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    • 4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark
    • Connections and losses

      4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      This is a spur of the moment journal just to kind of get out some things things I've been dealing with. First of all, (while I'm sure everyone on here understands given recent events) I want to say that relationships made through gaming or through a site like this a 100% tangible and real. As some of you may know, I play World of Warcraft. I've made a lot of good friends and shared a lot of memories with people from the 10ish years of playing. Recently 2 events happened in game that hit me on a personal level.

      The first was our off-tank deciding to no longer raid with us and leaving the guild. He had been dealing with social anxiety and since a raid sizes in WoW have increased in size, going from 10 man being acceptable to 20-30man being the new norm, his anxiety worsened. This gave me a new perspective on mental illness. It didn't occur to me that someone could feel the pressures of their anxiety while being 100s of kilometers away from the people they played with. I'm sad that he had to leave, but I hope he gets the help he needs.

      Second and the reason I wanted to write this journal, is that after raid tonight (about 30mins ago) our Guild Leader asked us all to stay a moment. He broke the news that a guild member who had recently joined us had passed away. He had been absent for a week or so and his girlfriend had logged on earlier in the day today to let our Guild Lead know. We only had a brief chance to get to know Nynia, but he was a cool and relaxed guy. He fit in with us immediately and we are honoured that he chose to spend his last moments of life playing with us.

      This hurts more than I expected... RIP Nynia. smiley12.gif

    • 4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark
    • 4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark
    • Keep Moving Forward

      4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      How do you say goodbye to someone you never got the chance to meet?

      The majority of us here never had the chance to truly get to know Monty. We were lucky enough to be granted glimpses of him through his art and his appearances through Rooster Teeth - whether they be panels, directors' commentaries, podcast, or what have you. Personally, the closest I ever came to meeting Monty was attending the RWBY Volume 1 screening at RTX last year.

      This is what makes finding closure so difficult. How do you find closure when you never had an "opening"? This is not something that I expect a lot of people to have experience with - I certainly don't. After hearing about his passing I was numb and unable to really process the news let alone figure out how to deal with it. I posted a journal in response to the news, but I was still in shock. However, last night I watched the live stream podcast and the tribute to Monty which played afterwards. It gave me the opportunity to grieve, to remember Monty - It gave me closure.

      I suggest that those struggling with Monty's passing to go watch this week's podcast. I hope it helps you as it did me.

      Stay strong and keep moving forward.

      Deep breaths and repeating Monty's reminder to keep moving forward got me through the rough parts today. I had once wondered how I would handle a situation like this, I didn't really want to know to be perfectly honest. But, time keeps moving forward and we have to choose to continue moving with it. Time's advance may seem cruel, but time will also heal this pain we feel.

      Let's try to fill the void Monty has left in this world by being creative - when you're ready of course.

    • Goodbye, Monty

      4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Shock. Disbelief.Sadness.

      Today we lost a member of the RT Family. Though I never had the honour of meeting Monty, his passion, drive, and creativity always amazed me. Today is a rough day - for us and Monty's family and loved ones. It's likely that we won't wake up tomorrow and feel 100% better about this. The healing process will be different for everyone. However, keep this in mind:

      We are family and we will help each other get through this. It's ok to feel sad and lost or whatever else, but know that the world will keep moving forward and you have a chance to make it a better place.

      Matt suggested we pay our respects through creativity and I agree. Now is a time to mourn, but we all have a huge void to fill in the world now that Monty has left us.

      Take as much time as you need, but when you're ready let's get out there and kick this world's ass - For Monty!


    • For Monty

      4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Shocked would be a good descriptor.

      If you have not already please go read Burnie's journal on the front page. If you can please follow the link and donate to help his family and loved ones. As of writing this the goal of $50 000 has already been broken and the current total is over $55 000. This is amazing and heart warming.

      It's in times like these that we should be reminded of our family and friends. Please go visit Audrey's journal if you need some support right now. I'll be on all night if anyone needs someone to talk to or to just try and wrap their heads around what is happening.

      We're stronger as a family and none of us -Cast&Crew or community members- are alone because of this smiley12.gifsmiley13.gif

      Love you, Monty. Please get better!

    • #BellLetsTalk

      4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Today Bell Canada is once again running their fundraising campaign to support mental health. All you have to do is text (if you have a Bell phone plan), tweet using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk or share the Facebook image. Every time you do 5 cents is raised. This may be a Canadian event but it's so easy to help and spread the word to end the stigma surrounding mental illness!

      Click any of the words to see the rules! I'll love you all even more if you help out :)

    • Tom Delonge leaves Blink-182

      in Forums > Tom Delonge leaves Blink-182 | Follow this topic

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So Tom's manager contacted the band saying that Tom is done playing with the band indefinitely to focus on his non-musical endeavours.

      As a lifelong Blink fan I really hope they call it quits after they fulfill their tour commitments and work on other projects. I really don't like 3 piece bands who try to move forward under the same name after losing a member (yes I'm aware of the irony in this since Blink has replaced replaced a drummer).



      Mark and Travis have released an official statement through an interview with Rolling Stone. It's crazy to hear them speak so bluntly about the situation, but I guess we will see what happens now..

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    • Sick day

      4 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      I called in sick today and feel like a pile of turd. At least it's an excuse to watch more Cowboy Bebop and play some WoW/another episode of The Walking Dead Season 2!

      Hope everyone else is making it through this Monday!


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