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    • 4 years ago

    • Surrounded by Death

      4 years ago


      WARNING: If you are super sensitive when it comes to the topic of death or you do not like certain details about how a death occurs you may not want to read this post.

      From now to a year ago there has been a lot of death. The most recent one as you all know was Monty Oum and I will talk more abut that later. The first death that was pretty close to me this past year was in May and it was my grandfather. He died of cancer as well as my grandmother did that past Christmas, but man he was a hell of a man. He loved guitars, Johnny Cash, and motorcycles. He was in the Navy for 25 years.

      Next time death came it affected someone very close to me who I cared about. I had/have a special relationship (you know like the one where you go to that person for everything and they were just a little bit more to you than a friend and vice versa.) with someone I feel like I should leave unnamed. She has a little brother btw. He was my age and she was a grade older. Well their mother passed away in a tragic accident. smiley2.gif It was hard. Very hard time. The following month was sad and their family had always had troubles. So much so I helped her with not cutting. We were each other's output source for any kind of struggle. In August their father couldn't handle it and committed suicide. (I forgot to mention that this entire time and to this day she has a boyfriend who doesn't treat her right at all) I attended the funeral. I really felt for her and even though she had a boyfriend I still cared about her. They held a suicide prevention walk and it was a good turnout. I raised the most money for my team and I expected a very happy goodbye from her, but she just kind of left early with her boyfriend. That was the last time I saw her and her brother in person. They had to move to Hawaii and I have tried to keep contact with her since, but our conversations are always short and not the same. She is still dating the guy and he is still treating her wrong, but that's that.

      The next death was just this early January. One of my cousin's best friend's (and my friend) father passed away when he was chopping down a tree. The tree crushed his femur and pelvis. He had an emergency surgery,but it was too late. He was very much loved by the community because he was a firefighter. He is very much missed.

      Just this past Friday my friend's mother committed suicide. Family problems were again the reason for the most part. I will be attending her funeral tomorrow with friends. I don't recall ever meeting her, but her son is a very happy and energetic person so I want to be there to support him.

      Monty Oum of course is the next and wow he was an amazing person. I never really met him in person as the only time I saw him was when I went to RTX 2013. I love hearing all the "monty moments" people talk about and he is definitely an inspiration all who hear his story.

      If anyone of you guys need someone to talk to about death, suicidal thoughts, or anything just message me. I love you all.

      R.I.P Monty and others. I miss you all. smiley12.gif


    • Learning Guitar

      5 years ago


      Learning Guitar is way harder than it looks. Any tips?

    • No RTX For Me

      5 years ago


      I sadly won't be going to RTX because of a mission trip I have that I am leaving on Sunday morning. Next Year :3 Pax South AND RTX will be amaazzziiinnnn smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

    • First Breakup

      5 years ago


      Just broke up with my first girlfriend. Single now, but we ended on a good note. First kiss also.

    • Favorite Game of All Time

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      This is one of the most biggest questions to any gamer anywhere and one of the most common, but It is always a good topic. List any awesome games that people should play. smiley0.gif

      69 replies

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      5 years ago


      God I always suck at these journals. Why can't I just stick to the chat? *sigh* I have never really understood the karma levels on RoosterTeeth being only a level 2 :3. I guess you just get karma for posting Journals and getting milestones, but I am so unsure.

    • 2019 years ago

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