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    • Summer is Upon Us

      1 year ago


      The last thing I posted of any substance was about six years ago. Since then, I've become a teacher and I'll be finishing out my fifth year as a teacher, first at my school new school.

      I've never had a teaching job with a summer off. My last job was a year-round position, but after the whirlwind year I've had at my school (which I should add I love), this summer is desperately needed. Our last day is June 6th and I fully intend to be done with exam grading on that day so I can ride off into the sunset with ease. I have a whole list of things I'd like to do this summer which I'll enumerate below:

      1. Finish The Witcher 3. I've thoroughly enjoyed this game but have not been able to dedicate the necessary time to finishing it.

      2. Spend a lot of time with my daughter. I should probably mention that I'm a dad. That's a significant change in my life since last I wrote.

      3. Create a brand new unit for my next year at school on Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

      4. Find a new place to live. We're hoping to move this summer.

      5. Continue work on my novel.

      6. Read a hell of a lot of books on my front porch.

      7. Volunteering my time at Camp Rotary on Thursdays.

      I'd include more but I'd rather not over-encumber myself. I think that's a great start. 

      Well, since I forgot to bring home the work I had wanted to work on today, I'm going to go upstairs and play a bit of Rome II: Total War.

    • Update

      3 years ago


      This is just an update. I logged back into my profile to watch some RvB over my spring break. Then, upon seeing old page, I decided to jot down a few words. Righteous! Anyway, back to working on teacher stuff and watching Red vs. Blue!

    • So Austin, what did you do this weekend?

      7 years ago


      This weekend was kinda boring for me. I had some truck problems so I drove back to Mount Pleasant early to get it fixed, and it is sort of fixed. I won't go into details. I'm not a motor vehicle person by any means. I know my truck has an engine, four wheels, and goes "vroom." That's about it.

      Well being home early turned out to be a drag. Pretty much everyone has left town for Thanksgiving weekend and when I came back, no one was here. I mean, no one. I went for a walk on campus around 9 and I realized "There is no one around. What rules exist anymore?" So I stepped off the sidewalk and walked in the street. It's not like any cars are coming, except for like one but that was it.

      I worry about living alone someday. When people are around, I have folks to talk to like my roommate Chris. When no one is around, I get spacy and talk to myself/narrate everything I do. Mainly I'm just bored, like really bored. Crazy bored. I spent most of yesterday watching My Little Pony and playing Call of Duty to stave off the boredom. Today was sort of different. There wasn't as much COD or MLP.

      I started thinking though, first about the Old West, and then Manifest Destiny. After that I got onto American Constitutionalism. And then I started writing here.

      This is my weekend. A lot of boredom. Bored bored bored. I'm bored. Time to go back to philosophizing.

    • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is..

      7 years ago


      The greatest show I have ever seen, true story.

    • Video Game Frustrated

      7 years ago


      Today I adjusted some stuff on my profile and after years of not doing so, I finally added a section in my profile with the "currently playing, currently reading" yada yada yada. Anyway while I was adding the currently playing, I was had to stop for a moment and think. These past couple weeks, I've been going from game to game to game trying to find one I could enjoy but I just couldn't.

      Most of the games I want to play aren't out yet and won't be a for a while. The new COD comes out mid November and Battlefield late October. I've had a few games I've played lately, but nothing really stuck. Brink was a great game but I found it lacking sometimes. Halo was been a longtime favorite of mine but even that became a chore to play. I finished L.A. Noire and I found it didn't have much replay value. I liked open world games for years but this past year I'd played them so much that I got tired of traveling everywhere.

      Eventually I settled for Dead Space 2 because I had just been playing it earlier but I don't think that'll last long. I've been on-off with Dead Space 2 since I got it, I haven't even finished the game and I bought it a month ago.

      So there you have it, Austin's video game frustrations. October 25th can't come soon enough.

    • Headcase

      7 years ago


      Today at camp was kinda frustrating. We're in week 5 of 7 and we had a Scoutmaster who gave us problems last year come back. Last year he bought the Shotgun merit badge program ticket which means he can shoot basically all week at open shoots. He got the nickname "headlamp" because he wore a headlamp on his hat at all times of the day. I gave him the name Headcase, so we'll call him Headcase here.

      Anyway, Headcase did the same thing this year and has shown up to two open shoots of the two we've had. As a general rule, Tim and I (Tim is my coworker) let the Scouts in the merit badge shoot first because they're here to achieve something and, well, Headcase just wants to shoot. Well we have about 30 Scouts this week in both of our classes and a sizable amount show up to shoot. Today we went the entire open shoot hour, and even a few minutes after, getting Scouts to shoot. Headcase didn't get to shoot, which I guess frustrated him because he talked to my supervisor and requested that a special open shoot hour for shotgun be opened so that he could shoot.

