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    • Computer help(Big Issue)

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      Alright, I have become desperate enough to post a topic here for help on computer issues...

      I know that someone here might be able to solve my problem since I think I know what the problem is, but I don't know how to fix it.

      Yesterday, I started noticing a large increase in lag while playing world of warcraft when I got home for the first time in a while. Me and my friends were playing when I noticed that my character was skipping around(Warping if you will). I checked my connection and did all the basic things such as renewing my IP address(since I am running off a proxy server) and checking the router.

      Nothing improved, so I shut it down thinking it would be better off later on and then went outside.

      I checked it later on when I got home today and my computer's condition has only worsened. My computer basically freaks out when I try to access anything from by D:\ Drive. I have also ran a CHSDSK and found out that nothing has improved either.
      My connections to the drive are also intact.

      I am only asking advice here because people in this forum have helped me solve problems in the past.

      Useful information about my computer...

      2.3 Duel Core
      2.6 Memory
      regular 20g C:\ Hard Drive/Seta 80g Hard Drive (<--- the suspicious one)
      Windows Xp office addition

      And Event Viewer reports that Claim Bad Blocks on Hard Drive D:\

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    • Account recovered...

      11 years ago


      I am very sorry to everyone who may have experienced problems while I was away.

      Recently, I found out that someone has taken over my account and did some pretty stupid things with it (trolling, rampages, flaming.)
      I am very sorry to anyone who has experienced this problem.

      As for the people on my "friends list".
      I was not in control of m account at that time since I had recently left on vacation.

      Thank you, and my sincerest apologies to everyone.

    • Rejoice bruddas!!!!

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      We have to strike back!

      The evil-industrialized company by the name of Blizzard has created a massive mind control item that takes over the user's brain and body. Subjects are shown to gain weight rapidly and show extreme amounts of unhealthy behavior and facial acne!

      Rejoice! For the age of enlightenment is here!
      We shall gather what-ever weapons necessary and march to Blizzard Studio's with weapon in hand and take out these tyrants!
      They have claimed the souls of over 10'million people! We must stop it before the numbers increase!

      So crack your hard-drives in half and destroy what-ever World of Warcraft game you posses on you person and follow me to freedom! Let the power of humanity overpower them!

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    • -=5 best anime's of all Time!=-

      11 years ago


      Anime, is the best damn thing on this planet in my personal opinion; Right next to sex and magna.

      So, I decided to create a top five section with links, explanations, and summaries over each anime one-by-one.

      5. Naruto - Japan
      Aurthur - Masashi Kishimoto
      Why, because it has that special taste to it.
      I personally put this one at my fifth simply because of its unique plot and excellent contribution to it's fans. Everyone today who has ever heard of the word "anime" will automatically know what Naruto is without hesitation.

      I would not say that it has the best artwork, but rather some decent animation with some... Well lame animation sequences earlier in the series. You mainly saw them on horizons when they were jumping through forest - You know what I am talking about...

      But please, no American.
      I favor the Japan version over the American version any day.
      Simply because it keeps to it's core story-line with the original effects as the manga as well. This Anime is a win!

      4. Bleach!
      No... I am only trying to get shits and giggles!
      The fourth one is really Elfen Lied.
      Aurthur - Lynn Okamoto
      (No Photo Available)

      Not that popular since it is not well-known in America. But, a great but sadly short series makes up for everything. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good anime.
      Overall, this would defiantly keep in my heart for years to come as one of the best I have ever seen. Unique story-line and motivational artwork lives in Elfen Lied.

      3. Dragonball - Z
      Aurther - Toei Doga
      (Once again, can not find photo...)

      One of the many first animes to hit the streets that also paved the road for many more series to follow in it's foot-steps. I loved this anime more then anything growing up. When me and my friends got home from school, we tuned in to see the newest episode everyday at 5'oClock to experience that greatness of anime!

      The series goes on forever with several movies that were created. It still holds the largest amount of fans then any other since every living and dead thing on this plan fall before it's feet. All hail the mightiness of DBZ!

