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      11 years ago


      Well welly well well!

      My to knit list
      Blood angels banner
      (trying to get it ready for the release of the new 40K rulebook, Yes fellow gamers I have pre-ordered the rather fantastic looking copy for uber fans in the ammo crate <3 )

      A balaclava for my good friend Gareth
      a tiny jumper for a friends baby
      a bag ( hopefully something on the lines of cake< cube)

      my non knit projects include
      getting the evil out of the kitchen
      finding more people to play Arkham horror and Vampire prince of the city with
      Surviving the wedding I'm attending on the weekend
      Role playing and getting hold of d&d 4E
      and lastly trying to figure out where to get a good cup of tea when I'm out shopping.

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    • Confounding

      11 years ago

      Well quite :p
      Don't think you wont rue this you!

      *coughs too and looks at her feet*

      Why thankyou

    • Ninjoc

      11 years ago

      Your comment-virginity is mine!


      Also, welcome smiley0.gif

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