      dude the blue chicken is awsome. dont mess with the chicken

    • smilee

      14 years ago

      uh hullo u do realize that u are the chicken from zelda?

    • IKillYouDead

      14 years ago


      Oh...this is Kelsey by the way. Hello.

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