      2. Claymore
      Aurthur - Norihiro Yagi
      (It's so f*****@%$? hard to find photos of people -.-)

      Again, another awesome anime that was never hugely praised by millions of anime loving people in our community. What seemed to attract me to this series was it's divine plot that was like no other. Completely original with magnificent artwork, this anime makes it in my five even though it was never that long... They said they would continue it past episode 26, but nothing at all... BASTARDS!

      So good, want more.... more episodes and guts.
      (Cleaves yoma's head off.)
      Clare takes the head star of this episode when plot twist and horrifying stories that could make you want to cry... sob =(

      If you have not watched it.... THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!

      1. (Drum Roll) Berserk!
      Aurthur - mangaka Kentaro Miura

      A damn fair and fully satisfying series... Has lots of gore, heavy violence, and nudity; but who gives a fuck?
      I have seen the entire series from beggining to end and enjoy many times over. beautiful artwork and sources of originality radiate from this master piece. This is the best anime in the world, and might I add, the best seller.

      If you have not read or seen Berserk... You need to get off your ass and stop reading this. I will not say anything about the series since it would ruin plots. All I will say is that it takes place around mid-evil times with a mercenary named Guts. He likes huge weapons and walking with dead corpses along the beach.

      Watch or die!

    • Lack of Cheat Codes... The Future.

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      Anyone remember the good all days when developers realized that if they put a way to cheat in a game, it might make it funner?

      Lately we have seen an extreme downfall in Cheat codes that are built into games.
      Remember Action Replay, Game Genie, or even GameShark? Only Action Replay seems to exist anymore for the DS. Shit, Even Playstation games had cheats.

      Let's face it, games need cheats!
      I always loved using them after beating a game, but never before. Guessing that developers completely forgot.
      Hopefully Grand Theft Auto VI will have cheats still.

      Feel free to respond on this or what ever...
      (And less online games...)

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    • Recruiting for new Clan!

      11 years ago


      I have decided to finally make a new clan on Halo 3 since my last clan slowly left...
      We will have training sessions that include specific weapon and vehicle training, clan meetings to discuss positions and game times, and great fun!

      This clan will be a legendary clan that will include only members who passed my test with the consent of the other members as well(Group vote).

      We have several open positions in several areas since this clan will primarily play tactical "Big Team: games, fun and ranked. Feel free to join my friends list and we will discuss further. My current account that I use on weekends is named "Swords of Destruction", and I am the owner, Ghostypop.(Gamer tag)

      Current positions open.
      (Tryout is needed to fill this position. The best will always have it!)

      General - Commands the team and helps give orders(Keeps everyone aware of situations).

      Spy - Keeps track of enemy movement around the level.
      All activity is to be appointed to the team.

      Sniper - Helps pick off enemies from a distance. Only he may use the teams sniper rifle.
      (Must work well with spy)

      Weapons specialists - Knows all weapons from top to bottom.
      Special test is required for this position as the master of arms.

      Vehicle Specialists - Works with the vehicles in the environment to gain an advantage over infantry and escaping enemies as well.

      Infantry(S.W.A.T.) - Will travel in groups to help accomplish objectives with the help of the rest of the team. Must be well in combat.

      Anti-Air Infantry - Helps take out pesky vehicles that may cause large amounts of KIAs. They are one of the most important positions since it is a dangerous job that requires a special skill.

      (Note: If you absolutely suck, you will not make the team.)
      Current Members: Ghostypop

      General - None

      Sniper - None

      W.S. - None

      V.S. - None

      S.W.A.T. - none

      A.V. - None
      (8 positions to be filled!)
      Current Clan Logo - under construction!

      - Must not suck!
      - Must follow team orders!
      - Headset is a must!
      - Good communications skills!
      - No rank needed(Ranks don't mean a things in this clan.)
      Thanks if you join, we will dominate!

    • My thoughts on our justice system...

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      Total Crap!
      Biggest pile of shit I have ever seen!

      Too many people getting off, too many people abusing their power!

      Let's sit down for a moment to view what has been going on. Lets say a man murders his children and wife. He then goes to court, then pleads innocent because of temporarily insane charges. The layer is fine with it since he gets his cash and everyone walks away...

