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    • So....update? I guess?

      4 years ago


      So, life happened. Haven't been on here in a few months. Updates:

      Graduated High School.
      Went to RTX
      Enrolled in College
      Moved into College
      Completed First Semester of College
      Dyed hair purple.

      It's been pretty cool. Hopefully gonna try and go to RTX again, but that's still up in the air (not supposed to be a pun, but can be taken as such if one truly cares).

      I don't know why this sounds so boring but that could probably be because I am currently folding laundry which is not really the most mentally stimulating thing in the world.

      So yeah

      Rock and Roll, Sex, Drugs, and all that good stuff.

    • College Bound

      5 years ago


      I got into my top college!! AAHHH

    • More Random Poetry

      5 years ago


      The heat of my laptop
      Is nothing like running my hands
      Through the heat
      Trapped under your hair

      The grooves of the keys
      Are not like the grooves
      On your stomach and arms
      As they wrap themselves around me

      The hum of the fan
      As it tries to cool the base
      Has nothing on your breath
      As it tries to cool you
      From the inside out

      The computer is nothing like you
      But if I close my eyes
      I can pretend that the distance between us
      Isn't as large as it really is

      And instead of being behind a screen
      Typing words to me
      You are lying next to me
      Breathing them in my ear.

    • Random Poetry

      5 years ago


      I love the way
      The sun shines through my window
      When I wake up for school
      At the break of dawn

      I'm leaving soon
      And I'm scared
      That even though the sun is the same
      The dust won't dance in the air like it used to

      I'm not far away
      Only an hour's drive
      But an hour is a long time
      For light to travel

      I'll hold my breath until then
      Waking up before the sun
      To watch the dust dance
      One more time

    • Got rejected by colleges

      5 years ago


      I got rejected by 2 colleges...that's a great feeling..... smiley2.gifsmiley2.gifsmiley2.gif

    • Psych Class and Prison Experiments

      5 years ago


      Of course, the first journal entry on here would be about school work. (Let me preface this: I am 17 almost 18 and will be heading to college come the 2014 school year.) Anyway, today was one of the most interesting Psych classes I've had since the start of the year.

      A brief summation: At the Stanford University in California, there was an experiment conducted between one psychology teacher and about....15 to 20 students if I remember correctly. This teacher took students and gave them a psych eval to determine if they were safe for this experiment. Those that were deemed safe were randomly selected to be guards or be prisoners. Those who were guards were briefed and told Do not cause physical harm to the prisoners. Keep order in the prison. Do not cause harm to the prisoners no matter what. (Remember that, it comes important later.) So, those who were the prisoners were blindfolded and lead to the basement of the building which was converted into a makeshift prison. Here, they were stripped, given new clothes and assigned rooms. Within a day, the prisoners started to revolt and the guards were becoming verbally abusive to the point of degradation. The experiment was set to last 2 weeks but was stopped after 6 days. You can look the rest up yourself, cause I don't want to give any more away.

      Watching the videos and interviews of the guards and prisoners in this jail was pretty awesome honestly. And I mean that in a "Wow, this is something I should look into more. This would be a fascinating thing to study." and not a "Wow....I SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS." cause that would be crazy. The more I sat through the video, the more I wondered....can we really be that influenced by superiors? Are we all just machines working and acting how those in control of us want? Is Free Will something that actually exists? Or is it something we told ourselves to help us cope with the burning reality?

      These are questions to ponder another day I suppose....

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

      5 years ago

      Welcome to the site, Gabrielle! Feel free to add me or ask for help if you need it!

    • Myth_Rippa FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Dr. Nacho

      5 years ago

      Welcome to RT (^.^)/ Don't be shy or afraid to ask if you need help, we're all pretty nice so again welcome (^.^) Feel free to add me if you'd like (^.^)b

      • ColdRedRum FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        Thanks! :D And I'll be sure to do that!

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