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    • RWBY: Runners, a noncannon story

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      Not sure where else to post this, Searched through a few pages of posts, feel free to redirect me if needed. 

      I've had a little passion project in the works recently.

      A pre CCT story about Orphans and Convicts who were invited to travel from Vale to Vacuo in an attempt to deliver messages and dust.

      I've posted the prologue and am open for constructive criticism. Im trying to test my self a bit and practice my writing and in doing so will try to add a chapter weekly. I'm currently at 25,000 words. I've posted about this on discord and in a few other places.

      Chapter 00

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    • RWBY: Runners

      1 year ago


      Something fun I've been working on in my free time if you'd like to check it out. A Remnant World Story that takes place before the construction of the CCT, A story following Orphans and Convicts who were roped into being messengers between Vale and Vacuo. 

      RWBY Runners

    • Radiostuffs

      2 years ago


      Learned today that the local college radio station is a Alternative station..and since its a college station and will end up hearing some of the weirdest songs out there..very interesting hour sitting in on a show. 

    • When was the last time you tried something new?

      2 years ago


      The first major time I tried something new. Where I can look back now and see a very significant change in my life would have been joining theater. Im not an actor, though I did have some killer auditions in where I scooted across stage on my knee confessing my love to who would later be the Sound Crew Head. I joined theater on a whim. I started by taking the Technical theater class as my Fine arts Requirement for High school, then the next year taking the Tech II class cause I had a free period I needed to fill.  Just loved the class and the work we did. That is when we did work. Sometimes it would just turn into a 45 minute life lesson type class.. I assume mostly everyone has had a teacher like that at some point. But from that friends came and experiences that I'll never forget.

      The most recent thing that I tried was auditioning for a Audio theater with the local Radio. Very nerve racking but at the same time vaguely familiar. I never acted, or voice acted. But I really enjoy the group mentality. Everyone having a job, though it may not be the same job as the person sitting across from you. All of your work, and their work comes together to form a product that people can enjoy.

      What is something new, or old that you tried that changed you?

      TLDR: Joined Theater in HS. Loved the work space. Auditioned for Radio Theater recently. Whats something new you tried that changed your life?

    • Is it just me? How ruby moves.

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      First off. Love RWBY. One of my favorites. Just watched the Character short for season 4. Absolutely loved it. 

      But I noticed that ruby is a lot quicker now. Which is understandable. 

      With time you get stronger. 

      But she isn't using her scyth to propell her.  

      The only time she really used the kick was to cut the arm off the bird. The rest of her movements were all semblance or just plain moving. 

      Love the show. Will watch. But miss the small little girl throwing her self around by the kick of her high impact sniper rifle (gun). 

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    • Feels good to be back.

      2 years ago


      Just got back from a two year long "Lets not use technology" type trip... And let's be honest..Tech is amazing.. That and missed the podcasts and all the other stuff going on.

      Good to be back..Now lets go make some friends!

    • Missed

      4 years ago


      I´ve never had anyone close to me pass away, I don´t know what that feeling is, I could not explain it if you asked. I know it is something that will happen soon in my life. But right now I caught a glimpse of it. Someone who has made me laugh, someone who has told me stories, through their own means. Someone who has taught me something. This person has impacted my life with out shaking my hand nor knowing my name. But the feeling I have in my chest, in my heart. Tells me that he was my friend. And this feeling tells me with out a doubt that he will live long, through the hearts that loved and long for him. And through the creative minds he has touched. You will be missed dearly Monty.

    • You will be missed dearly.

      4 years ago


      Simply want to state that I loved Monty Oum and his controbutions to the world and he will be missed.

    • Last one for a while.

      4 years ago


      As of tomorrow I am going on a mission trip. I'm not going to go into details on that cause you don't really care all that much. But I have loved this community and the love and sometimes okay full hate I have received. From some rights in the hardcore mine craft server to some talk in the chat room. I'm going to really miss it for a long long time. And in two years I'll roughly have 104 new episodes of each AH series, 2 seasons of rvb to catch up on. 2 seasons of RWBY to catch up on. Two years of shorts and just two years of missed laughs. I am already excited about when I get back and am able to see what amazing other things rooster teeth as a company has done. Such as Day 5 and their sweet movie they just began working on publicly.

      So just to top it off. Thank you again if you need to get ahold of me for some crazy reason it will be at

      Love you all again and thank you so much for all the laughs. Can't wait to get back in touch with you.

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    • conrad500

      5 years ago

      Join the RvB:TX group and the Houston Group!

    • ToothlesGame

      5 years ago

      Welcome to the friends list

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        Thanks!! Glad to be apart of yours, and hope your happy to be a part of mine!

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