      Now this isn't an open shoot for anyone. He wants to shoot for himself. At a Boy Scout camp. For Boy Scouts. Adults aren't the important people here. This guy is the kind of guy who would push every kid out of the way to get first in line for shooting. He's some jackass who just only thinks about himself in a program geared specifically towards youth.

      I needed to vent about that. Some people are assholes. At our camp, we tend to steer towards the philosophy "the customer is always right" and will bend over backwards to help out any whiny bastard get their wishes. Today, we at shooting sports decided the customer can be wrong, and sometimes, the customer is also a fucking douchebag.

    • Well Hi

      9 years ago


      Yeah, I don't post, like zero. However, I do keep another blog. It's more geared towards scholarly writing, mostly about history and the study of history (because that's my major).

      So here's the link for anyone who read this and likes history:

      Be sure to read the first post. It has a bio about me and outlines what the blog is aimed for in more detail.


    • Oh hey

      9 years ago


      Yeah, I'm still here. I've been busy with school, but I'm still around. I'm really liking this season of RvB, true story.

      Anyway, just a quick update here. I'm writing an essay on Voltaire, fun times.

    • Back from Camp

      9 years ago


      So, I'm back now.

      Camp was a blast. I loved every minute of the job. I mean, I worked full time and at the end of the day, I was ready for the next. Hell, if there had been a week 8 I would have stayed, but alas, college calls. It was wonderful though, I'll certainly come back next year.

      The thing I really like is that I made a change in kids' lives. Back when I went to this camp, the counselors were gods to us. They really had an influence on us and a profound effect on our future. Hell, I collect military stuff today because of my camp experience with one of the counselors getting me into that hobby. Lots of kids told me how much they loved my swimming or motorboating class, lots told me it was there favorite, and a few even went as far to say I was there favorite counselor on staff. That really has an effect on me. I'm incredibly proud of my job and what I'm doing.

      What really made me happy is diving in my swim class. You see, no one has the physical disability of being able to dive (well, I mean it exists, but read on to understand). When a kid says they can't dive, it's not that they physically can't, it's all a mental game. They are afraid of going in headfirst, getting water in their nose, hitting the bottom. A whole variety of things, the main thing being a fear of diving, a mere fear of it.

      I got kids to dive, even the one's who had no confidence in themselves. All I had to do was tell them the diving disability is all a mind game. Once I got kids to dive headfirst, they were fine. In many cases, once they dove in headfirst, they loved it. 2 kids in particular took to it quickly after I got them to dive after them prodding me with "I can't dive, I just can't". It really made this job well worth it. I helped them conquer something that could have easily ended up a lifelong fear. I like that feeling, the feeling that says I know I made a difference in someone's life.

      The camp job was good because of that: it had rewards outside of the paycheck. The only thing that kept me at McDonalds was that I got paid. I hated it, it was toilsome and exhausting, but I got a check every 2 weeks so I continued because I needed money. Camp Rotary had more than that, I didn’t just do the work because I got paid. I got more out of it; I felt good to be working there. That is what drove me this summer. Hell, it’s almost as if I would do this for free. Even being a volunteer would be ok. Now, I won’t do that, because I’m a poor college kid and lets face it, the economy still isn’t stellar or anything. But still, it paid in more than cash.

      Well, I’m home again now. It’s boring as I remember it being, but I get to rest. No more waking at 7:20 every day. I get some time to relax. I leave for Central again on Friday, so it’s a short rest. I’m hanging out with the old crew tonight, get some time in to visit with them before I’m gone again. I missed them and they missed me so I’ve got to get some time in. Hopefully they’ll be able to come and see me at Central at some point. They don’t have cars on campus like I do so they’re kinda isolated, and I can’t be driving to East Lansing all the time, gas isn’t free (or cheap for that matter). At least Xbox Live and Facebook keep us in touch.

      Well I’m out for now. It’s good to be back, I have a lot of catching up to do here. Sweet16inAK said she’s leaving the site soon which is sad for me because she was probably the only person on RvB I kept in consistent contact with. So I guess from now on I’m really only writing for myself here. Ah well, at least I’ll have a good log of my life to read over once I’m 50.

      ‘Til next time kids

    • I Got A New Computer

      9 years ago


      Yeah, that's about it. Also work has been good.

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