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    • Incoming Internet! (Hopefully)

      6 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So the month long struggle for internet connection is finally coming to a hopeful conclusion! After arguing with our ISP and finally ditching their very shitty service and going with a company who is guaranteeing us installation tomorrow and a steady question with little to no throttling.

      The end is near! Time to catch up on content!

    • Still in the Dark

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      I realize this may be a huge first world problem but thanks to a mix up of house numbers by my ISP I'm just finishing up week 2 of no internet connection at my new house. The amount of content I've been missing is killing me and the only reason I can write this journal now is because my friend and I sneaked into an building on our university's campus for the wifi.

      It's not only the content loss, such as no RT or AH related stuff (which is really shitty), but the general loss of connectivity to the world. I realize I have a smart phone with LTE and can do a lot of the same things as I would on a computer, but it just feels like a hassle. It's weird that I can't jump online and game or talk to my friends who live rather far from me over skype in a conference call. I know this should be the part where I realize how sad of a human being I am and how I should just be playing outside or actually doing something with my life, but this is a loss of a key component of my day that me and society have become reliant on. I really don't think it's pathetic that I miss the internet. It's how I keep in touch with the world and pretend the distance between me and my friends doesn't exist.

      I hopefully get internet on Monday, so the end is thankfully near. I'll be back on the web in full force soon enough!!

    • Moving Back to School (Back to the Stone Age)

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So tonight is my last night in town for a long time, I'm moving back up to school for year number 2. At this point I'm fairly certain everything that needs to be packed up is and I can finally breathe a little and not be stressed out. I'm still kind of scatter brained as you will no doubt notice from these awful sentences I'm putting together, but that will happen after trying to figure out what you need to live on your own for the first time in your life (without a cafeteria to feed you).

      The main point of this post is to inform people that I will be without internet for about a week since the company can't install it any later than that. Not that I expect people to miss me that much on the site but I hope people will at least take pity and pray for my sanity to remain intact!!

      Good thing I downloaded the first 2 seasons of Game of Thrones to watch :D

    • Beard Tips From Jack at FanExpo

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So I should start this by saying I'm a mature 20 year old, I'm in my 2nd year of university, and I thought I was done with being socially awkward and angsty. All that wasn't worth much this weekend at FanExpo in Toronto.

      I had been running over in my head how the meeting would go. I'd say hi, introduce myself and tell them my user name on the Rooster Teeth. Then I would say how much I have loved all the content they have put out over the years and jokingly ask Jack for tips on growing an awesome beard. Once I got my fill I would get my picture with Jack, Barb and Jordan and thank them for being so awesome.

      All that planning went to hell when I got to the Rooster Teeth booth. When we first got there people were asking Jack to sign some stuff so I figured they were going to be a while, but they finished up quickly and I got shoved into the spotlight. Jack being the awesome guy he is broke the awkward silence I let build up as I stared at him with a completely blank mind. He shook my hand and said something along the lines of "Hey man, what's up!?". I managed to squeak out an incredibly embarrassing "Uhhhhhhhhh, hi...I'm on your site...Can I have some beard tips?"

      I didn't introduce myself, I stammered every time he asked a question, and I still really don't what we talked about because of how starstruck I was. Thankfully I had enough brain cells functioning to ask for a picture and talk to Barbara and Jordan for a bit (once more brain cells came out of paralysis). Jack, Barb, and Jordan were awesome and words can't describe how happy I was to meet them, but I just wish I didn't make an idiot out of myself.

      When I heard that there was a Rooster Teeth community meetup later that night I was already back at my friend's house and a couple drinks deep with no way to make it back to downtown Toronto in time to join in the fun.

      Redemption will have to wait another year I suppose.

    • So Much For That..

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So sad news. The friend of mine that I was going to cosplay at FanExpo with decided he didn't have time to collect the items necessary to cosplay. Soooo, that idea died in the water. But, good news is that I convinced two more friends to join me in this great Canadian nerd fest!! In place of a costume I shall bring a hangover instead.

      Hope that's cool. :)

    • Minecraft Server Help

      in Forums > Minecraft Server Help | Follow this topic

      Cove Dancing Shark

      As I'm posting this I'm aware that there are probably guides to be found on this subject but I just love you all so much I'd rather talk to you! :)

      Basically, my friend and I have decided that we both want to get into Minecraft on the PC. We both said that we would play if we had a server setup to play on. So, my questions are;

      Where can I pick up a reliable Minecraft server?
      How much money would we be looking at, assuming we have to pay?
      How much maintenance would it require (it's really only going to be us two on the server)?
      How much work goes into actually setting up the server to play?

      Answers to any or all the questions are greatly appreciated, as are any tips for server setup or for Minecraft noobs in general.

      18 replies

    • The Next QWOP!

      in Forums > The Next QWOP! | Follow this topic

      Cove Dancing Shark

      CLOP! Just found this game through a friend of mine. You play a unicorn trying to run up a hill and save a damsel.

      After all, what's more challenging than controlling 2 legs? 4 legs!

      Did I mention you're a unicorn?!

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    • Fan Expo!

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      I just purchased my ticket for my 3rd FanExpo in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)! Really excited to see all the sights and enjoy the only convention that is in my travelling range at the moment. It's amazing how much this convention has grown since I first started going, which is really only 3 years ago. It's really coming into its own as a convention and is a twist of comics, film, video games, and everything that comes along with those three!

      I'm especially looking forward to this year as this will be my first attempt at Cosplay, and thankfully one of my best friends is coming along for the ride! After going the last two years and finding that there is a strong gathering of cosplayers attending each year, we have decided to embark on this adventure.

      I will be going as a Scout from the extremely popular game Team Fortress 2. My choice is based on the fact that I have recently fallen in love with the game and figured since it is my first attempt being a scout should be easy enough

      Here's the list that will guide me to a not so embarrassing convention (I hope).*

      *The Image quality doesn't help decipher my messy writing so here it is
      Headset, black hat, one strap backpack, army tags, work pants, baseball socks, adidas shoes, roll of wrapping paper, baseball belt. solid red shirt.

      Hope to see you guys there and I will update as I collect all the necessary components!

    • Funny Moment (Not actually funny)

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      Just finished listening to the podcast and I had to kind of smirk when they talked about the movies I'm Still Here and The Grey. I literally just watched The Grey 2 days ago and it was just funny that they mentioned it considering it came out end of last year. What I actually laughed at was the fact that they had a similar conversation that me and my friend had about I'm still Here. Talking about whether it was legitimate or a joke, how shitty his career was, and how basically he and the movie sucked.

      Well, thus ends this poor excuse for a journal

    • Day Z Update

      7 years ago

      Cove Dancing Shark

      So, today me and my buddy got together and played on one of the Rooster Teeth servers in Day Z. Had a lot of fun although I wish the Six Updater for the mod didn't mess with the ability to use the side chat. In fact, if anyone has any info on that issue I would love to hear if there was any way for it to be fixed.

      Aside from a very clever plan which involved me getting baited to a hatchet after I spawned only to get shot in the head. Everyone on the server seems to be well behaved :P At the moment I managed to get a primary and secondary firearm with a lot of ammo and found a bigger bag. Along with a ton of band-aids and blood bags this last playthrough has been my most successful.

      With all my supplies I think it's about time to get out of Elektro and move North.
      Good Hunting!!

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