      Everyday normal situations like this occur now...
      Another one might be the fact that certain systems are abusing their powers to "Sue" innocent families and destroy their lively-hoods. So much injustice in this country...

      School systems have to much power.
      They now make up laws along with the state to constantly sue families for missed days of school to collect money for funds since taxes are not enough anymore. People are sued regardless of what events may occur to them.

      Justice is indeed blind with ignorance.
      In my opinion, this country is not in charge of the people anymore... Just the rich.
      All average people are given now is a right to vote, work, and minimal activities. Acts and bills are passed without consent that effects everyone. We are ruled by idiots who have their head up their ass half the damn time.

      This country was something many years ago, are founding fathers would be so displeased to see what is occurring...

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    • Legend of the Dragoons... A Tribute!

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      Personally one of my favorite RPG games of all time!

      Great graphics for that generations system(PSX), great gameplay, and an awesome story!
      Please, when reading this thread...

      - Don't claim they ripped off of FF VII (It would be like saying FF ripped off other games...)
      - Say the game blew (If you did not like it, don't post!)

      Just abide by these and everything will be fine...

      Taking place in ancient times...
      A man named Dart sits thinking in a forest after reading a note of an incoming war. As a mercenary, he feels that he would have to fight again. He is suddenly interrupted by a giant dragon that storms through the woods after him. Running as fast as he could... He is pushed behind a rock to avoid his possible death. She claims her name to be Rose and that a village nearby went under attack. Thinking fast, Dart ran back to the village he says that he lives in.

      Dart arrives to see the village in ruins with people laying about dead.
      He runs by to a near man who wanted to give him his last words, then was ambushed by a few guards.

      You then go onto a turn-based battle that does not last long since they were rather weak.
      After that, you meet up with a high rank general that you must defeat.

      After the battle, you are told about a girl that was close to Dart has been kidnapped by the invading troops.
      He then swears vengeance and rruns of into a story of vendetta, love, and betrayal.

      From there on out the story gets screwed up as plot twist occur with many other great things that make this game such a winner!

      If you are simply a fan, then post and share your feelings about this magnificent game. If you have not played it... Then good luck finding a copy. It has become very rare in the past years since the game came out around 2000'. You can personally download a copy of the game from certain websites that runes around 400MBs for each disk.

      Great game, a must play for any loyal gamer!

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    • Running part-time jobs...

      11 years ago



      I had a choice between a job at Kroger and Lawn Services...
      So I decided to go with Kroger since the hours were more flexible!

      The pay is not to my liking but good enough to get my much needed green ^_^

      =- Brawl! -=
      I recently got Super Smash Brothers Brawl!
      I coulda' swore that they would run out of copies the first day... But, when i went to purchase it, there were plenty! I got home quick to enjoy the game of the century!

      I surprised me to know that the characters did not feel so small this time since we experienced that in Melee. Everything feels fresh and tough in this new addition to the series. I also began to play the mission mode for a while... It was quite boring, but I made it through for the sake of Wolf and all of the other characters I wanted.

      My new main characters of course include Meta Knight, Samus Aran, Link, and most of all... Snake!

      Meta Knight is beyond my far favorite...
      He is such a pimp =P


    • Most Insane kills...

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      We have all had them at least once...

      Talking about those moments when you get a kill so extreme that you ga-ga over it for days.

      It can be from any Halo game... Including the PC version.
      (PC version rocks!)

      I personally am not a big fan of Halo 3 since it's weapons were poorly thought out with a terrible campaign.
      But, me and my friend sat down to play a quick game since he insisted...

      So, for the first time, I pick up the controller and start firing away.
      Took us a while, but we found a game. We were doing VIP on Sandtrap, so as soon as we begin....
      I notice that we were using only sniper rifles and shotguns on a modded map.

      I quickly noticed the VIP running across one of the roofs so I fired across at him getting three head-shots on other people directly behind him. Most insane kill ever.

      So, please tell me yours.
      I love these tales of random and epic occurrences.

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