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    • The woes of a gamer.

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      I finally decided to download dead space 1 and 2 which I had purchased during the steam summer sale. After playing for a couple hours last week I became addicted, the only problem was that assassins creed 3 was coming out the next week. Flash forward to present time and I'm playing AC3 whenever university isn't being an asshole and taking up all my time. Because of my schedule I really only have time for one game. Guild wars 2 is long forgotten thanks to school, a game I was really looking forward to. Now Halo 4 comes out on Tuesday and I'm only half way through AC3.

      I really shouldn't be complaining because having too many games to play really isn't an issue but damn this is annoying!

    • Movember and Prostate Cancer Awareness

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      Cove Dancing Shark

      So, I already made a journal article related to this but I feel like posting it here would give it the attention it deserves.

      Movember is an event that happens during the month of November where it is encouraged for men to grow out their mustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer. This my 3rd year participating in the event and have nothing but good things to say about it. Basically, I'm posting this to see if any other RT community members are participating and to raise awareness for this awesome event.

      Here's a link to my Movember page:

      I'm not asking for donations, but if you wish to donate the proceeds go directly to Prostate cancer research (I get absolutely nothing from you donating). If donating isn't your thing I 100% understand, I really just want people to know about this.

      Hopefully I see some Mo-Bro's in the RT community and if you're interested in joining the cause just send me a PM on the site.

      It should also be said that if the ladies want to get involved they can register online on the Movember site as well, as a Mo-Sista!

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    • Time for Movember!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Hey guys, I'm not sure how wide spread Movember has become, but it's an event that goes towards a really good cause so let me explain. Movember is an event during the month of November which encourages men to grow out their mustache and raise awareness (and funding) for Prostate Cancer Research.

      I am participating in it for my 3rd consecutive year and it would mean a lot of you guys would give my page some love. I'm not asking for money (although donations are greatly appreciated), I'm just trying to raise awareness of this awesome event.

      Here's my site:
      If you want to drop by and leave a comment, rate it , donate, or whatever.

      Hope to see some Mo bro's in the RT and AH community!

    • Rooster Teeth Documentary (Part 2)

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      It's up on youtube, but hasn't been posted in the news feed yet. It's awesome!

    • Do you have a zombie plan?

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      Cove Dancing Shark

      Pretty simple question, do you have one?

      It doesn't have to be 100% set in stone or even 100% serious. Feel free to elaborate and critique if the opportunity arises. With all the face eating and general human on human nomming the media has been exposing us to since this past summer I'm genuinely curious to see how many people have a plan.

      My friends and I semi-seriously, semi-drunkenly set up a plan about a year ago and revisited it when all seemed lost after buddy's tummy got the rumble-ys that only face could satisfy. Basically it involves us going north to a point where road systems are good and there are enough towns nearby to shelter and feed us with population sizes that aren't too high.

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    • Finally Caught Up!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      After that terrible experience of not having internet for the month of September after moving back to school and then having to deal with the realities of having a usage cap for bandwidth. I'm finally caught up on all the podcasts, RT and AH videos, and some youtubers I watch like PhillyD (who you guys should check out ).

      All in all, the withdrawal shakes are fading and I'm happy to be online!

    • More Forward Unto Dawn!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Ahhhh I'm in love with this series now.

      If for some reason you haven't seen it (the video already has over 1 million views) go watch it!

    • Rooster Teeth <Guild Wars 2>

      in Forums > Rooster Teeth <Guild Wars 2> | Follow this topic

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So, I looked in the archives and saw posts for RT guilds in the original Guild Wars, but not for guild wars 2. My idea is pretty simple, we should start a RT guild in Guild Wars 2 to let community members connect in this MMO.

      I recently started played GW2 and I am loving it. I am a lvl 35 engineer on Eredon Terrace and my name is Blawkbuster. Guild's are actually not bound to servers so you don't necessarily need to be on the same server to join the guild, but at the same time server transfers are FREE right now and I am not unwilling to move servers. Having everyone on the same server does have its benefits of course. We could have guild events like dungeon runs and pvp game nights.

      I do not have to be the guild leader, though I do have experience helping run successful guilds in World of Warcraft. I'm also a student and though I play whenever I can, which is a lot thanks to a lenient schedule, there is probably someone more fit for the role.

      Basically I just would love to see the RT community come together in an MMO environment and show how awesome we can be!

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    • Looking for new music!

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      Cove Dancing Shark

      So I've been neglecting my music library lately and have decided to give it some love.

      So far I've downloaded the new Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, The Boxer Rebellion, and The Gaslight Anthem albums, as well as the Beastie Boys greatest hits album. (All done completely legally of course)

      I feel like I need more variety and flavour in my library though. I'm in to really anything but mainstream rap, metal, country, and really hardcore screamo. It doesn't need to be new music just good quality music.

      Just to give you guys an idea on what I'm looking for, I have recently gotten in to bands like; This Town Needs Guns, Minus the Bear, The Black Keys, and Nada Surf. So a lot of indy stuff. My playlist honestly goes from dubstep to punk to acoustic to screamo to punk and more very unlikely combinations.

      I really just want some new stuff to listen to and would love to hear what you guys can come up with!

      Much love in advance!

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    • Back in full Force!

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      The internet finally arrived yesterday so I'm finally back in full on the site and able to catch up on SOOOOO MUCH missed content by RT, AH and other forms of media I follow.

      Also, I got back into the swing of university life and came out of it with a concussion....This is why I game and stay inside my room where it's safe!!

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