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    • Meanwhile, in Canada.

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      It snowed last night..

    • Looking for More!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Hey guys, I'm doing a Spartan Ops on Legendary play date tomorrow at 1:30pm EST. We just need one more person to fill up our group of 4!
      The plan is to start at chapter 1 and complete all the currently available chapters. It should be a lot of fun and if it's successful I would be down to host some more!

      If you're interested pm me and add me on XBL my GT is C0VE

    • Legendary Spartan Ops Playdate!

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      Cove Dancing Shark

      Hey everyone, I'm looking for 3 people to play through Spartan Ops Legendary with! I was thinking of starting around 1pm or 2pm EST on Saturday (November 24th). If who ever shows up is down for it we can start at Chapter 1 and hopefully finish all the way to Chapter 3.

      Based off of what I saw from AH's Spartan Ops Let's Play, Legendary is much easier with 4 people.

      If you're interested just leave a message here to work out the specifics or add me on live, my GT is C0VE

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    • Late Night Thoughts and Procrastination

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So it is currently 2 am and I am supposed to be writing a paper about how the Soviet Union collapsed from internal problems rather than external pressure. It's actually quite interesting but like everything school related I'm lacking the motivation and another all nighter seems to be on its way.

      Anyways, a thought popped into my head that wasn't communist related and is something I've considered on and off for a couple of months. I may create a Youtube channel for Let's Plays and a couple other gaming related series. While this isn't innovative in any way and some may argue that it has been done to death, I have a couple ideas that may turn out to be awesome.

      My first thought is just staight up Let's Plays: Pretty much the basic Let's Play of games on console and PC
      Then I had some other "fresher" ideas involving a couple of friends of mine in a few different series, but I don't want to say too much until I flesh it out some more.

      While I am pretty bad for saying I will do something creative and then bailing during the development phase , I think these have potential. Thanks to my Co-op program at school I will have 4 months of just work and no assignments or homework. Since I will be in a new city and have lots of free time, I think this project really has some potential.

      Well, that's enough rambling. I'll post more information once my school schedule clears up and I have some time to think about stuff other than European history and Geographic systems.

    • The Long Grind

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      I'm beginning to see the faint outline of the light at the end of the tunnel now. It's hard to believe, but my 1st term of my second year of university is almost over! I have two rather large assignments due Tuesday and Wednesday this week and then it's just clean up time with a test or two every week for the next couple weeks. Thankfully I landed myself a Co-op job for the winter term where I will be working with Statistics Canada as a GIS (Geographic Information System) Technician.

      It's almost over!!

    • Busy Times Ahead!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      School is looming is looking for a rematch after I pushed through the last shitty weeks of assignment after assignment due. This next week or so will suck once again. I have two papers and a lab due within a two week time period, as well as a couple job interviews for my co-op placement.

      Wish me luck, and I'll post when I get to other side!

    • Halo 4

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Been playing Halo 4. It's awesome, buy it.

      Maybe once I'm done the campaign and dug into the multiplayer I'll post a review.

      Back to gaming!

    • Longer than I thought!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Turns out I have an account on this site I made over 4 years ago, so I've been a member to this site longer than I thought! It all makes sense now..

      On a side note, RvB Season Finale and Halo 4 tonight!!!


    • Terraria on Consoles!

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      Cove Dancing Shark

      You can see the trailer here

      For those who never played Terraria before, you should really check it out! It's usually on sale of Steam for very cheap and the amount of fun and gameplay you get out of the game is ridiculous. The game is essentially a 2D Minecraft clone, it has an expansive crafting system, some awesome terrain, random and not so randomly activated events that occur, and so much more. Don't write it off as some shitty Minecraft clone, I'm almost did the same, but became addicted once I gave it a try.

      Personally, I'm excited for this console port because it means new content is being released for it, which is huge since the developers of the game decided to kill production for the game last year.

      Seriously, if you haven't had a chance to play this, suggest you get it for the consoles when it's released, you won't regret it!

      *Added a poll!

      Post edited 11/04/12 8:47PM

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    • Meat Eaters Rejoice!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      My vegetarian girlfriend just sent me a text saying she just ate some salami and that she has been really craving meat lately...


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